Climate Change Cartoons

From species creep, temperature recordings to extraordinary weather patterns, the evidence is there.

This disbelief in science and experts that Trump has exploited and emphasised is going to be our Achilles heel.

A world run without reason, just for profit, is a doomed world.

The evidence is all around us. There is more than money.

We are destroying the planet for profit for the wealthy!

Poetry – The Last Party (For Greta)

The Last Party (For Greta)

It’s the last party on the Titanic

And nobody’s at the wheel.

The iceberg has come into sight,

We’ll soon hear the crunch of steel.

Let’s order another bottle of champers

And pretend that it’s all God’s will.

‘Shouldn’t someone be keeping watch?’

I heard a young kid shout.

‘It’s looking pretty murky.

There’s a lot of ice about?’

‘Don’t worry your young head,’

The gambler replied.

‘Leave it to the Captain.

Let them that know decide.’

‘But isn’t that an iceberg,

Looming in the dark?

Surely we should steer away,

Lest it leaves its mark?’

How everybody laughed

At the silly little girl.

And carried on a-gambling

Within the social whirl.

There was surprise and chaos

When the iceberg hit.

Nobody could have seen it coming?

Was the grand verdict.

There weren’t enough lifeboats

But the wealthy took their place.

They knew they would survive

The gathering disgrace.

Opher – 31.10.2020

I wrote this one for Greta Thunberg.

It seems obvious that there is a major catastrophe or two looming – not only global warming but the annihilation of species and pandemics.

We can still alter course and change our ways. There is time. But the calamity it looming.

It takes a child to point out the catastrophe that lies ahead.

There’s still nobody at the wheel.

Donald Trump comes in on a wave of hot air!

Worrying times!

This last year was the hottest year on record!!

CO2 levels are the highest recorded.

Sections of the barrier reef are dying due to the warming process.

Seas are warming.

Sea levels are rising.

Low lying islands are in danger of disappearing.

The ice-caps are melting.

Weather patterns are changing. We are experiencing droughts, floods, hurricanes, storms, freezing temperatures, record high temperatures and changes in sea and air currents.

Donal Trump denies any of this is caused by mankind’s incessant output of CO2 through the burning of fossil fuels. He wants to reopen coal production and up the use of fossil fuels. He is talking of pulling out of all climate agreements. He has packed his cabinet with climate change deniers!

There is more to life than money! To make a fast buck and lose the whole world is a poor deal!

Let us hope that he does not do what he says he will do!! The whole world is at stake!

2016 was the hottest year on record-CNN

Deregulation is open season for businesses to cut corners, pollute and reduce safety levels. It is maximum profits and a disaster for everyone. BSE was the direct result of Tory deregulation policy in Britain.



The new administration about to take over in the United States is all about deregulation.  Most of the cabinet picks are not qualified for the positions they are about to hold.  President elect Trump has stated he wants to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Not only does this not bode well for the United States, it affects the planet as a whole.

More than half of the voting population in the United States did not vote for Trump. He’s cozy with Vladimir Putin, and U.S. intelligence has shown that Russia interfered in our election.  I can only hope this buffoon of a president elect swiftly gets impeached.

I love my country and my way of life, but I’m afraid all of that is about to change drastically. We as Americans must stand up to this fascist regime about to take over our country.  I have lived too long…

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Donald Trump – A major threat to the environment?

Donald Trump may turn out to be a major threat to the world’s environment, putting hundreds of thousands of species under threat, promoting major climate change and putting many communities at risk of such things as flooding, drought, extreme weather, hurricanes, crop failures and starvation. This could result in mass migrations of people and mass extinctions of plants and animals.

President elect Trump claims that manmade climate change is a hoax. He is threatening to pull out of the Paris agreement and reverse the Green Energy programmes. He says that he will promote economic growth by returning to fossil fuel programmes (coal, oil and gas), reopen plants and to hell with the carbon dioxide output or pollution.

He is solely concerned with the economy and jobs. The environment is not an issue.

This runs contrary to all the evidence accumulated on climate change. In the long term it will not only be an environmental and human disaster but also turn into a major crisis for the economy. I cannot help thinking that this is extremely bad news for the whole world.

In a worrying new development his administration has asked for the names of all the people involved in the Green Energy programmes and who have promoted Green Energy and been involved with climate change talks. The fear is of a witch-hunt.

Anyone who is involved with the environment should be anxious. If he goes through with his stated policy change, the USA, instead of leading in the clean up of carbon dioxide, will be greatly increasing its carbon output. This could be a disaster for the world and impact on the whole initiative to prevent global warming and protect the dwindling rainforests and animals.

If there is a continued increase in global temperature, created by human activity through the burning of fossil fuels (as most scientists now believe), it would have a devastating effect on wildlife and human populations. There would be radical changes in weather patterns leading to droughts, heatwaves, floods, desertification, hurricanes and extreme weather, melting of ice-caps, a rise in sea levels, changes in animal and plant distribution, death of corals and sea-life, changes in conditions for crops and have a colossal impact on wildlife and human populations.

For nature, already under extreme attack, this could be catastrophic.

This also does not bode well for other environmental initiatives. It would appear that the environment and wildlife do not feature in the world of Trump. All that matters is money.

Hopefully the experts will convince Mr Trump that he is wrong and the risks are far too great.

Hopefully he will not go through with his withdrawal from environmental agreements and a return to dirty energy.

The world is at stake.

Why not read up my views on the devastation of our natural world in my book Anthropocene Apocalypse. It tells the story of what is happening to the planet through our burgeoning numbers and destructive practices.


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Just Something To Think About!!

This has got to be our number one priority – the destruction of our wildlife and wrecking of our planet.

Uphill Battle with Kim

Hi Guys,

This is not one of my regular videos. I just wanted to provoke a little thought in this video about climate change and what is happening to the earth that we live on.

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Anthropocene Apocalypse – The solutions to the world problems.

world-in-our-hands world_chapters

We are in a new age – the Anthropocene. In the past all the threats to the existence for us as a species, and all other life on this planet, came from nature; now the main threat is coming from us.

I am optimistic.

We, as a species, are resourceful, intelligent and brilliant at problem solving. These are the very attributes necessary to solve the world’s problems.

If we are truly intelligent then we will put time, finance and resources into dealing with the major threats to life on this planet.

First we have to identify the potential disasters and then look to see what can be done about them. Then we have to properly finance the strategies needed to deal with it.

Here are some of the problems and how to deal with them:

  1. Population size – our numbers have increased to the point where we are causing sufficient pollution to alter the climate, pollute the environment globally, use up the resources and destroy the natural environments.
  • We need to limit our numbers with a global policy of intent
  • We need education for the third world
  • We need contraception and contraceptive advice for all people
  • We need to counter the religious drive to increase in numbers
  • We need to bring in support for sickness and old age so that people do not rely on large families
  • We need to deal with world poverty and have a fairer distribution of wealth
  • We need to counter racial stereotypes that manhood equates to many kids

2. Meteor strike – a meteor strike could devastate life on this planet. It has happened three times before resulting in 97% of all species being annihilated. In the past we were helpless. We now have the means to do something about it.

  • We need a thorough observation programme to map all possible strikes from meteors
  • We need an early warning system
  • We need to formulate policies to deflect or destroy asteroids or large meteors heading for Earth. That should not be too difficult. We have missiles and nuclear devices. We can surely work that out?

3. Virus pandemics. The most likely cause of mass human death is a mutated virus. At times it seems that we are intent on speeding up its inception. We need to plan how to stop this from happening. More people died from the flu virus that hit after the First World War than were killed in the war itself. The next one could wipe out 99% of humans.

  • We need to prevent the sort of conditions in breeding and keeping farm animals that can lead to diseases passing to humans (particularly with fowl in Asia).
  • We need to bring in an early warning process to rapidly identify problems and alert authorities to isolate and deal with this. This will necessitate a compensation scheme or else farmers will try to keep things quiet.
  • We need to develop drugs that work against viruses so that when the epidemic hits we have the means of fighting it.

4. Climate change – the greenhouse effect. Venus is a similar planet to us. Venus has a runaway greenhouse effect. The surface temperature is 462 degrees Celsius – hot enough to melt lead. It would be a good idea to stop that happening to us. A few degrees warmer and there would be catastrophic climate events – droughts, sea level rises (all our major cities are around sea-level), hurricanes, typhoons, floods, heat-waves, changes in jet-stream, gulf stream and weather patterns.

  • Reduce carbon output and move to sustainable energy (tidal, wind, solar and fusion).
  • Reduce human numbers
  • Protect our rainforests (which absorb carbon and give out oxygen)
  • Protect our oceans – the phytoplankton absorb carbon and give out oxygen. Pollution is disrupting this. Over-fishing is causing an imbalance.

5. Global pollution. Pollution is threatening our ecosystems.

  • Create global laws to limit pollution
  • Enforce them

6. Conservation – we are destroying the natural environment at a huge rate and causing species extinction. The whole globe is one ecosystem. We are part of it. The imbalance we are causing is altering the planet. We depend on the soil, food, oxygen and water cycle created by the biosphere. We need to protect it or we will suffer the consequences.

  • Conserve nature – 50% for humans – 50% for wilderness
  • Stop chopping down the rain-forests for short-term gain (logging, slash and burn, crops for sale to the West – Palm Oil, Coffee etc)
  • Protect the animals being hunted to extinction – put in armed wardens and arrest poachers, cut off supply and hunt down the people behind the trade and jail them.

7. Volcanic action – volcanoes or major volcanic activity could be disastrous. They can result in huge local devastation and produce ash that would cause a global winter for decades that would stop photosynthesis and cool the planet and effectively kill off plants and animals and result in mass extinctions. If the Yellowstone caldera was to collapse a third of America could be covered with lava and resemble the Russian steppes.

  • More research into volcanic activity
  • Ideas on how to influence and affect volcanic activity

8. War – we now have weapons of mass destruction that could eradicate most human life on this planet – nuclear bombs, nerve gas, biological weapons. It only takes a major conflict to escalate or a terrorist group of religious fanatics and we could be facing extinction.

  • Stop wars
  • Use diplomacy and economic strategies to end conflict
  • Move to global government – think globally
  • Do away with nationalism and patriotism
  • Enforce the UN charter of Human Rights
  • Counter religions and religious indoctrination

Other disasters would include Tsunamis, earthquakes and Solar activity.

Most of our future is in our own hands. We have the science and technology to ensure our safety. Do we have the will or intelligence?

Good on the Pope!! About time a religious leader made some sense!

PopeMe too!

I never thought ‘d be agreeing with the Pope on anything but I seem to be liking everything he said about the climate!

Well done Pope Francis.

He called on all the world, all people, to stop their selfish ways and start to look after the planet. He said that humanity was responsible for the climate change and we should stop burning fossil fuels.

That’s a big step forward! Maybe everyone will start to listen now?

Perhaps the Pope’s next move might be to lift the ridiculous, outmoded ban on contraception. I don’t remember anywhere in the bible where Jesus tells everyone to stop putting condoms on their penises.

The ‘go forth and multiply’ stupidity is creating a crisis for all life on this planet. Between the Catholics and the Muslims there seems to be a race to flood the world with followers and ‘win’. That’s nuts.

Large families are a huge problem. We are seven billion heading for ten! It is not sustainable.

But good on Pope Francis – at least it is a step in the right direction!