The Corona Diaries – Day 416

It was a glorious day today. The sun was shining and it was warm! I started off doing a bit of editing and listening to some Slim Harpo then we decided to go out to the Moors for the day. We took a long five hour walk at Grosmont. It was fabulous. Needless to say I took a few snaps and will put them up tomorrow..

Lunch was a pork pie and pint of Black Sheep. Dinner was fish and chips (I know – a little light on vegetables and fruit – but I did have homemade chutney with the pie!). After I finish this I’m off to watch the footie! Looks like being an excellent day in lockdown! An indulgence!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the lies and sleaze go on unabated. Our former Tory PM assured the parliamentary committee that he was motivated to put pressure on his Tory colleagues out of public interest and it had nothing to do with the tens of millions he was making out of it. That’s right – an estimated £70 million. Remember, this is the @We’re all in it together’ guy – the one who created ten years of austerity for us, with pay cuts, zero hours and job losses. In Tory terms ‘we’re all in it together’ simply means that we’re taking cuts so they can make massive multimillion pound handouts. This is also the guy who said, when he was PM, that he was going to sort out the lobbying and make it transparent. He was right about it being a major crisis though wasn’t he? He just did not foresee that it would be him in the middle of it!

I wonder how much all these people like Cameron and Osborne are actually making? They pretend to be serving the country when in actual fact they are planning to use the knowledge and contacts to become billionaires! If that isn’t corruption I don’t know what is!

Advisors on boards. Advisors??? More like treasonous loophole fixers and contract fixers. It stinks.

Watch what happen to Johnson when he’s finally kicked out. What multimillion pound deals will he be already plotting. Soon £840 a roll wallpaper will be chickenfeed.

Speaking of inept clowns – who could have foreseen it??? The Indian virus is taking off like mad with huge Bolton surge. The variant is 60 times more contagious. Who could have foreseen that four weeks ago when they declined to shut the borders and allowed thousands of people to fly in from India completely unquarantined at a time when the variant was making a hellhole out of India. Who could possibly have known??

Well – we did know there was a new Indian variant that was of concern.

We did know that it was attacking younger people and people who had been vaccinated.

We did know that it was out of control in India and was killing tens of thousands.

We were aware that it might invalidate our own vaccination program.

We were aware that thousands of people were coming back from India – scared from hat they were seeing.

We do know that the successful countries all closed their borders and that this is the most important factor of all.





I Don’t suppose it had anything to do with Brexit and desperation for a trade deal with India. did it? I don’t suppose it was anything to do with that meeting Johnson was going to have with Modi??? No surely not? Nobody would be stupid enough to put the whole country at risk for the sake of a meeting with Modi and a trade deal with India, would they?

I suppose the Indian Variant and the subsequent lockdowns, deaths and economic hit is just another small thing we can add to the list of Brexit costs.

The NHS now has a backlog of 5 million cases to deal with. This is obviously due to Covid. It has nothing to do with years of underfunding, lack of resources and reserves, creeping privatisation, ten of thousands of unfilled vacancies for doctors and nurses (hostile environment, Brexit and underfunding) and grotesquely overworked and underpaid staff??

Then there’s the footie. The European cup is being played between two British teams!! Great stuff!! 6000 fans can attend. Great stuff!! The venue in Turkey for the cup final can’t be used because Turkey (under the populist Erdogan) is ravaged by coronavirus. They have to select a new venue.

No brainer eh? Two British teams. Wembley is available. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Travel, particularly abroad, is not to be encouraged. It’s Wembley!

No it isn’t.

It seems EUFA need 3000 seats for corporate executives. The UK won’t waiver quarantine for them. So they’ve opted for Portugal!!

So we can’t have 3000 people coming in from abroad but we can have 6000 going out and coming back.

I think Johnson and the Tory party must have come up with that one!!

I’m off to watch the footie!!

Stay Safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 415

It still feels warm compared to the last month or so! That’s good. I don’t like the cold!

I spent the morning shopping for carpet and paint! Sounds like I’m going to be put to work shortly! I hate shopping. I can’t think of much worse than trailing round shops looking at carpets! (well I can actually – but it felt like a waste of a morning).

I went to the dentist. I had a filling drop out and it sounds like a big job to get it fixed – lots of drilling. I’m organising a mortgage. Liz also needs major work! We might need to sell the house!

Back home I consoled myself by playing Chuck Berry and replying to George Rehema who is a Christian. He seems to think I need saving. I think he’s brainwashed.

I wrote a bit on religion and a piece on politics. After I complete this I will go and start editing. Then I shall finish reading one of my books. I’ve got three on the go.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – The Labour Party is back to pulling itself apart, the Tories are doling out money to their rich chums and lying about it, the media are telling lies and life is pretty much normal. India and Brazil are still going nuts. The virus is rampant. The USA still has 34,084 new cases with 693 deaths. The UK still has 2,474 new cases with 20 deaths. The virus hasn’t gone away. But that doesn’t stop people from thinking of summer holidays abroad. Pick up the variant and put us back to square 1.

It seems that the economy is recovering – so that’s OK.

Life goes by in the sky. Nothing to do with you or I.

The WHO report was interesting:

‘The panel argued that the WHO’s Emergency Committee should have declared the outbreak in China an international emergency a week earlier than it did.

It should have done so at its first meeting on 22 January last year, the report said, instead of waiting until 30 January.

The month following the WHO’s declaration was “lost” as countries failed to take appropriate measures to halt the spread of the virus.

The WHO was then hindered by its own regulations that travel restrictions should be a last resort, the panel said, adding that Europe and the US wasted the entire month of February and acted only when their hospitals began to fill up.’

If China and the WHO had acted quicker it could have been contained!

The UK and USA did not take it seriously, ignored the WHO and wasted a whole month.

They should have closed borders!

What they are basically saying is that the complacency of Johnson, Bolsonaro, Trump, Modi and Erdogan has killed hundreds of thousands.

I think we knew that!

I hope people are taking notes. Things have to be better for the next one!

Johnson says they’ll be a public enquiry in Spring 2022. I bet I know who will be running it too and who will be found not guilty in the slightest!

Stay safe!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaaAANNnneeEE in Isolation – Chuck Berry – Berry Is On Top

I’m going back to the 50s for a bit of energy. Chuck was a genius. So glad I got to see him perform. Amazing.

(2) Chuck Berry – Berry Is On Top – Full Album (Vintage Music Songs) (Vintage Music Songs) – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 414

I bet you are all feeling better today and are wondering why everything is so much better today. It’s because of me! Yes, that’s right!

Yesterday we had a delightful meal in the garden with friends and spent the time putting everything in the world right. The effects should be apparent almost straight away. It is very much needed.

Today I’ve been writing a bit of poetry and listening to Pink Floyd – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. Great stuff.

I see the government is rolling out its campaign to create a one-party state. The latest thing is voter ID. This is no problem for me but it will hit the very people who are most likely to vote Labour. Every little disincentive helps. We saw the same thing in the USA. They made it difficult for ethnic minorities to register and also reduced the number of polling stations so that they had further to go. Johnson models himself on Trump.

So we have the BBC loaded with Tories, the tabloids pumping out Tory propaganda and lies and they are after sorting the electoral boundaries to make it harder for Labour to win. What’s the definition of tyranny?

It was bright and sunny and my calf felt a lot better so I set off up my hill!! It felt good not to have to wear a jacket and gloves! It is fascinating seeing the succession of flowers. We are moving out of spring into summer. The daffodils, violets and snowdrops have gone. The bluebells, fox gloves, primroses and red campion are all out. There were lots of flies around and the swallows were having a feast. A lone buzzard circled overhead. It felt good. Summer lies ahead of us. We are heading off to Devon and Cornwall to see friends! Looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the virus is on the retreat. The vaccines have got the death-rate down to near zero and the cases continue to tumble.

I think the vaccine has saved Johnson’s bacon. His inept performance put us right near the top of the table for cases and deaths. Fortunately for him the vaccine came in at the right time. It prevented a third wave. That third wave swept through the continent and caused much misery and death. It made their stats much worse which had the effect of making ours look much better than they were.

I thought it was interesting reading Neil Lock’s analysis of the pandemic in Europe. He agrees with me that the single most effective thing is to close the borders and quarantine all entries. This is what countries like New Zealand, Vietnam and Australia did. It is why they have had such low numbers.

In the USA, UK and Brazil the inept leaders were in denial and kept everything open. Foolhardy stupidity. They were warned.

Another of his findings was that there was a need to ban gatherings. Another mistake that Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro made. It was also the thing that Modi encouraged that has led to the current Indian disaster. If he had not encouraged the Hindu festivities India would not be in its present mess.

I hope these idiots of leaders are going to be held accountable. Right now it looks as if they are getting away with murder.

I doubt that we’ll ever know the full extent of the deaths. So many places are covering it up! Bodies of covid victims are washing up on the banks of the ganges. Horrific. Modi is as big a fool as Trump and Bolsonaro.

Here vin the UK on the 17th we are pretty much coming out of lockdown. We will be able to meet up indoors, hug, go to restaurants, cinemas and gigs and get back to normal. I hope the antivaxxers are taking precautions. They are the ones at risk. The contact will cause much greater risk of infection. They are the ones who will be filling the hospitals.

I’m coming up three weeks after my second jab which means a 96% lowered risk of infection and almost 100% lowered risk of serious illness and death. The latest evidence is that the present variants are still responding to the vaccine. Johnson may have hit lucky and got another get out of jail free card.

So for now the future looks good!! I’m off to read and then watch some football!!

Stay safe!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSaaaAnNnneeee in Isolation – Pink Floyd – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.

I remember hearing this when it first came out and being blown away. Then seeing them live and being knocked out even more. Stupendous.

(2) The Pink Floyd: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn — Side A – YouTube

Poetry – Deja Vu

Deja Vu

I’m living in a bubble

Keeping the universe out.

Existing in life’s rubble

In a time full of doubt.

Whatever I do

It’s déjà vu.

My days are a repeating pattern

Nothing new seems to happen.

There’s no room

For anything new.

Whatever I do

It’s déjà vu.

My opportunities are rather lean.

My world’s collapsed into routine.

I’m looking for an opportunity

To renew.

But whatever I do

It’s déjà vu.

I’ve got a vaccine in my blood

That’s good at bubble bursting.

It’s giving me the possibility

For the change for which I’m thirsting.

It’ll all be new

No more of

This déjà vu.

Opher – 26.4.2021

I’ve enjoyed lockdown. It has given me the time to do so many things that I would never have normally had time for.

But I don’t like the way my life has slotted into this routine. I am craving for a bit of adventure.

The Corona Diaries – Day 413

The temperature is definitely higher! But it is a strange day – lots of showers and sunshine. I took a walk around the village and have been playing Bob Dylan.

This lunchtime we had friends round for lunch and a pleasant sit and talk in the garden. We did get rained on though! Not to worry – my skin’s waterproof. We lamented the performance of Labour, the gullibility of the public and the trend towards increasing ignorance.

We live in strange times. The world is full of trivia, stupidity and no real connection with reality. We are increasing ruled by prejudice and propaganda.

What next?

Meanwhile, in Coronaland the Labour Party seems to have totally lost its way.

They are looking towards what the electorate want. It should be nothing to do with what the electorate want. It should be about principles. These are the principles we hold to be true. If you agree vote for us. If you don’t vote for someone else.

No wonder the electorate find them patronising. It’s surely about what you believe in – not what is popular.

Here in the UK there were only 2 deaths and the new cases are down to 1,770. It’s all heading in the right direction!! In a few days times we can invite people in and actually hug!

Is this the reason Boris Johnson is so popular? Have everybody forgotten the incompetence that led to 128,000 deaths? Does the cronyism and corruption count for nothing? Is nobody bothered by the lies?

I despair at the lowering of standards. There’s a different set of rules for people like Johnson and Trump. They are excused the normal standards.

The reason Johnson can’t manage on £200,000 a year is because he has to support his kids going through education – and they can’t be expected to attend ordinary schools like the rest of us! Stinks to me!

So hug away and get all your friends and relatives round and thank Boris for it all – why don’t you?? I’ll tell you why – he’s an inept fool who hasn’t got a clue, who’s killed 128,000 and hit lucky with the vaccine.

Meanwhile, in the background, unmentioned, Brexit is playing havoc with jobs and is busy blighting the future.

I’m sick of it – off for a walk!!

Stay safe!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSsSaaaaAnNNnnNEee in Isolation – Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited

This was the second of Dylans trilogy of brilliant electric albums – Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde. Then he had his motorbike accident and nothing was ever the same again.

There were three amazing groundbreaking acoustic albums followed by these superb groundbreaking electric albums. Then we had to wait for a while for Blood On The Tracks, Planet Waves and Desire.

Today I’ll be back there enjoying what might have been. Dylan changed everything.

(2) Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan (Full Album) – YouTube

Poetry – Covid-19 – the most precious gift

Covid-19 – the most precious gift

Calendars cleared.

                Meetings postponed.

All urgency

                Instantly on hold.

Days waiting to be filled.

                An empty canvas.

                                A blank page.


                A precious gift.

                                Most precious of all.

Handed to us.

Opher – 21.4.2021

Life was so hectic. There wasn’t time to stop and see nature. There wasn’t time to read. There wasn’t time to write.

We did not have time.

Then, suddenly, time was given to us.

We had time to do everything!

A precious gift.

How wisely did we spend it?