Tories – Wasting our cash and claiming Credit. We suffer while they party!!

They doshed out billions to their chums. They borrowed billions to squander. Then they took credit for what they didn’t do!

Opher On Politics

Opher On Politics

When I was young I was pretty apolitical. As far as I was concerned politicians represented the establishment. The establishment was a bunch of extremely wealthy people who manipulated everything. Who you voted for meant very little because it was always the same people who held the power.

So I did not vote and did not involve myself in their games. I wanted out of the game.

As I became older, and had to work in the system (like most people) I began to see that it was more complex than that.

Firstly, few people were fortunately enough to have a skill/luck that enabled them to work outside the establishment.

Secondly, most people (musicians, writers, artists, actors, film stars, entrepreneurs and celebs) who were successful creatively were soon incorporated into the establishment. They thus had a vested interest in maintaining the system.

Thirdly, there was a practical difference in voting for a political party. They did make a difference to what happened on the ground – within limits.

Fourthly, it was not going to be possible to change the system.

Changing a leader in an institution, a nation or a global body makes a huge difference. In a business, a football club or a school, a leader can affect the whole ethos. They change the zeitgeist. That affects everybody.

I began to look at politics in terms of Four Levels – I called them Macro, Mega, Local and Personal.

Macro Politics

On the macro level nothing changes. A bunch of extremely wealthy people and corporation run the world.

They operate internationally.

Their focus is power and wealth (interchangeable). They use their money to manipulate markets, buy off politicians, corrupt officials, gain influence through lobbying, donations to parties and even more illegal means.

They create situations that pour the bulk of the world’s wealth into their pockets.

If an anti-establishment party comes to power they manipulate the money markets to starve them of money so their economies fail.

They use loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

They put pressure on through bribes, donations, promises and threats to achieve the legislation they want.

They want growth and more money.

They are prepared to use war, environmental devastation, mass exploitation, poverty and extreme force in order to crush opposition and maximise their profits.

They do not care about the outcomes for ordinary people or the environment.

They want tax loopholes, no workers’ rights, no environmental restrictions and no planning restrictions.

They only give ground if they are forced to.

The establishment run things, run governments and are leading the mad rush for growth that is destroying the planet.

I do not know if they act in unison, as a cabal, or in groups, or as individuals. They are the multinationals.

They control the media and thus manipulate the minds of the masses.

Mega Politics

Mega politics operates nationally. It is what we think of as political parties. The Tory and Labour Party. The Democrats and Republicans.

They all depend on donations. They all need the economy to work. They all require media backing. They all respond to bribes, promises and lobbying.

Without the donations they cannot become elected. Campaigns cost a lot of money.

Without a positive spin in the media they will not be elected.

Without an economy that works they cannot be re-elected.

Without support their policies will fail.

They are all open to bribery and corruption. It’s amazing how many politicians walk into plum jobs or sit on boards for huge sums.

The system is corrupt. The tax loopholes never get plugged. The tax is never properly paid (apart from ordinary people – then every penny is collected). The environmental and workers legislation only ever goes so far. The media is never properly controlled.

Nothing is ever fair. Everything (like the vote, workers’ rights and conditions, pay, equality) has to be fought for. Once won it is then easily eroded.

But, for all that, politics does count for something. The political parties are able to work within parameters.

In order to be elected they have to be pro-establishment (or the media rip them apart and people are manipulated – the economy is undermined in the short-term to get them out of office) so nothing fundamental changes – tax loopholes, taxation, workers’ rights, environmental laws, health and safety.

Within the parameters it is possible to finance the public services, increase workers’ pay, introduce health and safety, and introduce environmental legislation – just as long as it does not take too much wealth away from the elite.

So voting Labour or Tory, Democrat or Republican can make a big difference to the working people, those on welfare and the poorest in society.

It is worth voting even if it does not oust the real masters.

Local Politics

Local politicians can make an impact on how money is spent locally. They are open to the same bribes, corruption and lobbying as the national politicians (on a smaller scale) but they have control of large sums of money and can decide how it is spent.

This can make a huge difference to public services.

Voting for one party or another can make huge differences to what happens on the ground. These things impact on the poorest people in communities and the services they can access. They impact on the richness of the amenities that are available to the community.

Voting locally can make a huge difference.

Personal politics

How one lives one’s life is the politics of self. We can choose how we interact with others. We can choose how we interact with our society, environment or the people we meet, work with and are friends with.

We can make a pleasant environment or a frosty one. We can build or destroy.

We can influence what happens locally and even, to an extent, nationally.

How we choose to live our lives has moral/political implications.

I’m sure there’s a lot more that I can say. I might add to this later.

As Roy Harper (or Tubular Sock) might say – we can’t change the game. It’s always the same bosses. Politics is a game.

As Opher Gpoodwin says – we can still make a difference and democracy does make a difference – even if it can’t change the game.

Opher 11.12.2020

Poetry – The Tiers of a Clown

The Tiers of a Clown

Joking while the people die

At ten o clock we all shut down

Three levels for you and I

It’s the tiers of a clown.

In gaudy red wig and white face

A red ping-pong ball on his nose

International laws a national disgrace

He will cause mischief where-ever he goes.

There’s one level here and one level there

He’s turned the country upside down

A different story everywhere

It’s the tiers of a clown.

In gaudy red wig and white face

A red ping-pong ball on his nose

International laws a national disgrace

He will cause mischief where-ever he goes.

Cheerleading and then disappearing

World-beating and oven ready

With doomsday forever nearing

Look out!! He’s most unsteady!

In gaudy red wig and white face

A red ping-pong ball on his nose

International laws a national disgrace

He will cause mischief where-ever he goes.

Opher – 13.10.2020

Poetry – Tory Propaganda Rag

Tory Propaganda Rag

I’m reading the Tory propaganda rag.

It makes me feel so good.

Hating all those foreigners

Just like I know I should.

Five million Turks

Are on their way

And the EU wants control.

But I’m wise to all their tricks

I know they want my soul.

The BBCs a leftist hive

And the civil servants are all red.

But Boris will sort them out

That is what he said.

The Muslims are all terrorists.

Refugees want my job.

There’s rapists, killers and drug dealers –

A complete leftist mob.

I’m reading the Tory propaganda rag.

I need my shot each day.

It puts me right on everything

And tells me what to say.

I know the facts are right

They tell it like it is.

With the Tories in power

We live a life of bliss.

Opher – 12.10.2020

The establishment run the media and drip-feed vitriol into the homes of everyone.

Lies and damn lies.

Spin and spin.

They tell us black is white, who to fear and which conspiracies are truth.

If you oppose the establishment then they’ll have it in for you. Everything you do will be exaggerated misreported and your name will be mud.

The media owns the minds of the people. They tell you what to think. The establishment formed the Tory party and bought up the media. They want to pu;ll the wool over our eyes, stop us questioning, stop us thinking and stop us voting in anybody who is not for the establishment.

That’s the way it works.

A Simple Choice – election voting made easy – a viewpoint.

In the forthcoming election there is a choice between two governments with opposing ideology.

After the next election the country will be run by either the Tories, Labour or a coalition. I know what I would prefer.

The Tory party was formed by the wealthy elite to protect their interests.

The Labour party was formed out of the Trade Union movement to fight for the rights and wages of ordinary people.

Nothing has changed. If we cut through the rhetoric, lies and promises to look at what actually happens.

When Labour were in they increased pay and ran the public services properly. They also had the economy in the black until the world-wide crisis occurred.

When the Tories are in they cut pay, cut public services, worsen work conditions, slash pensions and make life miserable for the poor. They give tax cuts to the rich. In these times of austerity the rich have increased their wealth substantially. The inequality gap has widened enormously.

The media (including the BBC) are run by the rich with a strong Tory bias. They put out Tory propaganda to distort the reality. The tabloids are outrageous.

This is not a beauty contest between May and Corbyn; it is a choice between starkly different ideologies.

I vote for more fairness and equality, the protection of the environment and to protect our schools, social services and the NHS. I agree with Corbyn on most things – this country is being run for a small elite to the detriment of the rest of us. Something has to change!

What do you vote for?

The British Political Parties – The Conservative/Tory Party – What they stand for and where they came from.

tory2 Tory

Disclaimer – I would consider myself a left-wing moderate and pragmatist. While I will try to be objective and impartial one must always bear that in mind when reading further. My bias may subconsciously select words for me.


It is quite apparent to me, from my years in education, that the majority of people do not have a clue as to what the political parties stand for. Their philosophy has become shrouded in obfuscation. All the politicians are interested in is power and that means votes. In order to get elected they have to compromise and disguise their intent. That is politics.


I am attempting to state clearly, simply and objectively what the main parties stand for and where they came from.


The Conservative/Tory Party.


The Tory party is a centre-right party when had its origins in the 18th Century.


Back in the 18th Century hardly anyone had the vote. You had to own land in order to vote. Politics was dominated by the establishment of landowners/businessmen who organised the country for their own interests.


The Tories started out as a faction in the Whig party. They were supporters of William Pitt the Younger who became known as Tories (a derogatory term they adopted for themselves) circa 1812.


The Conservative term arose circa 1843 and is associated with Sir Robert Peel.


The Tory ethos is to maintain the establishment. It can be summed up as ‘God, King and Country’. As such they are opposed to radical liberalism and reform and are in favour of the Free Market Economy. They do not believe in intervention.


Tories believe in the paternal obligation of the Upper Classes to look after the interests of the Lower Classes.


They believe in giving tax cuts and restraining government spending.


They believe the money going to the wealthy will ‘trickle down’ to the poor.


They believe that if there are big profits there will be big investments which will create a thriving economy and ultimately everyone will benefit. The country will prosper.


Their premise is to support business through deregulation, privatisation and a flexible labour market.


Nb. No doubt my political friends of a right-wing bias will put me right on a few of my assertions!

Poetry – God, King, Country but above all me – Seemed appropriate in the new Tory Britain.

I dug this one out of the archives from twenty years back. It seemed just as appropriate now.

I am a socialist idealist. That means I believe in a fair society  with justice for all. I do not believe that workers should be exploited by bosses or that there should be a huge differential of wages and wealth. I am not opposed to there being a differential – it is when salaries and bonuses become obscene that I object. Some people are greedy, selfish and uncaring. They take from the poor to enhance themselves beyond all reasonable levels.

I do not believe people should have benefits and hand-outs unless they really deserve them. They should work for a living and receive a fair days pay for a fair days work. I believe we should stimulate the economy to provide skilled, well-paid jobs for working people. I believe we should do away with zero hours (except for the few who are in circumstances where it suits their needs) and low-paid work.

I do not believe in patriotism – I want a global community where all people are valued equally. No race is superior to another. We are all one species.

I do not believe in monarchy. The robber barons of old stole the land and riches through force, violence and callous brutality. The monarchy and aristocracy have blood on their hands.

I believe the Tory party represents business, banks and the wealthy. They were set up by the wealthy to look after the interests of the wealthy. They are a disaster for public services and ordinary people. They give working people as little as they can in order to ensure re-election and avoid riots. They always give tax breaks and concessions to the rich who they represent.

I wrote this poem in 1995. I had Thatcher’s duplicity and viciousness ringing in my ears. I saw the decimation of industry, destruction of well-paid jobs for working people, deliberate wrecking of working communities, breaking of the unions and policies that favoured the bosses.

I fear we are in for another dose of the same – The proposed anti-union laws, cuts to public services and policies that put power in the hands of the people.

I predict riots and social unrest.

God,  King, Country but above all me


Beneath the veneer of morality

God, Queen and country

The Tory party

They’d sell their children

For a cup of tea

A thimble full of prosperity.


If it gets them on

They’d claw out your eyes

Ravage your genes

Fog out the skies

Stuff all your children

Full of their lies


Bring back the birch on prime time TV

Hang all the scum in the land of the free

Forget the homeless in deserved poverty

We’ve got the philosophy

Of the terminal greedy


This is the land

Where the rich hold the cards

Make the decisions

Run hunts through your yard

Posture and sneer

If you protest – you’re fired.


Opher 8.4.95

Britain today – the reality – the inequality – the lies and deceit.


What has happened in Britain over the last five years is shrouded in the fog of lies, obfuscations, misrepresentations and secrecy.

The Tories have supported the wealthy and business and villainised the public sector and poor. They have been able to do this because the media is owned by the wealthy and the trade union movement is totally ineffective.

Under the mantra of ‘we’re all in this together’ and ‘austerity’ the poor have been scapegoated while the bankers who created the problem are unscathed.

In way of illustration:

Public sector pay freezes, cuts, worsening conditions and pension cuts – the top 1000 wealthiest receive 30% pay rises.

Tax cuts for the wealthiest – clampdown on benefits for the poorest in society.

reduction of corporation tax to 24% (gives to businesses) – increase of VAT to 20% (hits workers)

Loss of working skilled jobs in manufacturing (cars, mining, ship-building, fishing) – increase of low pay, temporary, zero hours, shelf-stacking and service industry.

Increase of unpaid internships in politics and media ensuring that only the rich can have access. – Increase in low paid mickey-mouse apprenticeships where young people are exploited stacking shelves for a fraction of the pay.

Hue and cry over the terrible £1 Billion benefit fraud – hardly a sound about the £70 Billion tax evasion

Creeping privatising with outsourcing in the NHS (money to the boys) – hugely wasteful top down reorganisations of education, health, police that cost huge money, create chaos and demoralise staff so they cannot oppose

Austerity has resulted in people getting paid less so that the tax income for the government has gone down – result the National debt has almost doubled in just 5 years – from £.76 Billion to £1.36 Billion.

The divide between the rich and poor has never been greater. The media blame the poor for being lazy, feckless scroungers while the rich are creaming off the top like never before and laughing all the way to their private yachts and pent-house suites.

I would suggest that it is time to put an end to the selfishness and greed that is responsible for this inequality. For all people to contribute equally to this society. To address housing and poverty, fund the Schools, NHS, Police, Councils, Social Services and other Public Services properly so that ordinary people are properly catered for. To encourage manufacturing so that our young working class have proper jobs which pay well and they can take pride in and aspire to.

I want to live in a fair society where there is not this level of inequality. Where all people are valued and have pride in what they do and their country. Where everyone has a future.

This means that the wealthy should contribute much more.

I want to see a Labour Party that is proud of its Trade Union affiliations and stands up for the rights of working people.

I want to see a Green World and would suggest that this is the technology and industry that could be the future of the country. We need to invest in Green Technology and become world leaders.

We need to get our workforce involved in infrastructure projects that require skills, are well paid, create a more efficient economy for the future and create more well paid jobs that bring in more taxes and pay off our debt that is presently increasing by £2 Billion each and every week.

I want my grandchildren properly educated, healthy, safe on the streets, with plenty of amenities to use, and having a future to look forward to with a career that has worth.


Economic facts to consider – I believe there is an election looming! Why I vote Labour.

Cameron-and-George-Osborne-caricature-cartoon-550 Children-play-on-a-burned-006

I am presently reading Owen Jones fascinating book – Chavs. I was immediately taken by a few facts from the preface which I believe are relevant.

  • In 2011 living standards for the average Briton declined at the fastest rate since the 1920s.
  • In the same 2011 boardroom pay for Britain’s top one hundred companies soared by 49% (The previous year it had soared by a staggering 55%).
  • The wealth of Britain’s richest 1000 increased by 20% after leaping up by 30% the previous year.
  • The claim by Cameron and Osborn that we are ‘All in this together’ is both ludicrous and offensive.
  • The poor suffer a triple whammy of benefit, services and support cuts
  • The result is food banks, zero hours exploitation and return of childhood illnesses associated with severe poverty
  • The record of this coalition government is the worst poverty record of any government for a generation.

The mantra of austerity is has been an excuse to bring in huge swathes of Tory dogma driven ideology that favour the rich and greatly reduce public services.

It is obvious to me that if you wish to reduce debt you cut the excess bureaucracy and glitz and leave the essentials. You do not bring in great change because all change costs money.

This government, despite having no mandate, has brought in huge dogma driven change that is immensely disruptive and costly. Under the guise of improving and austerity they have cut to the bone and created demoralisation and disarray thus reducing effective opposition.

Their cuts and low pay exploitation have resulted in tax reductions so we are still borrowing at an even greater rate and the debt is not paid off.

The alternative is to trim with realistic cuts. Not bring in huge changes and to stimulate growth. Growth pays off the debt! It is not rocket science.

Who has benefitted? – the rich

who have been shafted? The poor and public services

That’s the nasty party.

And you tell me your vote does not count – they’re all as bad as each other?

I trust none of them. They are politicians. Labour has done some stupid things – but the nasty party are cynical, clinical and ruthless.

It’s the lesser of two evils for me! I believe in fairness and justice