Xenophobia of the Tory Party.

It seems that hatred of the French and Europe dominates the thinking of our disastrous government. So sad!!

Emma Raducanu – A product of Multicultual Britain

Forget the insular xenophobia of Brexit! Hybrids are stronger!!

Instead of shutting ourselves off we should be opening up borders and making ourselves strong!

Emma Raducanu, our latest British tennis sensation, is a prime example!

How the nation cheered her!!

Born in Canada with Chinese and Romanian parents and brought up in England!! A triumph for both immigration and multiculturalism!!

One in the eye for brainless racists!!

Poetry – So the story goes

So the story goes

There are rape gangs grooming kids.

There are terrorists in every nook.

We are flooded with armies of immigrants

Intent on imposing Sharia law.

They are subverting our values!

Imposing their fanaticism!

So the story goes!

The authorities,

Shackled by PC

Are scared of being called racist

And refuse to act.

So the story goes.

Tommy Robinson is the peoples’ champ,

The exposer of Muslim atrocities.

So the story goes.

This is the narrative

That streams out

Of the far-right

Propaganda sites.

The exaggerations

That takes the seeds of real problems

And blows them up

Into nightmares

To generate fear and hatred.

So the fake news goes.

Opher 7.12.2018

Within this battle of extremes lies the real truth. There are big problems that need confronting and dealing with.

What we do not need are the fanatics that would light the blue touch-paper for their own ends.

Some people benefit from sowing the seeds of fear and hate.

How much did Tommy Robinson crowd-fund?

The Reality of Brexit and this Xenophobic narrow-minded meanness! We all should be ashamed!

This powerfully moving thread was posted on Twitter today by Mike Goulden. It says so much about the callousness and cruelty of the Brexit that was promoted by Boris Johnson and the other crooks and liars of Vote Leave. And about what their Brexit has done to our country. Read it and weep.——————-This is my mum, she’s 83 and has got dementia. She met my dad in 1962 when she worked for the British Army as a translator. My dad was in the Royal Artillery. They moved back to England in late 1962 and got married. My sister was born in 1963 and I was born in 1966. She worked from the moment she arrived. She had always wanted to be a teacher so she got her teaching qualification whilst working and bringing up my sister and I. She established herself as a well known teacher in adult education teaching German and German literature across schools colleges and the University of Liverpool. She took multiple groups of students to Germany on exchange visits, sharing her love of the German language and culture to as many people as possible.She is a published poet, having 2 anthologies under the pseudonym Alfa. She has written a novel “Susato” about Nazi Germany and she wrote a series of workbooks in German grammar for O and A level. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree which she funded herself. She has been called a Nazi, a Kraut, a Jew murderer by people in the street. Not once, ever, did she retaliate. She adores the Queen and treasures a thank you letter from her after my mum gave her a copy of her novel at a meeting of The Society of Women Writers and Journalist, of which she is a long-standing member. She loves this country and has contributed much to its life.Today, I had to fill out an application to apply for her to have settled status. I was reluctant but realised that we could risk her becoming an “illegal immigrant”. She has no understanding of this process because of her dementia. As part of the application I submitted her passport but that wasn’t enough. Oh no, I had to scan her face from side to side like an inmate in a concentration camp and then take the picture shown above. She became increasingly upset, “Just tell the government I’ve been here for years and that I’m German” I was crying on the inside. The rest of the application form was quite tricky with multiple verification codes and I doubt my mum, without dementia, would ever have completed it. It was undignified, intrusive and cruel.For those of you who voted for Brexit, is this what you wanted? If it is you should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. A Britain that was once tolerant, generous and welcoming has now morphed into a tinpot, cruel, xenophobic 3rd rate country under the monstrous government we now have. My mum has contributed so much to this country and this process is an insult to her and millions like her. When you vote for a cruel and divisive government like this one, be aware the you too are responsible for the unnecessary cruelty inflicted on my mum today and many more like her. You are responsible. Shove your settled status where the sun don’t shine and throw your insane Brexit in the fires of Hell where it belongs. Not moving on, never moving on! Is that clear? #SettledStatus#SettlementScheme

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Michael Goulden @mikegoulden This is my mum, she's 83 and has got dementia. She met my dad 1962 when she worked for the British Army translator. My dad was the Royal Artillery. They moved back to England in late 1962 and got married. My sister was born in 1963 and was born in 1966. She worked"

Trump and Fascism

It is apparent to me that the wave of Islamic terrorism coupled with mass immigration caused by war and economic factors created a fear and siege mentality.

In the UK Islamic terrorism, Muslim immigration and Eastern European immigration caused a big xenophobic fear that was exploited by Farage, Cummings and Johnson to create Brexit.

In the States it was Islamic terrorism (9-11) coupled with mass immigration from central America that resulted in fear and Trump.

Populist leaders, such as Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Modi, Orban and Erdogan were quick to exploit fears, ramp up division and promise easy solutions. Once in power they began taking over the democratic processes and consolidating their power. This includes suppressing votes in opposition areas, taking over the media, spilling out propaganda and controlling the machinery for the democratic process.

In the UK this involves changing boundaries, suppressing protest, controlling the tabloid press and loading the BBC with Tories. There is no way of contesting the lies and nobody is ever accountable. They lie, pour out fake news and propaganda with impunity.

In the USA Trump took over the Republican party, Used voter suppression, poured out a stream of lies and propaganda, promised walls, encouraged and condoned violence and in the final end tried to take the election by force in an insurrection,

Throughout the world this division and scapegoating has empowered the racists, xenophobes and other fascist groups.

What we are seeing is fascism in action.

In America Trump was kicked out – but only just!

He hasn’t gone away. His legacy is a large base of empowered racists, xenophobes and white supremacists. They are waiting for him to reappear. He could yet return and finish the job.

So how do you get rid of autocratic fascists who seize the mechanisms of democracy?

This wave of populist fascism has not gone away!

Poetry – Pigeon-holing


Pigeon-holing is laziness.

It stops you having to think.

You don’t have to challenge your ideas

Or search for the missing link.

The herd mentality

Like to reinforce those labels

With uniforms and badges

That get stuck to lapels.

Everything is neat and tidy –

Neoliberal, fascist

Individualist and freak –

Slotting into little holes

Like the days of yesterweek.

But nobody fits into those patterns

Like they were all mindless fools,

Indoctrinated morons

Or kids deprived of schools.

Each one of us is totally unique,

A law unto themselves,

Not the stereotyped person

You wish to seek.

So listen to what they might have to share

And weigh up their words with great care.

You might learn something;

It might make you think.

Opher 26.12.2017

There is a laziness involved with stereotyping people – we no longer see them as people! They become two-dimensional objects without personality or views. They are merely seen as numbers to slot into a hole. They can be ignored, ridiculed and cast aside. Their opinions are of no consequence. They are no longer real people, with real views. They are just a cardboard cut-out. But we are all different. We all have views. We are all important.

Poetry – Flags, Anthems and Pledges

Flags, Anthems and Pledges

Flags, anthems and pledges

Brainwashing instruments

That restrict freedoms.

Nationalist fascism,

Flaky around the edges,

Warlords and fiefdoms.

Tying us in to allegiance

To forces that exploit our desires.

Strangulating our freedoms

With their economic empires.

Consumer units under control

Slotted into the patriotic hole.

Opher 26.12.2017

As Samuel Johnson said – Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Patriotism, with its entire flag waving tribalism, is nothing more than a fiction to manipulate people by. It comes straight out of its partner nationalism and is the cause of much war and conflict.

Populist politicians use it to gain power. Businessmen harness it to gain profit.

It is visceral not cerebral and it panders to the gut rather than the brain. Many a brave lad full of ideals has been beguiled and used. Many a brave lad has returned with his legs blown off, his mind scrambled and his future in tatters all for the love of a notion of country. To quote the great Wilfred Owen (himself a victim twice over) – The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.

Poetry – We are all speaking with our glands

We are all speaking with our glands

Speaking with chemicals and not electricity

Creates a morass of thought

In which to wade.

Stances selected subliminally

Create allegiance to tribal stance,

And not renegade.

We select the facts

To fit the answers

We desire to hear

And reject all opposition

Out of accentuated fear.

All we can be certain of

Is that the truth

Rarely does appear.

For allowing our glands to rule

Opens us to control.

Those who pull the strings

Know exactly how to push the buttons.

They feed in the manicured ‘facts’

To reinforce the message

For which we are the gluttons.

We cannot discern the truth with chemicals

We must apply electricity.

Then wading through the fake news

Is a path of more simplicity.

For division is the devil’s trade

And the friend of the politician.

While cooperation is our strength

When making our decisions.

Opher 18.12.2017

Politicians are using propaganda to deliberately arouse emotions. By creating fear and hatred they can manipulate the population. Hormones muddle thinking. A person does not think clearly when brains are flooded with adrenaline. All they want is action.

Brains run best on electricity.

It is always good to think with your head and not your gut.

Racism and fear of strangers is the way that fascism spreads its evil tendrils. Populist politicians gain popularity through arousing anger, fear and hate. They create tribalism and divide.

A friendly smile and a welcoming hand is always better than a fist and boot. NO BLACKS  NO IRISH  NO DOGS  NO SENSE