What Opher’s World is all about

A blog for Writers, Readers, Thinkers, Beats, Freaks, Idealists, Punks, Hippies, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Photographers, Atheists, and all those of an Alternative Nature with Open Minds who seek Wonder and Fun.

I am writing a blog for thinking, creative people. I wish to promote thought and stimulate the grey matter.

I want to display beauty and an appreciation of the world, nature and human endeavours.

I want to illustrate politic and social events and not shy from controversy.

I want to highlight Rock Music, good lyrics and music that means something.

I want to communicate.

I want to address philosophy and religion. As an antitheist I would like to highlight the evils being carried out in the name of religion and express my abhorrence.

I want to display my own creativity in the form of Art, Poetry, Music and my Books.

I want to interact and get people involved.

Hopefully you will find this blog varied, passionate, funny, serious and open to all.

I am a humanist who believes in equality, fairness and tolerance. I despise inhumanity, barbarity, cruelty and intolerance.

I wish you a wonderful life in an incredible universe! You are all most welcome!

It’s all happening here! Help build a positive Zeitgeist!!


Opher’s World – The Blog that is the opposite of politics – I say what I think without regard to what anybody else thinks!

Opher’s World – The Blog that is the opposite of politics – I say what I think without regard to what anybody else thinks!

Overpopulation Opher Pete amazon

The trouble with politicians is that they are after your vote. They will say whatever they believe might win you over. They will promise the earth.

In the end they will cost us the earth.

My blog is different. I speak my mind and I don’t care what anybody thinks. What you get is me. Take it or leave it. I pander to no one.

If I think something is wrong I speak out.

If I think something is beautiful I record it.

I live to communicate and create. I live to change the world for the better.

You will probably agree with some and hate other bits. But that’s OK. I won’t lie. You know where you stand.

I stand for justice, freedom, tolerance, love, peace and happiness for all. I want justice for all life on the planet and an end to overpopulation and environmental destruction.

It’s simple.

Poetry – Gnat’s pee

Poetry – Gnat’s pee

Time for another blast from the past.

I wrote this in response to the glaring inequality that is producing trillionaires while some people do not have a grain of rice to feed their children.

There can be no excuse.

Gnat’s Pee


A gnat pissing in a hurricane

Would make no difference to the pouring rain

Like a stray thought through a random brain

A pinprick in a searing pain

Or a millionaire’s profit to a nation’s gain

Yet a poor man’s lack of grain is the whole world’s eternal shame


Opher 31.1.02

Photography – Australia – Amazing Blue Mountains

Photography – Australia – Amazing Blue Mountains

We were fortunate to be taken to the most incredible Blue Mountains by our great friends Pete and Trudy. We had some super weather, hiked to the bottom and caught some sunsets.

IMG_7102 IMG_7496 IMG_7500 IMG_7572

This planet is a gorgeous place to have opened your eyes on. We really must try to keep it that way.

Build a good zeitgeist. Keep our numbers down. Protect nature and enjoy the wonders of the world.

Its beautiful!

Poetry – I Can’t Breathe Without You – a simple love poem for my family.

Poetry – I Can’t Breathe Without You – a simple love poem for my family.

I Can’t Breathe without you.

I can’t dream without you

You are my world

Your smile – my beacon

My colours paled


I have no life without you

That is true

Your truth – my vision

With only you


I can’t breathe without you

I don’t know why

Your essence – my ambrosia

My earth, my sky


My heart won’t beat without you

I know it’s true

Your presence – my nutrition

I love you


Opher 29.5.95

In the final end it is your family that counts – my wife and my kids, my grandchildren and relatives. They are your DNA and pathway to immortality.

To love is what we do best. It is when we are at our best.

If you do not love you have not lived.

Your present is all about who you love. I am a lucky man. I have friends and family to give me nourishing sustenance. Who can ask for more.

This is my love poem to my widest family. In its widest sense it is all life on this planet but right now it is my loving family.

It needs saying more.

Love is all there is. There is nothing greater.

Photography – Cambodia – up the Mekong – fishing, flooding, waves and smiles.

Photography – Cambodia – up the Mekong – fishing, flooding, waves and smiles.

The Mekong was an incredible place. The whole industry is fishing. All the banks are lined with nets. The people are out in small boats casting nets. There are big fishing rigs.

The river we went on is a tributary to the big lake. The silty water is very fecund and abounds with small fish. The people catch the tiny fish and grind them to fish paste to ell in the market. The women cover up with masks to protect their faces from the sun. The kids are often naked. Tiny kids swim and dive in the water. There is no health and safety here.

The people are transient fishers. The houses are ramshackle on stilts or floating rafts because the water rises over twenty feet and floods the land. There was a lot of wild-life – big black and white herons, kingfishers and snakes.

I fear that the over-fishing is going to kill the golden goose – the overpopulation is causing immense pressure on the ecosystem. Killing the tiny fish will deplenish the stock.

IMG_6341 IMG_6344 IMG_6349 IMG_6354 IMG_6390 IMG_6409 IMG_6417 IMG_6427 IMG_6440 IMG_6463 IMG_6464 IMG_6479 IMG_6481 IMG_6488 IMG_6501 IMG_6505 IMG_6511 IMG_6513 IMG_6523 IMG_6524 IMG_6579

Photography – More Cambodia – monks, monkeys, temples

Photography – More Cambodia – monks, monkeys, temples

Cambodia, like all the countries in the region is opening up, overpopulating and changing fast. The jungle is being chopped down. There’s a future time-bomb waiting to detonate – too many people, environmental catastrophe.

Its so beautiful though!

IMG_7134 IMG_7160 IMG_7162 IMG_7169 IMG_7170 IMG_7176 IMG_7178 IMG_7189 IMG_7199 Child labour is apparent.

IMG_7268 IMG_7271 IMG_7272 IMG_7276 IMG_7303 IMG_7374 IMG_7405 IMG_7459 IMG_7481 IMG_7499 IMG_7496 IMG_7497 IMG_7500

Photography – Cairns – Daintree and a few birds – including the psychedelic ostrich that is a cassowaries!

Photography – Cairns – Daintree and a few birds – including the psychedelic ostrich that is a cassowaries!

Cassawaries are getting very rare. They are too often the victims of cars and end up as large roadkill. We had given up hope of seeing one. It was getting dark – hence these shots are not as bright and sharp as they could have been. Then this family of gorgeous psychedelic birds walked right out into the road in front of us! Amazing.

IMG_9929 IMG_9940 IMG_9942 IMG_9943 IMG_9944 IMG_9946 IMG_9952IMG_9696IMG_9705

This ibis were flocking to roost at the top of some trees in Cairns.


These swallows were getting a free ride on the ferry across to Daintree park.