The Corona Diaries – Day 215

I walked up my hill today under leaden skies. I was wrapped in my scarf and gloves. There was a cold wind. I shuffled through fallen leaves and looked out over a landscape that looked drab in the twilight of midday. I stood and thought back through the preceding months, of the scorching sun and cool breeze, the gaily dressed fields with nodding poppies. The scudding cotton clouds. Life is change.

Already the land was shutting down.

My long walks are give me time to think. My walking is mechanical, my mind introspectively trawling through thoughts, memories and feelings. I often return with ideas, poems and new understanding. I’ve soaked in the beauty of nature and been refreshed. It is good.

Looking ahead to the future – things will improve.

Trump is on his way out. We will no longer have the division, the bolstering of hate, the empowering of the Neo-Nazis, or the war on nature. With Biden the UN and WHO will be funded, allies will be given precedence over tyrants, global warming and pollution will be addressed and science will be properly recognised. The world will not be guided by superstition and conspiracy propaganda, it will be a better place.

Johnson and Bolsonaro will follow. The Amazon will not be burnt down for profit. Britain might get a half decent leader. The clown will be gone.

We will start putting the world back together, going to green energy, putting a halt to the destruction of forests and healing the damage. We can and will restore nature. The animals need a chance!!

Brexit will be over. It will cost us a fortune and many will lose their jobs, life will be harder, but we can put it behind us and start healing that media and politician driven division.

Given a little longer we can ditch this incompetent callous bunch of Tories and get a government that cares about the people.

By next summer there should be a vaccine and life can begin to get back to some kind of normality. We will pick ourselves up, rebuild, and start to live again. Music will return. We will meet up with friends and family and we will hug, eat, drink, watch films, go to gigs, go to the theatre and laugh a lot.

Looking ahead – it is all going to be better!

Just stay safe until then!

The Corona Diaries – Day 214

It was cold today. I retrieved my scarf and gloves for the first time since last Spring. It drizzled on us as we went up our hill.

I collected some of the last conkers. We’re seeing two of our grandchildren this weekend. I taught them how to play conkers. We’ve got marbles, jacks and flicksies still to go!

Back home I’ve been playing a bit of Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson and writing my Harper book. All good stuff.

Out in Coronaland the knives are being sharpened. The majority now believe the government has done a shoddy job with the virus and a big majority of 70% believe that Brexit was a mistake. I think Johnson will (rightly) get the blame. All his world-beating and oven-ready bullshit will come home to roost. He’s a cheerleader who is not on the ball. He’s out of his depth.

As he dithers about we go from bad to worse. There are reported to be another 21,238 new cases yesterday – but they estimate the real number is 35,200 new cases. With the R value between 1.2 and 1.4 that means that every ten people who get it pass it on to 12 or 14 others.

Meanwhile, our world-beating Track and Trace system falls below 60% and is deemed useless!

Johnson is in trouble.

In the USA it’s even worse for Trump. He’s badly behind in the polls and the virus is soaring – more than 75,040 new cases yesterday with 828 deaths.

His poor example is killing people!!

In Brazil it’s the same – another 24,858 new cases with 497 deaths.

The three CHUMPS have killed more people than all the recent wars put together!

Vietnam – 4 new cases and 0 deaths – shows what can be achieved.

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 213

i was feeling so much better toady – raring to go. I bounded up my hill in the bright sunlight – now achieved 213 consecutive 10,000 steps. I’m Covid fit!

Back home I’ve been working on my Harper book and playing a bit of Robert Wyatt. Such a distinctive voice.

A productive day!!

Back in Coronaland the Tories excelled themselves in nastiness – voting to let the kids starve. But then that is no less than I would expect of them. Evil snobs.

In the States there is record early voting and the polls are moving more towards Biden. I hope they are right. The chaotic Trump policies are so damaging – the environment, the WHO, UN and the extreme right wing Neo-Nazis. We so need rid of that division and stoking up of hatred, all these lies, conspiracy theories and belligerence. There’s much more to life than money!! Not that the chump is good with money – other than stealing it for himself.

Then there’s the callous Tories refusing to look after the most deprived kids – let them starve!! I hope it rebounds on them big time. They are so arrogant.

We are being told about long-covid now – and scared with the possibility that even if you get it mildly it can cause long-term damage to heart, lungs and brain (and just about every other organ) and leave you without energy. But what they don’t tell you is how many people are affected this way. Where are the stats???

We’re not having a lockdown but soon the whole country will be moved to tiers (it’s cheaper). It certainly leaves me in tears.

Scotland is preparing for a digital Christmas. Wales and Ireland are locked down. In England the new cases soar to 26,687 and deaths rise to 191. Out world-beating Track and Trace is only tracing less than 60% – more breast-beating than world-beating. The arguments go on with regional Mayors. The North is abandoned. Johnson is being ripped in half by his own MPs. Half of them want to throw the country to the wolves and the other half want tighter measures. The new northern MPs are watching with dismay as Cummings shows contempt for northerners and their chances of re-election dwindle. We’ve got Brexit looming – and the chaos, expense and job losses from that will have to be blamed on Covid.

Wow!! What a turbulent time.

In the USA the new cases have soared to 62,751 with an horrendous 1,171 deaths – some of the loony right might be regretting going to Trump rallies without masks and social distancing. They’ll be dying for a sinking cause as Trump’s popularity continues to dive.

In Brazil it is going up again – another 24,818 new cases and 566 deaths.

What a bunch of inept leaders we voted in!!!

Stay safe! There’s always tomorrow!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsssSaaAANNnnneEee in Isolation – Robert Wyatt

Robert was the drummer with Soft Machine and Matching Moles – right at the forefront of Jazz/Progressive/Psychedelic fusion.

Then he fell out of a 4th Floor window and broke his back. He set out on a solo career.

The Corona Diaries – Day 212

I’m feeling crap today, no energy, listless and fed-up. I’ve got a bit of a cold and upset stomach.

It didn’t stop me doing my walk. I went up on my hill. It was cool and murky, overcast and misty. The air felt dank. But even so it was good to be out there in nature. That is revitalising.

Back home I’ve been working on my Harper book and playing a bit of Al Stewart. That takes me back fifty years!!

Life is very short. Make the most of it.

Out here in Coronaland the picture is looking grim. we’ve surged up to 21,330 new cases and 241 deaths. I can’t see Johnson’s tiers doing the job. I think we’re in for a lot of deaths.

The stupidity is scary. The Tories really don’t seem to care about the North. They don’t mind if businesses go under and people starve. Why aren’t they supporting people properly?

They have just brought in testing at the airports. Doors, horse and bolted come to mind. It’s Oct 21st. Surely that should have happened in March???

They are doing trials on a vaccine – they are deliberately infecting people to see if it works. (I think the government is secretly doing a big trial in the North of England). I hope it works I’m getting sick of all this. A bit of normality would be good.

Meanwhile there are only two weeks to go in the US election. I so hope that Trump gets dumped and the Republicans taught a lesson. Their attitude is brazenly corrupt. 4 more years of environmental damage and bitter division. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

In Brazil there were another 23,227 new cases and 661 deaths. I hope Bolsonaro is proud?

Stay safe everybody – the worst is yet to come!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 210

Today got off to a bad start. I had yet another visit from a BT engineer to attempt to fix my internet (slow and intermittent). I think this is the eighth or ninth. It’s still not fixed. It seems that I need a new router now. It’s endless!

So while he was working away I played some John Martyn and then went for a walk. It was cloudy, a little breezy, with a chill in the air.

I worked on my Harper book.

Out there in Coronaland temperatures are rising, hate crime is on the increase. People are stressed and taking it out on other. A bit of good news it that the virus may have peaked in the university towns! But in general it is still rampant. Another 18,804 new cases today with 80 deaths. They have allowed it to get out of control – should not have lifted the lockdown in the North at the same time as the South. They are now predicting that Manchester intensive care will be swamped in a few weeks time. Not looking good.

The government is still not giving adequate compensation to the people kicked out of jobs by forced closures. Mayors are asking for proof that places like gyms are spreading the disease.

In the USA there was another 47,601 new cases and 368 deaths. I’m sure Trump thinks this is pretty good – world-beating.

In Brazil it is another 10,982 new cases with 230 deaths.

Let me see now – New Zealand – new cases 3 and deaths 0.

What do you put that down to then?

I know what I think.

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 209

We went for a long walk today. Out in nature nothing changes. The coronavirus means nothing to the rest of life on this planet. It is refreshing. But it is also sobering. Nature doesn’t need us. We are far too big for our boots. We are dispensible. For all our arrogance, for all our impact, we are nothing more than just another species of life. We are of nature and part of nature but not in control of nature or more important than nature.

As I walked I found myself thinking that one day we will be gone. Nature will not miss us. It will regenerate. Our cities and artefacts will decay. We’ll be a thin layer in the rocks – a strata of self-importance. One day a virus will do for us all. Nature will shrug and move on.

Good riddance. We were too stupid and too clever, too destructive and thoughtless. We don’t deserve to be here.

Back home I was playing some Alexis Korner and thinking that at our best we can be so good. Why are we so bad?

I wrote my harper book and was despondent.

This virus is a warning. We need to change our ways or bow out.

All around me the incompetence shines.

In the UK – 16,171 new cases with 150 deaths

In the USA – 52,774 new cases with 679 deaths

In Brazil – 24,062 new cases with 461 deaths

In New Zealand – 3 new cases and no deaths

Some people are obviously messing up and some are doing it right!

It’s the same with inequality, poverty, violence, rights and working conditions, racism, sexism and justice. Some are not delivering – and it’s the same bunch of dumbasses.

But there is hope. Jacinda Ardern was elected with a landslide. What she said in her speech filled me with optimism. We can be competent, compassionate, empathetic and caring if we try. We just need to stop electing this unpleasant narcissistic sociopaths!! It can be done!

Today’s Music to keep me SssSSSsAaaAaaNNNnnnEEeeeE in Isolation – Alexis Korner

There is always something special about being the first and Alexis was the father of British Blues. in 1960 he teamed up with Cyril Davies and started playing Blues. They went on to form Blues Incorporated in 1961. That band was seminal. Everybody appeared in it – most of the Stones and Cream, Graham Bond, Dick Heckstall-Smith. It was a breeding ground for people who went on to do great stuff. Without Alexis it might never have happened.