The Corona Diaries – Day 374

It seems incredible to me that over a year and a half into this pandemic we’re still suffering peak infection!! Things have changed though. We have the vaccines and we have better treatments. The chances of ending up in a hospital are much reduced and the chances of dying are even more reduced, but the levels of infection are higher than ever and thousands are ending up in the hospital and hundreds are dying.

Pandemics make a mockery of nationalism, don’t they?

Viruses are international.

It’s like pollution, crime, climate change, biodiversity, tax evasion, corporate greed, multinationals; they are global problems that can only be dealt with globally.

Covid-19 has made a mockery of nations.

One lesson we should have learnt from all this is that the whole world needs to unify to prevent future pandemics (and deal with this one). We need to put a stop to wet markets. We need to stop the trade in live wild animals. We need to stop butchering wild animals. We need to set up international units to deal with future outbreaks at the source and stop them from spreading. We need to pour money into vaccine research and antivirals. We need to open up, cooperate and act globally.

Of course, we won’t.

There’s far too much greed, self-interest and lust for power. It’s just a dream some of us had.

Today I have been sorting posters, phoning friends, writing a short story and sorting my room. Tomorrow I start writing properly again. It’s been good to have a week’s break. It’s given me a renewed appetite.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our muppet is still in the doldrums. His personal ratings have nosedived. He’s now a major liability. People see him as a floundering liar. You can see that his bubble has burst. The Tories are now 7-9% behind Labour. I still can’t believe it’s taken people this long to see through the blithering overgrown public schoolboy. Sunny uplands, no tariffs, no borders, no red tape, world-beating global Britain levelling up. All bollocks – unless you’re a Tory or one of their cronies. The reality is that they’ve been plundering. They’ve been handing out untendered contracts, lobbying and taking on lucrative second jobs, sorting out future lucrative posts and generally looking after themselves. They’ve got away with murder. Treated us like fools.

They’ll walk away after messing up the country and live in luxury.

All hot air, lies and bluster.

I just hope that this is the end of the Tory Party. People forget. They used to be called the Nasty Party. They haven’t changed just because they put a populist, jolly clown in charge. We all know that behind a clown’s mask lurks a devious character. It wouldn’t be so bad if he was competent.

It’s all by the seat of his pants, off the cuff, promises, soundbites and guff.

So, yesterday there was another record 129,000 cases with just 18 deaths. I’m taking that with a pinch of salt. There’s been confusion over the holiday period. I don’t think the recording is accurate.

In our area infection is up 33%.

Hospital cases are up 8.2% with 1,171. They now have 10,462 cases – which is 2000 more than last week.

We haven’t yet felt the effects of Christmas and we’ve New Year still to come.

Lockdown quick and hard the scientists said. Let the people party Johnson said; it makes me more popular.

My backbenchers now rule – and they’re all nutcases.

I’m still not sure how nasty Omicron will prove to be. 90% of all cases are now Omicron. Does it evade vaccines? Does it provide immunity against other variants? Is it mild? I guess we’ll know by next week.

Johnson is a gambler.

Stay safe!! We’re in the hands of a populist clown.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 374

  1. Opher, the figure I’m seeing for yesterday at Worldometers is 183,037. I suspect that includes quite a few carried over from the week-end, though. But spare a thought for the French – their number for yesterday is 208,099, and they are already under 72% lockdown!

    1. Yes, I noticed that. The government site I’m getting data from is totally incorrect. Why is that??
      I suspect we are going to have to introduce more stringent measures. Hospital cases are rising quite fast even though the Omicrom is milder. I expect Johnson to wait until after New Year for political reasons.

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