The Corona Diaries – Day 300

Bloody hell!! Three hundred days of abnormal isolation! Three hundred consecutive five mile+ walks. Three hundred days without gigs, restaurants, theatre, cinema, friends and family!

it’s much worse in winter, isn’t it? Short days, cold, rain and dreariness. It saps the energy. We’ve run out of things to decorate. I don’t feel inspired to write any books. I’m lacking in motivation.

I think I’ve gone mad!!

Today was cold but sunny. We went for a walk up the hill. There was a big flock of geese. We watched them go over in a great V and watched as they alternated at the front of the formation like cyclists. We had a debate as to whether it was a conscious move to alternate or just instinctive. I think all creatures, including fish and other sea creatures like squid, are far more conscious and intelligent than we give them credit for.

Back home I’ve been raising my spirits and political awareness by playing Fela Kuti’s Zombie. Brilliant.

Still not inspired though.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – There is no sign of the virus abating in the three incompetent countries – in the USA the new cases are still running at 201,732 and the deaths at 3353. In the UK we have 41,342 new cases ans 1295 deaths. In Brazil there were another 61,567 new cases and 1050 deaths.

In contrast the countries that have shown us up by handling the pandemic continue to point the way. New Zealand had just 10 new cases and no deaths and Vietnam had one new case and no deaths.

If they can do it why can’t we?

No – don’t answer that. We all know why.

The rest of the world must be furious with us. Not only are we a breeding ground for the virus, exporting it to all parts, but we are enabling mutations to occur.

The more people who go down with the disease the more virus there is. The more virus there is the more mutations there are. The more mutations there are the more different strains there are. The more different strains there are the more likelihood of one of the strains being immune to the vaccine.

Our three macho fools of leaders are putting the whole world at risk because of their denials, complacency and dithering. Useless pillocks!!

Thank heavens Biden is taking over and we get some sense!! I see he’s doing a big executive blitz on Trump policies, reversing the environmental and covid policies. After 4 years of madness and ineptitude it’s good to see intelligence at work!!

The ray of hope is the vaccination. As soon as we reach herd immunity the virus is well on the retreat. The programme has to be world-wide though. We do not want any reservoir of virus mutating away throwing up new variants!

Vaccinate away!! A global operation!!

Stay safe!! The end is nigh!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 299

I’m sitting in my den listening to Leonard Cohen on a cold rainy day in Yorkshire. I’m contemplating going out for my walk this afternoon. I’m feeling a bit lazy today.

I’ll get it together!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I’m listening to some right-wing nutcase telling me that the storming of the Capitol was orchestrated by the left and that the election was definitely stolen.

America is pulling itself apart with conspiracy, lies and intolerance. The nutcases rule. We have armed militia, religious extremists and the north south divide. All sanity has fled.

The inauguration of Biden is going to be a quiet affair – the threats from right-wing morons is too great! What a sad state of affairs. Democracy is a casualty of Trump and the Tea Party. We’ll see what freedom means when America is in the hands of feudal warlords. It’s Mad Max for real!

I wonder what the world will be like when China is the only superpower??

Biden has a real job on his hands. Trump has left a legacy of chaos – not least of which is the terrible Covid situation. He’s inheriting a nightmare. The virus is increasing at the rate of 240,925 new cases a day with 3744 deaths. By the time Trump is finally kicked out the death toll will be over 400,000. A terrible legacy. Sooner or later someone is going to ask the question – how come a place like New Zealand has no new cases or deaths? How come they have only had 25 deaths in total? How come a poor Asian country like Vietnam, with all its poverty and crowded cities, has only had 35 deaths?

The answer is Trump.

Here in the UK Trump-light Johnson has a similar (if not worse) record of incompetence. We have another 55,000 new cases despite this partial lockdown and there were another 1280 deaths. So back to work and eat out to die. We’re world beating!

It seems to me that what we need is decisive leadership. No dithering, macho posturing or complacence. These are the attributes that kill.

Shut the bloody borders! Track Trace and Isolate! Hunt the virus and eradicate it. Then back to normal!

We’ve had world-beating incompetence.

I just hope after this virus has gone that we do something about this unequal society and start rewarding the crucial people better – the cleaners, carers, drivers, nurses, police, teachers, shelf stackers, food pickers, posties, deliverers and doctors – the ones who count.

What are our values? Who is worth more?

Perhaps we’ll plug a few of those tax loopholes and use the money to give our real workers pay rises? But we’ll probably continue to give most of the money to the same olf elite – the bankers and CEOs, the multinational companies and the elite entertainers and sportspeople!

Nothing will change. The inequality will just become greater!

Stay safe!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSaAaaNnnnEeee in Isolation – Leonard Cohen – Songs from a room.

I first heard Len on a compilation album, I think it was Suzanne, and immediately went of to buy that first album. It was brilliant but for me it was the second album that was my favourite. Every song a gem.

Today Len will cheer me up with his wonderful sad poetry.

Leonard Cohen – Bird on the Wire – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Story of Isaac – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – A Bunch of Lonesome Heros – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan (Audio) – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Seems So Long Ago, Nancy – YouTube

LEONARD COHEN “The Old Revolution”.wmv – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – The Butcher – YouTube

LEONARD COHEN “You Know Who I Am”.wmv – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Lady Midnight – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Tonight Will Be Fine – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 298

After the cold and rain of yesterday it was warm and sunny today. I went for a walk up my hill with one of my mates. It looked beautiful from the top. What a difference a day makes!!

Back home I’ve been chilling out, doing some chores and listening to some Davey Graham. What a guitarist!

Out there in Coronaland the madness and incompetency continues.

In the last days of Trump the rats are jumping ship, falling out and turning on each other. They can see that Trump is a lost cause. Despite being the most unpopular President consistently throughout his term, always drifting around 42%, his popularity has dived. He is now down to low thirties in many polls and a majority want him impeached and kicked out of office.

The amazing thing is that he still has the support of thirty percent!

The cache has dissipated. He no longer is a viable proposition, in fact he is toxic. The Republican party faces a choice. They either continue with the loony Tea Party Trumpist extremism, and discover that Trump has become a liability, or they return to their conservative values (not my cup of tea but at least sane).

I can’t see how the two sides can be reconciled. I predict a split in the party. On only has to look at that complete loony QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene as she takes her place in Congress. She is planning to call for impeachment of Biden on his first day in office – presumably based on what she thinks he might do – like eating babies with the Lizards.

The insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol are being rounded up and charged. I can see some heavy sentences being given out.

Hey Boys- you’ve missed the ring leader!! He needs locking up too!!

If the guy had any conscience he’d top himself. The death-rate directly stemming from his poor leadership will top 400,000 in his term of office! It’s still causing 4000 deaths a day! That is hard to actually visualise. 4000 families torn apart each day!

Here in the UK we are going at 1248 deaths a day. That is appalling. Trump-light Johnson should be locked up with Trump. We’re in big trouble. Our hospitals are overflowing! we’re still getting 48,682 new cases in a day!

The vaccination programme is rolling out but not quickly enough. This is an emergency. We should be on a 24 hour vaccination programme with the army brought in. This is a race!!

The virus is mutating. This is worrying. It could produce a variant that the vaccine won’t work against. We could vaccinate the entire population and find that it does not work!

There is a big concern regarding the variant that started up in Brazil. Due to Bolsonaro’s incompetence, the disease has ravaged Brazil. There were another 67,658 new cases yesterday with 1131 deaths. In the city of Manaus, they thought that they had reached herd immunity with an estimated 74% of the population has had the disease. Now they are finding the virus variant infecting people who have had the disease.

The real concern is that the variant has mutated and the previous antibodies are not effective against it. This does not bode well for the vaccine. Hence we have a block on flights from Brazil and Portugal. Time will tell.

The variant is probably here!

The vaccine can be tweaked but that will mean vaccinating everyone again! Back to square one.

This won’t effect countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia too much. They are on top of it. We were the mugs who let it get out of control!!

Let’s hope the vaccine works!!

Stay safe!! The nigh is at an end!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaaaANNnnnEEEE in Isolation – Davey Graham

Back to my Les Cousins days and those incredible performances by Roy Harper, Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. Davey Graham was the guitar virtuoso who set the scene for the acoustic guitar.

Rock me baby – Davy Graham Folk blues and beyond – YouTube

Davy Graham – Leavin’ Blues (by EarpJohn) – YouTube

Davy Graham – My Babe (by EarpJohn) – YouTube

Davy Graham – Maajun | A Taste Of Tangier (by EarpJohn) – YouTube

Davy Graham – Better Git In Your Soul (by EarpJohn) – YouTube

Davy Graham _ Angi – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 297

It was pouring with rain today. I dressed according to make an assault on the south face of the hill. Fearlessly I scaled the heights, fighting my way over wild rapids up above the snowline into the world of ice. Fearlessly I took on the challenge to test my endurance to the limits as I surmounted obstacle after obstacle to reach the summit.

Alright, it was raining so I donned my rain cape and took a walk up my hill. There was a rivulet running along the side of the road that I had to step over. At the top there was some slushy snow melting under the teeming rain.

I didn’t see much in the way of wildlife – just one soggy kestrel sitting morosely on a telegraph wire!

Not my favourite walk but I still managed it. That is now 297 consecutive 5 mile+ walks. I’m covid fit!

Back home I’ve been sorting my blog, playing Buddy Holly, doing a bit of reading and mooching. A bit of a lazy day.

Out there in Coronaland, Trump has been impeached. Strange – nobody mentions the 400,000 lives that his incompetence has created. The US had another 3922 deaths today. So much for his instructions to the fools that follow him. What was it he said? ‘Don’t be afraid of this virus. We have great treatments.’ Well there’s another 4000 people who should have been a lot more worried.

It’s just a week until Trump is dumped. Then Biden can start to get some sensible policies in to help tackle this disastrous virus. Sanity and science returns.

Here in the UK we have Trumplight Johnson – our own incompetent (and largely invisible) clown. He never seems to learn. The virus is raging. We have another 47,525 new cases yesterday. That’s terrible. What is worse is that we had 1564 deaths. That is unbelievably appalling. The worst record in the whole world!! The British variant is causing havoc. It is putting young people in hospital.

There is a new variant now in Brazil. This is responsible for putting people back in hospital. Worryingly, in Manaus, they thought they had achieved herd immunity but the new variant is attacking people who have already had the illness. It’s put the rate up new cases up to 60,899 new cases with 1274 deaths. This is very worrying. It sounds as if this new variant might have changed a lot. The vaccine might not work against it!

When we had a variant the whole world shut their doors in minutes. What is Johnson’s reaction to this worrying new variant? He’s thinking about it!

Thinking about it???? Is he mad??? We should have immediately shut our borders and done it yesterday!!!

Too bloody late as usual!!!!

Just think – if they had not dithered in the beginning we wouldn’t be in this mess. If we had reacted, shut our borders and got on top of the small number of cases we could have suppressed it just like Vietnam, New Zealand, Singapore and all the others. They have no deaths and just 1 new case! Why don’t we learn???? We wouldn’t be in this mess.

Dither dither dither!!!!

The lockdown is beginning to work. The vaccination programme is rolling out. But what if after all this sacrifice we let a new variant in that the vaccine doesn’t work on???

Stay safe!! Keep hoping. We have a general election in three years!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaaaNNnnNeeeE in Isolation – Buddy Holly – Greatest Hits

Back when I was eleven I discovered Buddy Holly. An older kid used to buy all Buddy’s singles and sell them on to me. I bought the Buddy Holly Story and played it to death. I still have that album and all the others.

I would have loved to see him with the Beatles! They would have got on.

Buddy always cheers me up!!

Buddy Holly – Greatest Hits (FULL ALBUM – BEST OF ROCK – BEST OF POP) – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 296

I have been having a lazy day today. I took a walk up my hill this afternoon. It was a light drizzle. Hmmmm.

Back home I set myself down in my study to play the Rolling Stones first album. That’s quite nostalgic for me. The album came out in 1964. I was fifteen. That summer I hitch-hiked around France with my mate Foss. We camped in our tent with no front in the gardens of Youth Hostels. I discovered a full range of French cheeses, breads and yoghourt. I also discovered Austrian, German and French girls. Quite a summer.

I used to play the album on the record players in the youth hostels. Nobody had heard anything quite like it. With my long hair and Stones album I was very popular!

AaaaaaH – back to reality! Meanwhile in Coronaland they are discussing the impeachment of Trump. He’s incredibly lucky. He deserves to be taken out into a courtyard, tied to a stake and shot. I’m not in favour of capital punishment but I’d almost make an exception. Impeachment is hardly punishment for the gravity of the crime – treason, insurrection and an attempted coup???

Trump needs impeaching for his pathetic handling of the pandemic. So far he has killed 380,000 Americans through incompetence. Today there was another 4,406 deaths! The new cases are still rampant – another 229,712 cases yesterday. This virus has not peaked yet. There are going to be a lot more deaths before this is over. Places like New Zealand and Vietnam still have no deaths and just a handful of new cases.

It’s the same in the UK and Brazil. Our complacent clown and Brazil’s arrogant fascist have killed hundreds of thousands. The UK had a staggering 1,243 deaths yesterday. In Brazil it was 1,110 more deaths.

This is appalling. Just think about this level of death.

This is not something that happened by chance. Many other countries have controlled it, got on top of it and have minimal cases and deaths.

These deaths are the direct result of incompetence.

As Trump’s impeachment is being discussed and voted on the main focus is on Free Speech. Should be be deplatformed? Should he be taken off Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms.

This is a thorny one. Trump has used these platforms consistently to spread lies, fake information and conspiracies.

So what is the answer to this damaging flood of fake news and conspiracy. It is undermining science and the very fabric of society.

Should these people, like Trump, who use these platforms to spread hate, incite violence and spread conspiracies, be allowed to continue undermining society?

By spreading disinformation about the coronavirus, discouraging masks and social distancing, spreading stupid ideas about bleach, UV and hydro chloroquine, Trump has killed thousands.

Should they be challenged or simply removed?

Who should control this?

I suggest they simply lock him up and take his phone away!

The light at the end of this long tunnel is that the vaccination programme is being rolled out and new treatments are being developed. Unfortunately too late for tens of thousands of people!

So stay safe and avoid conspiracy!

Music to keep me SssSaaaaAnNNnnnnEeEE in Isolation – The Rolling Stones – 1st Album

I bought this the day it came out and hitch-hiked around France with it. I was fifteen and that album had quite an impact on the French, German and Austrian kids that I met in my travels.

I’ll enjoy playing it again today and drifting through a few memories.

Route 66 – YouTube

I Just Want To Make Love To You (Mono Version) – YouTube

Honest I Do – YouTube

Mona (I Need You Baby) – YouTube

Now I’ve Got A Witness – YouTube

Little By Little (Mono Version) – YouTube

I’m A King Bee – YouTube

Carol – YouTube

Tell Me – YouTube

Can I Get A Witness – YouTube

You Can Make It If You Try – YouTube

Walking The Dog – YouTube

T̲h̲e̲ R̲o̲lli̲ng S̲tone̲s __ R̲o̲lli̲ng S̲tone̲s (Full Album) 1964 – YouTube