Partygate Blues

Partygate Blues

Grabbing a glass for himself

                Permission to party.

Rules are for lesser people.

Preening farty-smarty.

Parties happened

                Rules were broken

Quizzes and wine

                Speeches spoken.

Leadership, integrity

                Foreign words

Lies flowed like wine

                Truth away with the birds.

Police cannot explain

                Why the law wasn’t applied

Minions under the bus

                As the clown saves his hide.

In Toryland

All that matters are the jewels

They do as they like

The rules are for fools.

Opher – 24.5.2022

He thought the rules did not apply to him. He condoned a culture of booze and parties while imposing draconian laws on the fools who have to follow rules.

He was above the law.

He could do as he liked.

He strode around his domain like a king, wafting his sleeve at the adoring minions.

He lied to the House and the Public when he told them there were no parties and that all rules had been followed.

He lied.

He was really sorry when he was found out. Sorry that he had been found out. Not sorry about what he had done. He put on a big show of contrition in the House. Later that same day it was all bravado in front of his MPs – no sign of contrition there!

He was not sorry. Like all this millionaire’s bluster – it was an act!

He set about throwing his minions under the bus while the leaders, orchestrators and chief participators went unscathed.

What pressures were put on the MET??

What was the purpose of this secret meeting with Sue Gray??

The bumbling inept clown is really a nasty, calculating, devious, self-serving liar. There is no end to who he will stab in the back in order to get on.

He’s a consummate conman.

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