That’s Thanksgiving over – now for Christmas!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 251

Today we had a long walk out to Byland Abbey – through the dank air and squidgy mud. We got quite wet and muddy but had a great time. Picniced at the abbey!

My four poetry books are all out!

Back home I dried off and played a bit of Richard and Mimi Farina, watched some football and chilled.

Dinner was a seafood pasta and wine! Far out!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland Trump is howling like the spoilt brat he is while his silly court cases melt away. He’s a lunatic.

With another 151,245 new cases yesterday and 1192 new deaths he should be locked up. He’s a mass killer!

In the UK the Johnson government flounders around. Another 14739 cases yesterday show that despite Lockdown we’re still doing badly. Ever since Cummings did his Barnard Castle stunt nobody takes any notice. Another 479 deaths due to incompetence!! The clown is in charge!

Roll on the vaccine!!

Stay safe.

The Corona Diaries – Day 250

Amazing – 250 days in isolation! It is so strange how one day life changes!!

A summary is required. So far we have not succumbed to the virus. Our eldest son and his family have had it (not surprising really – he’s a frontline nurse practitioner), our neighbour’s brother-in-law, who was only 52 and a keen cyclist, died of it, my sister, her husband and their eldest son have it. So we do know of cases – and it sounds pretty horrible.

I do not want to catch it. Certainly not just before the vaccine comes out. When the vaccine is out I will be first in line. I can’t wait to get back to normal!

Vaccination is the only answer.

But, we have to wait, postpone Christmas until such time as it is safe, and stay in this weird, unreal isolation. It does take it’s toll.

Fortunately we are incredibly busy. Indeed, I don’t know how I fitted everything in.

My day is spent reading, walking, writing and watching sport and TV dramas. Plus – we decorated the whole house inside and out!

Today I did some reading (Stephen King – The Institute) I walked over my hill and down to the road. It’s about six miles and takes the best part of two hours. It’s a great walk.

I came home did some editing on my Harper book, played some Jimmy Reed, and in twenty minutes I’m off to watch the rugby.

This evening I will do some more editing and then watch some more of The Bridge (Scandy drama – very good).

Not seeing anybody or going out for meals, cinema, theatre, gigs is very strange. I could do with some live music – not sure where I’d fit everything in though!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland Trump is still causing havoc and deliberately winding up his base with lies – claiming the election was rigged and there was massive fraud. All his court cases are dissolving because there is no evidencce of voter fraud at all. He just can’t accept that the people want him out!!

Goodbye Trump!!!!

The virus is rampaging in the US – a record 199,104 new cases with another 1388 deaths. Instead of whingeing Trump needs to start leading and dealing with the crisis! 265,000 deaths!! How many does it take?

His oppo Bolsonaro in Brazil is just as bad. He was telling everyone that he isn’t going to be vaccinated and that masks don’t work. Brazil is second worst in the world – with another 514 deaths and 34,130 new cases yesterday. The man is a complete fool.

In the UK we have got it down to 14,739 new cases due to lockdown but we still have 520 deaths. Another fool in charge.

In New Zealand and Vietnam they had just 11 new cases between them and no deaths. That surely says something!

Christmas is coming – the virus is rubbing its little hands with glee. They’ll be plenty of work for the morticians!

The good news is that they are rolling out the vaccine soon for the over 80s. I might lie about my age!

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 249

I am beginning to feel that I’ve been in this weird lockdown forever. It’s unreal and becoming normal.

Life has gone into some repeating pattern. I like a bit more variety and interaction than this.

I walked up my hill in the sunshine and cold. There were no murmurations, red kites or stoats, but some nice sunshine on the green fields made it worthwhile. I think my body is getting used to this daily two hour walk. It’s not protesting too much.

Back home I set about publishing my poetry books. Amazingly, during lockdown I realised that I had written over five hundred poems. So I set about sorting, editing, correcting and arranging them. It is a task I have been doing for a week or two.

I found I had four volumes.

Yesterday I published Polly Ticks, Squawks, Trumps and Parasites. It is a volume of political poems – ditties about Trump mainly.

Today I published Poems For The Planet – a collection of my poems about nature and the environment.

I also published Random Muses From My Mind – a collection of poems about all manner of things from suicide bombers to Rock Music, via quantum physics and celebrity.

I am present working on the last volume 350 Million Oven-Ready World-Beating Poems.

It’s keeping me busy.

Then I’m back on my Harper books. It is keeping me busy. I’m enjoying myself.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the mayhem and madness continues.

Trump is still having a meltdown, claiming widespread fraud in the election with absolutely no evidence. He’s evil. This is all geared to psyching up his base and undermining Biden and democracy. Unprecedented and unworthy. Nobody has ever behaved as badly as this in American history.

Perhaps he should start doing something about the terrible Covid-19 virus? He’s allowing it to get out of control and doesn’t seem to care!

Yesterday there were another 103,116 new cases with 1,178 deaths! Surely this requires some attention??? Seemingly not.

He does not give a damn about the 265,000 Americans who have died on his watch! All that matters is his power.

Same in Brazil with Bolsonaro – 37,614 new cases just yesterday with 691 deaths

I do not think these men have any conscience!

Here in the UK we had another 17,555 new cases with 498 deaths.

Once again, I have to compare this to countries who were prepared and took decisive action – New Zealand and Vietnam had only 17 new cases and again – no deaths. Life there is normal! We’re in lockdown with economic catastrophe!!

We’re heading for Brexit with more job losses and pain.

Still think these populists were a good idea? The three fools have killed over a third of a million people between them!!

So we head towards Christmas with ‘Don’t Hug a Granny’ and tiers that very much resemble lockdown, foolish lifting of restrictions over Christmas, a big revolt of Tory MPs (who don’t care about deaths) and the promise of tests and vaccines.

We’ll see. The story hasn’t been good so far.

The good news is that they are not giving the vaccine distribution to their chums like they’ve done with everything else. They are giving it to the NHS this time – so it might work!!

Over in Denmark, where they buried millions of mink because of mutating Covid virus, they are digging them up. They decided that they should have been incinerated!

It soundds to me as if this might be a good time to stop keeping poor animals locked in cages like this just to kill for their fur. It stinks!!

When will we grow out of this cruelty??

It’s not a nice world we have created.

2 out of 10. We need to do a lot better!

So stay safe – and let’s make some positive changes!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 248

Well incredibly, I still have not had Covid. I suppose that is not surprising because we are not have contact with people, but it wasn’t really what I was expecting.

I do now know of a number of people who have had the illness with varying degrees of sickness, and one who has died (a 52 year old cyclist).

With Christmas looming we are steering clear of meeting up with family. We might have a get together when we’ve had the vaccine!

Today started sunny so we decided to head for the coast and have a walk by the sea.

There were lots of wading birds along the water’s edge. Great to see.

Back home I’ve been working on my poetry books and listening to some early acoustic Dylan. He was brilliant, wasn’t he?

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Mad Trump continues to rail and whine. He is now saying that he must have won because of the size of his rally crowds! Poor fool hasn’t realised that it is the size of the vote that counts – not the rally crowds! They are just the fanatic nutters.

His incompetence killed another 2313 people yesterday. Can you believe that??? If this had been a terrorist attack the USA would be nuking people. That is now over 263,000 people dead in the USA compared to 25 in New Zealand. Jacinda Ardherne was presiding over 1 new case yesterday. She did it right. He did it wrong and is still doing it wrong. At this rate Biden won’t have too many left to preside over! It’s a catastrophe.

In the UK we are still in lockdown but had another 18,213 new cases yesterday. I think people have stopped paying any attention to our clown in chief. He’s an idiot. We had another 695 deaths.

In Brazil it is zooming up again – 47,898 new cases and 654 deaths!

Populism is taking a heavy toll on people. Hopefully we have learnt our lesson – but I doubt it. People are daft.

I’m getting back to my poetry. Stay safe everyone. A vaccine is coming!

The Corona Diaries – Day 247

It rained all morning so I stayed in worked on my three poetry books and played some Leonard Cohen. Fantastic.

This afternoon it stopped raining so I went for my walk. It was cloudy when I set off – completely overcast. Nature always has a way of serving up something special. Yesterday it was my sunset and rainbows – today was different.

It started with me reaching the lane that runs up to the top of my hill when I spied a large bird perched in a tree.

As I approached I could see that it was a large raptor. Closer still and I saw it was one of the Red Kites. Fabulous birds.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, I didn’t have my camera. I nabbed this photo from Wikipedia.

When I was very close it took off. Further up the lane I found it perched with its mate in another tree. They both took off as I came near and flew over me and away.

That was a great start.

Further up my hill I spied a murmuration of starlings and stopped to watch them making their patterns.

By the time I had gone down the other side of my hill the cloud bank had moved along and the sun was out. It bathed the land in golden light and threw my shadow halfway across the field. Fabulous.

What would we do without nature?

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – the US madness continues. Trump is out on the golf course or in his bunker sulking while the Covid-19 new cases rose to 179,067 yesterday with another 2216 deaths. He really doesn’t care and is not doing anything. It’s down to Biden to warn everyone about the huge dangers of meeting up for Thanksgiving. They’ll be burying a lot of people in a months time! Trump has been a disaster of huge magnitude – 2216 unnecessary deaths just yesterday!! No deaths in places like Vietnam and New Zealand – just thirteen new cases between them. It highlights the magnitude of Trump’s utter incompetence and irresponsibility. He was promoting all those rallies and politicising the virus – encouraging people not to distance or wear masks. The fool!!

Here in the UK with have to contend with Billy Bunter, or Trump-light as he is known. At least the lockdown is having some effect. we were down to 11,299 cases but with 608 deaths!!

Christmas will probably give us a big spike of deaths just before the vaccine kicks in!!

Talking of vaccines – the antivaxxers are putting recovery at risk. It’s one of those annoying American imports, along with game-shows, squealing girls and QAnon. I’m sick to death with daft conspiracy theories. I can understand people being a bit leery if it hadn’t been tested properly, but it has. It won’t pass without being tested properly. I’m going to be first in line. I can’t wait to be free of the worry. I really don’t want Covid thank you very much.

So – still symptom free and feeling good. Stay safe!!