The Corona Diaries – Day 701 – January 24th 2022

I was fascinated to read what I had written just under a year ago regarding the politics of the day. Our resident crime syndicate of a government decaying under the weight of its own sleaze!! Makes for interesting reading.

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Nearing the end of January (not my favourite month) the sky was overcast but it was dry and not raining so I took myself up my hill for an early walk. At the top of the hill I found myself looking out over a wet and soggy land enshrouded in mist.

I came home and set about editing my Beefheart book while listening to the Kills.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is hovering on the brink. Just as he’s trying to come to terms with Partygate and prepare himself for the onslaught of Sue Gray there suddenly comes Muslimgate out of left-wing. We haven’t got over Bullygate either and still have Covidgate, Sleazegate, Wallpapergate and Brexitgate to come.

The common feature in them all is Johnson’s cavalier attitude, entitlement, lack of detail, lies and laziness. It all sends a clear message. You can break rules, even laws. It’s always party time. You don’t have to work hard. You just make things up. You can get away with anything.

Partygate – the cavalier breaking of rules, lying and love of partying. Wine, women and wallpaper. Arrogant superiority and disdain for the little people. We make the rules. You do as you’re told. We do as we want. It’s party time.

Muslimgate – we can be racist, rude and offensive. We pretend to be inclusive but we aren’t. We have token ethnic minorities but we don’t like them. Why do you think we wanted Brexit? We don’t like foreigners. We’re the party of xenophobia – letter boxes and sacks says it all.

Bullygate – it’s black and white. We tell you what to do and if you don’t do it you will pay. Rules and laws mean nothing. We don’t have to follow them. Blackmail, threats and nastiness are the tools of the trade.

Covidgate – we alternated panicking with complacency, did everything too late or two early, dumped the old, dumped the care homes, used it as an excuse to give billions to ourselves and our chums and killed more people than nearly everyone else. We did not have our eye on the ball, did not know what we were doing, ignored advice and cocked up. No attention to detail, coupled with arrogance and incompetence made everything much worse than it needed to be. Confusing messaging, invisibility and breaking the rules that were made coupled with failure to set examples – a disaster. Silly sound bites and exaggerated claims of world-beating this that and the other, magic moonshots and then lie about it, tell everyone it was a great success and that Johnson introduced vaccination and saved the world. In reality it has been a complete mess up and a lot of Tories made a lot of money.

Sleazegate – second jobs, revolving doors, lobbying rules broken, Cameron and Patterson, government ministers earning millions while working in the Caribbean, backhanders, illegal donations, cash for peerages, cash for meetings, cash for everything. The Cayman Isles must be groaning under the money being stashed away from all the dodgy deals we don’t know about. The Tory Party has been profiteering.

Wallpapergate – the tip of an iceberg – illegal donations from promises and deals. We’re expected to believe that these people do it for nothing. They do it because they expect stuff in return. Meals, expensive wine, refurbishment, expensive holidays. Heaven knows what else goes on in private.

Brexitgate – based on lies, unfounded promises of sunny uplands, xenophobia, racism, nostalgia for an age that never was, nationalism and fear. 5 Million Turks, Muslims taking over, Eastern Europeans taking over, unimpeded immigration. Stark horror out of the minds of racists who despise foreigners and still think Britain is not only superior but should have its empire back. So badly negotiated that it has landed us in the shit, ruined trade, loaded us with red-tape and delays, left food rotting, put costs up, created HGV shortages, nursing and caring shortages and stopped our youngsters having access to Europe for work and study. Obstacles, impediments and competition replace free trade, cooperation and friendliness. But a lot of Tories made a lot of money out of it – how many million did Rees-Mogg make??

It’s a nasty long list of malaise that all stems from one man – a self-serving clown whose character flaws, greed and gluttony have created a government of self-serving, lazy fools who think they too can get away with murder.

It all comes from the top!

So, yesterday there were another 74,800 new cases. Not exactly tumbling down is it? There were only 75 deaths though. That’s something. Though they’ll probably tell us that they forgot to count them over the weekend or that it doesn’t count people with nasty coughs.

The ONS is insistent that there have been 177,000 deaths which mention covid. But what’s 20,000 deaths to a Tory?? Let the bodies pile up!!

We’re fine. There may be a new variant on the horizon and we may lose half of our NHS staff soon who are being kicked out because they’re un, and we’ve lost 2 million days of NHS staff due to long covid, so they’ll be nobody to care for us, but we are trialling the antiviral drug from Merck!! Maybe it’ll work. The hospitals will be closed but they can pop it in the post to us.

Lord Agnew resigned. He’s been in charge of fraud. Well I bet a number of Tories have really been in charge of fraud. But he’s getting out before Fraudgate becomes investigated. It seems that he has mislaid £4.3 billion. It’ll probably turn up in some MPs account on the Cayman Islands.

Johnson will need a lot of money to maintain his lifestyle, childcare and alimony.

Stay safe – this looks like being an interesting week!! We could have a leadership contest for who’s taking over the crime syndicate!

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The Corona Diaries – Day 778 – Update

Today we are over in the Yorkshire Dales in a cottage in a small village. We went for a walk up into the hills and then had a wander in Skipton.

The sun shone on us most of the day – then it went dark and snowed!! But we had a good time. I sampled the local pies and ice-cream. Can’t seem to understand why I’m putting on weight!

We ended up waking 12 kilometres so I think I am getting over covid – but I still feel very tired, my mind is a bit muzzy and I’m lacking my usual buzzing head full of ideas. This week I’m going to try seeing if I can plot out my new Sci-Fi book. We’ll see.

It’s been great listening to some Hendrix. His death was one of those great tragedies of what might have been. I always imagine what it would have been like if Buddy Holly had got together with the Beatles and Hendrix and Jim Morrison had not thrown their lives away (or been murdered).

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, The MET still haven’t completed their investigations of Johnson’s law breaking. I like to think of them serving him up like one of those pig’s heads on a platter with an apple in their mouths!! He’d look good! Then Sue Gray could apply the boiling sauce and finish the incompetent lying conman off. I like to think.

Johnson has become a major liability to the Tories and it comes as no surprise that they are all leaving him off their flyers in the forthcoming local elections. I just hope the greedy lying Tories get what they deserve.

What is happening to Rishi Sunak might well have started up in Johnson’s office. He puts on this front as the jolly tousle-haired clown but in reality he’s a cold, cynical, overprivileged millionaire who is ruthless. It’s all a front to con the gullible. He’s been lining his nest just like Osborne and Cameron did.

Rishi Sunak is one of the richest people in the country and it comes as no surprise that he’s been fiddling, using every little law and loophole to cream off the cash. That’s what Tories do. They are greedy. While he’s been throwing millions of poor people into poverty with 55 new tax increases he and his wife have evaded paying tax to the tune of tens of millions.

It is simply wrong for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to be using tax loopholes such as Green Cards and Non Dom status. It’s wrong.

I don’t care if it is legal. The very fact that the Tories have deliberately kept all the tax loopholes is both immoral and unethical. Why should the rich be able to evade taxes? The rest of us can’t get away with a penny!

One has to remember that the Tory Party was formed by the Rich to look after the fortunes of the wealthy. That is what they do. It’s a con trick.

One only has to look at the history of the rich to see how greedy and callous they are/were. Slavery, factory conditions, the colonies. They lived in opulence. Ordinary people have had to fight for any standard of living.

In the 12 years the Tories have been in power the richer have become immensely richer, the poor have become much poorer and public services have been devastated.

They disguise it but the wealthy (and Tories) have benefitted from Brexit and Covid. The rest of us have picked up the bill.

The Sunaks are the same as the rest of the greedy Tory bastards.

Boris Johnson has become a liability. They have left him off all the flyers for the forthcoming local elections. He’s toxic.

So where is he? Still in his fridge? He is keeping his head down where he can’t be questioned. He only likes photo ops not scrutiny.

I’ve got a suggestion. Perhaps Zelensky could put a long zipline right down the front line in the Donbas. Johnson could dress up in his Union Jack underpants, a Union Jack up his jacksy, waving two Union Jacks and slowly go the length of the trenches. That’d cheer up the Ukrainian soldiers and nobody could ask the clown awkward questions while he was up there!

Ideal for a clown.

So, Covid has been beaten!! Yippeee!

It just goes to show that if you ditch SAGE and the scientists and stop all testing the numbers of reported cases miraculously go down and Big Dog Turd is saved!!

There were only another 33,745 new cases yesterday (although there were really 5 million new cases last week!). The deaths and hospital cases are harder to fiddle. Deaths went up to 302 yesterday and hospital cases rose to 20,096.

Never mind! Big Dog Turd is safe!!

Praise be!!

Stay safe!! Brexit is great and Covid is beat – Honest!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 776

It’s cold, wet and windy in Yorkshire. I’m not keen!! It would be nice to live somewhere warm!!

We went for a walk up my hill. It was blustery and we got rained on a little. Not nice!

Came home, played some Pink Floyd and wrote a couple of poems.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, still no sign of the MET completing their investigations and giving Johnson the fine he deserves. Then it’s down to Sue Gray.

Turns out that that nice man Rishi Sunak, who they were touting to take over from Johnson, is heading for a car crash. They’ve been fiddling!! All legal, of course. The Tories have connived with the wealthy to make loads of things legal so that the rich can become richer.

His wife is a multi-billionaire. Income measured in tens of millions if not more. She’s lived here for nine years but claims to be based abroad to avoid paying tax. You have to laugh. Here we have the Chancellor of England and his wife with a family with Russian businesses, a multi-billionaire, using tax-dodging schemes, taking millions of taxpayers’ money to furlough staff while putting up taxes in the UK that will put millions of kids into abject poverty. Only the Tories would consider that morally sound.

You know, the trouble with the world is greed. There is more than enough money for every single person in the entire world to live very comfortably, to solve all the pollution problems and for nature to be properly conserved. There is no shortage of cash to carry out all the necessary improvements and projects. The problem is simply that the world is divided into a small elite of superwealthy multibillionaires (like the Sunaks) and the rest of us. They hoard up the money (in billions), live a sumptuous lifestyle and yet exploit the poor to become even richer! It’s obscene!

They have no morality. They quite literally banquet while millions starve. They policies and business practices cause misery.

Ha-ha – it made me laugh to hear Johnson and Jarvid bleating that the media should keep out of family business – as if the dodgy goings-on of our politicians should be off-limits. Like hell. If Sunak is married to someone investing in Putin and dodging taxes that should be out in the open.

Everything should be out in the open and available to scrutinise. It isn’t. The wealthy are hiding stuff and cramming money abroad.

These are the people that the Tories represent and why the tax loopholes are not blocked up.

I suppose it’s even worse in the USA. They brainwash the population with this bogus American dream so that they all believe they are going to become billionaires. What a con-trick! They’ve managed to brand fairness as socialist tyranny.

It’s all a matter of degree. We are just allowed a slightly better standard of living (courtesy of hard-fought battles from trade unions) than the bulk of the world.

In Russia, the country has been robbed by Putin and his multi-billionaire oligarchs. It’s plain to see. They call it communism but it’s actually no different to the Csars. It’s tyranny. The standard of living of most Russians is very low because they have been robbed. It either goes to supporting a useless war machine or into the pockets of a bunch of super-wealthy.

Same here but to a lesser degree.

Nicely segueing into the war as a disgraced Russian army is humiliated and shown to be useless. at least 14,000 troops killed (including 7 generals), Ukraine littered with burnt-out tanks and military equipment, aircraft shot down and terrified Russian soldiers shooting, raping and looting. Not only appalling but disgusting.

Heaven knows how many trillions have been wasted. How much it will cost to restore the houses, schools, hospitals and infrastructure. What will now happen with a population traumatised by the death of their loved ones, full of hate and lust for revenge. Some liberation!!

Putin is a war criminal – a monster – but he is not alone. How have we allowed Allepo and Grozny to go unpunished? The war crimes were just as bad! And our leaders are not innocent. There were no politicians taken to court over Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest. Yet citing were bombed, civilians killed, executions, torture – people in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay kept without trial and tortured. Surely war crimes???

What a world we live in.

Why do we appoint these psychotic leaders?? Why can’t we work as one world?? Why all this political and religious hatred?? Why the greed??

Politicians spin, lie and break the law with impunity. They use oppressive measures and propaganda.

Then there’s Oban re-elected! A populist Nazi who is greatly admired by our own leader and Trump.

I’m beginning to dislike human beings.

Meanwhile, in the pandemic that no longer exists, Johnson is proved right! If you hardly test anybody the numbers go down! It works! Just what Trump suggested doing! If you don’t want any cases don’t test at all!! Then you can declare that not only has he got Brexit done but he’s beaten covid! I reckon the covid beating is going about on a par with his Brexit deal and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Despite no testing, there were still 47,126 new cases! Incredible! How do they know? The deaths are harder to disguise. That rose to 317. The new hospital admissions rose again too – 2274 new admissions – an increase of 435. In reality, the cases are the highest ever and spinning off variants!!

Long live King Clown the Liar!!

What’s going to happen when the immunity afforded by vaccination wears off? Who knows? Least of all our clown. He just wings it. Not a scientist in sight!

Stay safe!! We’re an experiment!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 774

It was warmer here in Yorkshire but the wind has been getting up! Spring is Sprunging! I had to go and mow the grass!

Today has been quite productive. I’ve been listening to some Django Reinhardt while writing a couple of pieces.

I’m still feeling muzzy and know that I’m not fully over this covid yet. I’m lacking in energy and I’ve noticed that, despite not changing my eating habits, I’m putting on weight. I think it has lowered my metabolism and made me sluggish (not just to look at!).

We met up with friends for an extended lunch and put the whole world to rights. You should be noticing the differences shortly!

The Russians will completely withdraw and pay for all the damage they’ve caused. All the murdering troops who shot, tortured and raped civilians will give themselves up for trial and Putin will be in the dock (alongside Bush, Blair, Bashir and the rest) on War Crime charges.

All the wealthy will collectively decide that they can no longer be cheating on taxes, withdraw all their money from the Cayman Islands and use it to alleviate poverty across the globe.

The UN will be properly funded and do away with all vetoes. It will deal with all transgressions against human rights right across the globe.

All the religious leaders will have an epiphany. Instead of causing division and lusting after power, they will come together to worship nature and the wonders of the universe for the good of all mankind.

There will be a universal awakening as all mankind realise that there is only one planet and we have to look after it. All plants and animals will be treasured and protected, human populations limited, global warming tackled, pollution dealt with and nature fully conserved.

There will be no more bent politicians, no psychopaths elected, and all people will enjoy far greater equality and freedom.

It was quite some lunch!! We’re meeting up again in a few week’s time! Expect even more improvements! Reminds me of all those long talks we had through the night while smoking and drinking and listening to music! The world was a better place. It works!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the improvements turn out to be nothing more that the delusions of a covid-ridden mind! Johnson is still in power and a sizeable chunk of the electorate seemingly don’t mind that he is a serial liar, sleazy, corrupt twerp and completely incompetent. They’ll still do what the Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Express and Times tell them to do!!

We’ll see what happens when more fines for criminality are dispensed and Sue Gray’s report sees the light of day! Will the veil drop from the eyes? Will reality hit home? These are a bunch of arrogant, overprivileged twats who have been looking after their own at the expense of the rest of us.

We’ll see when the horrors of the Cost of Living crisis hit the pockets and millions more move into poverty while seeing the rich still becoming richer.

We’ll see if they wake up to the way they are being lied to and conned and will vote the profiteering Tories out of office! We’ll see.

I’m not holding my breath.

The war in Ukraine is being revealed in all its horrendous complexities – the full extent of the war crimes has yet to be revealed. We’re getting a taste in Buccher. We’re seeing civilian homes reduced to rubble along with schools and hospitals. There are mass graves, signs of execution, torture and tales of rape. It’s barbaric. They call it war. It’s the same in every war – Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Chechnia, Cambodia. The stories are interchangeable whoever is involved. It’s a matter of degree. The USA is not innocent – Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay – blanket bombing and torture.

I think war twists and wrecks minds. Nobody escapes.

The cost of this war in Ukraine must have cost the Russians $150,000 million. No wonder so many Russians live in poverty. The money is siphoned off into either the huge military expenditure or Putin and the Oligarch’s pockets! They are living off the crumbs with propaganda to keep them warm! (A bit like us really! – just a matter of degree!)

So I’m trying to find figures for the Covid pandemic that has ended. They are hard to come by. Testing has ended and the government, for the sake of the Big Dog Turd’s popularity, is pretending it’s all over. It seems to be raging to me! Places are shutting down with too many staff off sick. My middle son has just gone down with it today. We had him round on Saturday – at his most infective! Surely we can’t get it again so soon after having had it? I’ll keep you informed. I told you I was feeling crap today!

A total of 50,202 new cases were recorded today, compared to 80,830 last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, another 368 deaths with COVID were reported today, compared to 303 this time last week.

Hospital cases are rising.

Do you think the Big Dog was just making it all up??? I reckon that 50,202 is really much higher!

Stay safe!! The madmen are running the asylum! Give me back my padded cell! I feel safe in there!!