Boris Johnson Blues – we should all sing it!

I’m singing it!

Reprehensible policies – the real politics. Behind the smokescreen of Brexit.

Reprehensible policies – the real politics.

Surely any government that even considers stealing money off the poorest and most vulnerable to give to the rich needs booting out?

This government is brazen. It hides its actions behind glib lies.

Tax cuts for the most wealthy putting billions in the pockets of the richest (last budget).

Corporation tax cuts putting billions into the profits of the massive corporations.

Cuts to disability allowance taking money out of the pockets of the most vulnerable.

Pension payments brought in by stealth taking billions out of front-line services in health, education and police.

Freezing of public servants pay.

Cutting of all public services.

We’re all in it together? This is a war against the poor and public servants.

No wonder the equality gap has been yawning wider than ever. These guys are feeding their chums.

Corruption and dirty tricks in Politics. Are politicians now above the law??

It is a sad state of affairs when politicians are caught out lying, doctoring videos, breaking laws, giving bribes, fiddling expenses and using all manner of promises – peerages and enticements to gain advantage and we have become so used to it that we no longer react. The truth is that we have accepted that they lie and are corrupt. It no longer surprises us!

So now the Tory Party has been offering peerages to Brexit candidates to get them to step down. Isn’t that an illegal scandal?? Wouldn’t that have brought down governments in the past?

Now we have the Tories deliberately hiding up a report on Russian interference because it will show that Russian oligarchs are major donors to the Tory Party and Russia had an impact on both the Brexit vote and the election of the Tory Party. Isn’t that corruption?

Now we find that the Tory Party deliberately doctored videos to create fake news and Tory propaganda. But we just accept it.

We find that the Vote Leave campaign used intrigue to cover up illegal excess spending in the campaign.

We find that immoral philanderers like Johnson and Trump who have a history on cheating on their partners are considered honest and honourable.

We find that lies and made up figures on Labour spending is trotted out and presented as facts.

The list goes on and on. Why aren’t people being taken to trial and locked up??

Worse than that – why do people find this scurrilous behaviour acceptable??

This is surely an all-time low. They are getting away with unlawful behaviour that we would find ourselves sued, prosecuted and imprisoned for.

Are politicians now above the law??

TRUMP – Keep Your Dam Nose Out Of British Elections!!!!

Now we’ve got the obnoxious Trump poking his nose into our internal affairs!! Bloody cheek!! How Dare you try to interfere in our politics!!

Pushing his buddies Farage and Johnson – trying to get a hard Brexit so he can get his grubby little fingers on our NHS and make Billions out of us!!




Do or Die!! – a poem

Do or Die!!


Do or die!! Dead in a ditch!!

Must be the season of the witch!

Bluster and lies! Eton arrogance

Hopefully, soon, to be past tense!


Ten years of Tory austerity

Have created massive poverty!

The Brexit smokescreen

Is quite obscene!


Take from the poor

And give to the rich!

I wish he had

Died in that ditch!


Opher 31.10.2019

Billy Bunter’s Lament – a poem

Billy Bunter’s Lament


I didn’t die in a ditch

And I certainly didn’t ‘do’.

All I did was bluster

And swear that green was blue!


Lies   Lies   Lies


I’m busy playing games

With Cummings pulling all the strings;

Pretending to be positive

With a ‘No Deal’ in the wings.


Lies   Lies   Lies


I’m a big Billy Bunter

Busy lining my own nest.

I don’t even believe in what I’m doing

While beating on my breast.


Lies   Lies   Lies



Johnson is busy playing politics in order to develop his own career. We’re pawns in some Eton ball game – fodder to be exploited.

Follow the money.

Who is profiting?

Brexit – Heseltine and Democracy.

Who would imagine that I’d be lauding a speech by Michael Heseltine! How times change!

But Heseltine is right. We are fighting for the future of our nation, for its influence in the world, for its prosperity. It is either in with Europe, with collaboration, partnership and economic stability, or it is out in the doldrums with no power, no cash, and a bunch of extreme nationalists calling the shots.

These nationalist idiots are taking us for a ride. They stand to make millions out of this. They don’t care if they leave misery in their wake.

This is the future of our nation. We can’t allow Dominic Cummings and millionaires like Rees-Mogg to set the agenda.

Democracy is about voting. Here’s what Heseltine says:

“We believe that only the British people are entitled to take the most important decision of modern times.

We are fighting for British influence in a fast changing world. We are fighting to give our children and grandchildren their place in that world.

There is only one argument that really drives their opposition to a referendum: they think they will lose it. 

Far from serving us, they are frightened of us. Not only of us– they are frightened of our Parliament.

The very existence of our United Kingdom now hangs by a thread.

Brexit will not bring us together. It is the wedge  that will drive us apart.

They call it taking back control.

They dream of Donald Trump as some newly discovered benefactor when it is clear that the only special relationship he knows is ’America first’.

You have come from all over the country. From all parties and none. All generations, every class and creed. Youre British and proud of it.

We have helped to create a Europe of peace. A Europe where national pride and loyalty can be pooled in a shrinking world to enhance the power and influence of us all.

In coming today you are marching into history.

Do not lower your sights. Do not avert your gaze.

Look straight. Look up.

March on”.

The real reason for Brexit!!

This is the real reason for Brexit!!!

These are the type of people who are backing Brexit. They are all going to make a killing!!

Brexit is all about putting huge money into rich peoples’ pockets even if it ruins the country and screws everyone!

They are funding the propaganda machine of lies!!

Brexit Brexit Brexit – a poem!

Brexit Brexit Brexit


Brexit Brexit Brexit

Who cares what happens next?

Brexit Brexit Brexit

We’re getting very vexed!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Just get out! Leave! Goodbye!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

We don’t care if we die!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

We’re just sick and tired!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

If you object – you’re fired!


Brexit Brexit Brexit

The madmen are in control!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

They’ve dug us in a hole!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

A bunch of fascist thugs!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Treating us like mugs!


Brexit Brexit Brexit

They’re stoking up division! They’re stoking up the hate!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Peddling their ‘No Deal’ and pissing on our fate!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Xenophobia, nationalism, racism and extremes

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Someone’s making money! It’s never what it seems!


Brexit fucking Brexit

Another Tory mess! Another Tory dire fiasco!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Courtesy of Cameron, Osborne, Farage and co.


Opher 12.9.2019

Brexiteer’s Rant – a poem

Brexiteer’s Rant


Give me rationing and the spirit of the Blitz

Let me live in an Anderson shelter and get ready for some hits!

Let me stockpile my medicines and watch the lorries queue!

I’m looking forward to poverty like all good Britons do!


I want to be ruled by a bunch of Eton toffs

Rather than the bloody foreigners to which our caps are doffed.

Who cares if our power wanes or the economy takes a dive!

We’ll be a banana republic but at least we’ll be alive!


Yes, we’ll lose some jobs and our kids won’t be able to roam.

We’ll put up all the barriers – we’re better off at home!

For we are all British! We’re bred pure and true!

For God, Queen and Country! – Nothing else will do!


Opher – 13.9.2019