Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

All false.

                Just a front.

                                Actions of a lazy grunt.

Every word

                That goes by;

                                Every deed – a lie.

They never intend

                To sort things out

                                They don’t care.

Smugly grasping,

                Arrogantly pocketing,

                                Spouting that they’ll make things fair.

Empty words,

                In soundbites,

                                Designed to deceive.


                With feigned concern

                                To make us believe.

Part of

                A system that exploits

                                The poor.

They design it

                So that we

                                Get no more.

The rich

                Get richer

                                While the poor starve.

If they had

                Their way

                                They’d cut that in half.

All the promises,

                Glibly delivered,

                                Are nowt but lies

They talk

                About levelling up

                                While robbing us blind.


                Their lies

                                And what do you find?

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Opher – 25.6.2022

During these past twelve years of austerity the wealthy have increased their wealth enormously. Huge multi-million contracts have been handed out willy-nilly. Massive salaries have been given freely to ‘the right people’. Huge multimillion bonuses have been given to those at the top. Many Tory MPs are pocketing huge sums for lobbying, second jobs, telling secrets, or dividends. Huge sums are being deposited tax-free abroad.

Those at the bottom are systematically blamed. We have to have pay freezes in order to save the economy.

We are promised sunny uplands, Brexit dividends, levelling up.

We receive tax hikes, massive inflation, a cost of living crisis, energy bills through the roof, petrol prices rocketing and wage cuts.

Power companies and oil companies are creaming off incredible profits.

Aren’t you as fed up with these lies as I am??

Oven-ready, world-beating lies!!

SHOCK!!!! HORROR!!! British Public Grossly Misled By British Gutter Press!!! Who Would Believe it!!!!

Wonderland of Brexit!! £900 Billion oven-ready trade deals!! We’re all going to be rich!!!

Not only are we going to be immensely richer – but our food is going to be DIRT CHEAP!!

To suggest anything else is PROJECT FEAR!!!!

Poetry – The Brexit Blues

The Brexit Blues

Whatever it is we don’t want it!

We’d rather have what we’ve got!

Whatever you offer you can stuff it!

We think we’ve already got a lot!

Perfection is an illusion.

You can criticise anything.

In amongst the confusion

It’s the lies that carry the greatest sting!

Complexity was underestimated

With complacent arrogance.

With silly choices we were feted

By fanatics who seized their chance.

Focussing on fears and hate

And campaigns of fake news.

The result was far from great

Left us with the Brexit Blues.

We’ve been lied to!

We’ve been lied to!

We’ve been lied to!

We’ve been lied to!

Opher 18.11.2018

Hey – I’m angry. The extremists, with their selfish greed for power and wealthy, pernicious ideology of xenophobic hate, nationalistic garbage and arrogance, have lied their way to a decision that will ruin our country – it already is!

With their hate talk of sharia law, terrorism.

With their promise of easy deals.

With their promise of countries lining up for trade.

With their promise of huge amounts of money saved for the NHS.

With their use of fear of unbridled immigration.

With their talk of rape gangs of Muslims.

With their talk of five million Turks coming over!

All lies! Lies! Lies!

They never mentioned a staggering £50 Billion divorce bill!

They never mentioned that Turkey were never going to get into the EU!

They never mentioned that they are sponsoring immigration themselves and already can control it if they want!

They never mentioned how expensive it would be to extricate ourselves from all the collaborative work with other countries!

They never mentioned that we were dependant on EU workers for our NHS, Old Peoples’ Homes, Agriculture, restaurants, transport, factory work…………

They never mentioned the cost of duplicating all those roles.

They never mentioned the army of new civil servants, border guards, lawyers and bureaucrats.

They never mentioned the long queues, tariffs and barriers to trade and holidays.

They never mentioned the falling pound, extra costs and further austerity.

They never mentioned that we were all going to be a lot poorer.

They never mentioned the reduced opportunities to work or study in Europe.

They never mentioned the effects on science, education, job opportunities, and commerce or house prices.

They never mentioned turning motorways into carparks.

They never mentioned the increase in hate crime it would create.

They never mentioned the division, hatred and nastiness it would unleash.

They never mentioned how motivated they were by lust for power or wealth.

They never mentioned that they wanted to turn us into a low-pay economy.

They never mentioned that it would turn us into a third-rate country – as they stuffed their own loot abroad (like Rees-Mogg).

It was all going to be easy. We were all going to be richer. Our country would be better rid of Johnny foreigner.

They lied!

I am angry. They have ruined my country!

Poetry – Always with a slogan (populist scum)

Always with a slogan (populist scum)

They’ve always got a slogan

Something catchy and bold –

A world-beating, oven-ready

Story to be told.

They tell they’ll build walls

And it’s just a little flu

We’re having a moonshot!

They’ll argue red is blue.

But they’re always short on detail

They haven’t really got a clue.

Ever so good at cheerleading

But not seeing a project through.

It’s always someone else’s fault

When everything goes wrong.

It’s the Chinese, the immigrants

The lies get ever long.

These populist leaders

Are feathering their nest.

They’ll walk away rich men

While we clear up the mess.

Opher – 23.3.2021

I’ve had it up to my nose with Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Modi. A bunch of opportunist scum who promise the earth and deliver fuck all.

At the end of the day, despite all their slogans of Making America Great Again, Building Walls and Lock her Up, of Moonshots, Oven-Ready Deals, and World-Beating everything, they always mess up, get nothing done and cost us all a fortune.

They spend their time building their empires, accumulating wealth and then disappear into luxury while we are left in the shit.

The cost of Johnson’s incompetence will mean austerity and heartache for millions for a decade or more!

The cost of Trump’s hatred and division is tearing the country apart.

The cost of Bolsonaros destruction of the rain forest could cost us the earth.

These populist idiots are a menace to us all!