So what’s May going to do now?

Having been trounced and humiliated one would think that a bit less pig-headedness would not go amiss.

The only reason she is still there is because there is no credible leader in the wings, nobody who could hold the Tories together. They are tottering and on the verge of falling apart.

Yet obstinate May will press on arrogantly pushing her own agenda.

Any sign of humility? No.

For someone who has just suffered the biggest defeat in Britain’s long political history it is almost beyond belief that she remains. She has no credibility left. She can’t control parliament and has lost control of her own party. If she had any honour she’d go.

Not only that but she lies through her teeth. She’s doing it for the good of the country. Bollocks. It has always, right from the start, been about her hanging on to power and the Tory Party. It has never been about the country. Liar Liar Liar!!

So now we are left with three choices:

  1. She invites Jeremy Corbyn and other leaders to join together to hammer out a deal which will be a form of Brexit that would both get through Parliament and be acceptable to the EU. That would probable be remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union.

2. She accepts that parliament cannot make a decision and puts it back to the people to decide.

3. She stubbornly hangs on to her stupid red lines and we end up crashing out and doing great harm to the country.

Is she going to put the country first?

I’m sick to death of the silly woman telling us what the country voted for. How the hell, in a binary vote and such a narrow margin, can anyone tell what people voted for? Some voted for one thing and some another.

If one takes any one of the issues – single market, customs union, sovereignty, freedom of movement, whatever, I would suggest that none of them had a majority of the public. To suggest otherwise is pig-headed, blinkered and outrageous. Everyone had their own reasons.

For the good of the country do what is right!



What should the stupid politicians do now??

Well it is the stupidity of the Tory Party that has got us into this Brexit mess.

The question is how are we going to get out of the mess? How are we going to reconcile the two furious sides?

It seems obvious to me that we are going to have to ask to postpone leaving the EU until such time as we know what we want.

May should resign. She has been the incompetent leader who has led us into this cul-de-sac. Her stubbornness, intransigence and poor decision making has created this mess.

We should have a general election.

The Labour Party should get off the fence and fight the election on Remaining.

We should have another Peoples Vote.

The referendum should not be binary. It should give an indication of what type of Brexit the people might want.

If they vote to stay in we end the painful fiasco.

If they vote to leave the EU we have a better idea of what sort of Brexit we are going for.

A cross-party group is formed to form a consensus.

We negotiate with the EU to get a deal that will be a compromise that will get through parliament and represent the views of the whole country – not just one group!


The Question of Brexit

What is loyalty to our country?

Is it loyal to make the country worse?

Or is it more loyal to want it better?

Who is fighting for our children’s future?

Who is putting ideology before pragmatism?

Who is putting the country first?

Who is creating division?

Who is responsible for uncertainty?

Is it democratic to vote or not to vote?

Should a general election be forever?

Is it being loyal to destroy our public services?

Is it loyal to penalise the poor?

Is it patriot to push through a deal that you know will be bad for the country?

Or more patriotic to rethink and bring it to a halt?

Is it not just bloody mindedness to press ahead in the face of disaster?

Is wishful thinking a good patriotic policy?

Oh – the question of Brexit!

Don’t ratify the deal – a poem.

Don’t Ratify the Deal


Promises and lies. Exaggerations and fears.

All guaranteed to end in tears.

Led down the garden path.

They must be having a laugh.


Democracy is all about voting.

With Brexiteers out there gloating.

They don’t care if it makes us poor.

Ideology and tribalism at their core.


Now we know what it’s all about

We need another vote without a doubt.

But though they yell about democracy.

That doesn’t seem to count for you and me.


‘We’ve had the vote!’ they shout.

‘We’re bloody going out!!’

‘But they lied. We hadn’t a clue.’

‘Shut the fuck up you Remoaner crew!’


Opher 18.11.2018


All rational thought has gone out of the window. It’s all emotion and tribal.

The country is divided.

Ad hominem rules.

Nastiness is unleashed.

Name-calling and tribalism clouds discussion.

Nobody is looking at whether this is good for the country.

We need a full discussion and a vote to ratify the deal – or not!

Brexit makes no sense. We’re much better off with what we’ve got!

Split and Divided – Poor thinking – no winners – a poem

Split and Divided – Poor thinking – no winners

Tories split
Labour split
Country split

Hate empowered
Nastiness empowered
Division empowered

Opinion divided
Experts divided
People divided

No winners
All losers
Disaster rules

Poor decisions
Poor thinking
Poor people

Opher 18.11.2018

The Tory Legacy – 1,500,000 living in destitution!

Tax cuts for the wealthy – destitution for the poor.

The world’s fifth riches country cares more about the rich than it does about the poor.

‘The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) is calling for the redesign of the social security system to ensure that nobody in the UK is left without the bare essentials that we all need to eat, stay warm and dry, and keep clean.’

Millions live in poverty while the rich get richer. The Tories have devastated our public services and thrown the poor on the scrapheap while they have a smokescreen of Brexit.

It’s time people woke up to how big a bunch of bastards these people really are!!

Brexit – Time for some Common Sense??

Good heavens??? Are we all mad??

They are cancelling all police leave because they are expecting civil unrest when we leave Europe!!

They are actually expecting things to be so bad, that a deal is going to be so destructive, that there are going to be riots!!

They are stockpiling Food!!!

They are looking at such damage to Britain’s economy that our food prices are going to rocket with major shortages!!

Is this what people wanted??

To destroy our economy and make us all poorer???

To reduce our power and influence in the world???

To allow a bunch of extreme nationalists to lie and scare us with exaggerated stories of immigration???

To lie to us about the money we would save??

To lie about all the costs of extricating ourselves from Europe??

To lie about all the wonderful deals that are out there to be made??

The Tories have made a right pig’s ear of the negotiations. We are on the cliff edge.

Now we know the truth about what is involved and have seen through all the lies put out by Boris, Gove and Mogg; now we have a better idea of what is really involved –

Isn’t it our right to have a chance to have a rethink?

Isn’t it our right to change our minds?

Isn’t it democratic to have a vote on the deal?

Shouldn’t we stop shooting ourselves in the foot, stomach and head?


I certainly don’t think I want to dump my children and grandchildren into a country that is going to crash. I want something better!!

I want to put an end to this Brexit madness. I want democracy! I want a vote!!!

What trade union would act this way? They would negotiate a deal and take it back to members to ratify – or not. The deal should be taken back to the people!

We have been lied to!!

Who on earth can think this is a good move??

Duplicitous May in her interview before the Referendum.

Prior to the referendum this is what Theresa May was saying:

Now, with the strings being pulled by the Brexiteers, she has changed her tune.

Theresa May puts herself and her lust for power above anything else.

Theresa May put her party and the lust for power before the good of the country.

Theresa May changes her tune to suit which way the wind blows.

Theresa May is so weak and vulnerable that she is being held hostage by the hard right of her party.