Omicron – Face Masks – Riddell – Satire.

The truth is captured in satire. Our dishevelled mess of a Billy Bunter is more of a twerp than a leader.

Shameless – The Nasty Party – Sleaze, Corruption and Lawbreaking!! A Satirical Overview in Cartoon and prose!

There’s a lot of humour here – but it isn’t funny is it? Behind the incompetent face of a clown lies a cynical conman with a vicious streak and a feeling of entitlement.

Chris Riddell Cartoon – Paterson, corruption and making up the rules.

It’s like Al Capone appointing the judge and jury from his own gang.

If you don’t like the rules break them and make so new ones.

What’s wrong with corruption? Illegal lobbying?? It’s only making loads of cash!! That’s the purpose of life. It’s not like we’re ordinary people. We’re the special ones. We can do what we like!

The law?? International law?? Lies?? Promises?? We do what we like! We’ve got an 80 seat majority!! They will vote for us no matter what it costs, how many we kill or how unfair we are. We’re Brexiteering Tories – the ERG – Boris’s army of profiteers!!

Thanks Chris Riddell and John Peachey.