Poetry – You Can Have a Visa! (Courtesy of the caring Tories!)

You Can Have a Visa! (Courtesy of the caring Tories!)

Sure you can have a visa.

We just need the proof!

A mound of documents.

Ain’t that the truth!

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

If you’ve got relatives

Living in the UK

Just fill in these thousand forms.

It’ll all work out OK.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Millions of the desperate

Flee to the borders.

Welcomed by the EU –

But we’re just following orders.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Priti and Bojo

Say they can come

Lying through their teeth

But not fooling anyone.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Tory compassion

On show once again.

The NASTY party

Inhabits number ten.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Opher – 7.3.2022

When you elected a nasty bunch of extreme nationalists who put in place a repulsive policy of uncaring ‘Hostile Environment’, do not be surprised that they are lacking in compassion and empathy. They don’t mind shafting millions in their own country why should they care about anyone from outside?

Women and babies? Push them back in the sea!

All that matters is power, wealth and votes!

Let them get blown up! Let someone else deal with them!

There’s no money in it…… unless………… ooooh  ….. can they pick fruit or drive HGVs??

Government incompetence and sleaze.

Billions wasted on untendered PPE contracts

Billions wasted on government handouts to firms.

Billions wasted on useless apps

Billions wasted on useless Track and Trace

Billions in tax breaks to bankers

Billions in tax loopholes to the Cayman Islands

Billions in second jobs, cash for peerages, lobbying and sleaze

Millions for refurbishment, wallpaper, holidays, trips in jets, lunches……….

Everywhere you look it’s sleaze and corruption from a bunch of profiteers.

Poetry – Eyes Down for a Full House of Bastards!!

Eyes Down for a Full House of Bastards!!

Housey Housey!!

They’re doing a line in the bogs!

Number ten – Johnson’s den where they’re planning again.

Twenty five – he’s going to duck and dive! Anything to stay alive!

Forty four – Old Droopy Drawer, shambling wreck’s heading for the door!

Number thirty – dirty Gertie’s getting shirty. Fascist weekly, fighting dirty.

Forty six – He’s up to his tricks! Lying like Trump on Weetabix!

Sixty two – not so tickety boo as they turn the screw.

Sixty four – he’ll be red raw by the time they kick him out the door!

Seventy three – the queen bee – poor old Carrie – soon to be history.

Thirteen – unlucky for some! All those lies to roost have come!!

Number five – man alive waiting for the hearse to arrive!

Eighty five – he’s staying alive, from a million cuts beginning to writhe.

Fifty eight – he’ll make them wait! But those letters will seal his fate.

Seventy one – bang on the drum – he’s had his fun!

Twenty one – key to the door! Sick to the core! They’ll dump the old boar.

Thirty one – Better get up and run! Johnson – you’re done!!

Bingo!! Bingo!! Bingo!! The useless lying bastard had to go!!

Opher – 8.2.2022

As Johnson tries desperately to hang on, threatening his minions with an election defeat, sending his ministers out to lie, reading the Trump rule book on how to stoke conspiracy; he’s trying to survive the week.

No holds barred. He’s in the sewer.

We’ve had MPs attacked and killed by the hate that has been stoked up but he doesn’t care. He’s stoking more!

Deflect from his own law breaking, lies and incompetence by trying to link Starmer with Saville. Brand him as a paedophile traitor. Who cares about the effects? Who cares about division? Rouse the mob! Drown the truth with conspiracy! To hell with democracy, truth or rules! This is all about power and profiteering!!

His enemies are plotting.

It just depends on two things: how many enemies will stab him in the back and if there are enough Tories left with a shred of honour.

Poetry – Aversion to the Truth

Aversion to the Truth

Tories don’t like the BBC –

                A dose of the truth.

They won’t appear

                While it asks for proof.

Tories want to scrap it;

                Replace with propaganda.

They hate being challenged

                Having to speak with candour.

Unable to defend policy.

                Caught out telling lies.

Attacking reporters with venom

                Until democracy dies.

Anything that opposes them

                They crush with vicious ire.

Destroying any institution

                With everything in their power.

Tories don’t like the BBC –

                A dose of the truth.

They won’t appear

                While it seeks the proof.

Opher -17.1.2022

Distraction from the lawbreaking of Partygate!!

The NHS and the BBC are casualties in this culture war. Neither lend themselves to Tory greed and lawlessness.

Making money out of sickness – that’s the Tory way. the slow creep of privatisation is hampered while there is the BBC to expose them.

Telling lies without challenge is their aim.

They’ll only be happy when it’s a one-party state and they can exploit everyone without challenge.

The BBC is labelled leftish because it dares to challenge their policies and hold them to account.

Without any opposition in the media (little though it is at present) they know they can get away with anything. They can dismantle the welfare state, destroy the public sector and exploit the poor.

All that matters is power and wealth.

Democracy? Forget it!

The BBC is an obstacle to total domination. They prefer propaganda outlets.

The Two-Faced liar. Whiny and Cheesy.

The hybrid of a clown, scarecrow and Billy Bunter continues to rule. I can’t believe anybody believed a word he said!

He’s lied about Brexit with its sunny uplands.

He’s lied about Covid with its world-beating track and trace.

He’s lied about wallpaper, parties, donors, the NHS, Care……………

When he doesn’t like something he simply ignores the rules and laws and does what he wants. That includes breaking international laws and lying to the Queen and the people.

He says the first thing that comes into his head.

He’s been overseeing the sleaziest government we’ve ever had.

Every time he’s caught out he looks around for a scapegoat!

David Cameron – A Blue Plaque – He sold his country for personal gain! The Tory way!!

The incompetent twat allowed the ERG extremists to take over his party, allowed the country to be divided and broken by Brexit and then buggered off leaving us with an incompetent clown in charge and everything in a mess.

I’m not sure he deserves a blue plaque, let alone his multimillion income. I’d lock him in the Tower for life!!