The Higher I go

The Higher I go

The higher I go

            The more crooked it becomes.

Poor men fiddle taxes but Presidents scam billions

            Plucking them like plums.

There’s more than enough

            But some are never satisfied.

Gathering yachts, penthouses cars and jewels;

            Their greed cannot be denied.

The poor just get poorer

            But their misery counts for nowt.

They’ll watch the babies die, work people to death

            Without an ounce of doubt.

It’s all about the cash,

            Always was and will be.

They are so arrogant and entitled they think they deserve it

            Flaunt it for the world to see.

Opher – 21.10.2022

The world is run by crooks for profit. Politicians are puppets in the game. Empathy and compassion are merely words.

What do you think the amount that is being lost to the treasury from fraud actually is??

We see huge headlines in the Tory Press about benefit fraud. All those scroungers who are taking the system for a ride.

It undoubtedly happens. There are some who are scamming the system.

The cost to the treasure of benefit fraud was £6.1 billion!! That’s a lot of money!!

Of course, much of that fraud comes from organised criminals and not hard-up people on benefit!

What the Tory Press do not seem to be concerned about is what is happening at the other end. The wealthy millionaires and billionaires are using tax loopholes and fraud to avoid paying the taxes they should be paying. the cost of this tax avoidance and fraud is an eye-watering £35 Billion!

So the wealthy are scamming the system 6 times more than the poor – but nobody seems to care about that. They’d rather blame the poor. The rich deserve to be rich. For them tax is optional.

If we looked at all the legal loopholes that these people are squirrelling billions away into the cost would be even greater.

We’ve had twelve years of Tory austerity, a huge hit from Brexit, another huge hit from Covid and now the cost of living crisis. Who picks up the bill for all this? We do – the little people! In the course of these twelve years of Tory rule the wealthier have never had it so good. They have gained from austerity, Brexit, Covid and the Cost Of Living Crisis.

The Tory Party was inaugurated to look after the interests of the wealthy. That’s precisely what they have done.

Aren’t you shocked by how these wealthy people have been accumulating vast fortunes while working people can’t earn enough to eat, kids starve and food banks are proliferating?? I am!

Poetry – We don’t need experts

We don’t need experts

We don’t need science.

We don’t need experts.

We can just guess the truth!

They don’t know anything.

They always get it wrong.

We’ve got the proof!

They are trying to control us

With their fake news.

The agents from the Deep State.

We know the earth is flat

And men walked with dinosaurs

And that Trump is great.

We’ve got our guns

And the bible to lean on.

We’re not going to be told.

Who needs education?

Just educated fools.

The bible is our gold.

Opher – 30.8.2020

It is very scary to see the result of Trump’s undermining of experts and scientists. It throws into a world of superstition, mad speculation, absurd conspiracy and opens us up to abuse.

Every nutcase in the world is pumping out propaganda to snag the gullible fools.

They don their silly costumes and go trotting out their fake news and conspiracy theories as if it were the truth.

Poetry – Cynical Leadership

Cynical Leadership

Inciting, infiltrating and spinning


To prey upon the gullible.

Threatening, posturing and jeering


To enrage the peaceable.

Cajoling, lying and frightening


To scare the fallible.

Any tactic will do

To gain their power.

Illegal, immoral or insane

Turning the future sour.

Opher – 31.8.2020

I was thinking of Trump, Johnson, Cummings and Bolsonaro when I wrote this. I was thinking about the way they manipulate people with simplistic slogans; the way they drum up fear; the way they incite division and tribalism.

We’ve had the obnoxious reign of Trump and we’ve got the disaster of Brexit that will hit us in January 2021. All conjured up with blatant lies and duplicitous statements.

Spin, fake news, conspiracy and outright untruths.

That’s politics.

It stinks.

Poetry – TV Evangelist

TV Evangelist

With his hand upon the TV

He invokes Jesus and the scriptures,

Inviting the faithful followers

To join him in his raptures.

Fighting with the demons

He drives Covid from the sick.

All you have to do

Is present him with a cheque.

He drives in his limo

To his mansion on the hill.

Then to his waiting learjet

Servants tending to his will.

He wears the most expensive suits

And eats like a king.

In the business converting lost souls

Who’ll give him everything.

Preying on the stupid

Who all their lives did toil.

He’s the holy moly charlatan

The purveyor of snake oil.

Opher – 31.8.2020

It is quite incredible how these poor American fools have sent in their money to these charlatans and frauds and turned them into multimillionaires.

Talk about gullible.

But these people are positively dangerous. They are encouraging silly practices.

You don’t cure Covid through faith and certainly not by touching your TV screen and receiving the healing power from a snake-oil salesman who then asks for a handsome contribution.

Poetry – TV Evangelists

Jimmy Swaggart

My name is Jimmy Swaggart

I like, hookers, coke and Christianity.

While Jerry Lee chose Rock ‘n’ Roll

I figured there’s more money in divinity.

Now I’ve got my plane, limousines

And mansion on the hill.

I’m a lying hypocrite

But my fans all love me still.

Jesus takes good care of me,

Gives me everything I wish.

Plenty lines of marching dust

And pussy on a dish.

I said that I was sorry

I’ve been forgiven everything.

I’ve still got my TV slot

Where you can pray an sing.

For Jesus welcomes sinners

Back into the fold.

So just remember folks,

Keep sending in the gold!

My name is Jimmy Swaggart

I like, hookers, coke and Christianity.

While Jerry Lee chose Rock ‘n’ Roll

I figured there’s more money in divinity.

Opher – 24.11.2020

It always amuses me that these hypocritical, smarmy TV evangelists can get away with it. They have they planes, fleets of limousines, bimbos, mansions, yachts and penthouses, their beaming smiles, flash suits and lavish lifestyle, they play around with drugs, hookers and gambling and then break down and plead for forgiveness when caught out – and the poor saps keep sending the money in!! Unbelieveable!!