Poetry – The Tornado

The Tornado

Spinning round and round

In ever decreasing circles.

Whipping back and forth,

Sucking the spirit dry

With a whirlwind

Of lies.

Brexit, Covid and inequality,

Cronyism, power hikes

And increased poverty.

Sleaze, corruption,

Profiteering, tax hikes

And a fucked economy.

Round and round,

Spinning out of control

In a tornado

Of lies.

Global Warming, trade deals,


Species diversity.

Racism, AUKUS, National Insurance hikes,

Hostile environments,


Pay cuts, rising prices,

No levelling up,

Just tragedy.

Round and round

Ever faster

A cyclone, a whirlwind

A tornado of disaster!

Opher – 22.9.2021

All around us the horrendous debris of incompetent government is there for all to see.

The lies pile up.

The empty promises scattered to the winds.

The mess of Brexit caught up in the shrouds of Covid. The pay cuts and huge profit hikes for billionaires put the lie to levelling up.

Instead we have tax rises, national insurance rises, general price rises, soaring energy costs, firms going bust, empty supermarket shelves, no HGV drivers, no fruit an veg pickers, low wages, benefit cuts, covid deaths, and millions given away to Tory donors, millions given to bogus firms and fixers, millions spent on holidays, wallpaper and pub landlords, millions taken in Greenswill’s illegal lobbying. While MPs walk away through a revolving door into multimillion pound futures.

We’re all in it together. One for you, a million for me.

A bunch of xenophobic, racist right-wing imbeciles led by a clown.

Not only are they out of their depth, useless and callous; they are immoral, devious and cynical. Their arrogance is bred into them. They feel entitled.

Green – by John Phillips.


‘it’s a load of rubbish.’ Yorkie thumped the table. ‘I tell you. It’s rubbish. You’re being conned.’

‘How can you say that?’ Chris shook her head in exasperation. ‘The proof’s all there. Global warming is a fact. End of.’

‘Proof? What proof? You’re being conned. They’re just out to control you. That and make a load of money. You commies fall for it every time.’

‘You’re an idiot Yorkie. Are you blind? The world’s warming up. Ice caps melting, sea levels rising, Gulf Stream slowing down. I mean, what more proof do you need?’

‘It’s all lies. Control. That’s what it’s all about. Boody commies, tree-huggers, vegetarians. You’ll believe anything.’

‘Well how do you explain all these weather events – storms, extremes of hot and cold? Come on,explain.’

‘Weather’s always been unpredictable. Same as always. Business as usual. Same as always will be. What do you reckon Cuff?’

‘I reckon you’re dead right. Carbon emmissions, wind power. It’s all nonsense. You can’t beat good old fossil fuels, or maybe nuclear.’

‘Oh come on Cuffy,’ Steve laughed. ‘What’s wrong with wind power? I really rate those turbines. It’s proven. They are the future.’

Cuffy shook his head. ‘OK ‘til they catch fire, and anyway what about the concrete? Aren’t they set in concrete? Concrete’s a major pollutant isn’t it?’

‘That’s it Cuff. You tell ‘em!’ Yorkie leaned forward triumphantly. ‘They’ll believe anything. Next thing they’ll be telling us is that they’re getting vaccinated.’

‘Of course I’m getting vaccinated. I’ve already had my first jab. Haven’t you?’

‘No! And I’m not going to. It’s all nonsense. No such thing as Covid. It’s just a trick to get you vaccinated. They inject you with a microchip. It’s that bloody Bill Gates. He’s behind it.’

Steve laughed. ‘C’mon Yorkie. Course there’s Covid. I mean what about all those people who have died?

‘All Lies.’ He smirked at Chris. ‘That Gates – he’s a tree-hugger and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not a vegetarian.’

Chris leaned forward. ‘So you’re saying that Bill Gates has invented Covid in order to microchip everyone.’ She laughed. ‘Here we go again. Now tell us Yorkie, why would he do that?

‘Control. That’s what it’s all about.’ Yorkie nodded vehemently. ‘They can trace you anywhere in the world. He’s one of them you know.’

‘One of what, or should I say whom?’

‘He’s one of the gang of twenty. Read about then in ‘The Sun’.’ He turned to Steve. ‘You know who I mean, don’t you?’

Steve laughed. ‘Oh you mean the Illuminati.’

Yorkie thumped the table in triumph. ‘That’s them! That there David Icke knows all about them. There’s twenty of the buggers. All lizards. That’s what Icke says. They’re the ones who control the world.’

‘And you got all this from ‘The Sun’?’

Chris shook her head. ‘You can’t believe anything you read in ‘The Sun’.’

‘That’s what you say. They’ve got it all sussed. Global Warming, vaccinations. All rubbish. You’re being conned. That Corbyn, he knows all about it.’

‘Jeremy Corbyn?’ Chris angry now. ‘For goodness sake Yorkie. You really are a moron.’

‘No. Not that commie bastard. I mean his brother Giles. Real visionary. He soon put them right.’

‘I suppose he’s a holocaust denier too?’

Cuffy slammed his cup down. ‘That Hitler wasn’t so bad. OK so he went a bit over the top.’ He chuckled. ‘At least he solved the unemployment problem and for sure he wouldn’t have had any truck with this Green nonsense.’

‘Hitler was a vegetarian.’

Yorkie smirked. ‘I knew there was something not quite right. A good beef-steak now and again would have sorted him out good. I tell you, veggies and vegans, all crackers.’ He sneered at Chris. ‘I suppose next thing you’ll be buying an electric car?’

I couldn’t afford one, but I would if I could. We’ve only got one planet, we’ve got to look after it.’

‘One planet,’ Yorkie shook his head. ‘You’re talking rubbish. There’s millions of them out there. Where do you think these, er, what did you call them Steve?’


‘That’s it. I’ll tell you where they come from. They’re aliens. Come in on the U.F.O.s ages ago. They are the ones running the show.’ Yorkie’s voice rose an octave in excitement. ‘I tell you, all the great people believed in aliens and the like. Hitler, Trump and that Russian bloke, all believers, all visionaries.’ He glared at Chris. ‘You lot think you’re clever but you’re not. No idea what’s really going on. No idea at all.’

Chris sighed deeply. ‘I suppose you’ll be telling us next that the Earth is flat?’

Yorkie stared at her in amazement. ‘Are you stupid or what? Of course the bloody Earth is flat. If it wasn’t we’d all fall off and float away.’

Poetry – Three Haikus for Nature

Three Haikus for Nature

Sun, clouds, drought and flood

Change in a billion strange ways

As carbon traps heat

Wind in tight circles

Spins the sinister raindrops

Into shards of ice

Ripping roofs, mud slides

Violent nature speaks loud

In fury at us

Opher – 9.9.2021

I wrote these to be read together.

We are at the start of an epoch of change. Our activities have altered the planet. Ironically the future is not looking conducive for human beings.

Climate change is not only bad for us; it is also bad for many other species.

Our greed and stupidity is looking to become our downfall.

It is as if we are beginning to experience nature’s fury directed at us – storms, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes and droughts. We are reaping the rewards for our actions.

Too many people! Too much greed! Too much damage!! Too little time to put it right!!

We’re creating the future.

Global Warming – Is it too late?

We have been warned for many decades now but not taken enough notice. Too many people have believed those with self-interest, the politicians and petro-chemical industry, who have called it a hoax. Short-termism in governments has meant that countries have gone for immediate growth and lack of investment.

The results of this are obvious. The planet has warmed. We are already suffering from the effects of global warming. The air and seas are heating up. The effects of even minor increases are enormous. We are experiencing it.

Horrendous flooding



Forest fires

Glacial melt

Sea-level rises


Alterations in sea currents

Alterations in the jet stream

Already the effects are terrible. Great swathes of forests have been lost. Millions of animals have been burnt to death. Heatwaves have destroyed crops. Corals have been bleached. Species of plants and animals have migrated.

As this progresses huge areas will become uninhabitable resulting in mass migrations. Droughts, fires, storms, floods and loss of land will be more common.

The reason why is extremely simple:

There are too many of us;

We are burning too much coal, gas and oil that has raised the carbon dioxide levels;

We have been destroying too much forest and polluting seas so that the carbon dioxide is not absorbed and stored.

The solutions are equally simple:

We need to reduce our numbers;

We need to rewild the planet;

We need to reduce pollution;

We need to move to energy production that does not produce carbon dioxide.

Fortunately science has provided us with many of the answers.

We have family planning. We just need education (particularly of females) and governments to use rewards, policies and inducements to get the message across.

We have to promote green energies – such as tidal barriers, solar power, wind power and heat pumps.

We have to change building laws so that all new housing has heat recapture, proper insulation with solar paneling installed.

We have to change transport to either electric or hydrogen power.

We need to rewild, replant our forests and encourage biodiversity.

We need governments around the world to take things seriously and coordinate their efforts.

If we fail to take these measures we know what will happen:

Much greater bushfires, droughts, heatwaves and floods. Rising sea levels with flooding of cities. Mass migration of populations. Changing sea currents resulting in major changes in weather. Some places suffering extreme cold. Changes in air currents that will also change weather.

The effect on farming, human activity and nature will be catastrophic.

Climate Change – Chris Riddell

First they handle the Covid crisis incredibly badly (though making a lot of money for their chums in the process) and next up is Climate Change.

For those doubters in science this must have been a salutary summer – massive floods, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts and record temperatures.

When the mass immigration from the regions hardest hit begins to envelop us then we will see.

Is Boris Johnson (the liar) the man for a crisis? Are any of this bunch of sleazebags?