The Corona Diaries Day 344

Pretty much a repeat of yesterday – cold, overcast, misty but not raining or windy. I was back wearing a scarf for my walk. I don’t mind. As long as I’m wrapped up. I don’t much like driving rain, gusty wind or sleet. The rest I can cope with. Over the course of my 344 days I’ve been walking in all sorts. Today was good.

I visited my adopted horse who came over to receive his carrot.

Back home I’ve have been doing a last read through my Harper book before it goes off to the publishers and I’ve started writing a new Sci-fi novel. I’ve nearly drafted out the first chapter – lots of ideas. It’s flowing.

I’ve also been playing some uplifting Coasters! A fun band!! I do like 50s R & B.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland it’s a mixed picture – mainly good though.

The new vaccines are proving exceptionally safe and remarkably successful at preventing illness and death. More even than the scientists and politicians could possibly have hope for. The death rates are now coming down so fast in the older groups who have been vaccinated that we will soon be recorded far fewer deaths than normal.

I bet this is making the antivaxxers feel really silly for believing all those rubbish conspiracy theories and not having more faith in science. I blame fools like Trump for undermining belief in science.

It is becoming more and more obvious that we will be having vaccine passports as countries are already making demands.

I have noticed a real upward note in the scientists as they see the fantastic effects of the vaccine. There is talk of getting back to normal by summer.

When the vulnerable are all vaccinated it will take the pressure off the health service. People will not be getting ill enough to require hospital treatments and the death rate will come right down. The only people at risk will be antivaxxers, those unable to have the jab for medical reasons and an unlucky small number for whom the vaccine is not effective.

It is rare for the young to get very ill.

That then poses the question – do we have to stay locked down in order to protect that minority when the bulk of those more vulnerable are choosing to put themselves at risk by refusing to be vaccinated?

I would suggest not. When all those above fifty are vaccinated I reckon we could completely open up and go back to normal.

There are only a few major obstacles:

Firstly we have the possibility of variants, such as the Brazilian strain, which might make the vaccine useless. If they were allowed to spread (now that our inept government with its lax border control has allowed them into the country) we could be in trouble. That could keep us locked down under a modified booster jab is available in Autumn.

Secondly, there might be too many antivaxxers so that the strain on health services would be too great to allow opening up.

Thirdly, vaccinated people might still be able to spread the disease (athough the evidence is mounting that this is not the case).

Let’s hope!! I want my freedom and a big dose of normality!!

Stay safe!!

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