Brexit – new poll suggests British people have woken up to the lies.

A new poll by right-wing TalkTV asking how people would vote if there was another referendum came up with interesting results:

Leave – 28.5%

Remain – 71.5%

That would suggest to me that people have realised that the lies they were fed about being better off after Brexit were empty words. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, for personal gain, lied. Far from having a Brexit dividend, the result has been an economic disaster. We are all much poorer.

Project Fear has morphed into Project Reality.

That does not bode well for Johnson. His boast about ‘Getting Brexit Done’ is likely to promote negative reactions. Most British people now realise that they were conned.

The Tories chose to do a stupidly extreme form of Brexit – not only leaving the EU but pulling out of the Single Market and Customs Union as well as all collaborations. A spectacularly insane choice and one that was not supported by a majority of people. The referendum was not for a hard Brexit. Far from it.

The ERG extremists have led us down a very stupid route for their own ideological brand of nasty nationalism coupled with their own personal gain. Some of them made a lot of money.

Getting Brexit done is likely to rebound on this bunch of incompetent self-servers!

As more information emerges about the disastrous impact of Brexit on our future economy I reckon that people will start to turn on the idiots who pushed it through – Johnson, Farage, Rees-Mogg and the rest of the Tory chances.

Cameron and Osborne have a lot to answer for! They’ve cost us hundreds of billions and landed us with Johnson and the most incompetent government we’ve ever had!!

Brexit – The truth!

This Tory Brexit was based on lies.
The Report from the Resolution Foundation

The Working Class was conned.

It has made the country much poorer.

It has made a number of Brexiteers very rich.

Boris Johnson backed it in order to become Prime Minister knowing it would be a disaster.

It has taken away many of our rights.

It has made us all poorer.

It has created mounds of unnecessary red tape.

It has reduced our power and influence.

So far it has cost us £130 Billion (more than we paid into the EU in 47 years)

It has placed a bunch of odious extreme nationalists in charge of our country.

It has eroded workers’ rights, depressed pay, caused shortages of labour and raised prices.

We are paying for it with higher prices and raised taxes.

Ever been duped????

To give the referendum to the people was stupid. The complexity was beyond their understanding. They made their choice based on lies, false patriotism, ugly nationalism, jingoism, racism and false promises. It was all a shabby contrick.

Here’s a bunch of Brexiteer lies:

The GREAT Brexit Deal our buffoon negotiated!!

We are constantly being told by Johnson lackeys that he GOT ALL THE BIG CALLS RIGHT!!

What a lie!

His incompetence ended up with 179,000 deaths. His management of Covid was appalling.

HIs negotiation of Brexit was even worse. Far from having the promised Brexit dividend we have deflated the economy by 4%. It has cost us a staggering £130 billion.

Why aren’t the media pointing this out?? Why aren’t they up in arms?? It couldn’t be because they are owned by Brexiteering Tories could it??

Brexit is an unmitigated disaster. The sooner we get back in the single market and customs union the better. It is killing us!!

Gunboat Diplomacy

Gunboat Diplomacy

As project fear becomes reality

Threatening our neighbours with gunboat diplomacy.

Cameron and Osborne were quick to flee

Leaving us in the wreckage of what might be.

If this carries on we’ll be

Storming the beaches of Normandy.

Brainwashing from the Express and the Mail

Feeding us lies from nationalist hell.

All gobbled up without fail

By a bunch of people who can’t read too well.

Leading us off the rail

To cooperation’s death-knell.

You can forget collaboration

We’re on our own

Bought it on ourselves

As we start to moan.

As the prices rise

Have to take out a loan.

As the jobs evaporate

You’ll give out a groan.

‘Can’t get much worse’ I heard you say.

Think about that on your next pay day.

In zero hours heaven, no time to play.

While the millionaires are all making hay,

For you the skies only look grey.

So grit your teeth – it’s time to pay.

The Eton boys are running this show

Voted in with a Ho Ho Ho.

Taking back control to the status quo

So the rich get richer, the poor take the blow.

Building a country with a lot less dough.

For all us suckers it’s a world of woe.

Opher – 23.12.2020

War, war war. That’s the way it’s always been. Competition instead of collaboration.

A strong trading partnerships producing bonds leading to the longest period of peace.

The Anglo-Saxons, emanating from Germany, with the blood of the French Normans, the Italian Romans, and the Nordic Vikings  creating a mongrel race called the British.

Persuaded that they would be better off being apart.

Wealthy nationalists, who made a killing out of leaving these shores and leading us to disaster.

To leave the benefits of Europe for the isolation of uncertainty.

Brexit!! A great SUCCESS!!!

It got Boris Johnson and a bunch of far-right extremists of the ERG elected!!

It’s doing everything they said it would do!

We’ve wrested back control!!

We’ve made billions! (Well some of us have!)

It may be costing us £37 billion a year, wrecked trade, caused price rises, not stopped immigrants, turned motorways into lorry parks, made it expensive to go abroad, cost a fortune and driven out loads of doctors, nurses, pickers, carers, drivers and the rest, but it’s put billions into the Cayman Islands!!

Was this the oven-ready great deal they promised us?? Or was it just a mess cobbled together to get Johnson and the ERG elected??

Tory heartlessness displayed!

The immigration problem is deep and complex. It is a tale of human tragedy created out of war, gross inequality, toxic religion, colonialism, global warming, corruption and greed.

There are no simple answers.

It has been exacerbated by Brexit.

We obviously have to severely limit the number coming into our small country. We cannot take in all the world’s disadvantaged but………………….

To produce a cruel, heartless, nasty, expensive process that strips people of all their human rights and dignity, that is punitive and dreadful and merely designed to act as a deterrent to others is inhumane and simply WRONG!!

To have a bully of a woman, herself descended from immigrants, to implement such a scheme is typical of Tories. These people see nothing wrong in bullying or nastiness. They are raised to be superior and arrogant and look down on others. It is as if the ‘lower classes’ exist to be exploited, abused and ignored. They deserve all that comes their way. They have no empathy or compassion.

These refugees are a nuisance. They need to be treated harshly. There is an element of revenge. How dare they!!

Poetry – Jumping Ship

Jumping Ship

The jaguars and minis are rusting in the park.

The money drained away as the country lost its spark.

Company after company is busy jumping ship.

Like rats busy fleeing from the coming dip.

The gateway to Europe is being slammed shut.

Wages will tumble as cut follows cut.

Cutting off our noses, shooting off our feet

As Boris and Mogg lay the seeds of our defeat.

Madness and nationalism rules all their minds

As wheels of more bureaucracy relentlessly grinds.

Opher 19.8.2018

There was always a mad nationalistic rump of the Tory Party who were busy flirting with fascism. Nobody thought they would ever gain ascendancy and actually take over. But they have.

Tories are bad enough but these ideological monsters, harking back to fairy-tale days of empire, are the pits.

They are dragging us down to an impoverished future.

Already companies are heading off to Europe. The wealth is draining away.

Poetry – Crazy Lemmings

I wrote this four years ago. I was right. Brexit and Johnson have been the disasters I predicted. What a mess our country is in!! He used xenophobia, division, fear, racism and hate. Sadly he won!

Crazy Lemmings

Crazy lemmings leaping off of cliffs.

Of common sense hardly a whiff!

Fuelled on fear, lies and hate

They’d rather drown than open the gate!

Opher – 17.8.2018

England used to be a friendly place always willing to extend the helping hand. Islamophobia and racism has been deployed by politicians eager to gain power and influence. It has unleashed a wave of fear and hate that resulted in us going for Brexit and cutting off our own noses!

Brexit has made Britain poorer already and will make us a lot poorer yet. It has made us mean-spirited and filled us with hate and fear.

Instead of solving problems we have created more of our own!!

I dislike Islam intensely. I think it is an intolerant religion.

I think we have had too much immigration too quickly.

I don’t think Brexit will help.

I do not believe that our 4.8% of Muslims are going to take over and impose sharia law on us. I do not believe they are all terrorists or rapists.

Instead of Brexit we should be focusing on integrating them so they do not become extremists. In time they will become secular.

I want to move about freely without restriction. I think there are much better ways for the EU to sort out this mass migration problem without resorting to Brexit.

Brexit will only serve to make us poorer, less powerful and peripheral.

What a stupid response – talk about lemmings jumping off cliffs!! The extreme right-wing have set an agenda that is madness!