Poetry – Too Many

Too Many

Too many people.

Too many by far.

All burning up energy.

Travelling by car.

Killing the wildlife.

Chopping the trees.

Covering with concrete.

Nature brought to its knees.

How to reduce this vast population?

Reduce the numbers – nation by nation?

Maybe Gaia is raising her head?

Giving her warning –

Change –

Or we’ll all end up dead.

Opher – 16.4.2020

Humanity has increased in numbers to a ridiculous level. We are swamping the planet and destroying nature.

Global warming and species diversity, deforestation, over-fishing, mass extinctions, plastic, ozone layer, pollution.

The problems are huge and global.

We show no real signs of grappling with these problems. They impinge on profits!!

So we continue to rape the planet and destroy nature. Perhaps the planet is getting fed up with us?

Poetry – Denial


Five million creatures fried

                As the fires of global warming

                                Shroud the globe in smoke.

Australia, Indonesia and California burn,

                As humanity never seems to learn.

And the ecology of the world lies broke.

Floods, storms and droughts,

                                In the extreme,

                Stalk the world.

Glaciers melt,

                Corals bleach

                                As the tragedy unfurled.

Despite the palls of smoke

                Filling the sky

There are still those

                Who will deny.

Opher – 2.1.2020

They estimate that five hundred million creatures have already been burnt to death in the terrible fires sweeping through Australia.

Three years of severe drought followed by a record high temperature has produced a catastrophe waiting to happen.

It has been replicated in Indonesia and California.

While hurricanes, typhoons and tropical storms batter countries, sea levels rise, desertification increases, seas warm, corals bleach and there is record rainfall and floods.

All predictably following the computer modelling.

Once again the hottest global temperature on record.

What were one in a century events are now happening every year.

I sit in Britain where we have flooded towns, fields that resemble lakes and a year’s rainfall falling in days.

Carbon Dioxide levels are at a record. The greenhouse effect is real. Yet there are those who still believe this is nothing to do with man, is just a natural cycle and deny any link.

They point to solar output.

Yet they is no increased solar activity. There is a greenhouse effect though.

Trump, Xi Jinping, Bolsonaro and Morrison just want to burn fossil fuel for short-term profit. They don’t give a damn about the future.

I wish a plague of fleas, leeches and horse-flies on all of them.

Surely, even if it were caused by solar effects, there are things we can do to rectify the situation. We could move to renewables and away from coal, oil and gas. We could plant trees. We could stop destroying forests and wetlands. These things would not do any harm and might solve the problem (however it was caused).

Let’s get the carbon dioxide out of the damn atmosphere, protect our wildlife, limit our numbers and start behaving responsibly!!!

COP 26 – Did they save the planet??

Boris Johnson produces enough hot air to heat every home but in terms of achieving anything, it’s always a fat zero!! All mouth and bluster – no end product.

He used to be a climate change sceptic – now he just lies about what he is doing. Like a real hypocrite he tells you the wonderful things he wants to do and does the opposite.

So it’s more coal mines and oil fields while telling the world to clean up!!

We’re at a crossroads and we have an incompetent lying clown in charge.

Poetry – Hard Times are Coming

Hard Times are Coming

From the water world to the drought,

Hard times are coming.

From the Sahara ocean

To the Atlantic desert,

Hard times are on their way.

Growing crops on mountain tops,

Hard times are coming.

From the arid Amazon

To the flooded Gobi,

Hard times are on their way.

Fishing over Holland, trawling Bangladesh,

Hard times are coming.

Cities under water,

Fields a fishing bank,

Hard times are on their way.

They are coming.

They are on their way.

Shoulda listened

To what they had to say.

Opher – 1.4.2019

There are a bunch of very wealthy people who profit from destruction and chaos. Their enemy is stability and order.

They are immoral beyond understanding. They don’t pull and triggers, wield any chainsaws, or even give orders. They just quietly work in the background creating the circumstances, buying off the right people, influencing the decisions – and creaming off the vast profits.

Somehow they have convinced a segment of people that they cannot believe anything they hear. The Earth is flat. There were no moon landings. 9/11 was the CIA. The UN is an instrument of the globalist wealthy. All scientists and experts lie and are in the pay of politicians. Capitalism has raised standards for ordinary people.

The result is that all wealth of the world is concentrated in a few hundred pockets. Billions live in abject poverty and are exploited. There are wars. The environment is being systematically destroyed. The tsunami of human beings is swamping the world.

They do not care. They profit from it. This is just how they like it.

But hard times are coming. We know who will be to blame. It will be us.

Poetry – Time we cared – For Greta!

Time we cared

Ice is melting – water rising

Up to their knees

And still denying.

Bird croaks its last fanfare

Frog’s last gasp

Of heated air.

We carry on without a care.

Heat increases – animals frying

Floods and droughts –

Not surprising.

Still they believe scientists are lying.

Concrete and plastic – land and sea,

I’m alright Jack,

Don’t worry about me!

Trophy hunting – forest clearing,

Sounds to me

That no-ones hearing!

At least that’s what I’m a fearin’.

Making room for bird and tree

Before they pass

Into history.

Buried under life’s debris.

But it’s always the cash that counts,

Stashed away

In large amounts.

Whatever they do, it’s the cash,

As long as they’ve got

Their share of the stash.

I think we’re heading for one ginormous crash.

Opher – 22.18.2019

I wrote this for the politically motivated climate change deniers! May they wake up soon!

Poetry – The Tornado

The Tornado

Spinning round and round

In ever decreasing circles.

Whipping back and forth,

Sucking the spirit dry

With a whirlwind

Of lies.

Brexit, Covid and inequality,

Cronyism, power hikes

And increased poverty.

Sleaze, corruption,

Profiteering, tax hikes

And a fucked economy.

Round and round,

Spinning out of control

In a tornado

Of lies.

Global Warming, trade deals,


Species diversity.

Racism, AUKUS, National Insurance hikes,

Hostile environments,


Pay cuts, rising prices,

No levelling up,

Just tragedy.

Round and round

Ever faster

A cyclone, a whirlwind

A tornado of disaster!

Opher – 22.9.2021

All around us the horrendous debris of incompetent government is there for all to see.

The lies pile up.

The empty promises scattered to the winds.

The mess of Brexit caught up in the shrouds of Covid. The pay cuts and huge profit hikes for billionaires put the lie to levelling up.

Instead we have tax rises, national insurance rises, general price rises, soaring energy costs, firms going bust, empty supermarket shelves, no HGV drivers, no fruit an veg pickers, low wages, benefit cuts, covid deaths, and millions given away to Tory donors, millions given to bogus firms and fixers, millions spent on holidays, wallpaper and pub landlords, millions taken in Greenswill’s illegal lobbying. While MPs walk away through a revolving door into multimillion pound futures.

We’re all in it together. One for you, a million for me.

A bunch of xenophobic, racist right-wing imbeciles led by a clown.

Not only are they out of their depth, useless and callous; they are immoral, devious and cynical. Their arrogance is bred into them. They feel entitled.