My Lovely Algorithms

My Lovely Algorithms

My lovely algorithms

                Spoke to me

And told me how to vote;

                What I truly believe in

And gave me stats to quote!

I no longer have to think.

                They tell me what to do:

                                When to take my pills;

                                                When to go to the loo.

They tell me what to buy;

                What style suits me best.

                                What to eat and drink;

Who to go to to confess!

I love my lovely algorithms.

                They make my life so easy.

It’s only when it comes to truth

                I’m feeling kinda queasy.

Who controls my algorithms?

                What is it they gain?

                                Enough wealth and power

                                                To drive a man insane!

Opher – 1.12.2022

He who controls the media controls the minds. (Jim Morrison/Noam Chomsky).

So true.

The British tabloids have successfully controlled the minds of the British public.

The Tories are intent at trying to seize control of all the media – from the tabloid press to the board of the BBC. They are attempting to rid themselves of Channel 4 and all forms of protest.

We are being directed by algorithms.

The internet is a web of lies, conspiracy and distortion spread by people with vested interests.

The autocrats, populists and unscrupulous businessmen have seized the media to make themselves unbelievably rich and powerful.

Time to take back control!!

Chuck out the algorithms!

Poetry – Don’t be afraid of Covid

Don’t be afraid of Covid

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t let it dominate your life.

Work for America

Even if it kills your wife.

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

You’ll get the same treatment for sure

Don’t wear a mask

Covid won’t knock on your door.

Make America great.

Means more money for me.

Off your ass and work

For me and your country.

There’s two hundred and ten thousand

Deaths on my head.

Don’t take it so seriously.

You’d be better off dead.

So don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t distance or wash your hands.

Get the economy running

All across the land.

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t let it dominate your life.

Work for America

Even if it kills your wife.

Opher – 5.10.2020

All Trump cares about is the Economy. He certainly does not care about the health and wellbeing of people. He’s quite happy for people to die, as long as the economy is working.

Having a viable economy might get him elected.

Having a viable economy puts dollars in his bank account.

So, forget social distancing, don’t wear a mask and get yourself back to work. It might kill you but it’ll keep him in power and make him rich.

It’s all about priorities.

Interestingly I wonder which group of people has been hit hardest by Covid-19 – the Republicans or Democrats??

I bet it’s the Republicans. They are the fools listening to Trump.

What has happened to politics??

I think we can trace it right back to 9/11. When the planes flew into the World Trade Centre the world changed.

We were going along quite nicely – standard of living was good, we were getting on top of racism. Progress was slow but we were heading in the right direction.

9/11 and the wave of extreme Muslim terrorism sparked off a reaction. Fear created paranoia. There was a rise in racism and a surge of nationalism – kick out immigrants, shut the borders.

Populists seized their opportunity, rode this wave of fear and racism, stoked up hate and division and gained power.

Politics became extreme.

In the USA it resulted in Tea Party madness and then Trump. The rabid far-right populist loonies took over the Republican Party and transformed it into a fascist party.

In the UK we had the lunacy of Brexit followed by a take-over of the Tory Party by the ERG and the election of Johnson the affable populist clown (really a cynical narcissist).

The whole world lurched to the far-right with the election of nutcases like Bolsonaro, Oban, Modi, Erdogan and Morrison.

Poetry – Who is this?

Who is this?

Who is this full of fake news?

Spreading misinformation to confuse?

Sowing division, with a short fuse?

A man who has never paid his dues?

Who is this who loves himself?

Who only cares about his wealth?

Puts global warming on the shelf?

And cares not about the planet’s health?

Who cosies up to the NRA?

To Putin and Kim – to our dismay?

To evangelists and the KKK?

And doesn’t want the BLM to have their say?

Who is this who loves his power?

Surrounded by an ignorant shower?

Always lived in his ivory tower?

Making gaffes and nonsense by the hour?

Who is this king of fools?

Who never follows any rules?

With an empty head and lack of tools?

Pampered and privileged at the best schools?

I think I know!

Opher – 15.8.2020

Are we all completely mad? We trust the world to populist fools – narcissistic megalomaniacs who are in it for themselves – psychopathic sociopaths who don’t care a jot for anyone or anything.

The populist culture – feed the fear! Widen the division!! Stoke the hate!!

It’s the cash, right?

No it’s not! There’s much more than the cash. There’s the morality, the environment, health and equality. So much more.

They are siphoning off that cash into their own pockets.

These people are not emotionally, intellectually or psychologically fit to lead countries.

Poetry – A New Layer of Hope

A New Layer of Hope

Layers of hope

Built on sands of time,

Dripping into eternity.

Layers of hope

Buried beneath lies,

Rotting into oblivion.

Layers of hope

Vitrified into rock,

Locked into history.

Layers of hope

Through generations,

Fading into obscurity.

Now there’s a new layer!

Exposed to the air,


Gleaming in the dark.

A beacon,

An opportunity,

A new chance.

Will it just become

Another layer

Among the many

Optimistic strata

Of human endeavour?

Opher – 9.6.2020

How many times have we put our faith in leaders promising to solve all the problems only to have those hopes dashed.

We are dumping Trump. We will replace Johnson, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Modi with sane leaders.

Or will we?

Will we fall for the rhetoric of the narcissists and psychopaths, bewitched by their promises, beguiled by propaganda?

Will hope become another layer in the fossilised remains?

Poetry – Divided he stands

Divided he stands

Divided he stands.

Divided we fall.

It’s all about re-election.

Nothing else matters at all.

Black lives don’t matter

If you’re not in his base.

He’ll hit out in petulance

If you get in his face.

Do you think that he care

About poor George Floyd?

If it affects his ratings

He sure gets annoyed.

As for the country

Not a jot for you or me.

A bunch of leftist scum

Not worthy of a crumb.

Divided he stands.

Divided we fall.

It’s all about re-election.

Nothing else matters at all.

Opher – 5.6.2020

For Trump it is all about power and wealth, nothing else matter.

Black lives – he doesn’t care.

The environment – he doesn’t care.

Poverty – he doesn’t care.

Death from Covid-19 – he doesn’t care.

He feeds his base with lies, fake information and propaganda and they lap it up.

He has no wish to unite the country or show respect to anyone who disagrees with him.

He’d destroy democracy in order to gain re-election.

Poetry -I’m so tough

I’m so tough

I’m so tough.

I’m so strong.

Always right

Never wrong.

I beat Covid.

I build walls.

I speak tough.

I’ve got balls.

I don’t use masks.

I don’t space.

Mess with me.

I’m in your face.

I am rude.

I’m uncouth.

Had it easy

Since my youth.

I don’t do tax.

Don’t do rules.

Treat people.

Like they’re fools.

I do tweets.

I brag a lot.

Taunt and bully.

I’m so hot.

Opher – 7.10.2020

It is so interesting to look at the phenomenon of Trump – an over-privileged man who is worshipped by the poor.

Never have we had anyone so unsuited to high office. He lacks all the diplomatic skills. He doesn’t believe experts or science. He has aligned himself to an extreme right-wing and sets out to deliver for them.

He seems to lack all empathy and is cynical.

When confronted he attacks. When unloved he is petulant.

He likes to appear tough. He has a swagger.

He perpetuates myths and conspiracy. He lies and puts out fake news. He has undermined the entire fabric of society and works the seam of that division for his own advantage.

The myth of his acumen as a business-man is based on lies. He has been failing continuously, bailed out by his father. He has avoided paying tax through many illegal loopholes. He has very dubious business relationships with Russia. He owes billions.

What a strange phenomenon.