How the spin works.

Yesterday the Privileges Committee released a damning report on Boris Johnson outlining how he had mislead parliament numerous times.

The Guardian reported:

Boris Johnson faces a battle for his future in parliament after a cross-party committee found there was significant evidence he misled MPs over lockdown parties, and that he and aides almost certainly knew at the time they were breaking rules.

The damning report includes one witness saying the then prime minister told a packed No 10 gathering in November 2020, when strict Covid restrictions were in force, that “this is probably the most unsocially distanced gathering in the UK right now.

The loathsome Tory rag The Daily Mail poured out a headline designed to make you think poor Johnson had been picked on and was completely innocent – spinning the truth 180 degrees! This is nothing short of lies and propaganda.

The equally obnoxious Tory Daily Express was even worse. Instead of GUILTY AS CHARGED they went with CYNICAL STITCH-UP. You wouldn’t think that the liar had been caught with his trousers down at all!!

The Mirror at least provided a more accurate view:

And the Daily Star told it like it was:

Unfortunately the lying Mail and Express are the preferred reading of the masses. They are being brainwashed with lying Tory propaganda.

Boris Johnson was a lying conman who got caught. Now he’s using his influence with the Tory media to wriggle on the hook. I hope they lock the lying cheat out. He has cost this country billions with his lies!

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