How to dig yourself into a hole!

Just vote Tory and watch the cash flow to the bankers, Russians and billionaires!

Vote Brexit and watch the black hole grow in front of your eyes as the GDP takes a nosedive, the economy crashes and the wealthy steal the cash!!

We started, twelve years ago, with a really good country. Twelve years later the public services have been slashed, the poor are using food banks to stay alive and we’re breeding billionaires by the dozen.

Happy Days!!

A Vacuum of Integrity

A Vacuum of Integrity

A vacuum of integrity

Within a cesspit of sleaze.

A whirlwind of immorality

Decadence by degrees.

Economy with the truth

                Not too strong on facts.

Too lazy to gather the proof.

                Feeding soundbites to hacks.

Courting popularity: playing the clown.

                Always the dappy buffoon.

A laugh: never brings you down.

                Really a hapless goon.

When it comes to running the country

                He hasn’t got a clue.

Dithering, bumbling, lost at sea

                He doesn’t know what to do.

A vacuum of integrity

Within a cesspit of sleaze.

A whirlwind of immorality

Decadence by degrees.

Opher – 25.4.2021

It was Dominic Grieve who said Johnson was a vacuum of integrity. That just about sums it up.

He’ll do anything to gain power, cling on to power or make his case. Lies, prevarications, dishonesty.

It is a cesspit of corruption.

Johnson is undoubtedly a leader. He has charisma. He gets people to believe and follow. The trouble is that he’s blindly leading everyone into the valley of death.

The Benefits of a Tory Brexit

  1. You get to queue for hours to get abroad
  2. You have red tape, delays and extra costs
  3. You can’t work, travel or study abroad without major obstacles
  4. The cost of labour has gone up so the cost of living has gone up
  5. We have massive costs with extra staff and facilities at borders carrying out unnecessary checks on goods and people
  6. We have huge lorry parks for delayed goods
  7. We have the break up of the UK with Northern Ireland and Scotland in dire straits
  8. We have food rotting in fields, fishermen losing their market, hotels and caterers with staff shortages, no carers, NHS staff shortages
  9. We have a loss of trade with firms moving abroad or going bust through delays, loss of markets or additional costs, tariffs, red tape and staff shortages.
  10. We have massive price increases in the shops and shortages of many goods.
  11. We are replacing, at great cost, cheap EU workers, with more expensive workers from Africa and India.
  12. We have worse trade deals with distant countries.

We do, however, have a lot of very wealthy people, like Rees-Mogg, who made a fortune out of it!!

Welcome to Tory Brexit!! The impoverished land of lies and deception. Guess how many million Boris Johnson will have made out of Brexit and his job as PM?? Watch all the money pouring in.

Ever been duped???

The Goebbels method – Tory Fantasyland. All the Big Calls!!

Makes me sick when I hear our pompous, arrogant clown saying that he ‘Got All The Big Calls Right!’

I don’t think he got a single call right!!

First came Brexit

Johnson changed his mind and rushed through a terrible deal just so he could become PM.

He ran a campaign that lied from beginning to end.

There is no Brexit dividend.

It is costing us a fortune – £130 billion (more than we paid to the EU in 40 years) so far plus a hit of 4% of DGP. – which is why we have not had the recovery of other countries.

It has caused many firms to go bust or move abroad.

It is strangling us in red tape.

We now have costly, time-consuming border checks, tariffs and queues.

The fantasyland wonderful foreign trade deals never happened and won’t happen.

We lost our freedom to move, work and study.

What did we get back? Higher costs, shortages, food rotting in fields, job shortages and the replacement of EU workers with workers from Africa and India.

Who has suffered? Farmers, fishermen, carers, NHS, haulage, catering, and the general public (prices shot up).

Who has benefitted? Wealthy Tories like Rees-Mogg who moved their companies abroad and made millions.

Then we have Ireland and the break-up of the UK.

If Covid hadn’t come along people might have been quicker to recognise Brexit as the disaster it is!!

The cost of duplicating services, providing border checks, lorry parks, civil servants, border inspectors and the like is enormous. For what?? (IMO – racism and arrogance).

That was a series of calls that were ALL wrong.

Then Came Covid

First, they ignored the Cygnet report that said they were unprepared for an imminent pandemic.

Then they ignored the pandemic taking off in China for four months (living in a blind Brexit euphoria).

Then, when they realised that Italy and Spain were being swamped, they panicked and dumped elderly patients out of the NHS into Care Homes – killing thousands.

They spent millions on Nightingale hospitals that were never used.

They spent billions on apps and T&T that never worked

They had an illegal VIP fast-track to give billions to Tories to produce PPE and ventilators – that did not work. (Including Hancock’s landlord).

They shut down too late.

They opened up too early.

They brought in silly schemes – like Eat Out To Help Out – that set it off again.

They were bailed out by the drug companies developing the vaccines (for which the Tories falsely claimed credit!!!)

The Ukraine War

They hid up the Brexit disaster with Covid and hid up Covid with Ukraine!

Johnson went off on his photo shoots and supplied arms.

Johnson – saviour of Western Democracy?? I don’t think so! How to make a profit out of war!!

The Cost of Power

The cost of electricity and gas has shot through the roof.

What has the Tory government done?? Fuck all!!

Have they rushed in a series of grants to insulate houses? NO!!

Have they nationalised the gas and electricity?? NO!! (France did – their energy supply went up 5% – ours 50% and another 50% to come)

Have they ploughed more into green energy – tidal barriers, solar and wind – with grants for the public??? NO!! They are still dithering.

The Global Warming Catastrophe

40 degrees is just the start. Forest fires, floods, droughts, extreme temperatures, extreme weather.

Johnson went to COP 26 and then copped out!!

Now they are talking fracking, oil exploration and even coal!!

Are they NUTS????

Petrol Price rise

The cost of petrol affects everything. The price of goods goes through the roof. Travel is expensive.

What have the Tories done?? They’ve enjoyed the extra revenue from tax on fuel!!

So where are all these big calls that Johnson and his Tory minions got right????

What we have is the Goebbels method!! Lie repeatedly and gullible people begin to believe you! That’s what Trump does!!

Vote For Me!! Vote For Me!! I voted for tax rises now I’ll bring them down!! Vote For Me!! Promises are cheap!!

The race is on!! Which lying Tory can promise the most!! All as corrupt as each other!!

Reducing taxes??? Duuuuuh!! They are talking about reducing CORPORATION TAX!!! In other words they are promising to give more money to the rich!

They’ll throw a few shekels to the serfs in the north! They are stupid enough to vote for their own demise!!

Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

All false.

                Just a front.

                                Actions of a lazy grunt.

Every word

                That goes by;

                                Every deed – a lie.

They never intend

                To sort things out

                                They don’t care.

Smugly grasping,

                Arrogantly pocketing,

                                Spouting that they’ll make things fair.

Empty words,

                In soundbites,

                                Designed to deceive.


                With feigned concern

                                To make us believe.

Part of

                A system that exploits

                                The poor.

They design it

                So that we

                                Get no more.

The rich

                Get richer

                                While the poor starve.

If they had

                Their way

                                They’d cut that in half.

All the promises,

                Glibly delivered,

                                Are nowt but lies

They talk

                About levelling up

                                While robbing us blind.


                Their lies

                                And what do you find?

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Opher – 25.6.2022

During these past twelve years of austerity the wealthy have increased their wealth enormously. Huge multi-million contracts have been handed out willy-nilly. Massive salaries have been given freely to ‘the right people’. Huge multimillion bonuses have been given to those at the top. Many Tory MPs are pocketing huge sums for lobbying, second jobs, telling secrets, or dividends. Huge sums are being deposited tax-free abroad.

Those at the bottom are systematically blamed. We have to have pay freezes in order to save the economy.

We are promised sunny uplands, Brexit dividends, levelling up.

We receive tax hikes, massive inflation, a cost of living crisis, energy bills through the roof, petrol prices rocketing and wage cuts.

Power companies and oil companies are creaming off incredible profits.

Aren’t you as fed up with these lies as I am??

Oven-ready, world-beating lies!!


BLOODY HELL!! They are rewriting history!!

So far they’ve got nearly all the big calls wrong!!

They negotiated an appalling Brexit deal that is costing us a fortune!!

They dithered and dithered on Covid and chucked infected people into Care Homes – killing tens of thousands unnecessarily!

They wasted tens of billions on useless apps, T&T, and useless PPE.

They handed out billions to their chums.

They have illegally screwed money out of donors for various promises.

They have been courting Putin’s money and even putting Russians into Parliament!

Then we have the illegal lobbying, Partygate, second jobs, sex scandals, cash for secret meetings, Russian Tennis…….


When questioned they have no answers. They avoid all scrutiny and hide in fridges. They hide away so that they are not accountable for all the crimes and incompetence.

The one big call they could get right is to resign!!!

Poetry – You Can Have a Visa! (Courtesy of the caring Tories!)

You Can Have a Visa! (Courtesy of the caring Tories!)

Sure you can have a visa.

We just need the proof!

A mound of documents.

Ain’t that the truth!

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

If you’ve got relatives

Living in the UK

Just fill in these thousand forms.

It’ll all work out OK.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Millions of the desperate

Flee to the borders.

Welcomed by the EU –

But we’re just following orders.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Priti and Bojo

Say they can come

Lying through their teeth

But not fooling anyone.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Tory compassion

On show once again.

The NASTY party

Inhabits number ten.

Jump through the hoops!

Stay on the line!

Within a year or two

It’ll all work out fine!

Opher – 7.3.2022

When you elected a nasty bunch of extreme nationalists who put in place a repulsive policy of uncaring ‘Hostile Environment’, do not be surprised that they are lacking in compassion and empathy. They don’t mind shafting millions in their own country why should they care about anyone from outside?

Women and babies? Push them back in the sea!

All that matters is power, wealth and votes!

Let them get blown up! Let someone else deal with them!

There’s no money in it…… unless………… ooooh  ….. can they pick fruit or drive HGVs??

Government incompetence and sleaze.

Billions wasted on untendered PPE contracts

Billions wasted on government handouts to firms.

Billions wasted on useless apps

Billions wasted on useless Track and Trace

Billions in tax breaks to bankers

Billions in tax loopholes to the Cayman Islands

Billions in second jobs, cash for peerages, lobbying and sleaze

Millions for refurbishment, wallpaper, holidays, trips in jets, lunches……….

Everywhere you look it’s sleaze and corruption from a bunch of profiteers.