Rishi Cartoon.

The genius of Steve Bell. He puts his finger on it. Thanks Steve.

Poetry – Don’t be afraid of Covid

Don’t be afraid of Covid

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t let it dominate your life.

Work for America

Even if it kills your wife.

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

You’ll get the same treatment for sure

Don’t wear a mask

Covid won’t knock on your door.

Make America great.

Means more money for me.

Off your ass and work

For me and your country.

There’s two hundred and ten thousand

Deaths on my head.

Don’t take it so seriously.

You’d be better off dead.

So don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t distance or wash your hands.

Get the economy running

All across the land.

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t let it dominate your life.

Work for America

Even if it kills your wife.

Opher – 5.10.2020

The Corona Diaries – Day 192

It seems that there is such a thing as Karma after all! Trump goes down with the virus. Serves him right. Just like Johnson, he has behaved irresponsibly – not wearing masks, holding mass rallies and not social distancing. He deserves to get it; he’s been asking for it.

He’s also killed a lot of Americans with his poor examples. A lot of fools have been following his advice. They believe it’s a hoax and that masks and social distancing are unAmerican – idiots.

If he gets really ill or dies it will be a wake-up call.

The man is 74, unfit and obese. That’s not a good profile.

Maybe he believed his own stupid talk on hydroxychloroquine?? It doesn’t work!!

So get out the Bleach and UV – I’ll come and give you a hand! I don’t have much of a liking for people who go calling armed NeoNazi groups out onto the street!

Nearer home we have the SNP MP Margaret Ferrier behaving like a total plonker. Having symptoms and then a positive test and still travelling the length of the country in a train. Did she think she was Dominic Cummings?

So what are they going to do about next year’s GCSE’s and A Levels? It is quite apparent that there isn’t a hope in hell of kids completing the courses. They’ve already missed a big chunk. Then we have ‘bubbles’ being sent home to isolate. They’ll be kids off here and there all over the place.

They need to trust teachers. Do it on teacher assessment. Make the decision now. Take the pressure off the kids!

Today my eye has been sore but it did not stop me going up my hill! It was quite a pleasant day. Maybe the last for a while!

The Open Reach engineer did arrive (finally). Maybe the fault is sorted??? I’m skeptical!!

Take care!! Stay safe!!

Trump Goes Down With Covid-19 – Some Thoughts.

Is this a publicity stunt?

Is he looking for the sympathy vote?

Some hoax.

What if he infected Joe Biden during his bullying rant?

So much for hydroxychloroquine.

The bleach and UV seem to have failed.

Is he trying to get out of debating?

He knows he’s losing and he’s looking for an out?

What if one or both candidates die before the election?

If he got brain damage how would we know?

Serves him right.

Should have worn a mask.

Now he’ll know what it’s like.

Who’ll take over? Pence?? That’s scary!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 191

It’s Autumn, the sun is weaker, the light weaker, the grass is dying back and leaves are beginning to change colour. My eye is still troubling me with this painful photophobia. I work up in the night, looked at the time and the light from my watch sent stabbing pains in my eye. Not good.

But my thigh strain is almost better!

I stayed in all morning waiting for the BT engineer who never came. Couldn’t watch the football last night – TV won’t stream. Internet is on-off and slow and the phone cut out. That’s 4 engineer visits that have not materialised, along with 4 promised ring backs. This is a saga that’s been going on since March. Is this a record? Is it just BT?

I do need my internet. This is pathetic.

So this afternoon I took a very pleasant walk up my hill, picking blackberries on the way (brambles up here). The sun shined and it cheered me up.

Back in Coronaland Johnson admits that all his contradictory instructions have made things so complex nobody knows what they are meant to be doing. That puts us all in the same boat as him then!

Because of the spiralling virus cases, we are going to have the joy of a weekly Downing Street conference. Simply not good enough! In this time of great national crisis, we need a leader who talks to us daily – reassuring, instructing, advising. Instead we get a buffoon who is glimpsed laying bricks or in wellingtons and is prevented from opening his mouth because he keeps putting his foot in it.

So we have another 7108 new cases and 71 deaths. We have shutdowns in the North West, Birmingham and Leicester. We have an increasing number of people with lengthy or permanent damage to heart, lungs and brain.

Scientists are predicting up to 50,000 cases a day unless the government gets a grip on things.

More and more is coming out about the appalling mess of Brexit that the clown got us into. Already more has been spent than we paid into the EU since the beginning. Nobody spoke about an army of civil servants, huge new customs posts and an army of customs officers, massive new red-tape, tariffs, the south of England being transformed into a lorry park, increased food prices, food shortages, an end to scientific collaboration, having to spend billions producing our own inferior versions of sat navs, nuclear arrangements and terrorism information, car companies fleeing to Europe, a huge exodus of other companies, job losses, firms closing and worse working conditions, wages and environmental standards.

Wasn’t this all going to be the easiest deal ever and save us £350 million a week? Lies lies lies LIES LIES LIES!!!!

The other worrying thing is that in order to get Brexit we’ve ended up with a Tory government made up of rabid right-wingers (all the sensible ones like Rory Stewart were purged). All they care about is Brexit and everything else isn’t getting done. What a mess!

Of course, they’ll let Johnson get Brexit done, blame him and dump him – hoping that we’re all stupid enough to think they are wonderful.

We’ve got three more years of these inept extreme clowns. Try to stay safe!!


Today’s Music to keep me SSaAaAaNnnnnNeEee in Isolation – Johnny Burnette Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio

Well that Rock ‘n’ Roll trio could certainly rock. They were brilliant Rockabilly. Then he went and spoilt it by becoming a Teen Idol and producing crap pop songs.

I’m going to be playing the real stuff:


The Corona Diaries – Day 190

Today was quite bright at first, so I took my sore eye and thigh up the top of my hill quite early. I was wearing jeans and waterproof. It seems strange to think that just days ago I was still in shorts and a T-shirt. Those days are gone.

It is good to get out into the fresh air and nature. I have found it very revitalising. It has helped me stay sane in lockdown.

Needless to say, there was not much to see. Autumn is setting in. The vegetation is dying back. The roads are busy and nature is back in hiding. It was still good.

Back home I tried to get my BT internet going with another hour-long telephone complaint. Another engineer promised for tomorrow! Another manager call for next week.

I started work on my Harper book and played some Ray Charles.

Out in Coronaland it looks like Johnson is in trouble again. His own party are turning on him. They don’t like the way he, Cummings and his cronies are bypassing parliament. They don’t like the way he is handling covid-19. They don’t like his bumbling performances and incompetence. They can see he is beginning to be regarded as a buffoon. They don’t like the way they are slipping in the poles. They don’t like the general sloppiness. Johnson is beginning to be seen for what he is – a lazy, incompetent clown. He is a liability.

In an effort to keep them on board they are being promised a vote on the corona measures. It’s a climbdown that will only bring temporary reprise.

Everything is going to cock. The crowds are still out in the streets ignoring warnings. Few are being fined. 50% of the ones that are being fined are not paying up.

People are ignoring isolating when coming back from holiday or being informed of contact and there is no way of enforcing it.

Ever since the Cummings Barnard Castle fiasco people are ignoring them.

Meanwhile things are rapidly getting out of control with over 7000 new cases and deaths beginning to take off – 71 again! It is looking dire!!

Be in by 10.00 pm. You can’t catch it before!!

What a joke. They have no strategy.

Meanwhile in the States Biden has done well and Trump, increasingly desperate, shows his bullying side. The polls show a move to Biden. I reckon Trump’s bubbles burst. The latest news is that he is in debt to the tune of half a billion, can’t manage his finances and hasn’t paid taxes for ten years.

The lying conman is soon going to get his comeuppance one way or another. It is going to take a long time to undo the damage he has done!

You can’t undo the 122,000 deaths or hundreds of thousands of extremely ill people. There were another 36,847 cases today with another 918 deaths. The USA is becoming a basket case!

Brazil is not far behind – another 32,058 new cases and 863 deaths. I bet Bolsonaro is watching the US elections with consternation. He’s next in line.

Hopefully, the three incompetent clowns will all be kicked out soon!

Stay safe everyone! There’s a glimmer of hope!!