They don’t lie to you because the truth will hurt your feelings.

Some people dislike the Tories. I don’t. I long ago recognised them for what they are. I hate them, despise them and detest their lies.

The Fading memory of lockdown

During that first lockdown when there was such a fabulous feeling around everyone was reaching out to the key workers who were risking their lives for us. We were out clapping. Everywhere there were bright coloured rainbows. They even saved stupid Boris’s life after he stupidly went round shaking hands with covid victims (what an idiot). He said how much he owed the nurses for saving his life.

The key workers were lauded – but it was all hypocrisy on the part of the Tories as history proves.

The first opportunity they had they splashed out money to cronies and profiteers – not thousands or millions but billions. Huge contracts were divvied up to Tory supporters – for PPE, apps, Track and Trace, vaccines and to do with Brexit – to companies doing transport (ferries and flights). Millions were made by bogus firms and profiteer sleazebags.

Then, when the vaccine had the disease on the run it was time to settle the bill. Who pays for the damage to the economy and the enormous amounts doshed out? It is the public servants, the poor – the key workers who kept us all going.

So the nurses, teachers, shop workers, drivers and all those key workers we clapped for face years of austerity while the profiteers stash their loot in off-shore havens.

What we are left with is a fading rainbow.

Boris Johnson – a story of incompetency and lies

He started off with lies about Brexit and a financial dividend of THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION A WEEK.

We’ve already paid out more that we’ve put into the EU the whole time we were in it. It has cost us countless billions.

He called any criticism of Brexit ‘PROJECT FEAR’.

Now Project Fear is becoming reality.

He has now presided over the worst death rate per capita from Covid-19 in the whole world!

He is also presiding over the worst effect on the economy of any country in the world.

He has been lazy and incompetent in every office he has ever held.

When is he going to be held to account?

Boris Johnson in the shadow of coronavirus – cartoon | Opinion | The Guardian

Reprehensible policies – the real politics. Behind the smokescreen of Brexit.

Reprehensible policies – the real politics.

Surely any government that even considers stealing money off the poorest and most vulnerable to give to the rich needs booting out?

This government is brazen. It hides its actions behind glib lies.

Tax cuts for the most wealthy putting billions in the pockets of the richest (last budget).

Corporation tax cuts putting billions into the profits of the massive corporations.

Cuts to disability allowance taking money out of the pockets of the most vulnerable.

Pension payments brought in by stealth taking billions out of front-line services in health, education and police.

Freezing of public servants pay.

Cutting of all public services.

We’re all in it together? This is a war against the poor and public servants.

No wonder the equality gap has been yawning wider than ever. These guys are feeding their chums.

A letter of Despair – a poem

A Letter of Despair


As May takes her leave

They’re lining up to deceive –

Tories on their ownsome!


Representing all the rich,

Stabbing at the bitch.

Playing with their Johnson!


And they’ll say the right things

As they wait in the wings,

But they’ll do the other!


As they play the hypocrite

To the ones who have no wit,

As if they were their brother!


And their stinking Tory rags

Of Public schoolboy fags

Will scream their torrid lies.


As they bastardise the truth

And hurl their abuse

At the ignorant and unwise!


For now the race is on

And the rules are all gone –

Their weapons bloody!


Cometh the hour;

It’s all about power

Forget the country!


They’ll pose and they’ll curse;

They’ll promise the earth,

But never mean it!


They’ll sell their souls

To gain votes in the polls,

Then contravene it!


For the many – not the few

From their lips it will spew

As they mirror Corbyn!


While robbing from the poor

And kicking in your door

Like a Lord a-robbing!


Hard Brexit they support

With barely a thought

For the workers!


It’s all British grit!

None of your foreign shit!

For they’re a bunch of shirkers!


So on with austerity!

Stuff you and me!

It’s all about the bankers!


Zero hours and low pay

Is what’s coming our way

From the Tory wankers!


They’ve robbed your pension

With hardly a mention

And lowered your pay!


But the profit zooms

As the future looms

And the wealthy get their way!


As they privatise your school

And sell off your pool

To the highest bidding!


All their investor chums

Are sucking on their thumbs.

You must be kidding!


Never had it so good

In your neighbourhood

As they screw you over.


Soon you’ll pay to breathe

For freedom you will grieve!


Your Tory lover!

Now is the Summer of our Discontent made disglorious by the Sun

These are the Tory owned scaremongering scandal sheets that consistently lie, prevaricate, distort and put out blatant Tory propaganda.
They represent the establishment who, in this time of austerity and cuts, are doing very nicely, doubling their income and desperately wanting to keep it that way.
The Tory Party was formed by the rich elite to look after their interests and have been successfully doing just that for many, many generations. They represent the interests of what is probably the top 5%.
The reading age of the Sun is around 11 years. That is because it is aimed at the ignorant, uneducated and stupid. They think they are gullible. The same propaganda is put over in a more sophisticated manner through the Times and Telegraph. Every one of our newspapers and TV news sources is owned and/or controlled by wealthy Tories – including the BBC.
Jeremy Corbyn represents the other 95%. He is looking for a fairer distribution of wealth, better public services, well paid and highly motivated police, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers and fire-fighters, and for the rich to cough up a little bit more to pay for it. He wants services like trains, gas, electricity and water to be nationally owned so that they are not run for profit with billions being put in the pockets of wealthy investors.
It is no wonder the establishment are pulling out all the stops in trying to undermine him. He is threatening their obscene profits.
Are you sheep or are you men and women?? Get out and vote this scum out of office before they totally destroy our schools, NHS, army, police and social care systems!!
They are a greedy bunch of elitists who try to obscure their real aims with rhetoric and gimmicks. Show them that these smear tactics don’t work.
Get out and vote!!
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Lots of people are going to wake up to see this atrocious smear-mongering tomorrow morning in the right-wing propaganda rags, so make sure they see this infographic in their Facebook feed first.

The billionaire elitists are absolutely terrified of Jeremy Corbyn because he says that he’s going to clamp down on their tax-dodging, make them pay their fair share of tax, hand more political power to ordinary people (these billionaire propaganda barons think the political power belongs to them), and most of all, because they know they can’t buy him for any price.

That’s why they’re going absolutely crackers to try to destroy him.