The Corona Diaries – Day 701 – January 24th 2022

I was fascinated to read what I had written just under a year ago regarding the politics of the day. Our resident crime syndicate of a government decaying under the weight of its own sleaze!! Makes for interesting reading.

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Nearing the end of January (not my favourite month) the sky was overcast but it was dry and not raining so I took myself up my hill for an early walk. At the top of the hill I found myself looking out over a wet and soggy land enshrouded in mist.

I came home and set about editing my Beefheart book while listening to the Kills.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is hovering on the brink. Just as he’s trying to come to terms with Partygate and prepare himself for the onslaught of Sue Gray there suddenly comes Muslimgate out of left-wing. We haven’t got over Bullygate either and still have Covidgate, Sleazegate, Wallpapergate and Brexitgate to come.

The common feature in them all is Johnson’s cavalier attitude, entitlement, lack of detail, lies and laziness. It all sends a clear message. You can break rules, even laws. It’s always party time. You don’t have to work hard. You just make things up. You can get away with anything.

Partygate – the cavalier breaking of rules, lying and love of partying. Wine, women and wallpaper. Arrogant superiority and disdain for the little people. We make the rules. You do as you’re told. We do as we want. It’s party time.

Muslimgate – we can be racist, rude and offensive. We pretend to be inclusive but we aren’t. We have token ethnic minorities but we don’t like them. Why do you think we wanted Brexit? We don’t like foreigners. We’re the party of xenophobia – letter boxes and sacks says it all.

Bullygate – it’s black and white. We tell you what to do and if you don’t do it you will pay. Rules and laws mean nothing. We don’t have to follow them. Blackmail, threats and nastiness are the tools of the trade.

Covidgate – we alternated panicking with complacency, did everything too late or two early, dumped the old, dumped the care homes, used it as an excuse to give billions to ourselves and our chums and killed more people than nearly everyone else. We did not have our eye on the ball, did not know what we were doing, ignored advice and cocked up. No attention to detail, coupled with arrogance and incompetence made everything much worse than it needed to be. Confusing messaging, invisibility and breaking the rules that were made coupled with failure to set examples – a disaster. Silly sound bites and exaggerated claims of world-beating this that and the other, magic moonshots and then lie about it, tell everyone it was a great success and that Johnson introduced vaccination and saved the world. In reality it has been a complete mess up and a lot of Tories made a lot of money.

Sleazegate – second jobs, revolving doors, lobbying rules broken, Cameron and Patterson, government ministers earning millions while working in the Caribbean, backhanders, illegal donations, cash for peerages, cash for meetings, cash for everything. The Cayman Isles must be groaning under the money being stashed away from all the dodgy deals we don’t know about. The Tory Party has been profiteering.

Wallpapergate – the tip of an iceberg – illegal donations from promises and deals. We’re expected to believe that these people do it for nothing. They do it because they expect stuff in return. Meals, expensive wine, refurbishment, expensive holidays. Heaven knows what else goes on in private.

Brexitgate – based on lies, unfounded promises of sunny uplands, xenophobia, racism, nostalgia for an age that never was, nationalism and fear. 5 Million Turks, Muslims taking over, Eastern Europeans taking over, unimpeded immigration. Stark horror out of the minds of racists who despise foreigners and still think Britain is not only superior but should have its empire back. So badly negotiated that it has landed us in the shit, ruined trade, loaded us with red-tape and delays, left food rotting, put costs up, created HGV shortages, nursing and caring shortages and stopped our youngsters having access to Europe for work and study. Obstacles, impediments and competition replace free trade, cooperation and friendliness. But a lot of Tories made a lot of money out of it – how many million did Rees-Mogg make??

It’s a nasty long list of malaise that all stems from one man – a self-serving clown whose character flaws, greed and gluttony have created a government of self-serving, lazy fools who think they too can get away with murder.

It all comes from the top!

So, yesterday there were another 74,800 new cases. Not exactly tumbling down is it? There were only 75 deaths though. That’s something. Though they’ll probably tell us that they forgot to count them over the weekend or that it doesn’t count people with nasty coughs.

The ONS is insistent that there have been 177,000 deaths which mention covid. But what’s 20,000 deaths to a Tory?? Let the bodies pile up!!

We’re fine. There may be a new variant on the horizon and we may lose half of our NHS staff soon who are being kicked out because they’re un, and we’ve lost 2 million days of NHS staff due to long covid, so they’ll be nobody to care for us, but we are trialling the antiviral drug from Merck!! Maybe it’ll work. The hospitals will be closed but they can pop it in the post to us.

Lord Agnew resigned. He’s been in charge of fraud. Well I bet a number of Tories have really been in charge of fraud. But he’s getting out before Fraudgate becomes investigated. It seems that he has mislaid £4.3 billion. It’ll probably turn up in some MPs account on the Cayman Islands.

Johnson will need a lot of money to maintain his lifestyle, childcare and alimony.

Stay safe – this looks like being an interesting week!! We could have a leadership contest for who’s taking over the crime syndicate!

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Today’s Music to keep me SssSSAaaaNNnnNEee in Isolation – Sean Taylor

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Gunboat Diplomacy

Gunboat Diplomacy

As project fear becomes reality

Threatening our neighbours with gunboat diplomacy.

Cameron and Osborne were quick to flee

Leaving us in the wreckage of what might be.

If this carries on we’ll be

Storming the beaches of Normandy.

Brainwashing from the Express and the Mail

Feeding us lies from nationalist hell.

All gobbled up without fail

By a bunch of people who can’t read too well.

Leading us off the rail

To cooperation’s death-knell.

You can forget collaboration

We’re on our own

Bought it on ourselves

As we start to moan.

As the prices rise

Have to take out a loan.

As the jobs evaporate

You’ll give out a groan.

‘Can’t get much worse’ I heard you say.

Think about that on your next pay day.

In zero hours heaven, no time to play.

While the millionaires are all making hay,

For you the skies only look grey.

So grit your teeth – it’s time to pay.

The Eton boys are running this show

Voted in with a Ho Ho Ho.

Taking back control to the status quo

So the rich get richer, the poor take the blow.

Building a country with a lot less dough.

For all us suckers it’s a world of woe.

Opher – 23.12.2020

War, war war. That’s the way it’s always been. Competition instead of collaboration.

A strong trading partnerships producing bonds leading to the longest period of peace.

The Anglo-Saxons, emanating from Germany, with the blood of the French Normans, the Italian Romans, and the Nordic Vikings  creating a mongrel race called the British.

Persuaded that they would be better off being apart.

Wealthy nationalists, who made a killing out of leaving these shores and leading us to disaster.

To leave the benefits of Europe for the isolation of uncertainty.

The Corona Diaries – Appendix 2

It felt quite warm today. Our grandchildren went home yesterday so we went for a nice leisurely walk up our hill. It was beautiful.

The blossom is already falling off the hedgerows and trees but the verges were alive with flowers. A mass of colour with patches of bluebells, dandelions, buttercups, speedwell, mallow, red campion, white dead nettle, daisies, cowslips and some lords and ladies. A huge orangy-red bracket fungus was growing on one of the trees. Fabulous.

There were plenty of insects flying about and I caught sight of my first swift of the year. A small flock of goldfinches flitting into the hedgerow. A kestrel was hovering over the field. A stoat ran across the road in front of us.

Fills my heart with joy to see the wildlife!! The trees and hedges were loud with birdsong and birds were collecting moss for nests.

We’ve lost so much over the last sixty years. Our wildlife has been devastated. We should treasure it and care for it or we’ll lose it altogether.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our immoral, corrupt leaders are, with the assistance of a sympathetic media, trying to brazen it all out.

Johnson must be running out of dead cats to throw on the table. It’s one cover-up and distraction after another. Boris Johnson has worked out that the electorate has the attention span of the average gnat. Just hide away and throw out a distraction or two and everyone forgets and moves on.

It enables gross misconduct, ineptitude and downright corruption to take place without proper scrutiny and with no accountability.

They are utterly dishonourable and shameless!!

So we have rulings that they broke the law over selling PPE to chums – nothing happens.

We have ruling that they broke the law over proroguing of parliament – nothing happens.

We have unroar over illegal lobbying of parliament – nothing happens.

We have illegal dumping of covid infested people into Care Homes – nothing happens.

We have a string of illegal parties that break the law – nothing happens.

We have Russian donors – nothing happens.

We have cash for secret meetings – nothing happens.

We have illegal donations – nothing happens.

We have Russian oligarchs put into the Lords – nothing happens.

We have a mass of Brexit issues – tarifs, delays, price rises, shortages, firms moving abroad, loss of business, firms closing down, the threat to Ireland, the threat to Scotland, the loss of cooperation, the loss of freedom of movement, the inability to work or live in the EU, the inability to study in the EU, food rotting in fields, fishing rights gone, and a cost to the UK economy of £37 billion a year – it goes on and on – not quite what we were promised!! Much more like what the Brexiteers called Project Fear. So where are all these wonderful trade deals?

Looks to me that now we’re a second-rate nation we’ve lost status and influence.

This pathetic government negotiated an appalling Brexit deal (with illegality thrown in) that is costing us a fortune; they covered that up with covid. They have handled covid appallingly with thousands of needless deaths, cronyism and corruption; they are covering that up with Ukraine.

They are incredibly bragging about Brexit and Covid using the Goebbels theory – if you lie convincingly enough and repeat it often enough then people believe it. It’s precisely what Putin is doing in Russia.

So we have further MET fines for illegality and the Sue Gray report to look forward to. This slime will probably brazen it out. They are trying to distract from partygate (a string of twenty-something parties – complete with bring your own booze, booze smuggled in with shopping trollies, party hats, tinsel and party games) by suggesting that Starmer did the same by having a curry and bottle of beer at a by-election strategy meeting. Wow!! Some stretch!!

They could find themselves hoisted on their own petard here! If the Durham police fine Starmer (which they won’t) he said he will resign. Where will that leave this dishonourable bunch of Tory slimeballs???

So, according to Johnson (and the British public) Covid is over. Lo and behold – stop testing and there are hardly any cases!! Is there a connection there??

The official stats say 11,274 new cases with 229 more deaths. Strange that – that the deaths are still trotting along nicely – 176,000 now (though the real figures are much higher!!

Stay safe!! We are living in a propaganda machine run by the Tory Party – it’s every bit as untrue as Putin is spewing out! Tories Lie!! I would have thought most people might know that by now – but I suppose when you have the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Times and BBC spewing out lies and propaganda it’s no wonder people believe the shite!

Block your ears! Read between the lines!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSssaAaaaNnnnNEEe in Isolation – David Gray

He was a bit mainstream and trendy but I found I really liked him. Still waiting for his sister Sue to bring out her report on Johnson’s criminality.

Today’s Music to keep me SssSsAaaaNnnnEEe in Isolation – Roy Harper – Work Of Heart

While not being one of Roy’s very Best albums this is still brilliant. I don’t think he ever made a really bad one. Even his worst have great redeeming songs and features.

It’s great to get out one of the ones that I play less than the others and rediscover the gems!!

I think I might have a Roy Harper day and immerse myself. Higher and Higher drawn to the flames. I hope the spirit metaphysic doesn’t put the light out!