Today’s Music to keep me IIiNnnnssSAaaANnnnEEe – Roy Harper – Cardboard City.

In Tory paradise where the rough sleepers and food banks proliferate the millionaires are breeding like flies, the Cayman Islands have never had it so good.

With the temperatures down to below zero the rough sleepers pull their blankets up around them and cosy down on the concrete.

I wonder where Peeress Mone is sleeping tonight?

I wonder how many rough sleepers £29 million could accommodate for how long?

I wonder how many food banks £29 million could pay for?

I wonder how many nurses meagre pay rises £29 million would pay for?

Cut off their legs!


Economic facts to consider – I believe there is an election looming! Why I vote Labour.

Cameron-and-George-Osborne-caricature-cartoon-550 Children-play-on-a-burned-006

I am presently reading Owen Jones fascinating book – Chavs. I was immediately taken by a few facts from the preface which I believe are relevant.

  • In 2011 living standards for the average Briton declined at the fastest rate since the 1920s.
  • In the same 2011 boardroom pay for Britain’s top one hundred companies soared by 49% (The previous year it had soared by a staggering 55%).
  • The wealth of Britain’s richest 1000 increased by 20% after leaping up by 30% the previous year.
  • The claim by Cameron and Osborn that we are ‘All in this together’ is both ludicrous and offensive.
  • The poor suffer a triple whammy of benefit, services and support cuts
  • The result is food banks, zero hours exploitation and return of childhood illnesses associated with severe poverty
  • The record of this coalition government is the worst poverty record of any government for a generation.

The mantra of austerity is has been an excuse to bring in huge swathes of Tory dogma driven ideology that favour the rich and greatly reduce public services.

It is obvious to me that if you wish to reduce debt you cut the excess bureaucracy and glitz and leave the essentials. You do not bring in great change because all change costs money.

This government, despite having no mandate, has brought in huge dogma driven change that is immensely disruptive and costly. Under the guise of improving and austerity they have cut to the bone and created demoralisation and disarray thus reducing effective opposition.

Their cuts and low pay exploitation have resulted in tax reductions so we are still borrowing at an even greater rate and the debt is not paid off.

The alternative is to trim with realistic cuts. Not bring in huge changes and to stimulate growth. Growth pays off the debt! It is not rocket science.

Who has benefitted? – the rich

who have been shafted? The poor and public services

That’s the nasty party.

And you tell me your vote does not count – they’re all as bad as each other?

I trust none of them. They are politicians. Labour has done some stupid things – but the nasty party are cynical, clinical and ruthless.

It’s the lesser of two evils for me! I believe in fairness and justice