The Amazon – Monkeys, caiman, lily pads, herons and magnificent trees.

We went on a journey into the Amazon rainforest.

Lynmouth in Devon – a fishing village now a bit of a tourist spot.

Itr still retained some of its old charm. Hard to imagine great torrent of churning water crashing through hurling massive boulders like pebbles.

I was very taken with the grey wagtails.

We were walking through town to follow the river up to Watersmeet.

In Search of the Zennor Quoit – a Neolithic Burial Chamber

We set off from Zennon off on a tiny farm track into the hills. We parked up and climbed up the path through the fabulous rock formations of the Zennor heights. We had to cross streams on stepping stones, pass meadows of seas of wild flowers and work our way through the sculpted stones.

Then, at the top we set off along a trail that lead to the fabulous tomb. The mysterious Zennor Quoit.

Men an Tol – Neolithic fertility stones – Cornwall

This rare type of Neolithic site is thought to be a fertility site. The circular stone in the centre is unique. It is thought that couples who wish for pregnancy should pass through the circle. I think, down the ages, many a couple have done a bit more than simply passing through.

Hitting St Ives

I have great memories of Cornwall – it’s ruggedness and beauty. I love its Neolithic sites. We also have a dear friend living there. All the more reason to go for another visit.

St Ives used to be a beautiful village full of arts, crafts, painters, potters and fishermen. An alternative place. It seems to have become a lot more touristy since we last went. It still had its charm and the light was wonderful.

The first morning we set off to explore and poke around.

It was great to see the Barbara Hepworth sculpture! There was Richard Burton the explorer of life. Murals and narrow stone streets.

Back Home!!

We’ve just returned from a couple of weeks in Cornwall and Devon. It has been great. Meeting up with old friends, walking through fabulous countryside, visiting Neolithic sites, castles and places of beauty. Sharing food and drink. Reaffirming old friendships. Life affirming.

As you become older some things become more important. Friends that you have shared thoughts, ideas and experiences with are part of you. Friends that are no longer with us are still there in our hearts but their absence is felt.

Back home we are unpacking, picking up the pieces, weary but glowing. I’ll share some of the thoughts, photos and dreams of our roadtrip with you over the coming weeks. It’ll be nice unpacking them.

How much we change over the years. I’d love to meet with my young mad idealistic self. I sometimes catch glimpses.