The Suez Canal – local fishermen and massive ships.

As we slipped along the narrow canal with the desert on both sides I could not help wondering how big an operation it was keeping it open. The sand must blow in requiring constant dredging. It is such a narrow strip of water. The ships are massive.

In amongst these leviathans the tiny boats of the local fishermen put out their nets.

Driving through Egypt – armed militia, machine-gun posts, rural backwaters and tied up Nile River Cruise Boats.

Islamic terrorism has shut down tourism. Everywhere you look is poverty. There are machine-gun posts and armed militia on street corners. It’s like a country under siege. All the cruise boats are tied up. People des[perately need the tourist money in order to help them develop. In the rural regions, it’s still horses and carts.

I took these shots from a moving car.

I can’t help thinking that religion has played a big part in creating poverty.

Karnak – Walking through the ancient wonders.

Civilisations come and go, wax and wane, makes you wonder.

History always provides perspective. What phase are we in? Waxing, cusping or waning? I think I know the answer.

Now that we have a global society will that make a big difference? Is culture becoming global? Will religions, cultures, nations and races come and go like before? Or will there just be jostling for position and status?

We wax and wane.