Wildlife at Alter Do Chao – photos

It is fabulous to be in the rainforest with its rich array of wildlife. Colourful birds, iguanas – a tropical paradise for naturalists like me.

Alter Do Chao – Brazil – into the flooded forest. Photos.

We hired a canoe to take us into the flooded forest. Every year the lagoon levels rise and much is submerged. It makes for an interesting habitat. We slowly drifted through submerged trees and over the floor of the rainforest. All around us were birds and wildlife.

It was fabulous. A different world.

Alter Do Chao – Brazil – a flooded lagoon – a holiday resort. Photos.

Alter Do Chao is a holiday resort on the Amazon. It floods to form a large lagoon with sandy shores. Families come to enjoy a ‘beach’ holiday. The water is fresh water and very warm. Extremely pleasant to swim in.

I was more taken with the incredible wildlife of the flooded lagoon.

Brazil – Manaus – Other lavish rooms in the Opera House

There was more to the opera house that the main performance area – there were a number of other rooms with pillars, ornate ceilings and decoration. They certain went to extremes to create something they wanted to be the equivalent of what they had in Europe.

They had ambition.