Venn Diagram of Tory Characteristics.

They’ve missed a few!!

The Tory Party – Patrons of Wealth and Privilege.

How on earth can people believe that a party set up by the wealthy and privileged to protect the wealth of the privileged, who have successfully been protecting that wealth and privilege since 1834, would in any way represent them?

It’s beyond me!!

This greed and sleaze is evident throughout their entire reign. They always cut public services and give tax cuts to the wealthy. They protect tax loopholes and ensure the privileged are looked after.

If it wasn’t for a Tory-owned media spewing lies and propaganda they’d never get in.

Tory Greed – Green Swill – snouts in the trough.

Does anyone deserve £45 million for pressuring their mates into giving preference to a company?

Tory corruption has always been there. It’s ongoing. If we had a free press, and not one owned by Tories, we’d know a lot more about it.

They’d sell their granny!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 388

It was sunny enough to bring out all the wildlife today. As I walked up my hill there were numerous finches and tits flying about in the hedges and trees and a whole lot of chirping. Now is the time to lay claim to territory, attract mates and build nests. Spring is great isn’t it?

A stoat ran across the road in front of us and a beautiful kestrel hung on the wind, wings flapping feathers fully deployed, right above our heads. Majestic.

The May blossom is out and lots more bushes and trees are sprouting leaves. Fabulous to see.

I walked up the side of the field to feed a carrot to my adopted horse (who is now in the back field) and was accosted by a farmer driving his tractor. He told me I was trespassing and we had an interesting conversation. I told him that his family had probably been trespassing for hundreds of years – ever since the land was rudely enclosed and we were all turfed off it. He did not seem impressed and told me that I wouldn’t like it if he came trespassing in my garden. I looked around at the massive field with no house in sight and asked him if this really was his garden. He told me that people were hunting out here and I could get shot to which I replied that I didn’t think I looked too much like a rabbit. I don’t think he liked me.

We agreed to differ. I fed my horse.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the Tories are being exposed as the sleaze-merchants they are. Perhaps enough of their nasty ways and corruption will come to light to make people realise what an unpleasant bunch they really are. Something has got to happen hasn’t it? I think people have been mesmerised and Brexit has brought out the worst in them.

It’ll wear off eventually – the scales will fall from their eyes.

There are many worrying things around the world – the virus is taking off in India and Brazil – numerous variants and a lot of young people and babies dying. In India there are 150,000 new cases a day due to opening everything up and everyone mixing. In Brazil the virus is still going at over 80,000 cases a day and 1300 babies have already died! Many of them are due to extreme immune responses causing inflammation of all the vital organs. It seems that Brazil is in a mess. The health service is overwhelmed. There are shortages of drugs and equipment.

Personally I think that the UK, USA, Brazil, Turkey and India are all suffering horribly because we put such psychopathic imbeciles in charge – Trump, Modi, Erdogan, Bolsonaro and Johnson are all incompetent twerps – arrogant deniers, dispensers of false information and dithering fools. They’ve killed hundreds of thousands.

These death-rates show what happens when things are not properly managed.

In the UK the numbers are still coming down due to vaccination. Just 2,491 new cases yesterday with 38 deaths. That’s brilliant but could all be undone if they allow the variants in because of lax border controls. As we open up the antivaxxers become more and more at risk. They could spike a new third wave.

My sister was certain she’d had the virus way back in January last year. She thought she was immune. She probably hadn’t and wasn’t immune. She went down with it in the summer and was extremely ill. Just goes to show.

Perhaps the antivaxxers need to take a look at what is going on abroad and realise the danger they are in? Perhaps they also need to think about the effects on others a bit more. They will be spreaders who will keep the pandemic going and put a strain on the system.

When you look at the infinitesimal risk from vaccination and compare it to the risk from getting the disease it’s like comparing a fender bender in a traffic jam with a jumbo jet coming down in a city at rush hour.

Right now our incompetent leader is being exposed for the sleazeball he is. The Tories are presiding over the biggest corruption we’ve ever seen. Cronyism, billions given away, jobs for the boys, walking into posts and betraying the country. I despair.

As an example: should George Osborne be allowed to be minister in charge of the exchequer and then be paid £164,000 a year for going to a handful of meetings and advising a company how it can avoid paying millions in tax? Surely using his insider information that way is treason? He is effectively stealing millions from the people of this country.

It’s immoral!

A nurse risks their life and works day in day out for the full year for £21,142. Osborne swans into a few meetings tells them how to diddle the tax and walks away with £164,000 (and probably stashes that away somewhere tax free).

Is this fair? Is this moral? Shouldn’t this be illegal?

Cameron uses his contacts and puts pressure on ministers in order to gain £45 million from Greensill. How can anybody be pay such ludicrous amounts for so little???? How can this be anything other than corrupt??

How were people like Rees-Mogg able to make millions out of Brexit???

How were 44 of Cameron’s cabinet able to walk into massive pay packets in firms in the areas they were presiding over? They are teaching them how to diddle the system.

I call it treason.

Meanwhile scum like Dyson, who pushed for Brexit and then moved his firm to Singapore so they didn’t feel the impact of it, need calling out for what they have done.

The country under the Tories has become a country of scumbags. The elite take their multimillion contracts and the rest of the country suffers cuts and austerity.

What was it? ‘We’re all in it together!! Rah Rah the Bullingdon Boys!!

Stay safe!!! I’m going back to do some editing and play some more Bo Diddley!!!

Poetry – Sleaze


‘I’ll take £45 million if you please’.

Hello, hello, it’s the return of sleaze!

For the wealthy it’s all good will

Snouts in the trough of Green Swill.

Public servants and the poor can go to hell.

For politicians revolving doors are working well.

Millions for cronies and profiteers

For everyone else it’s a vale of tears.

‘We’re all in it together!’ Was the call,

But the unequal rewards says it all.

Cuts for the teachers and nurses

For chums they open the public purses.

Lining their pockets to stuff offshore,

The mantra of ministers is more! More! More!

Pretending to be all hale and hearty

The jolly Tories are the nasty party!

Opher – 15.4.2021

With Cameron putting pressure on his chums in office to prop up Greensill so that he could make his £45 Million we are getting a mere glimpse of the way things work. The politicians and civil servants have a revolving door out of office into lucrative contracts.

A piece of scum, like George Osborne, runs the exchequer and then, straight away, gets a job with firms telling them how to use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes. He makes hundreds of thousands and they avoid paying millions in taxes – effectively robbing the British people.

He directly uses his inside knowledge for personal gain to rob us all!

It’s treasonous!

The politicians and civil servants use their positions to gain contacts in order to feather their own nest later. Running the country is just a stepping stone to huge personal gain.

44 members of Cameron’s cabinet have moved on to lucrative jobs in the very fields they were responsible for.

Since imposing pay cuts for the poor and civil servants, under the lying mantra that ‘We’re all in it together’. People such as Cameron and Osborne have gone to make a fortune – earning millions a year.

Is it really working? To have lunch with people and use your position to put pressure on so you can walk away with £45 million?? Is that what these people call work?

‘All in it together?’ Try telling that to the nurses, teachers and those on welfare who have suffered the cuts for over a decade and are living on scraps.

No wonder they don’t sort out the tax loopholes – they are all using them to stuff their loot abroad.

The whole system is corrupt.

Sleaze, cronyism and criminality is rife!!

Corruption rules OK!!

Media show their anti-Labour bias – vicious attacks and slurs.

The surge in Labour popularity, as people wake up to the real motives of the Nasty Party, is sending Tories and their media into a spin. They have turned up the personal attacks.

It is noticeable that there is a distinct difference between the way the media deal with Cruella May and Mighty Corbyn. I’m not talking about the tabloids who are just plain scurrilous. They lie and distort but we have come to expect that. I am referring to the BBC radio and television interviews. The two candidates are not treated the same.

May is treated with deference while Corbyn is attacked. During the recent TV debate Paxman did his favourite trick of constantly interrupting Jeremy and piling on the pressure while he allowed May to talk without interruption. The tone and body language is vastly different, sending out a clear message that is as important as the words.

Labour have costed their plans but the Tories have not – relying on vague promises that will never materialise – yet Jeremy is hounded and May is not even questioned. It stinks.

There is no level playing field here. The Tories have loaded the BBC board with Tory people. It reeks.

To have a fair democratic election we need a fair democratic media. We haven’t got one. What we have is a Tory propaganda machine.

They want us to believe it’s about Brexit. Brexit unfortunately, is done and dusted and May has already antagonised Europe into a hard-line stance with her belligerence. What we now need are reasonable talks with Europe to get us a good deal. What we need is Jeremy bringing a better tone to the table. That will secure us the best deal.

The real issues are protecting our Schools, NHS and Social Care against the huge cuts created through Tory dogma. Creating a fairer society with less inequality by taxing the rich more and not giving them more tax cuts.

Prepare over the next week for an onslaught of personal slurs against Labour.

Protect our schools, NHS and care for the elderly. That’s what it’s about. Get out and vote the Nasty Party out!