Poetry – Always with a slogan (populist scum)

Always with a slogan (populist scum)

They’ve always got a slogan

Something catchy and bold –

A world-beating, oven-ready

Story to be told.

They tell they’ll build walls

And it’s just a little flu

We’re having a moonshot!

They’ll argue red is blue.

But they’re always short on detail

They haven’t really got a clue.

Ever so good at cheerleading

But not seeing a project through.

It’s always someone else’s fault

When everything goes wrong.

It’s the Chinese, the immigrants

The lies get ever long.

These populist leaders

Are feathering their nest.

They’ll walk away rich men

While we clear up the mess.

Opher – 23.3.2021

I’ve had it up to my nose with Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Modi. A bunch of opportunist scum who promise the earth and deliver fuck all.

At the end of the day, despite all their slogans of Making America Great Again, Building Walls and Lock her Up, of Moonshots, Oven-Ready Deals, and World-Beating everything, they always mess up, get nothing done and cost us all a fortune.

They spend their time building their empires, accumulating wealth and then disappear into luxury while we are left in the shit.

The cost of Johnson’s incompetence will mean austerity and heartache for millions for a decade or more!

The cost of Trump’s hatred and division is tearing the country apart.

The cost of Bolsonaros destruction of the rain forest could cost us the earth.

These populist idiots are a menace to us all!