The Corona Diaries – Day 696

Fabulous day for mid-January. Ridiculous! Blue sky and the sun felt warm. If it wasn’t for the coldish air it could have been summer. And there are still people who deny there is any global warming!!

We went to Scarborough (no fair) to have a walk around the castle and down into the harbour. It was great to be able to eat fish and chips outside without feeling cold!!

Back home I’ve been editing the Captain Beefheart book and playing some White Stripes!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our lying clown is really in the mire. I think the trough has fallen over. All the greedy profiteers are trampling him into the shit as they frantically look for a way of preserving their gravy train.

Johnson is now a liability. The ship is sinking. They are twelve points behind.

All this feels Dillingerish to me. Johnson has committed lie after lie, has presided over unbelievable sleaze, has been a thoroughly spoilt entitled prick, has been amazingly inept, blatantly self-serving and has got away with murder.

People have excused him the lousy Brexit deal, the tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, the philandering, the wallpaper, holidays and blathering. They even find his lawbreaking endearing. Dillinger was a murdering gangster but was brought down for tax evasion. Johnson has been unbelievably incompetent, greedy, lying and lawbreaking but is being brought down by a party.!

It’s risible.

One wonders if a similar thing might happen with Trump – some unforeseen trivia that will finally burst the bubble so that the TRumpists wake up to see what a lying, conniving, self-server the incompetent twat has been.

We’ll see!!

I must check what is currently happening with that nasty piece of work Bolsonaro. If he had his way he’d flatten the whole Amazon jungle just to fill his bank account.

Hopefully the world will eventually right itself and these extreme fascist populists will be consigned to history.

It’s not a nice place at the moment. Trump is dumping democracy and heading for fascist tyranny. China is quietly spreading its influence. Russia is on the verge of war.

Mind you, I don’t think Putin is entirely wrong on this. As soon as the USSR broke up NATO was very quick to move in there. We saw the American response when Russia tried to set up missile sites in Cuba. They were prepared to start a third world war. Putting missile sites on the border of Russia is no different. This is a power game and the USA is not blameless.

What a mess we humans make. We’re meant to be intelligent. It seems that intelligence is soon trumped by greed and lust for power.

We take heaven and transform it into hell so that a tiny minority can have more than they can possibly ever need. Madness.

So, we have a Save The Big Dog policy coming into force. Yesterday, in typical Orwellian doublespeak, we were told that the virus is decreasing sufficiently to allow Plan B to end next week. That is on the day when the virus incidence went up 14,000 to 108,069 new cases with 359 more deaths.

Now, I am not an expert on language but a decrease to me means something going down in numbers, not up!! Something going up by 14,000 is a big increase!

Is this some new use of language?? Are we inventing new meanings?

Or is this lying Boris making a political decision in a desperate attempt to gain some popularity. He’s in a nosedive and needs to pull out before he hits the ground and messes his hair up!!

They’re chucking out ballast. The BBC, immigrants and Plan B.

Next week they throw out the red meat and massacre the Number 10 crew!!

Meanwhile the true criminals go free!!

Stay Safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 695

The day started with such a thick frost that it made outside look like a winter wonderland. The sun was shining and sky deep blue but it was really cold.

Today was a time for chores – cooking, shopping and listening to Sean Taylor.

I managed some editing and even writing of a few poems. That’s because what is happening around me is causing my mind to boggle. What on earth is going on??

Meanwhile, outside in Coronaland, the whole world seems to be a pit of madness. It’s sobering, every now and again, to take an objective look and see the insanity of mankind as it is.

The Middle East is a pit of tyrannical Islam. Kids are indoctrinated. Youths wander around with Kalashnikovs. Women are enslaved as second-class citizens, in veils and robes. They are still considered property and their bodies deemed a source of evil. Scriptures from thirteen hundred years ago are used as a template. There can be no deviation. Intolerance rules.

In the Far East tyranny rules. Societies are crushed on harsh laws. Conformity rules.

In the USA the Trumpian cult of free dumb is fed lies and conspiracy, adopts violence and the gun, uses patriotism as an excuse and believes that a billionaire, lying, conniving conman is their saviour. The religious right believe that scriptures written by misogynistic, racist, religious fanatical nomadic Arabs are the word of god. They have the same intolerance as the Middle Eastern fanatics. The same god. Different versions.

Religion, that was used to subjugate the black slaves, still subjugates many of them.

Africa is still kept in poverty as the natural habitat is slowly destroyed for profit and the people suppressed by tyrants.

South America is beset with corruption, political extremism, populism and political despots as the natural world is being consumed.

Europe is consumed with a clash of ideologies as capitalism takes on communism in a cold war that is threatening to go hot.

In the UK we have elected a bunch of profiteering populist pigs led by an entitled clown. They all have their snouts in the trough.

Where the hell is there any sanity?? What the hell is wrong with people??

The whole world is beset by extreme religion, extreme politics, populism, propaganda, conspiracy, spin, fake news, brainwashing and tyranny.

Perhaps New Zealand is the last hope for civilisation??

Does everything human have to be about power, wealth and control?? Seemingly.

I retire into writing, reading, music, art and creativity – where humans are at our best.

Wouldn’t it be great to rid the world of all religions and politics?? Pack up all the power-mad religious leaders and politicians in a big spaceship and send them off on a one-way ticket to Mars.

Just leave the artists, the compassionate people, the caring and those seeking harmony with the world. Wouldn’t that be heaven?

Unfortunately, we are saddled with this bunch of mad sociopaths and psychopaths and their acolytes!!

So, yesterday the number of new cases went up to 94,432 (still to be updated on the government site – they obviously don’t like it. Deaths also went made with 438 being recorded.

I still think these numbers are much lower than the real figure. It’s still impossible to get hold of a testing kit around here!

Johnson is probably watching these figures and praying. He desperately wants to up his popularity by lifting all restrictions. Maybe he’ll start lying about the figures?

Novaxx Jokerrich looks like being banned everywhere. Aaaah the price to pay for being antisocial and wanting to spread disease!!

Greece is starting to fine unvaccinated people!!

It looks to me as if we are moving to a regime of regular vaccinations for the vulnerable with a combined covid/flu jab. How many times a year?? The immunity seems to wane rapidly. These jabs can be tailored for variants though.

We’ll see.

Stay safe!! The Big Dog is still sniffing around!! The Red Meat is being thrown. Scapegoats are being lined up to be shot. Immigrants are being victimised again. The BBC is going to be skewered!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 694

I walked up my hill under a bright blue sky with the sun dazzling my eyes. It was warm again! At least eleven degrees! What is going on? This is mid-January. This highly changeable weather is just weird.

Back home I’ve been playing some haunting melodies from Fionn Regan and editing my Beefheart book. Slow progress. Each sentence is carefully analysed. Each paragraph dissected. Diminuendo and nuance, flow and grammar. Require total concentration. But I’m getting there. I just need a new brain. I’m wearing this one out.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories are launching a ‘charm’ offensive. I know, it’s impossible to think of Tories and charm in the same sentence. What they really mean is that they are going to try to produce a slew of headline-grabbing populist initiatives that will appeal to the stupid and distract from the illegal parties.

They have two major operations. ‘Operation Save Big Dog’ will be coordinated to:

a. Try to pass off Johnson’s law-breaking, lies and deficiencies as minor indiscretions that he has fully apologised for, are nowhere near as bad as made out and have now been rectified.

b. To beef up his wondrous achievements in getting Brexit done and dealing with Covid.

c. Extolling his great leadership qualities in getting the vaccination, leading us through a pandemic and making Britain great again.

d. Making out that the opposition (Starmer) are just as guilty.

e. Using populist distraction tactics.

None of this will wash with me or anybody else with a shred of intelligence.

a. Johnson is an inept, lying scumbag who breaks the law, regularly lies to the public, parliament and the Queen and is a lazy bastard who is never on top of anything.

b. He’s negotiated an appalling Brexit that has damaged and weakened the country. We have one of the worst records on Covid due to his useless policies, or lack of them.

c. As a leader he’s a total bumbling clown who puts his foot in it on every occasion. He blusters, lies, makes things up and disappears to hide in fridges. Leadership?? He doesn’t know the meaning. He’s a chump who nobody in their right mind would follow.

d. A don’t think that being in a room with a constituent colleague carrying out zoom meetings and having a break for a sandwich and a pint is anything like having numerous parties with party games, suitcases of booze and nibble. One’s a work meeting, the others are illegal parties. They are desperate!!

e. Setting the navy patrolling the channel to catch immigrants is going to solve nothing. What will they do with them when they’ve caught them? They’ll bring them back to Britain. I think we’ll see a bunch of these stupid harebrained ideas geared to distracting us.

Then there’s ‘Operation Red Meat’. That refers to a cull. They are going to cynically throw a whole bunch of civil servants to the wolves as if it was all their faults. They are to be the scapegoats – as many as it takes to satisfy the public.

Of course, the main culprit will be exonerated. Johnson is never guilty. He lies, cheats and fucks up and other people (like Nazanine Zagari-Radcliffe) pay the price.

The truth is that we have a serial liar, shambling loathsome wreck of a philanderer, incompetent lazy bumbler and cynical entitled profiteer in charge. He needs kicking out! In fact, his law-breaking apology for a prime minister needs locking up. He’s not just a scoundrel; he’s a criminal responsible for billions of pounds of illegal purloining of public funds (illegal allocating of PPE contracts) and thousands of unnecessary deaths through his inept covid policies.

As a ‘leader’ he has set the tone for the malaise that has seized Whitehall. His law-breaking liaise-affair attitude is responsible for this atrocious decline of standards.

This bunch of nationalistic Tories must surely be the most heinous arrogant slimeballs we’ve ever put in power.

Somehow we have to survive two years with these self-serving bastards in charge.

To cheer me up Novaxx Jokerrich looks as if he will be banned from the French Open too! Good riddance too! When you are a role model who is responsible for deaths (idiots copy him) then you pay the price.

Personally, I hope they save ‘Big Dog’ (should be ‘obese sewer rat’), he’s a liability, and that the ‘red meat’ thrown to the stupid electorate includes profiteering scumbags like the loathsome, arrogant Rees-Mogg.

So, yesterday the number of new cases dropped to 84,429 with 88 deaths. But that was the weekend and there are no testing kits to be had so I take those stats with a pinch of salt.

The cabinet is desperate to lift all restrictions. Plan B will be scrapped to save Boris. They court popularity from morons regardless of the outcomes.

The scientists warn that new variants are on the way. Why don’t Gove, Rees-Mogg and Johnson reap the rewards of their actions?

We can but hope!!

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 693

All bright and sunny in Yorkshire and the temperature rose to giddy heights – probably hitting 7 or 8 degrees!

I’ve spent most of the day indoors listening to the Eels and editing my Captain Beefheart book.

No more shelf building or poster setting required; my room is finished – looking great!!

Had to laugh at Novaxx being kicked out of Australia. No privilege for the wealthy! They have to follow the same rules as everyone else. If you don’t get vaccinated you have to make the sacrifices. Tough. You don’t have the same freedoms as the vaccinated.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland ‘Operation Save The Big Dog’ is in full swing. The Tories have sorted out a narrative and will now set about creating a story to fool the public. Soon the propaganda machine will be in full swing. I’m expecting headlines in all the tabloids.

The spin will make us all feel dizzy.

Pretty soon we’ll see the light. Johnson will be heralded as the saviour of the nation. He single-handedly wrested Brexit from the hoary grip of the evil remainers who were going against the wishes of the people. He was valiant against Covid working day and night to produce vaccines and save us from the scourge of the plague. For safety reasons the government and civil servants often worked outside in the garden area while Johnson toiled in his office. Occasionally he would venture out in Churchillian splendour, like a conquering general, to rally the troops, urge them to greater efforts and thank them for their unstinting efforts.

These weren’t boozy parties as portrayed by the leftie media; these were working groups. The tireless politicians and civil servants were pushing themselves to the limits to deliver for the nation, save lives and keep everyone safe and secure. No effort was too great. They were responding to their magnificent leader. They needed sustenance while they worked. Who could begrudge them that?

Of course, if some of these working groups, all of which assiduously followed the regulations, had inadvertently exceeded the parameters of the law then that had to be addressed, some heads would roll. Johnson himself would oversee the cull of miscreants. No breaker of rules must be allowed to get away with it. That would include advisers and civil servants. The guilty had to go!

So, as soon as the Gray whitewash has been perused by Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson will know whether he has done anything wrong and will exonerate himself. No rules broken, no lies told, no deceiving of parliament, no breaking of codes, bending of rules. He will be the poor victim of an evil campaign.

I can see it all now.

The Tories are in a bit of a funk. They know that none of their nasty, grubby band of profiteers resonates with the little people. Johnson is the only one. For some reason they don’t see him as the shamling self-serving profiteer; their see the cynical philanderer and greedy entitled prick as good old cuddly Boris. They excuse him everything.

If they dump Boris and put Rishi in can they continue to fool the little people?

They are stuck. They either stay with a badly damaged Johnson (sounds painful) or go with an unknown millionaire profiteer that the public does not identify with as greatly. They certainly won’t see smarmy Rishi as a loveable rogue. What will they see him as? It’s a risk.

So for now they are looking to see if the rotting hulk that is Johnson can be floated. They are staring at annihilation at the polls.

Tough shit.

As for me, I’m hoping that the lies of the ‘Operation Save The Big Dog’ campaign is successful. I want Boris in charge. He is so incompetent and damaged that he’ll do immense damage to the whole Tory brand. He simply can’t hack the job of Prime Minister. That’s obvious.

Where is our invisible leader? When the going gets tough Johnson goes. He might well be hiding in a nearby fridge again!

Ha Ha!!

Aren’t we all sick of hearing on every news programme that representatives from the government were asked to attend but nobody was available. Never in the history of politics has a government been so unavailable. It’s a strategy. They know that if they appear they will be questioned and held to account. If they don’t appear there is a vacuum and no flames are fanned.

This is the most unaccountable government we have ever had. They avoid all questioning and never accept responsibility for any mistakes!!

I think that is totally undemocratic. This is verging on fascism.

So, yesterday there were (if the figures are to be believed – hardly any test kits available) another 81,713 new cases with 287 deaths.

Government ministers are saying that all restrictions could be lifted by the end of January. The Daily Mail says that forcing people (unnecessarily) back to the office is sociopathic. But, as every good Tory knows – money comes before the little people. They are the cannon fodder!

The scientists are predicting a big upsurge in Omicron in Spring as the vaccine immunity wanes.

We’ll see.

The good news is that in Texas they are developing a vaccine that is cheap and easy to produce. It could be rolled out around the world.

Vaccinating the whole world will stop the development of variants.

Stay Safe?? Is the end in sight??

Today’s Music to keep me SssSSAaaaaANNnnnEee in Isolation – The Eels

I’m not sure what contemporary means. In my book it is people who are still performing and recording at this moment in time – not just the new arrivals on the scene. But I suppose most people think of modern as being the music of newcomers.

With my definition the Stones, Who, Billy Bragg and Elvis Costello are still part of the modern scene.

Who cares. When it’s good it’s good. The Eels are great: I need a bit of novocaine for my soul the mess these Tories and Trump have made!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 692

Icy and foggy here in Yorkshire – not pleasant at all! Apart from going out for the paper, I stayed in. I’ve finished my room and been editing my Beefheart book. All good.

It’s been great playing some North Mississippi Allstars today. Great stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our shambling leader is doing exactly what he always does in a crisis – he disappears!!

First we had paternity leave! Now, I’m all in favour of paternity leave – but when it comes to leading a country through a number of crises (mostly self-inflicted) I don’t think it’s appropriate. He needs to bloody lead!

It’s a bit like Wellington at the battle of Waterloo deciding to nip off for an hour or two because he was due a tea break.

We had hardly got him back when he was assailed with more lies, law-breaking and illegal parties. His response?? He goes off for another week on Covid isolation!

All very bloody convenient. Is there something stopping him speaking from Number 10?

This guy loves the limelight when there’s something daft to do so that he can show off and garble some schoolboy Latin. He doesn’t like being put on the spot or having to explain anything – mainly because he either puts his foot in it or doesn’t have a clue. He just makes things up.

I was completely boggled by the idiocy of some of the public who were saying how much they like him and forgive him for his little mistakes. They seem to think that he delivers and cite Brexit and Covid!!

I mean!! Come on!! The fool has negotiated a disastrous Brexit deal that has crippled the country with rising costs, shortages, a damaged GDP and a mountain of red tape. Can’t the idiots see that??

The shambling imbecile has racked up among the highest numbers of deaths from covid in the world!! He’s been too slow, too fast or dithered. He’s ignored experts, broken the law, lied, given sleazy contracts to his mates and behaved like a complete cretin. Leadership?? We’ve had either absences or bumbling confusion. What planet are those fools on??

Sometimes the blatant stupidity is lrisible. Sue Gray is a Civil is a civil servant working for the government. She has been appointed to investigate PartyGate. She will report to Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson will then decide whether he’s guilty of any wrong-doing and tell us what his conclusion is. He will then decide what to do with himself.

I dunno?? Am I being stupid? Do we allow other criminals to appoint their own judges, review the judgement, decide it they’ve committed a crime and, in the unlikely event that they find themselves guilty, decide the punishment?

Something seems very wrong with the system.

It doesn’t take much of an investigation to work out that there was a culture of law breaking parties that came from the top and that he’s admitted attending!!


As Labour surge into the lead and all those Tory MPs start eyeing up a future on the dole, I think that their thinking might coalesce around a solution – dump the chump and put somebody in who at least has a brain. Up until now, they have known that he is an inept bumbler but he has been popular and won them an election. He is no longer popular. He’s a liability. Kryptonite to the Tory Party. His lack of discipline, inability to master detail, and tendency to make it up as he goes along (saying the first thing that comes into his head) has created a culture in government that rules don’t matter and everyone can do as they want. Lies rule.

It’s dire.

The drip-feed of revelations about his lawlessness, lies and incompetence continue to poison politics.

He’s made a mockery of Britain.

Just as Trump has diminished the USA Johnson has diminished Britain. We’re a laughing stock with a bumbling scarecrow as our elected leader!!

We now have an image of paedophilic Royalty and profiteering, law-breaking sleazy government. We’re fast becoming a banana republic.

At least the polls put Labour 10 points ahead. Let’s hope that grows and Starmer straightens things out. He’s not my greatest choice but then I’d vote for a sewer rat rather than any of those arrogant corrupt Tories. Nothing could possibly be worse!

So yesterday there were 81,793 new cases (though as there are no tests available I don’t know how they work that out) with 287 more deaths.

There’s no doubt that the worst seems to be over (or is there?) and that the Omicron is nowhere near as bad.

Parliament meet next week to discuss it. What’s the betting that Johnson will remove all restrictions in order to court popularity? Forget science – this is politics and Johnson’s hide! (Hide being an appropriate word in his case – he does a lot of it – a fridge on one occasion!)

Stay safe!! We’re in the hands of nincompoops!!