SHOCK!!!! HORROR!!! British Public Grossly Misled By British Gutter Press!!! Who Would Believe it!!!!

Wonderland of Brexit!! £900 Billion oven-ready trade deals!! We’re all going to be rich!!!

Not only are we going to be immensely richer – but our food is going to be DIRT CHEAP!!

To suggest anything else is PROJECT FEAR!!!!

Out of the Rich; for the Rich! The big Contrick.

Vote Tory Suckers!! This party has been robbing everyone to give out massive cash handouts to the wealthy.

This Party was formed by the wealthy to look after the interests of the wealthy. That is what they have been doing – Cuts, Cuts, Cuts – but not for bankers and wealthy Tories.

Cost of living crisis – not for the wealthy; they’ve never had it so good!

LOL – Crucify the lot of them!! (Or send them all to Rwanda!!)

Just last year they were talking about the terrible human rights transgressions in Rwanda. Seemingly it doesn’t matter if the asylum seekers are tortured!!

The Tories don’t care about people – they only care about money and power.