Stupid Brexiteer Liars hoisted on their own Petards – as Project Fear is shown to be Project Reality!! Brainwashed by a lying media!

The lying Brexiteers Johnson, Gove, Farage and Cummings told everyone it wasn’t going to be like this! The lying media was in cahoots with them!

It was all going to be sunlit uplands! There weren’t going to be any barriers to trade! No tarifs! No lengthy queues! No extra costs! Companies weren’t going to go bust! Companies weren’t going to flee to Europe!!

When people pointed out that once you were outside you were outside! That made border checks, tarifs and extra costs inevitable! That caused delays and trade more expensive! That put prices up and caused made life harder for everyone!

Once you were outside you were outside and treated like everyone else outside!

All those stupid lying soundbites thought up by Cummings and spouted by that stupid lying, self-serving buffoon Johnson (dear old Boris – the narcissistic, lying, self-serving, over-privileged twerp) are now coming home to roost.

We are so obviously not in control of our borders.

The sunlit uplands have turned into hyperinflation and spiralling cost of living.

PROJECT FEAR has come to pass and it was true. We shot ourselves in the foot out of some manufactured xenophobic frenzy.

Even the stupid Brexiteers living in Europe voted for it! They voted their rights and freedoms away!

Now our ERG Masters (Rabid right-wing nutcase xenophobes and self-serving exploiters) and the right-wing tabloid press are trying to blame it on Europe!!

But He’s A Liar

But He’s A Liar

The politician speaks with his forked tongue

Telling lies to everyone

Tells me he’s the only one

Who can get anything done

That he loves everyone;

Tells me Jesus had a gun

‘n that he’s really God’s son

While waving an artillery gun

But he’s a liar.

I despise him. I despise him. I despise him so much.

I despise him.

His breath smells like a lavatory

As he talks of setting people free

How wonderful it’s all going to be

While spreading vile conspiracy

And suppressing student literacy

Through dumb education policy

Suppressing votes most happily

While promising the earth to you and me

But he’s a liar.

I despise him. I despise him. I despise him so much.

I despise him.

He’s making more money than a film star

Driving around in his flashy car

Says he’s gonna be the new Czar

Spouting bitumen and fire

From the back of a boxcar

But all his predictions are dire

All his solutions are just bizarre

They’re not gonna get us very far

But he’s a liar.

I despise him. I despise him. I despise him so much.

I despise him.

He’s telling me he’s gonna make the country great

Promising us a better fate

Warning us not to wait

We’ll soon be waiting at God’s gate

Our enemies he’ll decimate

We’ll no longer be second-rate

All receive a hefty tax rebate

All who disagree can disappear and procreate.

But he’s a liar.

I despise him. I despise him. I despise him so much.

I despise him.

He’s singing the national anthem very loud

Of his country he’s very proud

Foreigners should not be allowed

Before the enemy he’ll be unbowed

We could all walk tall in any crowd

He’ll protect us with his mushroom cloud

Before him we should all be wowed

To us everything is vowed

But he’s a liar.

I despise him. I despise him. I despise him so much.

I despise him.

Opher – 17.8.2022

I wrote this with more than a nod to Bob Dylan. The politician could be Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Erdogan, Oban, Modi, any of the loathsome Tory ERG and all populist, fascist scum.

Zaporzhzhia – Let’s Dice With Nuclear Death

Let’s dice with nuclear death.

Winning is more important than life.

Who cares about the future

When war’s stupid madness is rife?

For Putin is using blackmail;

Handing out his nuclear threats.

Insanely heading for meltdown.

Telling us Russia would have no regrets.

Zaporzhzhia could be the name we’ll remember

If Putin lets it blow.

He’s using it as a gambling chip,

Unleashing terror just so we’ll know.

He’s offering us a nuclear cloud

Designed to fill us with fear.

Another horrendous Chernobyl

Whose cost would be exceedingly dear.

There is no end to madness

When the powerful lock their horns.

The world becomes a huge chess set

And we’re the expendable pawns.

Opher – 20.8.2022

Brexit – Let me see? Johnson’s Dilemma

Brexit – Let me see? Johnson’s Dilemma

Brexit –

                Let me see?

                                What will benefit me?

Whether it be nobler

                To cash the cheque

                                And run?

To seize the power

                Use it

                                And abuse it?

Even though it will

                Bring down


Will break a nation

                Create misery

                                For the population.

Yet, think of the hay

                Think of the power

                                My finest hour!

Think of the wine

                Licence to dine

                                A veritable gold mine.

Brexit –

                Let me see?

                                What will benefit me?

Opher 3.11.2022

He sat at his desk with two very different articles. There’s the rub. Which to publish?

When Johnson sat at that desk weighing up which way to go on Brexit was he thinking about the nation, the effect of his decision on people? Or was he thinking about himself? Which would bring him power and unlimited wealth?

I know what I think.

This lying scoundrel sold us down the river!

Boris’s Chickens come home to roost!!

After being Mr Teflon for so long all the lies, incompetence and law-breaking have blown away the congenial image of slime that coated him. The mask dropped. People now see him for the lying, entitled chancer he really is.

He’s a narcissistic millionaire who craves power and wealth and will stop at nothing to get it – even if that results in mass poverty and the breaking of his own country.

Partygate Blues

Partygate Blues

Grabbing a glass for himself

                Permission to party.

Rules are for lesser people.

Preening farty-smarty.

Parties happened

                Rules were broken

Quizzes and wine

                Speeches spoken.

Leadership, integrity

                Foreign words

Lies flowed like wine

                Truth away with the birds.

Police cannot explain

                Why the law wasn’t applied

Minions under the bus

                As the clown saves his hide.

In Toryland

All that matters are the jewels

They do as they like

The rules are for fools.

Opher – 24.5.2022

He thought the rules did not apply to him. He condoned a culture of booze and parties while imposing draconian laws on the fools who have to follow rules.

He was above the law.

He could do as he liked.

He strode around his domain like a king, wafting his sleeve at the adoring minions.

He lied to the House and the Public when he told them there were no parties and that all rules had been followed.

He lied.

He was really sorry when he was found out. Sorry that he had been found out. Not sorry about what he had done. He put on a big show of contrition in the House. Later that same day it was all bravado in front of his MPs – no sign of contrition there!

He was not sorry. Like all this millionaire’s bluster – it was an act!

He set about throwing his minions under the bus while the leaders, orchestrators and chief participators went unscathed.

What pressures were put on the MET??

What was the purpose of this secret meeting with Sue Gray??

The bumbling inept clown is really a nasty, calculating, devious, self-serving liar. There is no end to who he will stab in the back in order to get on.

He’s a consummate conman.

Poetry – The Brexit Blues

The Brexit Blues

Whatever it is we don’t want it!

We’d rather have what we’ve got!

Whatever you offer you can stuff it!

We think we’ve already got a lot!

Perfection is an illusion.

You can criticise anything.

In amongst the confusion

It’s the lies that carry the greatest sting!

Complexity was underestimated

With complacent arrogance.

With silly choices we were feted

By fanatics who seized their chance.

Focussing on fears and hate

And campaigns of fake news.

The result was far from great

Left us with the Brexit Blues.

We’ve been lied to!

We’ve been lied to!

We’ve been lied to!

We’ve been lied to!

Opher 18.11.2018

Hey – I’m angry. The extremists, with their selfish greed for power and wealthy, pernicious ideology of xenophobic hate, nationalistic garbage and arrogance, have lied their way to a decision that will ruin our country – it already is!

With their hate talk of sharia law, terrorism.

With their promise of easy deals.

With their promise of countries lining up for trade.

With their promise of huge amounts of money saved for the NHS.

With their use of fear of unbridled immigration.

With their talk of rape gangs of Muslims.

With their talk of five million Turks coming over!

All lies! Lies! Lies!

They never mentioned a staggering £50 Billion divorce bill!

They never mentioned that Turkey were never going to get into the EU!

They never mentioned that they are sponsoring immigration themselves and already can control it if they want!

They never mentioned how expensive it would be to extricate ourselves from all the collaborative work with other countries!

They never mentioned that we were dependant on EU workers for our NHS, Old Peoples’ Homes, Agriculture, restaurants, transport, factory work…………

They never mentioned the cost of duplicating all those roles.

They never mentioned the army of new civil servants, border guards, lawyers and bureaucrats.

They never mentioned the long queues, tariffs and barriers to trade and holidays.

They never mentioned the falling pound, extra costs and further austerity.

They never mentioned that we were all going to be a lot poorer.

They never mentioned the reduced opportunities to work or study in Europe.

They never mentioned the effects on science, education, job opportunities, and commerce or house prices.

They never mentioned turning motorways into carparks.

They never mentioned the increase in hate crime it would create.

They never mentioned the division, hatred and nastiness it would unleash.

They never mentioned how motivated they were by lust for power or wealth.

They never mentioned that they wanted to turn us into a low-pay economy.

They never mentioned that it would turn us into a third-rate country – as they stuffed their own loot abroad (like Rees-Mogg).

It was all going to be easy. We were all going to be richer. Our country would be better rid of Johnny foreigner.

They lied!

I am angry. They have ruined my country!