The Corona Diaries Day 76.

Another gorgeous day in Coronaland. We have been incredibly lucky with the weather over the last ten weeks. That has made it much more bearable. We’ve been able to get out for a walk in pleasant sunshine nearly every day. That makes such a difference.

Today I’ve been outside painting the art installation in the garden. It was quite time-consuming. Consequently I have done very little writing and not much reading.

I’m reading Olaf Stapledon – a Sci-fi novel written in 1930 given to me by my friend Tony. Interesting stuff.

I have been playing Buffy St Marie today. Some of her songs about the treatment of Native Americans is extremely sad and anger producing. She is one of my favourite female singers.

My walk took me up to the top of my favourite hill again. Ambling in the sunshine listening to birdsong is extremely relaxing and invigorating.

Talking to Paul, a man I met on the way, was harrowing. He told me of a very fit friend of his, a 5-a-side footballer and cyclist, who died of covid at the age of 52 years old.

Cummings is still in post! I don’t think Johnson can cope without him. Brexit is looming and they’ve still got to explain why we have performed the worst in Europe over covid.

Emily Maitliss seems to still be employed. I bet the public reaction sent a few tremors through the BBC board.

So we reach the end of another day. This lockdown is proving difficult – but next week we can see family in the park and in a few weeks time we’ll have football on TV!! Things are picking up!!

Let us hope we do not get another surge and that Johnson manages to organise sufficient testing and follow-up. Other countries are streets ahead!!

Stay safe!!

Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Buffy St Marie

Buffy a full-blooded Native American Indian who came out of the New York Folk scene. She has recorded in a variety of styles though.

She has produced some of the strongest lyrics I have ever read – lyrics concerning the genocide of the Native Americans and their present-day plight. She is so passionate and forceful

I think ‘My country ’tis of thy people you’re dying’ is one of the strongest songs ever written.

I’m still angry over Cummings, Maitliss and Johnson’s incompetence. I’ll play Buffy and seethe.

The Corona Diaries – Day 75

Today left me fuming – the Tory governors on the BBC sacking Emily Maitliss for daring to question a Tory minister over Dominic Cummings. It just shows you what bias there is in the BBC.

So fuming away I’ve been playing my angriest Phil Ochs all day.

Cummings is still in post. It seems that elitism is well. The Tories have no morality!

Johnson has admitted that they were unprepared (despite having a pandemic enquiry a good year before that showed them woefully inadequate – plus the knowledge that they knew pandemics came round regularly – SARS, MERS, EBOLA, Swine Flu, Bird Flu – only a matter of time). Complacency and Brexit have cost thousands of lives!!

I went for a walk up my hill. A hot day with blue skies. It is so beautiful. Yesterday a young fox with reddy/brown fur walked up the road to about five feet away from me. We both looked at each other then he went off. It was a lovely experience. I love nature.

On the way up the hill I composed a couple of poems about Tories and their undermining of democracy.

Yet the Tories are still leading in the polls!!! People are both gullible and stupid!!

When I came back I painted our art installation and bird feeder in bright reds, greens, blues and yellow. That brightened it up.

It looks like the lockdown is about to be relaxed more. I think I’m ready for it. It would be nice to see friends and family!! Schools are going back. The roads are clogged – return to normality.  But we still had over 300 deaths and 400 new cases. The virus is still around. But, at last, today they are bringing in the testing and follow up! About bloody time!! (In order to distract from Dominic Cummings and his ludicrous explanations!). We’ll see if they can manage to contain it this time or if we get a second wave!

Meanwhile the USA is still recording 2000 new cases a day and has topped 100,000 deaths and Brazil is surging away with 20,000 cases a day too. It’s a wonder these arrogant populist cretins have any credibility with anyone!

Still – I suppose the good news is that we’ve been in isolation and have not gone down with the disease!! Another day is coming to an end!!

Stay safe everyone – I’m off to cook dinner – a nice Thai curry!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 74

This is beginning to get tedious. Two thousand and four new cases in the UK today. That does not sound very many spread over the whole of the UK. I wonder how many are skulking in my area?

Of course, one has to remember that firstly these are only the reported cases, the real number might be a lot higher, and secondly that there is up to two weeks gestation period – so an unknown number of people may be asymptomatic and spreading it.

Even so, I am wondering if the risk isn’t small enough to warrant meeting up with family and grandchildren and friends – at least outside??

It would seem to me that it is the loonies who are meeting up in big groups who are the ones most at risk – but then there is rarely any justice, is there?

Meanwhile the States is chugging along at 16,700 new cases with States opening up. Are they heading for a big second wave in a week or two? There seem to be a lot of people disregarding all precautions and social distancing.

Cummings, who has made a lot of enemies, including half the British population who despise his lies over Brexit, is still hanging on despite his ludicrous, risible justification for his illegal flaunting of the regulations he brought in. He needs to resign. On the other hand he is clearly demonstrating the arrogance of the Tories, their elitism and the way they take the electorate for fools – perhaps it will wake a lot of people up?

Certainly the ineptitude and complacency is apparent for all to see! Hang in there Dominic. You’re doing a great job of showing the Tories up for the privileged arrogant twerps they really are.

“Should have gone to Barnard Castle instead of Specsavers.”

Apparently Dominic Cummings is a very slow driver. He drove 260 miles and it took the contagious.

Hearing rumours that Dominic Cummings only travelled to see family in Durham because he’d been rejected by his family in Oxford and Cambridge

I’m not allowed to see my mum so I’m going to visit Dominic Cummings parents in Durham instead.
Apparently that’s fine.

Dominic Cummings blags his way on to a lifeboat ‘I have a child.’

The jokes go on – but behind them is real loathing of the arrogant creep and his hypocrisy and lying. I wrote to my MP on the basis that if they get enough mail they have to take action!!

The real reason why he can’t be sacked is that Johnson is too lazy to do the work himself – without Cummings he’d sink.

So anyway, I cheered myself up today by playing the Fugs – Wide Wide River. It seemed appropriate.

It was a great day so I walked up to the top of my hill as my daily exercise. This Spring goes on and on giving warmth and sunshine.

Then I edited another chapter of the Roy Harper book. All going well.

Hopefully I have sorted out the problems on my two new Sci-fi novels – Green and Star. We’ll see. They should be available soon!!

Thus endeth another day! Stay Safe everyone.

The Corona Diaries – Day 73

I can feel the whole lockdown beginning to relax. The number of new cases and deaths are both coming down. There is a different feel around. People are out, cars are about. Up here they are social distancing – not sure that is the case everywhere though!

That slimy Cummings still has not resigned. The pressure is building!! This is the lying, conniving mastermind behind Brexit who deviously spent his time spinning, lying and spreading propaganda. He’s the one who has boosted Johnson into being elevated above his competence! He needs to go!

One rule for everybody!!! No elitist spin!!

Today a friend of mine dropped in for a socially distanced walk. That was great – a good time to have a good natter. I’ve missed that.

We walked up to the top of my hill (I have now claimed it). Very pleasant day again!

I have had kindle report problems with the covers of both my new books – Star and Green. Seemingly the writing is wrong on the cover is wrong. Not sure how I can put that right. It’s an automatic process? We’ll see. Nothing in life is straightforward.

I’ve been working on my new Ron Forsythe website and blog. Hoping to get it up and running tomorrow. An important step for me. I’m useless at these things.

I’ve been playing a lot of Velvet Underground and Nico. I find her voice so haunting.

A bit of a mixed day!!

Still not ill – so you all stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 71

Over ten weeks in isolation now – only another twenty years to go!!

I’m so glad that the government has got it all under control! I see China is now Covid-free. No new cases in New Zealand as the USA approached 97,000 deaths!! Brazil has record number of new cases!

Here Cummings is on the run after blatantly disobeying the very laws he introduced. If the Tories have a shred of integrity they’ll fire him!!

Today I’ve been playing the soothing tones of John Renbourn. Fabulous.

I walked up the hill. The wind was still blowing a gale. Everywhere were leaves and branches. The trees looked battered. Nature is angry.

On the writing front I have just published Green as a Ron Forsythe book. It is in the process of being published. I’m just finishing the cover of Star and that will be out too in the next week.

That will about complete my Ron Forsythe series of Sci-fi. I will then focus on my new Ron Forsythe blog and then look to secure a literary agent or publishing house. I have enough of a catalogue to be of interest. Anybody know of a good Literary Agent or Publisher??

Still feeling a bit jaded. I’m off to read for a bit!!

Stay safe!

The Corona Diaries – Day 70

That’s it – ten weeks of lockdown. I’m getting a bit weary and jaded. I can’t seem to rouse the same level of enthusiasm that I had. I’m having to make myself do stuff.

I’m going to take myself off to do some reading to revitalise myself.

I am finding the news quite depressing. The levels of incompetence and stupidity is enormous. These are the clowns that we elected!

Trump is taking an antimalarial drug in the hope that it will give him immunity. That sounds a bit like having yourself inoculated for polio in the midst of a smallpox epidemic. The latest reports indicate that the drug is actually detrimental – causing heart problems. The man is a liability. I think he owns shares in that drug company! What a fool.

Bolsonaro is still in denial. Brazil now has a massive increase in cases and deaths and the jerk is still saying it’s a little flu. All he cares about is money. A complete jerk.

Johnson can’t be found. The lazy bastard is probably off partying. Finally they are getting around to sorting out airports. Every other country has temperature checks and even virus checks. We’re just getting around to it! Horses, bolts and after, come to mind. They are still denying that they dumped people back into care homes and left the care homes to look after themselves. The wishy washy message has opened up everywhere. I really hope this doesn’t backfire!!

No wonder I despair. These populist leaders might know how to get elected but when it comes to doing anything they are worse than useless.

Today I am playing RL Burnside – I need something to buck me up!!

I went for a walk up my hill. It was stormy with gusts of wind that nearly bowled you over. Very different to yesterday. But interesting!

Working on Roy Harper book, Green and hoping to get Star finished today. But right now I’ve had enough. I’m off to read!

Catch you tomorrow.

Stay Safe!!

Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – RL Burnside

I discovered RL Burnside after purchasing a Fat Possum sampler. He’s a rockin’ Bluesman from North Mississippi – the same region as Howlin’ Wolf. You can hear that in the hypnotic rhythms that he specialises in.

Fat Possum was a great label. They specialised in producing raw exciting Blues, just how it should be.

Today I’ll be rockin’ to RL!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 69

Good to see that the government have given in to pressure from Labour and the public to not charge health workers and carers for the pleasure of risking their lives.

In the States the death-toll is 96,600 and the Republicans are trying to deny the figures!! Unbelievable! They are still talking about opening up even though they are likely to get a new surge of cases. The death rate is still over a thousand a day!! No end in sight!

Meanwhile China is getting back to normal!

Are we witnessing a real change in the balance of power? America is looking down and out to me! A disaster of an economy, an unequal society, division and violence! Will they come back from this.

Here in the UK there was another 351 deaths with 2,500 new cases.  We are promised more testing and follow-up – about bloody time!!

As soon as we get organised we can end this lockdown!!

But it does appear to be getting down to levels where we can control it. As the WHO said months back TEST TEST TEST.

Johnson appears to have gone walk about! Nowhere to be seen – running away from Starmer’s questioning! Public opinion is swinging. People are finally seeing through the buffoon!!

Today I’ve been blasting Jefferson Airplane out loud!

I went for my daily walk up the hill – its a bit over three miles – a nice length. The sun was out but it was blowing a gale. But it was great to be out. Legs sandblasted with grit. Leaves and blossom blown off the trees. Quite a bit different to the stillness of yesterday!

I have another chapter of the Roy Harper book edited and the Star Sci-Fi novel is ready to go out!

Isolation continues – but with tracking and follow-up I’m beginning to see a glimmer!!

Here’s to the future – Keep Safe!!