The Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok – Photos

Our next stop was the incredible huge reclining Buddha at Wat Po Temple. I reckon they had bin reclining because if they had created him standing up they would have required a bigger temple! You only get a sense of the size by standing next to him.

Very impressive.

Thailand – Bangkok – the wonders of the Royal Palace – photos

It seemed to me that there were endless things to photograph as I went around the palace – from the little kids delighting at the carp in the bowl to a huge bees’ nest hanging from a beam up high, dripping with honey. There were the huge buildings and the tiny details, the colours and design. All set out so eloquently.

I could have happily spent days wandering around.

Today’s walk up my hill – A photographic journey

The sun was shining so I took my camera on a walk up my hill this morning.

It felt like spring. The crocuses and daffs were out basking in the light.

There were clumps and drifts of snowdrops in among the trees and on the banks. Other flowers were beginning to emerge.

The sky looked so big with great clouds.

I caught a glimpse of my Red Kite but he was high up and soon became a speck in the sky.

Then there was this little guy singing his heart out.

Vietnam – The Crocodile farm.

At the crocodile farm you could fish for crocodiles. With a long stick, a long piece of string and a piece of chicken, you could walk out on a platform behind a fence, dangle the chicken and entice the crocodiles below to lunge into the air.

The speed and height the crocs to jump to was scary. You did not put your hand over the fence!

Then you could go off and eat a crocodile saute!!