I’m just looking at the Desperate Tory policy changes!!

They’ve looked at the Hammersmith by-election and the ULEZ controversy and think there are votes to be had by allowing the planet to burn!

They are now on the side of motorists not little children dying of asthma, not people crippled by fumes and air pollution. They think they can appeal to voters by dumping green policies.

Who cares if the world burns? People are selfish. Appeal to their selfishness; appeal to their pockets.

So – look out for a desperate culture wars where we ignore slavery and the reality of the Empire with its wars and racism; we celebrate our history and glorious little England and sweep all the abuse (both home and abroad) under the carpet. We conveniently forget the massive poverty, child labour, prostitution and slums (while the elite lived in their mansions with servants and prospered at the expense of slaves, child labour and working class poverty). We are British and proud! Who cares about the truth!!

And who do these Tories represent? – The same robber barons who exploited us all in the past. So prepare for another bout of Little England phoney British nationalism. I can’t wait to read the headlines on the Mail, Sun and Express as they set about brainwashing, dividing and manipulating us!

The battle lines are being drawn! LET THE PLANET BURN!!! WASN’T BRITAIN GREAT!!!

Tory Party Sinks in the Turmoil of Greed, Sleaze, Incompetence and Corruption.

Sleazy sex with tractors and bums, corruption with Russian money, wallpaper and handouts to chums. Incompetence with Billions wasted on useless PPE, handouts to donors, stupid hand-outs to Landlords and unregistered companies. Lies about Brexit. Lies about Care Homes, Lies about Partygate. Overprivileged entitlement and arrogance. Lining their own pockets with millions while imposing wage cuts and austerity. Refusing to tax the profiteering companies but rather take money off the poor. Excusing multimillion pound bonuses and multibillion pound outrageous profits for oil companies, water companies, and power companies.

Destroying public services.

Refusing to sort the strikes!

Exploiting workers to give to the rich! Zero hours and poverty wages.

They deserve to sink out of sight!!

Looks like another of those Tory Austerity detours and not the promised sunny uplands.

Remember all those oven-ready deals, wonderful trade deals, sunlit uplands and money for the NHS??

Remember the talk of Project Fear and Remoaners??

Remember how we were all in it together and had to tighten our belts in order to bail out the bankers? That was just before Cameron and Osborne went off to put hay in their lofts.

Now Johnson’s gone off to put hay in his loft (when he can be bothered to do anything) while lazing about on holiday.

Remember the time when the Public Services were properly funded and actually worked?

Remember life before the Tories started robbing everyone to give hand-outs to bankers, chums, baronesses, Russians, landlords, donors, oil companies, power companies and lobbyists??

I remember it all!!

(Remember a time when the Tabloid Press didn’t pour our lies and Tory propaganda? – no, neither can I!)

Up Shit Creek without a paddle! Same old Tory shit whatever the leader.

They are running around like headless chickens, panicking because they are over 20 points behind in the polls. They are going to lose power and the golden eggs that go with it.

That’s all they care about. It’s always the same old shit no matter how they dress it up – cuts, austerity and hand-outs. By the wealthy for the wealthy.

Nothing changes.

They tried slick greasy liberal, moved on to fake populist bonhomie, then crazed economic psychopath to boring supertoff car salesman. Whatever the brand it’s the same old river of shit. A river of sleaze, corruption and gross inequality. They’ve been waging a nasty class war while spouting about levelling up. The lies and propaganda have always got them into power. They arrogantly think it will once more.

God! I sincerely hope not!! I don’t think broken Britain can take another bout of vile Tory madness. We’re on our knees.

The door may be open but nobody wants to listen. Suck it up! It may kill you but it’s what you voted for!!

Are the scales falling??

Putin And Johnson

Putin And Johnson

Putin and Johnson

                Will soon be dust.

                                Their crooked regimes

                                                Will tumble and rust.

The pyramids

                Will blow in the wind

                                Even the galaxy

                                                Will cease to spin.

Nobody left

As the stars will go out

                                To wonder what

                                                It was all about.

Opher – 25.6.2022

I’m going through one of my philosophical moods.

One short life.

We can waste it or live it.

Purpose that we create for ourselves.

We can do something positive or we can do nothing.

We can build or destroy.

We can care or hate.

We can look after the planet or be greedy vandals.

The only thing that matters is what we do in the moments that make up our lives. A positive force or a negative force. The moment is all we have. Nothing lasts.

When it is over it is gone.

How to dig yourself into a hole!

Just vote Tory and watch the cash flow to the bankers, Russians and billionaires!

Vote Brexit and watch the black hole grow in front of your eyes as the GDP takes a nosedive, the economy crashes and the wealthy steal the cash!!

We started, twelve years ago, with a really good country. Twelve years later the public services have been slashed, the poor are using food banks to stay alive and we’re breeding billionaires by the dozen.

Happy Days!!

A Vacuum of Integrity

A Vacuum of Integrity

A vacuum of integrity

Within a cesspit of sleaze.

A whirlwind of immorality

Decadence by degrees.

Economy with the truth

                Not too strong on facts.

Too lazy to gather the proof.

                Feeding soundbites to hacks.

Courting popularity: playing the clown.

                Always the dappy buffoon.

A laugh: never brings you down.

                Really a hapless goon.

When it comes to running the country

                He hasn’t got a clue.

Dithering, bumbling, lost at sea

                He doesn’t know what to do.

A vacuum of integrity

Within a cesspit of sleaze.

A whirlwind of immorality

Decadence by degrees.

Opher – 25.4.2021

It was Dominic Grieve who said Johnson was a vacuum of integrity. That just about sums it up.

He’ll do anything to gain power, cling on to power or make his case. Lies, prevarications, dishonesty.

It is a cesspit of corruption.

Johnson is undoubtedly a leader. He has charisma. He gets people to believe and follow. The trouble is that he’s blindly leading everyone into the valley of death.

The Benefits of a Tory Brexit

  1. You get to queue for hours to get abroad
  2. You have red tape, delays and extra costs
  3. You can’t work, travel or study abroad without major obstacles
  4. The cost of labour has gone up so the cost of living has gone up
  5. We have massive costs with extra staff and facilities at borders carrying out unnecessary checks on goods and people
  6. We have huge lorry parks for delayed goods
  7. We have the break up of the UK with Northern Ireland and Scotland in dire straits
  8. We have food rotting in fields, fishermen losing their market, hotels and caterers with staff shortages, no carers, NHS staff shortages
  9. We have a loss of trade with firms moving abroad or going bust through delays, loss of markets or additional costs, tariffs, red tape and staff shortages.
  10. We have massive price increases in the shops and shortages of many goods.
  11. We are replacing, at great cost, cheap EU workers, with more expensive workers from Africa and India.
  12. We have worse trade deals with distant countries.

We do, however, have a lot of very wealthy people, like Rees-Mogg, who made a fortune out of it!!

Welcome to Tory Brexit!! The impoverished land of lies and deception. Guess how many million Boris Johnson will have made out of Brexit and his job as PM?? Watch all the money pouring in.

Ever been duped???

The Goebbels method – Tory Fantasyland. All the Big Calls!!

Makes me sick when I hear our pompous, arrogant clown saying that he ‘Got All The Big Calls Right!’

I don’t think he got a single call right!!

First came Brexit

Johnson changed his mind and rushed through a terrible deal just so he could become PM.

He ran a campaign that lied from beginning to end.

There is no Brexit dividend.

It is costing us a fortune – £130 billion (more than we paid to the EU in 40 years) so far plus a hit of 4% of DGP. – which is why we have not had the recovery of other countries.

It has caused many firms to go bust or move abroad.

It is strangling us in red tape.

We now have costly, time-consuming border checks, tariffs and queues.

The fantasyland wonderful foreign trade deals never happened and won’t happen.

We lost our freedom to move, work and study.

What did we get back? Higher costs, shortages, food rotting in fields, job shortages and the replacement of EU workers with workers from Africa and India.

Who has suffered? Farmers, fishermen, carers, NHS, haulage, catering, and the general public (prices shot up).

Who has benefitted? Wealthy Tories like Rees-Mogg who moved their companies abroad and made millions.

Then we have Ireland and the break-up of the UK.

If Covid hadn’t come along people might have been quicker to recognise Brexit as the disaster it is!!

The cost of duplicating services, providing border checks, lorry parks, civil servants, border inspectors and the like is enormous. For what?? (IMO – racism and arrogance).

That was a series of calls that were ALL wrong.

Then Came Covid

First, they ignored the Cygnet report that said they were unprepared for an imminent pandemic.

Then they ignored the pandemic taking off in China for four months (living in a blind Brexit euphoria).

Then, when they realised that Italy and Spain were being swamped, they panicked and dumped elderly patients out of the NHS into Care Homes – killing thousands.

They spent millions on Nightingale hospitals that were never used.

They spent billions on apps and T&T that never worked

They had an illegal VIP fast-track to give billions to Tories to produce PPE and ventilators – that did not work. (Including Hancock’s landlord).

They shut down too late.

They opened up too early.

They brought in silly schemes – like Eat Out To Help Out – that set it off again.

They were bailed out by the drug companies developing the vaccines (for which the Tories falsely claimed credit!!!)

The Ukraine War

They hid up the Brexit disaster with Covid and hid up Covid with Ukraine!

Johnson went off on his photo shoots and supplied arms.

Johnson – saviour of Western Democracy?? I don’t think so! How to make a profit out of war!!

The Cost of Power

The cost of electricity and gas has shot through the roof.

What has the Tory government done?? Fuck all!!

Have they rushed in a series of grants to insulate houses? NO!!

Have they nationalised the gas and electricity?? NO!! (France did – their energy supply went up 5% – ours 50% and another 50% to come)

Have they ploughed more into green energy – tidal barriers, solar and wind – with grants for the public??? NO!! They are still dithering.

The Global Warming Catastrophe

40 degrees is just the start. Forest fires, floods, droughts, extreme temperatures, extreme weather.

Johnson went to COP 26 and then copped out!!

Now they are talking fracking, oil exploration and even coal!!

Are they NUTS????

Petrol Price rise

The cost of petrol affects everything. The price of goods goes through the roof. Travel is expensive.

What have the Tories done?? They’ve enjoyed the extra revenue from tax on fuel!!

So where are all these big calls that Johnson and his Tory minions got right????

What we have is the Goebbels method!! Lie repeatedly and gullible people begin to believe you! That’s what Trump does!!