Populist tactics!!

Blame the scapegoat while robbing us blind. Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro – they’re all at it!!

What I think about Brexit and this extreme right-wing government led by a clown. Do I respect democracy?

 I do respect democracy. Criticising the incompetence and nastiness of this government is not disrespecting democracy.

I know Corbyn would have done a far better job. I look at the policies. As you know, it is the civil service that put the policies into practice. As long as the policies are sound then the rest follows. Corbyn could not possibly have done a worse job than Johnson and there is no way he would have been as corrupt or self-serving.

I always respect democracy. I am not challenging Johnson’s right to rule or the choice of Brexit – though I believe both results were achieved through lies, deception and dirty tricks.

Brexit was a massive mistake that has severely damaged the country.

Johnson’s handling of Covid has been appalling. He’s kills tens of thousands through ineptitude.

What I, in a democracy, have the perfect right to do is to criticise the way this buffoon has governed, his corruption and sleaze, his lies and broken promises, his ineptitude and stupidity. That is the essence of democracy.

Brexit could have been carried out in many ways. It was obvious with such a close vote that there was no mandate for a hard Brexit. It should have been a soft Brexit which would have respected the views of the country. We should have left the EU but stayed in the single market and customs union. That would have been democratic.

Instead Johnson and the extreme rabid right-wing ERG chose the most extreme form and forced their extreme views on us all to the detriment of the country. This hard Brexit is costing us a fortune, destroying businesses and jobs and tieing us up in red-tape and tariffs.

I am a democrat despite my misgivings about the ignorance, stupidity and gullibility of the majority of the public.

Tory Hypocrisy over the NHS

Richard Burgon MP 

4 July 2018  · At #PMQs today, every Conservative MP is wearing an “NHS 70” badge – to mark 70 years since they voted against its creation.

70 years ago the Tories did everything they could to stop the NHS coming into existence. Today they say they love it but are busy privatising as much of it as they can.

SAFE IN THEIR HANDS??? Nothing is safe in their grubby hands.

Are the Tory Populists overthrowing Democracy??

I would add to the list:

Controlling the BBC

Using the media as a propaganda tool

Refusing to appear on any program where they might be challenged

Brazenly not resigning when caught out in criminal or dishonorable acts

Changing electoral boundaries to benefit themselves

Bringing in legislation to insist on photo documentation to be on the electoral register (a trick learnt from the Republicans to make it hard for poor or black voters to register)

It all adds up to a usurping of democracy to me. They want a one-party state!