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Waking Up – a poem

Waking Up

I woke today to a blue sky
And bright sunshine.
Pink and white blossom
Gaily gleamed on the trees.
Bright green buds,
Responding to the warmth,
Spilling forth their nascent green
To dress the bush and tree
In fresh verdant uniform.
All so bright and cheerful,
So new and fresh.
Today it felt as if the world had woken up.

Opher – 12.5.2019

I love the reawakening of nature. The birds are singing, nesting and the world feels fresh.
It is as if we have a new start.
I wish we could wipe the slate clean and really begin again. What a great world we could make.

That is All – A short film by Captain Waynes using one of my poems – The Fly.

While we’re on the subject of short films made about my poems – here is another one made by Captain Waynes.

Again I was humbled to hear my words mixed with those of the great William Blake!!

A short Narrative video featuring Poetry from William Blake and Opher Goodwin to the Gameplay of The Plan (A little experiment by the developers of Among the Sleep).
Once again I would thank him for the brilliant and delightful film. I really enjoyed it.

I Am A Fly

I am a fly

All I desire is to find food, a mate, and a place to lay my eggs;

To avoid predators

And escape the heat and cold.

I am a fly.


I do not know that flies, trees and humans

All evolved from the same cell.


I am a fly.

I do not believe I have a higher purpose

I do not contemplate an after-life,

I do not yearn for heaven

or fear hell.

I create no gods.


I am a fly. My life is short

And I live it

That is all.


Opher 9.10.2015

Adios WriterBeat!!

The American site for writers of all persuasions known as WriterBeat has finally succumbed.

Thanks Autumn Cote for the invite and all the years of fun.

Thank you to all the friends I made and all the people I met.  I am sorry to see it go!

Hello to the refugees from WriterBeat that have popped up on my Blog. You are most welcome.

Here’s hoping that Stone and Owl will get something together pretty soon.

Long live WriterBeat!!

Some things that need doing to stop this dramatic damage to Biodiversity.

There is a whole sense of doom and gloom around what is happening with regard to both climate change and the grave issue of biodiversity.

People seem to form into 4 camps:

  1. There are the usual deniers who are being fed by the Trumpist Breitbart litany of fake news. They deny there is any climate warming or mass extinctions. Indeed, in their view there is no damage to the environment at all.  They believe all experts are liars and the UN is a tool of the global elitists. I think we can discount this minority. They are a hopeless case.

2. Then there are those who believe things have gone too far and there is nothing to be done – we are doomed. I do not believe that – and neither do the scientists investigating the situation. They believe that we have to take action but that it is not irreversible.

3. Then we have those who believe that it is not too late but that we have to have drastic actions – banning cars and planes, not eating meat etc. Things that would dramatically change our lives and cost a fortune. I think they go too far and would not take the public with them.

4. But I am of the opinion that it is not too late  and that we can make changes which would not greatly impact on our lives but would rectify both global warming and the impact we are making on biodiversity. I believe there is a middle way.

The views of a moderate 

I think much of what needs doing requires a global perspective and government legislation.

  1. We need to stop this incessant drive for growth of the economy. It is simply unsustainable.
  2. We need to reduce human population to take pressure off the environment. Simply continually expanding into natural environments is bound to create immense problems.
  3. We need legislation to encourage companies to produce non-polluting, energy efficient goods. We are currently producing goods that have a short life and are then thrown away. I believe we need to produce goods of superior quality, with a longer life and that are repairable (like things used to be).
  4. We need to put an end to this consumer pressure where people replace their goods or a regular basis. There is no real need for new phones, new TVs, new computers – other than to make profit for companies. A change in behaviour would help enormously.
  5. We need energy efficient machines. Cars, planes, trains, fridges, ovens, heaters – all can be made much more efficient.
  6. We need our electricity produced by sustainable means – wind, tidal, solar, hydro and geothermal.
  7. We need to stop food waste – a third of our food is currently wasted.
  8. We need to set aside large national parks in which animals and plants are protected. I am in favour of 50/50. 50% for human use and 50% for nature.
  9. We need sustainable logging and prevent the further loss of rainforest.
  10. We need responsible mining without damage to the environment.
  11. We need to put aside marine areas where fishing is prohibited to enable fish to breed and restock.
  12. We need to ensure we do not overfish, or overhunt.
  13. We need to reduce our meat consumption and find better ways to produce meat – such as growing meat in the laboratory (as we do with plants and hydroponics) or use meat substitutes.
  14. We need to reconstitute wetland habitats, woodland habitat, pond and river habitats and conserve the full range of other habitats.
  15. We need to find an alternative to the massive use of pesticides and herbicides that are not only destroying our wild plants and insects but are damaging our soil structure. GM might provide a solution to this. Insecticides could be incorporated into the genome of crops which would remove the necessity to spray. The results would be far more environmentally friendly.
  16. We need to stop all poaching and put an end to trade in ivory and animal parts.
  17. We need to stop trophy hunting.
  18. We need good conservation programmes.
  19. We need to find a way for business to flourish without damaging nature and for agriculture to flourish without taking over more natural habitat or polluting it with chemicals.

We need to stop profit coming before the environment or people!

I believe all this could be achieved without drastically altering our lifestyle, hampering our travel or costing enormous amounts.

It is more a matter of will.


  • if anybody else has any serious suggestions I would be pleased to hear them!

Death of a Million – a poem

Death of a Million

Death of a million species
Absurdly eclipsed by a Prince.
Ecological crisis across the world
Everywhere has our fingerprints.

Economic growth signals our end
As we put profit first.
Species after species
Fall to our insatiable thirst.

Who cares about the birth of a royal
As our population soars?
With numbers swamping nature
Breaking all the natural laws.

Billions of individuals
Will meet an untimely death.
As we destroy everything
That gives us all our breath.

Opher – 6.5.2019

Today the news that we were putting one million species at great risk of extinction was superseded by the news of Harry and Megan’s baby.
For fuck’s sake – where are our priorities?
Hundreds of scientists have contributed to a detailed survey right across the world outlining the impact mankind is having on the natural world. What they paint is a picture of massive accelerating decline that puts not only one million species at risk but our own future with them. Yet the birth of some bloody royal is seemingly more important!
If ever anything demonstrates how we have got our values wrong this must surely be it!

Selling the Future – a poem

Selling the Future

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re giving it away!
Get a bargain! Make a killing!
We’re giving it away!

Don’t miss out on this bargain!
It won’t come round again.
Your chance to make a fortune
You only need half a brain!

Buy yourself a trophy!
Shoot a chimp for fun!
From the safety of your truck
Exercise that gun!

Clear a big plantation!
Get rid of all those trees!
Lots of money to be made
From such a clever wheeze!

Open cast a mine or two
Dump your spoil at sea.
Who cares about a fish or two?
Plenty dosh for me!

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re selling your tomorrow!
When it’s all gone
We’re not certain what will follow.

But who cares anyway?
Who cares about the world?
If every last creature’s dead
And every last tree’s felled?

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re giving it away!
Get a bargain! Make a killing!
We’re giving it away!

Opher – 6.5.2019



Oblivious – a poem


Oblivious to what is going on.

Uncaring towards the victims.

Callous towards the cruelty.

Living apart from the action;

Caught in their own bubble.

At best indifferent.

But also complacent.

Sure that it will all come good.

Nature is resilient.

Except nature is nowhere near as resilient as they would have us believe.

The proof is in front of our eyes.


Opher 5.5.2019

I am haunted by conversations with three individuals on an American site, who are not only incredibly in denial as to any environmental damage going on but really do not care even if it was. As far as they are concerned the immense harm being done to biodiversity, the reduction in animal populations and global warming are political lies produced to make them pay more. All evidence put forward is seen as political scaremongering. They believe nature is some infinite, resilient pool of life that we can used, abused and destroyed without any real impact.

I am haunted by my trip to South America. Out in the wilderness of Patagonia, Brazil and Tierra Del Fuego we were expecting to see plenty of wildlife. The first wooden whalers had encountered a land of plenty. They had harvested turtles, seal lions, seal, penguins and all manner of birds. They had visited the breeding grounds, slaughtered for fun, loaded up ships with hundreds of tons of fresh meat, boiled eggs and carcasses for oil.

In their wake are the vestiges, clinging on. What once was plentiful is now scarce. We had to search for signs of life among an emptiness that shouted at us.

Laying the seeds of our own demise.

We do not seem to be able to use our intelligence either for the good of ourselves, the species or the rest of life on this planet. Right from the beginning we’ve been a complete disaster.

According to scientists the first sign of humans moving into an area is the extinction of all the megafauna – same on all continents – from giant sloths, giant beavers, giant kangaroos to mastodon, mammoths and a host of others. It was madness. We didn’t just hunt for meat we killed for pleasure. We drove whole herds of mammoth off cliffs where just one or two would have satisfied our needs.
We are a flawed species.

With common sense we would be countering the many dangers that could eradicate us – from virus mutation, asteroid strike, climate change and biodiversity. But no. We prefer to deny away, have wars, huge military expenditure and run everything for profit and power.

When the virus comes, the asteroid hits or we die from our own destruction of nature we might wake up to the realisation that we could have done it differently.

Nature will heal. Maybe some other intelligent species will emerge in the next few million years of evolution? And perhaps that intelligent species will not be so driven by a lust for power, greed, selfishness or the defect of gaining pleasure from inflicting pain, agony and death on others?

A bit of a milestone – My 7000th Post!!

I started blogging in May 2014 so I have had five years blogging away and this is my 7000th post.

Doing a rough calculation that means that I have been putting out 1400 posts a year!!

That is around 4 posts a day!!

I’m not sure I can keep that pace up – but the good news is that I have not yet run out of things to say!

I will not let you know when I have! (Just kidding!)

Right now I am going to put up one more today and get back to writing my new Sci-fi novel – Quantum Fever. Expect to hear more on that later.

So thank you everyone for your support and encouragement over these last five years!!


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