Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

All false.

                Just a front.

                                Actions of a lazy grunt.

Every word

                That goes by;

                                Every deed – a lie.

They never intend

                To sort things out

                                They don’t care.

Smugly grasping,

                Arrogantly pocketing,

                                Spouting that they’ll make things fair.

Empty words,

                In soundbites,

                                Designed to deceive.


                With feigned concern

                                To make us believe.

Part of

                A system that exploits

                                The poor.

They design it

                So that we

                                Get no more.

The rich

                Get richer

                                While the poor starve.

If they had

                Their way

                                They’d cut that in half.

All the promises,

                Glibly delivered,

                                Are nowt but lies

They talk

                About levelling up

                                While robbing us blind.


                Their lies

                                And what do you find?

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Opher – 25.6.2022

During these past twelve years of austerity the wealthy have increased their wealth enormously. Huge multi-million contracts have been handed out willy-nilly. Massive salaries have been given freely to ‘the right people’. Huge multimillion bonuses have been given to those at the top. Many Tory MPs are pocketing huge sums for lobbying, second jobs, telling secrets, or dividends. Huge sums are being deposited tax-free abroad.

Those at the bottom are systematically blamed. We have to have pay freezes in order to save the economy.

We are promised sunny uplands, Brexit dividends, levelling up.

We receive tax hikes, massive inflation, a cost of living crisis, energy bills through the roof, petrol prices rocketing and wage cuts.

Power companies and oil companies are creaming off incredible profits.

Aren’t you as fed up with these lies as I am??

Oven-ready, world-beating lies!!

5 thoughts on “Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

  1. Well Opher, this is very reminiscent of what Labour did to us in the mid 1970s. There are lots of causes of these problems. Putin is one. A second is the general nastiness of politicians of all parties; the arrogant bastards think of themselves as a superior race to the people they are supposed to serve. We’re just a resource to be exploited, and they don’t care a damn how they treat us. A third is bad green policies, that have severely restricted investment in the fossil fuels we need to keep the lights and the heating on, so giving Putin the opportunity to hold European economies to ransom.

    And there’s a lot more crap on the way. Here’s my latest rant, about the “on-line safety bill” (and much else): https://libertarianism.uk/2022/07/01/freedom-of-speech-and-the-culture-of-safety-at-any-cost/.

    There is now, however, an incipient movement to fight against all the crap the establishment are chucking at us. I’ve joined an organization called Together Declaration (https://togetherdeclaration.org/), aka just Together. It is a civil liberties organization; it started out fighting against COVID vaccine passports and vaccine mandates for health care workers, but is seeking to campaign more widely, against all the infringements of our rights and freedoms. The on-line safety bill is the next target, which is why I’ve just written that rant. It is very different from organizations such as Liberty, in that it aims to set up groups of liberty-minded people at the grass roots level, and so to grow from the bottom up. The Guildford, Woking and Bagshot group to which I belong had its first meet-up last Tuesday; ours was the very first Together meet-up in the whole country! And I ended up as secretary of the meeting 🙂

    The reason I tell you this now is that there is a local group meet-up in Driffield on July 5th (next Tuesday), which I thought might interest you. The notice is here: https://togetherdeclaration.org/event/local-meet-up-driffield-east-yorkshire/. I think you should be able to access that page even as a non-member. But just in case you can’t, here are the details:

    Date/Time: 5 July @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm BST
    Purpose: A first meet up to form a local group of Together people.
    Venue: Seating area, Market place, Driffield, United Kingdom
    Contact: Russell Fisher (russbigfish.rf@gmail.com)

    If you’re interested in joining, you can do it through the website. But I imagine it would be OK just to turn up to the meeting and talk to your contact there. Membership is £50 per year (I got mine half price, as an original signer of the Declaration against vaccine passports). Opher, I hope you found this of use.

      1. What’s this Opher, you’re not interested in defending human rights and freedoms against the bunch of lying, thieving parasites and pests that call themselves a government? 🙂

        Seriously though, if we let this crap go through, you will certainly be at risk of having your posts (even here), and your comments on third party platforms, taken down – on the whim of some bureaucrat. After all, you don’t exactly moderate your language when you are talking about those !

      2. Lol Neil – I’m certainly interested in defending human rights and freedoms against the bunch of lying, thieving parasites and pests that call themselves a Tory government? And I agree with you that they are trying to stifle all legitimate protests and suffocate the opposition. It definitely needs to be opposed as forcibly as possible. But that doesn’t mean I’ll jump into bed with loony Trumpists. They’re even worse!

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