Chris Riddell – It’s not Over!!! Cartoon humour!

Covid is coming for you!! Look out for Long Covid!!

Thanks John Peachey and Chris Riddell.

The Corona Diaries – Day 495

Today has been another cool gloomy day in Yorkshire. I stayed in all day working on the Harper book, editing and sorting photos. It’s very time consuming but I’m getting there. While I was working I’ve been playing the fabulous Lifemask album. The Lord’s Prayer gets better every time I listen to it.

I took a late afternoon walk in order to take some photos of the caterpillars. There were a number of cinnabar moth and tortoiseshells or the ragwort and nettles.

I also photographed the areas that the farmers decimated yesterday. They must have killed thousands.

If we want butterflies we have to provide areas for them to both feed and for their caterpillars to grow. It we then come along and macerate the wildflowers and caterpillars there will be nothing left. What with the spraying and mowing it’s a wonder there is any wildlife left!

It makes me fume!!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland nothing is happening to reduce my blood pressure. The government continues to hide its incompetence and bad management, along with the damage of Brexit, behind a covid smokescreen.

They are after bringing in a Border Control Policy that is just window-dressing for their rabid supporters:

Life imprisonment for people smugglers – a draconian sentence for people who live in foreign countries and will never be caught!! A joke!!

Prison sentences for all immigrants!! A big hammer to crush those who have already lost everything.

This is called caring one-nation Toryism – or is it fascism?

The only people who are going to get caught up in this are the unfortunate victims. The real bastards are counting their money in some tropical paradise. Typical Tory stupidity.

So take the survey and tell them what you think of their vicious, ineffective window-dressing:

Take our Borders Bill Survey | Conservatives

Yesterday the covid cases were up to 24,470, hospital entry was up and deaths were up to 71. This is far from over.

While so many of the younger set are not getting jabbed, out of complacency or fear spread by right-wing propaganda, we are not going to reach herd immunity.

The government knows this and knows that their waning popularity will take a bigger dive if they do not get on top of this soon. That is why they are issuing the threat of Codid passports for travel abroad, clubbing, critical workers and football matches (backed up by many firms demanding double jabs for their staff). They are also now looking to bribe people with incentives. They are getting desperate!

Hey Johnson!! You shouldn’t have allowed the Indian variant in in the first place!! Moron!!!

That’s why I’m still isolating and reducing my risks! Social distancing and masks inside! Avoiding inside places!

Stay Safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 494

Strange day for the last day in July. It was cooler, cloudy and dour in the morning. It then rained in the afternoon. Some sort of storm coming through. It feels as if summer is already seeping away! Surely not?

I think I might move to Portugal! They don’t have Brexit or Johnson. That’s got to be a bonus. They also have plenty of warmth and sunshine. Though, I suppose, with global warming they might well have far too much heat, too much drought and bushfires.

Shame about life. You only get one choice and you have to live with it.

In the morning we walked into Driffield for a coffee, scone and ice-cream! Very naughty!

This afternoon I’ve been working on the Roy Harper photos for the book. I think I’ve got a clear direction, slotting things in. The writing is pretty much there. Another few months and it’ll be ready. The book is a memoir of a relationship. I think it is working well. We’ll see.

I stopped to watch the rugby. A poor match.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland we are in a muddle. We are up to 26,144 new cases today with 71 deaths. That is likely a gross underestimate. People are discarding apps and not testing. The real numbers are going to be much higher.

We are now in the goldilocks zone for creating vaccine resistant variants. 60% of population vaccinated, 40% not. The virus spreads fast among the unvaccinated and mutates fast. The vaccinated are a meal ready to be eaten if it can produce a vaccine dodging mutation. We’ve dumped social distancing and masks. The young think they are invulnerable and are mixing freely. The virus is gleefully spreading.

Johnson and the morons must be holding their breath. Are we going to produce a monster that will put us back to square 1 and kill another 100,000; a virus we will export around the world to kill millions; or will we get away with it? It’s a gamble.

The only way out is herd immunity – to get the population up to 80-90% vaccinated. But the young are selfishly/stupidly being slow to vaccinate.

Some are scared. They think the vaccine is untested. Aren’t 100s of millions of successfully vaccinated people sufficient?

Some are believing the stupid right-wing propaganda that started with Trump and was spread to keep the economy open to make money for rich people.

Some are religious fanatics who do not believe science. They are as bad as the Taliban. They forsake science and drag us back to medieval days if they could!

At present there are no variants. The young are ending up in hospital in increasing numbers, some dying and many going on to long covid and severely damaged heart and lungs.

The government is desperate for them to get vaccinated. They know that having 40% unvaccinated is a disaster. Sooner or later we come up with a deadly variant.

Many would like to believe the internet nutters rather than science.

In the States the take up of vaccines is worse. The virus is spreading fast among the unvaccinated morons. 98% of hospital admissions are among the unvaccinated yet there are still people who believe Trump; still stupid Republicans who are speaking out against vaccination. They are killing people. Some people are taking on disguises to go and get vaccinated so their friends don’t know! Cowards!!

The government are bringing in vaccine passports. If you want to travel, go out clubbing or travel abroad – you will need vaccinating.

If we are to gain our freedom and prevent further variants – YOU NEED VACCINATING. The silliness of antivaxxers is keeping us locked down and putting us all at risk.

In a stupid world, where this silly antiscience rules, where fear trumps common sense, where right-wing propaganda (aimed at making money for themselves) trumps intelligence, the future is in the balance.

Will we reach herd immunity?

Will we create a deadly variant?

Time will tell!

Stay safe!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSssaaaAAANNnnnNEeEe in Isolation – James Varda – Hunger

I keep going back to James. He was such a talent. So sad that he died so early.

James Varda – Strange Weather – YouTube

James Varda – Sunday Before The War – YouTube

James Varda Just A Begining – YouTube

James Varda – This Train Is Lost [06 Hunger] – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 493

A gloomy, cold, wet day rainy day in Yorkshire. Good for the garden. Not good for me!

I’ve spent the day listening to Frank Zappa while sorting out photos and clippings for the next Roy Harper book. This morning I posted off the last of the Harper books. I’m sold out! That’s good! It’s been a bit tiring signing, packaging and posting but I’m not complaining. I’ve received some really nice responses from people. It seems that they are all enjoying the book.

I now have to decide whether to go for a walk around town or not. It’s still drizzly and I’ve got a lot of photos to sort! I’ll decide in a little while.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the mystery undeepens. The numbers have dropped to 29,622 new cases yesterday, which is strange. What is emerging is that it’s a false figure. Many people are deleting their apps. People are ignoring pings. They don’t want to miss work or holidays and seemingly don’t care who they infect in the process. I can understand some people being desperate. If they can’t work where’s the money coming from. The government needs to act and pay them. But with 600,000 pings the number isolating is getting ridiculous. It is still selfish.

The other factor is that people are not testing. They don’t want to test in case they are positive and have to miss work or holidays. So fewer tests; fewer positives.

The third factor is that schools are out so kids are not being regularly tested.

The drop is probably a false result. The real numbers, as revealed by sewage testing, is much higher.

People are now swanning about as if there is no Covid. They think it’s all over! It will be when they get it!

There were another 68 deaths yesterday taking the total up to 129,583. A terrible toll.

Hospital admissions are up 18.9%. The deaths lag behind two weeks.

This isn’t over.

Concern is that the young are not coming forward for jabs. They foolishly believe all the silly US propaganda and are scared. So much for British bravery and Blitz spirit. Timid scaredy-cats. So much for community spirit. They don’t care about others. Selfishness rules.

These kids are gullible fools. The only reason the death-rate is down is because of vaccination. They can die too. The only way out of this pandemic and for us all to regain our freedom is through herd immunity through vaccination.

Refusing vaccination is selfish and cowardly.

Long Covid is a real factor for young people. They are dicing with death and serious illness that could ruin them for life. Silly people to believe this internet garbage from silly right-wing Americans. They are risking their future for silly propaganda. Young people in hospital is at its highest level ever. Good luck with your ventilators.

As for me – I’m safely double jabbed and still in my bubble. I’m not taking risks while the levels remain so high!

Catch you later.

Stay safe!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSsaAAaaaNnnnnNeeee in Isolation – Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money.

I thought I needed a dose of Frank!! One of my favourite albums.


The Corona Diaries – Day 492

It’s been a strange day in Yorkshire – quite warm, blowy and stormy. I managed to take my walk early in a bit of sunshine but all nature was hiding away in preparation for a storm only a couple of crows watched me go by.

Today is the launch day for my Roy Harper Book. Typically Amazon fucked up and told everyone it was out of stock. It seems to have rectified the situation now. We’ll see.

I have now got rid of the whole of my first batch and had to order a second batch! That can’t be bad. I’m quite chuffed. It’s quite a business signing all these books, packaging them up and posting. People seem to be liking it judging from the comments. That makes all that work worthwhile.

I’ve been working on the second Harper book today, sorting photos and editing. It’s progressing well. I’ve had to make a few decisions as to what to do with the photos – to group them or disperse them. I’ve gone for grouping.

While I’ve been working I’ve been listening to Dark Side of the Moon. It’s good to hear just how good it was. A brilliant album.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland everything is still in a mess. The virus is behaving weirdly – or is it?

There were 31,117 new cases today. Up on yesterday and rising for the second day running. So what caused the drop in cases when we were all expecting a rise? Was it a drop in testing? Was it people not declaring when they became ill because they couldn’t miss work? Tests on sewage show a big rise. Hospital entry is soaring. It looks to me as if the drop was artificial and the number of new cases is likely much higher than reported.

But then I’m a cynic.

There were 689,313 pings. That’s a hell of a lot isolating! I reckon people are dumping the app and not testing.

I went to the supermarket today. There were shelves completely empty. The question is as to whether this is due to Brexit or Covid. I suspect both. Brexit is working its pernicious influence disguised by the thick fog of Covid.

What a mess these Eton schoolboys have made of our country! They’ve turned it into a playground for yuppies, a cesspit of corruption and an austerity pit for the rest of us.

Johnson continues to lie his way through life. The polls are narrowing sharply and Johnson’s approval ratings are in freefall. People are waking up! The only trouble is that Starmer is intent on purging the party of Corbynites instead of working with them! We need a united party to oust this scum!

I was listening to a podcast on Priti Patel – her history of bullying and connecting to rightist policy. She has broken ministerial protocol so many times but seems immune. What were Boris Johnson and her doing messing with extreme right-wingers in Israel? What was her kickback from the PPE that she procured on behalf of dubious people?

There is a new depth of sleaze and corruption in this administration. Covid has produced a perfect camouflage. They are making serious money out of misery.

When are we going to have a proper enquiry?

Stay safe!! We are being sucked into a nightmarish tyranny. It’s all very TRumpian!