Looks like another of those Tory Austerity detours and not the promised sunny uplands.

Remember all those oven-ready deals, wonderful trade deals, sunlit uplands and money for the NHS??

Remember the talk of Project Fear and Remoaners??

Remember how we were all in it together and had to tighten our belts in order to bail out the bankers? That was just before Cameron and Osborne went off to put hay in their lofts.

Now Johnson’s gone off to put hay in his loft (when he can be bothered to do anything) while lazing about on holiday.

Remember the time when the Public Services were properly funded and actually worked?

Remember life before the Tories started robbing everyone to give hand-outs to bankers, chums, baronesses, Russians, landlords, donors, oil companies, power companies and lobbyists??

I remember it all!!

(Remember a time when the Tabloid Press didn’t pour our lies and Tory propaganda? – no, neither can I!)

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