Freedom of speech;

                Controlled or a right?


                Darkness in the light.

Expressing one’s views,

                Or muzzled and chained?

Free to speak out,

                Or heavily constrained?

Mustn’t show bias

                While delivering a show,

But in your own time

                Can you let it all go?

Opher 11.3.2023

The Gary Lineker outrage has really opened up a can of worms, hasn’t it?

I can see that it might be considered wrong for political broadcasters to display bias (like Fiona Bruce’s pro-Tory hosting of Question Time) but surely bias from others is questionable. Where would satire be? Monty Python, Spitting Image, The News Quiz?

It seems that is OK to express right-wing views but if you say anything anti-government then you are jumped on.

There must also be a difference between what is expressed in a programme or what is expressed outside of work.

Can presenters of any type be expected not to express their feelings on all manner of political subjects in their own time? Or should they be permanently muzzled?

We have had numerous ex-Tory Ministers going through that revolving door into broadcasting. We know what their views are and what they stand for. As long as they don’t express them on air then surely it’s alright?

Then we have the case of Emily Maitlass. She was ousted for expressing a view on Dominic Cummings that was shared by all but the most rabid Tories.

The BBC has been stuffed with Tories. Is it now moving overtly to be nothing more than a propaganda wing of the Tory Party?


How the spin works.

Yesterday the Privileges Committee released a damning report on Boris Johnson outlining how he had mislead parliament numerous times.

The Guardian reported:

Boris Johnson faces a battle for his future in parliament after a cross-party committee found there was significant evidence he misled MPs over lockdown parties, and that he and aides almost certainly knew at the time they were breaking rules.

The damning report includes one witness saying the then prime minister told a packed No 10 gathering in November 2020, when strict Covid restrictions were in force, that “this is probably the most unsocially distanced gathering in the UK right now.

The loathsome Tory rag The Daily Mail poured out a headline designed to make you think poor Johnson had been picked on and was completely innocent – spinning the truth 180 degrees! This is nothing short of lies and propaganda.

The equally obnoxious Tory Daily Express was even worse. Instead of GUILTY AS CHARGED they went with CYNICAL STITCH-UP. You wouldn’t think that the liar had been caught with his trousers down at all!!

The Mirror at least provided a more accurate view:

And the Daily Star told it like it was:

Unfortunately the lying Mail and Express are the preferred reading of the masses. They are being brainwashed with lying Tory propaganda.

Boris Johnson was a lying conman who got caught. Now he’s using his influence with the Tory media to wriggle on the hook. I hope they lock the lying cheat out. He has cost this country billions with his lies!


Propaganda is all we get;

                An endless stream of bias.

With calculation and intent

                Out of the mouths of liars.

Targeted spin and lies

                Aimed at the gullible.

Callous disregard

                For all the vulnerable.

The arrogant entitled

                Take us for fools.

Reciting the lessons

                They learnt in their schools.

Manipulate us like cattle

                In their lust for wealth and power

Voting them out

                Would be our finest hour.

Opher – 23.6.2022

The truth has always been the first victim in this endless war. Nothing has changed down the ages. It’s all a front.

The wealthy establishment still rule. Where once they used force to subjugate the masses and treated them with utter disdain, now they use propaganda.

The same people who ordered the troops to kill at Peterloo now use the media to keep the masses in their place, working for the prosperity of the minority.

Where it used to be mansions, carriages and a host of servants it is now superyachts, penthouses and supercars.

They give us as little as they can get away with and blind us with stark warnings, smoke and mirrors.

They appear reasonable, plausible and understanding but they are really cynical exploiters and profiteers.

Every now a revelation leaks out about their scummy workings – Greenswill or lobbying, Russian connections and cash for peerages, but it’s all soon glossed over.

They get away with deception, spin and murder.

Today’s Music to keep me IIiiNnnnSSssaaaanNNneE in an insane world – Billy Bragg – It Says Here!

It says here that the unions will never learn!

I shall watch with interest over the next two years as the British Press propaganda machine gets into gear and tries to do to Starmer what they successfully did to Corbyn.

Run by the rich for the rich. Your paper is Tory.

There are two sides to every story.

The Tory Goebbels Propaganda Machine. Keep telling a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it’s true.

This is a classic bit of Right-wing propaganda!

Gave who freedom??

In actual fact the only people who got more freedom out of Brexit were the corporations and wealthy magnates. They got leave to exploit us. They avoided the EU clampdown on stashing money in tax havens. They had markets open to exploit.

As for us:

We lost the right to travel freely through Europe

We gained the right to pay more for our goods

We gained the right to wait longer

We gained the right to fill in more red tape

We lost the right to work in Europe

We lost the right to study in Europe

We lost the right to have cheaper labour for restaurants, vegetable picking, lorry driving, nursing, caring etc etc – so all our prices go up.

We gained the right to have cheaper labour coming in from Africa and India rather than Europe.

We lost the right to decent environmental protection

We lost the right to our workers’ rights – protecting holiday pay, work conditions, pay, sickness etc.

The reality is that Brexit has already cost us £130 billion (more than we ever paid into the EU), it has ruined our trade – exports and imports are well down, is currently costing us a staggering 4% of our GDP, is strangling us in red tape and threatening to break up the United Kingdom.

We are now in a cost of living crisis with a diving economy.

Thanks Boris – you complete div!

If this is what you call FREEDOM!!!! To allow a bunch of selfish, greedy Bullingdon boys to rip us off!!

Population Brainwashed by Tory Propaganda from Scum Newspapers

The relentless stream of Tory propaganda from newspapers like the Express, Sun, Daily Mail and Telegraph is geared to brainwash the population. It makes a sham of democracy.

John Peachey sent me through this snippet from Andrian Chiles on Radio 5 that clearly illustrates the point.

We are living in an increasingly difficult time of state control moving towards a one-party state. The media controls the minds just as it does in Russia.

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Opher Goodwin

Nadine Dorries confusion about funding of Channel 4 – Taking Back Control (of our minds).

The Tory Party is attempting to control the media – BBC and Channel 4. They want to create a proTory propaganda machine in all our TV and newspapers.

The fact that they haven’t got a clue what they are talking about won’t stop them.

Taking back control means a different thing to a Tory – it means controlling us and what we think!

Brexit Britain – the view from Australia

The Daily Express – Brexit propaganda and lies. The Tory Party – Brexit propaganda and lies.

The promises, the lies, the reality.

Oven ready trade deals, lower prices – a glorious future. Ho Ho Ho. The reality is that Brexit is a disaster. We are going bust.