The Corona Diaries – Day 395

Today was sunny and actually became quite warm like a summer day (though the air still feels cold). I really enjoyed my walk up on to the wolds. The air was clear. I could see out to sea.

A buzzard circled above me and a plane, very high up, was leaving a vapour trail and also circling. That is very strange. Firstly we don’t see too many planes these days and secondly they don’t circle. It looked like the plane was mimicking the buzzard – or the other way round.

It was probably some military training – or it could have been a spy plane keeping an eye on me! We’ll never know!

The warmth certainly brought the birds out. I saw great tits, long-tailed tits, blue tits, chaffinches, bullfinches, gold finches, hedge sparrows and a number of birds I could not identify. I also heard my woodpecker drumming (in-between gunshots as the locals try to blast anything that moves – it’s a human pastime – killing). Notice – I have a tendency to lay claim to anything I see and hear. They’re all mine!

The starlings squabbled over the suet while sparrows and blackbirds waited underneath for the morsels they dropped. Pigeons ate the seed. A blackbird ate the mealworm. A chaffinch was on the feeder. A robin sat and waited. Not one of them said thanks.

Meanwhile in Coronaland the sleaze, corruption, incompetence, coupled with voter gullibility, remains depressing.

A friend dropped by today for a coffee in the garden. We talked about how the Tories are controlling the media, changing the boundaries and squashing protest. It was dispiriting. Despite their lies, sleaze and ineptitude they still have a daunting lead. There is no sign of a viable opposition and the public seem to excuse everything.

They don’t care about Dyson, Ratcliffe or Jenrick. Bojo Direct seems fine. It’s OK for billionaires to have Bojo on speed dial to gain favours, contracts or tax breaks. They don’t see that as corrupt. It’s OK for contracts to be given out willy-nilly to Tory donors without due process while nurses have their pay cut.

Immorality rules!! OK??

Jennifer Arcuri said that if she had known she could have just phoned him up to get the cash she wouldn’t have bothered shagging him!

What have we come to?

A joke that’s what!

Planes crammed with Indians fleeing India, carrying the lethal vaccine evading variant, are flooding into the UK without any restrictions to avoid the Friday deadline.

Are we mad?? We have spent billions rolling out a vaccine programme and we have allowed both the Brazilian and Indian variations into the country. Both of them make the vaccine useless. Doesn’t this clown ever learn?

Too late again Johnson!!! You’ve already killed 127,000 with your dithering and late shutdown!! Now you are dithering again!! Shut the fucking borders you moron!! Bring in a strict quarantine!!!

I think I might ring up Bojo on Bojo Direct to see if I can negotiate a multimillion contract or two. I’ll make something up. With the proceeds I’ll emigrate to New Zealand for a bit of sanity.

You know, I really think that a large section of the world has gone insane! The Telegraph/Daily Mail/Express/Sun reading, Trump supporting, Brexiteering, Farage loving, Johnson excusing, antivaxxing, climate change deniers, seem to be a new subspecies. There’s a virus at work?? Something in the water?? Government hypnotism?? A drug in the coffee?? Brainwashing??

Intelligence has gone out the window.

I’m meeting up with friends for lunch tomorrow. That’ll be a breathe of sanity!! I’ll have a beer and we’ll laugh. We’ll share the same values. We all think Johnson is a greedy, inept chancer, that the climate is changing, fascism is on the rise again, nature is being destroyed, morality is dead, the next war is coming, Brexit is a disaster and the world is going to the precipice in a shitwagon.

But we’ll also talk music and laugh a lot!!

After that we’re off to get our second jab!! Here’s to freedom!!


Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 394

A much cooler day today. I went for my walk up my hill with a cold north wind blowing in my face! No nature to report on. Nothing happening.

It’s groundhog day. I might just go and read for a bit!!

Out in Coronaland things are beginning to open up. Yesterday we received news that our second jab was going to take place on Friday!! Yippee!! Freedom!!

We’re going to meet up with friends for a drink or two to celebrate and a meal outside (I hope it bloody warms up by Friday!)

I spend the day on the phone – sorting out power suppliers and BT. It takes hours. Today we booked visits to dentist and opticians.

What with shopping and everywhere open it is beginning to feel normal!!

However, scientists are warning of a third wave caused by the large number not yet vaccinated.

The shadow on the horizon are the variants – the South African and Indian – both could prove very virulent and evade the vaccine. If they take off we could be back to square one.

Yet – for some stupid reason we are still allowing people in from India without special quarantine and will continue to do so until Friday. Madness!!

I blame it on Brexit!!

How you might ask??

I have a theory. The economy is in a mess because of Brexit. Trade across the channel is well down. Johnson is desperate to do trade deals with other countries and had India lined up for a major deal. He was off to meet up with Modi – unfortunately the subcontinent is ravaged with this new variant. Johnson did not want to scupper the deal by banning the Indians so he kept the airport open. Madness!!

So while things remain the same in the UK and USA, India and Brazil are going from bad to worse!! 3660 deaths in Brazil yesterday!

That’s another variant we could do without! No doubt Johnson will be allowing them in too (as long as they pay enough!).

The sleaze continues to unravel. £100 million contracts to cronies, public money given to lovers and sorting out tax deals for Dyson. There’s no end!

A while back we had a Tory lambasted for claiming public money to have his moat cleaned – this is much worse!!!

Stay safe! You can rely on the clown!!

Today’s Music to keep me SssSsaAaanNNnNEeee in Isolation – Donovan – Fairytale

Donovan’s second album – a widening of his style with a lot of jazz influence. A lot of great antiwar songs – Buffy St Marie and Bert Jansch. I was sixteen and I loved this album.

Donovan – Fairytale (1965 – Full Album) – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 393

Sun shines again!! I’m definitely a sun worshipper! It is warm today (though it was cold first thing with a heavy frost).

I started with a zoom meeting with old colleagues followed by a walk up my hill. Butterflies are out – cabbage whites, tortoiseshells and peacocks! I love to see them. The birds were being very territorial – all those feathered dinosaurs shrieking at each other – ‘This is mine!! Over here love!!’ So charming!

I did a bit more shopping this afternoon! I’m off to do some painting in a minute!

Spring is great – but I prefer Summer!! I like the warmth!

Out in Coronaland I think people are just beginning to wake up to the incompetence of the government. Maybe the cronyism is cutting through? Corruption and sleaze are never that popular but people seem to have made allowances for Johnson. Maybe they are beginning to wake up to what the rest of us know – he is a jovial, inept, devious, incompetent, greedy, overprivileged clown who is extremely self-serving. He’s a classic Tory lining his own nest and looking after the wealthy.

I had a conversation with our next door neighbour today. Previously she had said ‘Poor old Boris. He’s doing his best. Nobody could have seen this coming. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t’. Of course I had to put her right.

a. Everybody saw this coming (Obama, WHO, most other countries and even the Tory Party). The Tories actually did a Cygnus Exercise in 2017. The Cygnus report said they were unprepared. They ignored it. They ignored what was going on in China (though they had reports from their own officials). They ignored the WHO. They ignored what was going on in Europe. They ignored what countries like Singapore, New Zealand and Vietnam were doing – shutting borders – quarantining and testing all people coming in. They then, once it was too late to keep it out and control it, went for herd immunity. Then they panicked.

b. Boris isn’t poor. He’s got lucrative side-lines already and will walk away a multimillionaire (just like his predecessors).

c. He is never doing his best. He’s a lazy bastard. He doesn’t keep on top of things. He’s invisible half the time – bumbling and dithering the rest – because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s done everything too slow! He’s not on top of it!

d. He’s damned because he’s an incompetent clown who has led us into a huge disaster of Brexit and caused 127,000 deaths due to incompetence. He lies, cheats and is corrupt.

I didn’t think she was really listening but today she was complaining about them not shutting borders and allowing the Indian variant in. I think she’s changed her tune. That’s good!! It might mean other people are waking up.

You don’t get to be among the worst hit country for nothing. You don’t have the worst hit economy for nothing. You have to earn it!

Talking of the Indian variant – a virus that is currently sweeping India in a tsunami of deaths – a nasty highly contagious, lethal virus which evades vaccines. Probably a virus that we ought to try to keep out. It could well make our whole vaccination programme useless.

But seemingly not. India should have been on the red list weeks ago when the variant emerged. Even when it was ravaging India in the last weeks it was not put on the red list. Only yesterday (three weeks too late) did India get put on the red list. There will still be planeloads arriving until Friday when the restrictions kick in.

Covid in Uttar Pradesh: Coronavirus overwhelms India’s most populous state – BBC News

Are they mad? Have they learnt nothing?

The Indian variant has already cropped up in the country at many locations. Scientists say that it is rapidly becoming the leading variant in the country.

Once again this incompetent bunch of imbeciles have become complacent because the vaccination programme is working and the numbers are coming right down. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WHEN THE VACCINATED START DYING FROM THE INDIAN VARIANT????

I suppose they will say that nobody could have seen that coming!

Bloody IMBECILES!!! We are being led by clowns!!!

Stay safe!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 392

Another beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire (though there is still a nip in the air).

A bit of a strange day – I spent the morning shopping and on the phone to power companies and BT. It’s amazing how long they can keep you hanging on a phone!! Not much accomplished though hours wasted. This is supposed to be progress.

This afternoon I went for a walk up my hill. The may blossom was out. The flowers sparkly in the green grass, hedges bright with nascent leaves. Beautiful.

Out in Corona land the incompetent clown running the country has at last realised that there might be a risk from the Indian variant!! At last!! For heavens sake!! Isn’t it bloody obvious??

The Indian variant is running wild in India. It is more easily transmitted and evades the vaccines. Shouldn’t that be enough to take stringent measures?? In India there were 273,802 reported cases yesterday. It was up to 400,000!! Yet we have not had them on the red list!!! People have been coming into the country without proper quarantine!!! WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES!!!

Once again we are overconfident!!! The vaccinations are going great. Johnson is riding high in opinion polls. The numbers of infections are coming right down. Deaths are greatly reduced – just 10 yesterday!! Obviously time to get complacent!!

That’s precisely what they did in India and Brazil. In India the death count is now 1619 a day. In Brazil it is 1657. Why?? Because they opened everything up without restrictions!! In India they thought that the religious festivals were more important than health. A lot of those people who went to the Hindu temples are now dead!! That’s what happens when you put a religious populist in charge. In Brazil it’s a capitalist populist who wants to make more money!!

The more people infected the more virus. The more virus the more mutation the more variants – THE MORE RISK TO US ALL!! These populist idiots will kill hundreds of thousands!!!

So the UK has once again acted far too slowly. We have left the borders open and allowed the Indian variant in. It is now established in the UK. It threatens everything. If it evades the vaccine we are back to square one!!


According to government sources the outbreak is not related to international travel.

SO HOW THE HELL DO THEY THINK IT GOT IN??? Blew on a breeze?? Swam?? Jumped through a black hole??

For heavens sake they are treating us like morons.

JOHNSON – takle a leaf out of Vietnam and New Zealand – 5 new cases between them and no deaths for months!! THEY SHUT THEIR BLOODY BORDERS!!! QUARANTINED (and did not spend £37 billion on a stupid ineffective Track and Trace).

We get our second jab this week (In the 10 million)!! Yipeeee!!! If only they keep the Indian variant out Freedom beckons!!!

Stay Safe!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 391

CountryNo. of cases yesterdayNo. of deaths yesterdayTotal no. deaths
New Zealand4026

Weird day today – I’ve spent the day sawing and chopping wood! I’ve got a sore back, sore hands and I’m completely knackered.

I only stopped to have a beer and watch the football!!

Going for a walk this evening! It’s been so warm. It’s felt like summer!!

Out in Coronaland The populist fools are still leading us into ruin. Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, Johnson and Erdogan. When will we ever learn. When will we ever learn.

A little look around the world:

CountryNo. of cases yesterdayNo. of deaths yesterdayTotal no. deaths
New Zealand4026

The USA is still suffering from Trump’s lamentable start. It is hampered by the stupid attitude of some of its population. Ignorance still holds sway in a large segment – hence it is difficult to get on top of it.

In the UK we are down to very low numbers due to the vaccine. One would hope that this time we could keep it low but I’m not counting on it. Johnson is a fool. The track and trace is a farce. They have already let the Indian variant in which could scupper the vaccination. No doubt he’ll get one of his chums on to it – someone without a shred of knowledge or experience.

In Brazil Bolsonaro is trying hard to be the most incompetent. The competition is strong but now Trump is out of the running he thought he had a good chance – unfortunately Modi is making a late surge.

Vietnam and New Zealand continue to make us all look like incompetent nincompoops. They are back to normal with hardly any cases and no deaths. They have it sussed.

India is the late runner. There it is surging out of control and has completely overwhelmed the health service. Modi opened everything up and allowed festivals. Fool. They might yet turn out to be worst in the world!!

Stay safe – become a crony!!

Today’s Music To keep me SsSSAAaAaNnnnNeee in Isolation – The Nice – The Thoughts Of Emmerlist Davjack

I first saw the Nice backing PP Arnold!! I used to see them quite often. They were brilliant – great performers. They’d rock up the old classics – Keith with knives in his organ! Burning flags! Great stuff.

The Nice “The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack” – Full Album – 2000 reissue edition – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 390

Fabulous day in Yorkshire. The sun has been shining all day – though the air is still cold. We took off for a long walk up over the wolds with stunning views. I should have taken my camera. It was a four hour jaunt and my legs felt it. Doing so much uphill was an effort! Above us three buzzards soared in circles. I’m sure they were waiting for one of us to drop dead.

All around us the birds were chirping away. It sounded fantastic but I know they were all really shouting out – ‘Fuck off – this is my territory!!! Come on love – I’m the best!!! Come and see my wonderful nest!!’ Sounded good anyway.

The sunshine certainly brings everything out. There were butterflies – mainly tortoiseshells but an occasional peacock and red admiral. There were lots of bright flowers and huge bumble bees – no honey bees though!

Back home I was working on my Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars. I completed my first rewrite!! Yippee!!! I’ve now got to reread it to see if it all works. Then I’ll start editing!! What fun!!

Today, while editing, I’ve been playing a bit of Beatles. They were so good!!

Lockdown certainly is productive.

I’ve got this new circular saw and a pile of old pallets and fencing. I spent two hours cutting it all up into chunks for the wood burner. It’s knackering!! I(‘ve now got a huge job in cutting everything up for kindling! Tomorrow’s task!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the sleaze and corruption deepens. Doesn’t anybody go into politics in order to govern the country and make it work better? Are they all just greedy swines trying to line their own pockets with millions??

Certainly seems that way.

Cameron and Green swill. Jenrick, Osborne and all of the 44 walking into lucrative jobs. It all stinks. Sleaze and corruption should feature in some Tory emblem! Then the cronyism and nepotism. They are a selfish, callous lot who arrogantly think they are so much more deserving than the rest of us!!

There is still no news of our second jab. It is due this week so here’s hoping!!

A quick snapshot of what is happening around the world:

CountryNew cases yesterdayDeaths yesterday
The USA77,358940
The UK2,75634
New Zealand00

The States are remaining pretty steady. Still far too high though. They re rolling out the vaccine. Things should improve.

The UK continues to get better and better. The vaccine rollout is really working.

Brazil is looking dire with lots of young people and babies dying and the health service overrun. Bolsonaro’s little flu is killing people in droves and spawning lethal variants.

New Zealand and Vietnam have next to no cases, no deaths and life is back to normal. They know how to deal with it.

In India it is going berserk! The virus is out of control. Modi let everybody mix for their Hindu festivals. Huge crowds gathered and it became superspreaders!! When you have a lunatic in charge you’ve got no chance.

The Indian variant is causing huge concern. Not only has Modi allowed it to flourish but Johnson hasn’t put a stop on immigration from India and they are bringing it in. It could put a stop to our roadmap out of lockdown. The variant is highly contagious and lethal.

The Indian health service is already overwhelmed – no beds, no ventilators, no medicine, no oxygen – no hope!

Modi is a moron.

Another populist fool.

Johnson is failing to act yet again!! The man is an idiot!! Why aren’t all people coming from India put in quarantine???? Don’t we learn anything????

Stay safe!! It’s hard – the morons are in charge!!!