George Osborn – Robin Hood in reverse!

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George Osborn George Osborn

Riding through the glen

George Osborn George Osborn

With his band of men

He takes from the poor and gives to the rich

What a bitch!

What a bitch!

9 thoughts on “George Osborn – Robin Hood in reverse!

  1. What did you expect from two not one, rich boys from private schools who have never had any idea what it is like to struggle. Until we get rid of the Royals in this Country and the bloody Class System we have which has become worse, we shall never move on and this crap will be spoken every budget .

    1. I don’t expect anything better. But they were so blatant and arrogant. Last budget they gave huge tax reductions to the top end and got away with it unscathed. This time it was cutting the disabled while giving big tax reductions to the corporations. They thought they could slip it through. They were so overconfident and arrogance. It was the blatancy that was most infuriating.

  2. You go on about Thatcher and God knows I was no fan, but these two do not even consult their own cabinet. It’s David and George all the time that’s who make the decisions. Corbyn is not the answer, he’s too worried about Arsenal. “Blatant and arrogant” they are bloody RICH bastards of course they are they can afford to be. Try bringing up two Children on your own, managing on a widow’s pension and these days I have to listen to so called working class, actually scum complain that they want a bigger house and the Thousands and Thousands of pounds of Benefits they get are not enough. People mention the Disabled all the time but they don’t run down the bastards who take and take from the TaxPayer and have never given ANYTHING to this Country. It’s not just “The Two Posh Boys” you should be moaning Opher about but the so called Working Class who are ripping this Country off. Benefits, too much is given out. You think Corbyn and his lot have the answer, NO. I voted for him remember. What is infuriating is that he does not stop ther abuse of the BenefIts system.

    1. I’m all for getting rid of the scroungers. There are a bunch of them who need sorting out. I’m all in favour of a welfare state but not a scroungers charter. The Jarrow march was about work not hand-outs. There are plenty of things for the unemployed to be doing from litter, restoration work and helping people to graffiti and charit work. I’d have them signing on every day in order to get welfare. There shouldn’t be any free rides. I agree with the Tories on that. But Osborn and Cameron take the piss like only multimillionaires can. They are dividing the country and blatantly giving to the bastards who got us in the mess in the first place. The bankers bonuses haven’t dried up. Why did they need hefty tax cuts?
      The public services are being decimated. Teachers are leaving in droves, nurses are getting ground into the ground. They aren’t scroungers.
      The Tories were formed by rich businessmen to protect their interests. The Labour party was formed by workers and not scroungers. They need to sort that out.
      I like Corbyn. I like most of what he says. I take exception to a few things but in general he is sound. I detest nearly everything the Tories do and stand for.
      The amount spent on the benefits system is actually small compared to the tax scrounging going on by the rich. The media, who represent the Tories, distort it. They both need dealing with.

    1. It’s my theory that psychopaths and sociopaths are attracted to positions of power. Because they have no conscience or empathy they are able to do the most terrible things to people. They really don’t care. They can unscrupously claw their way to the top and inflict their uncaring ideology on everyone.
      The population like their black and white performance. They have no doubt. They seem strong. They vote for selfish psychopaths.

  3. Seems our countries are all in the same boat! Btw, did you know that archaeologists now think they’ve found the grave of the man known as Robin Hood? Of course the story wasn’t quite the way we’ve romanticized it. Apparently he was actually more along the lines of the Russell Crowe Robin than the Kevin Costner one.

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