The Tory Goebbels Propaganda Machine. Keep telling a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it’s true.

This is a classic bit of Right-wing propaganda!

Gave who freedom??

In actual fact the only people who got more freedom out of Brexit were the corporations and wealthy magnates. They got leave to exploit us. They avoided the EU clampdown on stashing money in tax havens. They had markets open to exploit.

As for us:

We lost the right to travel freely through Europe

We gained the right to pay more for our goods

We gained the right to wait longer

We gained the right to fill in more red tape

We lost the right to work in Europe

We lost the right to study in Europe

We lost the right to have cheaper labour for restaurants, vegetable picking, lorry driving, nursing, caring etc etc – so all our prices go up.

We gained the right to have cheaper labour coming in from Africa and India rather than Europe.

We lost the right to decent environmental protection

We lost the right to our workers’ rights – protecting holiday pay, work conditions, pay, sickness etc.

The reality is that Brexit has already cost us £130 billion (more than we ever paid into the EU), it has ruined our trade – exports and imports are well down, is currently costing us a staggering 4% of our GDP, is strangling us in red tape and threatening to break up the United Kingdom.

We are now in a cost of living crisis with a diving economy.

Thanks Boris – you complete div!

If this is what you call FREEDOM!!!! To allow a bunch of selfish, greedy Bullingdon boys to rip us off!!

Population Brainwashed by Tory Propaganda from Scum Newspapers

The relentless stream of Tory propaganda from newspapers like the Express, Sun, Daily Mail and Telegraph is geared to brainwash the population. It makes a sham of democracy.

John Peachey sent me through this snippet from Andrian Chiles on Radio 5 that clearly illustrates the point.

We are living in an increasingly difficult time of state control moving towards a one-party state. The media controls the minds just as it does in Russia.

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Opher Goodwin

Nadine Dorries confusion about funding of Channel 4 – Taking Back Control (of our minds).

The Tory Party is attempting to control the media – BBC and Channel 4. They want to create a proTory propaganda machine in all our TV and newspapers.

The fact that they haven’t got a clue what they are talking about won’t stop them.

Taking back control means a different thing to a Tory – it means controlling us and what we think!

Brexit Britain – the view from Australia

The Daily Express – Brexit propaganda and lies. The Tory Party – Brexit propaganda and lies.

The promises, the lies, the reality.

Oven ready trade deals, lower prices – a glorious future. Ho Ho Ho. The reality is that Brexit is a disaster. We are going bust.

85 Years of Working Class People fighting Fascism!! – Joe Solo (Now we vote them in power!!)

Joe Solo

Yesterday at 07:32  · 4th October 2021 marks the 85th anniversary of the Battle Of Cable Street, when the East End of London rose up to prevent Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts passing through their communities with the battle-cry ‘No Pasaran!’ or ‘They Shall Not Pass’.Worth remembering too that the people of Leeds had done the same at the Battle Of Holbeck Moor on 27th September, and Hull had routed the fascists at Corporation Field that July.Up and down the country Working Class communities organised and fought back, and though Cable Street will always be remembered as the culmination of their efforts, it was by no means the only resistance to the BUF.Interned during the war, the Blackshirts returned in the post-war years when they were defeated by the 43 Group, a network of veterans of both Cable Street and WW2.Originally rallying around anti-semitism, the fascists switched to anti-immigration as workers were shipped here from the far corners of the Commonwealth to fill jobs vacated by those lost in the war against Hitler. These days fascists couple this with wider anti-Muslim propaganda, but are still very much alive and well on UK streets.So today maybe it’s a good time to reflect on the lessons taught us by those who stood in their way in 1936, raised their fists and would not let them pass; if not, we have no right to stand on the shoulders of such giants and watch their victories fade before our very eyes

.No Pasaran.

Not then.

Not now.

Not ever.

Vote Fascism out!!!!!

Tories – in by the back door!!!

Hypocrisy in the appalling Tabloid Press. The BBC behaved abominably to Princess Di.

After they hounded her to death they now try to shift the blame. The tabloids are the most destructive force in Britain. Their hypocrisy is scandalous. They lie.

Tory propaganda rags spreading lies!!

Chris Riddell tells it as it is. The Tories want control of the BBC. This is a nice excuse.

Land of Soap and Tories – A parody by the great Hornsea writer John Philips.

Land of Soap and Tories

Land of soap and Tories, inbred Royalty,

How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?

Wider still and wider thine inequality

Thy blatant misdirection and rank hypocrisy.


Dear land of hope, thy hope is crowned

With greed for power and wealth.

On beaten brows, unloved, disowned

Consigned to work ’til death.

Thine equal laws are equal not

Yet rule in spite of wrong.

By freedoms lost, by truths maligned

Thine empire shall be strong.


Land of soap and Tories, inbred Royalty

How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?

Wider still and wider, thine inequality

Thine empire built on murder, on graft and robbery.


Thine infamy as old as days,

As oceans large and wide.

A pride that wallows in self praise;

A stomach churning pride;

An arrogance that knows no bounds;

Contempt for those who fall,

And propaganda that resounds

To blind the minds of all.


Land of soap and Tories, inbred Royalty.

How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?

Wider still and wider, thine inequality.

Thy lust for power and profit

Despoils Democracy.


Land of Hope and Glory.

But not for you or me.


John Philips 2017


What can you say? That sums it up for me. A country presided over and run for the establishment elite. A gullible public blinded with propaganda from the lies of the media who are owned by those self-same Tories. They soft-soap the lot of us with their lies.

Look Out!! Immigrants!!  Terrorists!!!  Scroungers!!  Welfare diddlers!!  Work-shy fiddlers.

The real robbers are the ones at the top tax evading, corrupting and fiddling! They kill far more than any terrorist.

Thank you John for allowing me to publish your great parody.