Poetry – Unseen


Unseen on the drifting breeze

                The scent of death from a common sneeze.

Isolating from our trusted friends.

                Gouging a wound that never mends.

A situation so badly managed,

                Leaving a crater as big as any war.

With damage to the economy

                Threatening to leave us forever poor.

Opher – 21.7.2021

I find it incredibly depressing to see how the country has suffered under the twin impact of Covid and Brexit as this disastrous government has overtly channelled huge sums of money to its wealthy benefactors while decimating public services and ordinary people.

All this nonsense about levelling up as they gaily award multimillion pound contracts to their friends.

All these lies about a prosperous future and Global Britain as they ferret away the spoils into their bank accounts, tie us up with red tape, decimate trade, throw away jobs, take away our job opportunities abroad while telling us how great this oven-ready disaster really is.

Now we can look forward to the decades of austerity as average Joe Soap picks up the bill for these years of Tory lies, sleaze and incompetence.

Our mental health is suffering.

Poetry – Living in the Shadows

Living in the Shadows

Living in the shadows,

                In a crumbling state,

As the fog closes in around us.

Existing in a vacuum,

                Within a bubble,

                                As the water rose and drowned us.

Opher 221.7.2021

I wrote this in a morbid state of mind as I watched a news report on both covid and Brexit.

It seems to me that both the country I live in and my own mentality by crumbling before me.

The mismanagement, lies, corruption and incompetence regarding both Brexit and the handling of covid-19 has filled me with anger. It is a fury at the corruption, sleaze and arrogance that I detect at the heart of this regime of greedy, self-serving extremists.

They are useless. They have messed up everything they’ve touched.

The country is in a mess.

My mind is in a mess.

A sea fret was enshrouding the whole town. It felt like a metaphor.

Brexit – not quite working out for Brexiteers.

The ‘Great Deal’ that was oven-ready is a dead duck that is destroying the economy, drowning us in red tape and ripping apart the union. Who could have predicted that?

Trade deals?? Where are they??

Taking back control? This lot couldn’t control themselves let alone the country.

Oven-Ready Brexit Deal – (Previously a great deal!) – a disaster – needs renegotiating!

Frost says that the deal, negotiated in good faith by both sides and agreed by both sides, is not working!! It needs renegotiating.

We chose to leave the Customs Union and Single Market. We knew what that meant. It means customs borders. It means tariffs. It means huge cost, slower movement, a reduction in trade, job losses and increased prices. It means employing huge numbers of customs officers. It means lots of red tape. It is a storm of bureaucracy.

We chose to put a border in Northern Ireland even though we knew it would create huge problems for Ireland.

We chose this – not Europe!

We chose to make trade harder, to make it cost more and to impose checks and tariffs. We chose that.

Lord Frost says it isn’t working. We said it wouldn’t before Johnson said it was oven-ready and a great deal. But then he’s a proven liar.

It was neither oven-ready nor a great deal.

But we voted for it and we signed it.

Too late now!!

What’s to renegotiate!

The right-wing press can bleat. The government can try to blame it on Europe, but this is precisely what the right-wing extremists of the ERG were wanting. Johnson, Farage, Gove and Rees-Mogg wanted this. They lied to get it. They got Cummings on board to sell it to us.

We bought it – we brought it on ourselves.

(13) Government Wants to Restart the Whole Brexit Process – YouTube

It’s as if we are ruled by a bunch of morons who don’t understand the implications of the deal that they spent three years negotiating!

We are led by a bunch of morons.

Perhaps we should rejoin the customs union?? Perhaps the single market was a great idea after all?

What a mess.

I wonder, to the nearest 10 Billion, how much this is really costing us?

Brexit – A disaster – Lost in the FOG of Covid

This bunch of imbeciles lead us into the troubled waters of a hard Brexit with promises of great trade deals and future prosperity. We were told we had an oven-ready deal and everything would be great. Nothing is great. The deal was crap and far from oven-ready. The £350 million a week for the NHS was a joke. We haven’t had a single decent trade deal. The union is breaking up. We have job losses, tariffs, fishermen and farmers in despair, firms moving abroad, prices rising and an army of bureaucrats and lawyers having to be employed. We’ve lost our rights to free travel or to be able to study and work in the 27 countries of the EU. The creative industries have been completely stuffed.

In short – its a disaster. Project Fear has become Project Reality.

But everything is kept hidden in the fog of Covid.

Taking Back Control???

Then there were the lies to all the EU residents living in the UK and the UK people living in the EU that nothing would change. They were welcome. They were lied to and have been hounded out leaving food to rot in fields, people uncared for, restaurants without staff and the NHS short of staff.

What a bunch of cretins!!!!

Poetry – Here’s to the end of austerity

Here’s to the end of austerity

Here’s to the end of austerity.

They say we’ve had enough.

We were all in it together

But only the poor have found it tough.

They took from the schools and the NHS

But gave to the captains of industry.

The executives all got their bonuses

But there was none left for you and me.

They’ve had enough of cutting

There’s nothing left to slash.

They’ve ravaged every service

And stolen all the cash.

Police and nurses join the teachers

All trying to get by

Under the yoke of austerity;

Under its blue Tory sky.

Austerity has decimated our country

And has brought no end of tears.

I’ll be glad to see the end of this dogma

But we have to wait three more years!

Opher 4.10.2018

I watched the Tory conference as they ripped each other apart. It was all about Brexit. You wouldn’t believe that the country was falling apart.

Mrs May’s big announcement was that austerity was coming to an end – except we’ll have to wait three years – until we get close to the next election.

Until then they’ll continue slashing school budgets, privatising the Health Service and putting the poor into low pay jobs.

We’ve got a debt to service!

But it’s OK – the wealthy deserve their tax cuts and we don’t want to block the tax avoidance schemes, do we?

Racism, The Union Jack, The Flag of St George, Brexit, Patriotism and Nationalism.

I don’t fly the flag of St George or the Union Jack. They are tainted with racism, Empire and the vileness of nationalism. They were taken over by an extreme element of racist, nationalistic thugs.

It is that group of thugs who appear time after time, big bellies out, covered in tats, using the flags of England and the UK to vent their hatred and violence – snarling, shouting and fighting. They are repugnant.

Why is it that whenever England or Britain plays we attract this bunch of Neanderthal morons? They travel abroad and plaster the countries with blood and vomit. The image foreigners have of the British is one of obese, ignorant, stupid, beer-swilling thugs looking for trouble.

Our nations flags have been taken over by far-right groups like the fascist British Movement, National Front and used by populists like Farage and Johnson to stir up false hypocritical patriotism for their own ends.

These morons are stirred up, directed and used.

I despise flags, nationalism and all the division, racism, xenophobia and hatred it evokes.

Brexit and populism have empowered these stupid people. They now think they have a right to despise ‘foreigners’ and ‘foreigners’ to this mindless scum is anyone who has a different coloured skin or a different religion.

How on earth these people, without a brain cell between them, can think they are superior to anybody is beyond me. Morons one and all.

Tolerance, empathy and compassion are unknown to these idiots. Johnson and Farage have harnessed the fear of foreigners, xenophobia and racism. Their language of letterboxes and threats of immigrants flooding the country coupled with fear of terrorism, Islamophobia and a hostile environment has been used to force Brexit through and gain populist support.

Our leaders are as self-serving and obnoxious as they can be.

Johnson’s encouragement of booing against our footballers who were taking the knee against racism is just one example of the nastiness.

Priti Patel’s obnoxious labelling of the antiracist taking a knee as ‘Gesture Politics’ is revealing on the inherent arrogance of the Tory Party and was rightly called out by Tyrone Mings – The Aston Villa defender posted on Twitter: “You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ & then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens.”

The Tory Party is using racism as a tool to activate this vile base of nationalists for their own ends.

We are being led down a nasty path that leads to a worse end. It has already cost this country dear and tarnished everything decent people stand for.

This must be the most extreme government we have ever had hiding behind the buffooning and clownish jolliness of a devious populist whose only real interest is himself.

It’s time we kicked racism out and that starts by booting this unpleasant bunch of nationalists out of power!!