What Opher’s World is all about

A blog for Writers, Readers, Thinkers, Beats, Freaks, Idealists, Punks, Hippies, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Photographers, Atheists, and all those of an Alternative Nature with Open Minds who seek Wonder and Fun.

I am writing a blog for thinking, creative people. I wish to promote thought and stimulate the grey matter.

I want to display beauty and an appreciation of the world, nature and human endeavours.

I want to illustrate politic and social events and not shy from controversy.

I want to highlight Rock Music, good lyrics and music that means something.

I want to communicate.

I want to address philosophy and religion. As an antitheist I would like to highlight the evils being carried out in the name of religion and express my abhorrence.

I want to display my own creativity in the form of Art, Poetry, Music and my Books.

I want to interact and get people involved.

Hopefully you will find this blog varied, passionate, funny, serious and open to all.

I am a humanist who believes in equality, fairness and tolerance. I despise inhumanity, barbarity, cruelty and intolerance.

I wish you a wonderful life in an incredible universe! You are all most welcome!

It’s all happening here! Help build a positive Zeitgeist!!


Please help protect Brazil’s Rainforest!! Sign the petition!

President Bolsanaro of Brazil is an extreme right-winger who puts profit before people and Nature. He is presently allowing the big logging companies and mining companies to destroy the rainforest at an alarming rate.

Money is all he cares about.

He needs telling that there are more important things in life. Please help protect this amazing place with all its wonderful life. Go to the link below and sign the petition.

We need to stand up against these bullies and vandals who are destroying our planet.


Education – A documentary about me made by Mark Richardson – Sun Zoom Spark

Sun Zoom Spark – A Documentary Film made of me by a very talented Film Maker – Mark Richardson.

This was a film documentary made in the Summer I retired. 2011. Mark Richardson was an English teacher at my school and a talented film maker. He asked to make a documentary about me. I was very honoured.

This is a great nostalgic trip for me and a nice record of my education philosophy and thirty six year career.

Thank you so much Mark.

Click on the link below to watch the documentary:

Film Maker – Mark Richardson.

This was a film documentary made in the Summer I retired. 2011. Mark Richardson was an English teacher at my school and a talented film maker. He asked to make a documentary about me. I was very honoured.

PS – I’ve written those books, travelled and grown – but I still miss my students and colleagues.

Mass Migration and the solution!

In the past days over 1200 desperate people, including women and children, have drowned trying to escape Africa and seek sanctuary in Europe.

In the States migrants are walking thousands of miles to escape poverty, violence and political tyrants. They are braving hardship, disease, violence and death to gain a future.

They are fleeing war, poverty, starvation, disease, unemployment, climate change and despair.

Who can blame them? If we were in their plight we would do the same.

It is better to risk your life in a rickety, overcrowded boat, for days at sea rather than stay in the country of their birth. It is worth it to walk thousands of miles to gain a job and a future for your children.

Unfortunately this is the direct result of political decisions, greed, foreign policy, selfishness and deliberate exploitation and is driven by ignorance.

Western wars in Libya, Despotic madness in Eritrea, the insane barbarity of ISIS, the lawless nightmare of Somalia, endless conflict in Palestine and the civil war in Syria have conspired to create desperation.

Corrupt regimes and tyrants in Central America and South America have been propped up by the CIA for political gain or economic advantage.

How much of this is due to direct Western policies? To overthrow Gadafi? Invade Afghanistan and Iraq? Allow the Palestinian situation to fester? Exploit Africa for cheap labour, oil and resources? To control Central and South America?

War, conflict and poverty create good business. You can sell lots of arms to all sides, exploit starving people for cheap labour, use the corruption in countries to gain land, resources and markets.

The wealthy like inequality. It creates better profits.

The powerful like conflict. They can set one side against another and sit back to watch them tear each other apart.

This world is being run for power and profit by people with vested interests. They are creating a powder keg of frustration, anger and resentment that is likely to explode in all our faces.

This is the tip of the ice-berg. The rampant population explosion in Africa is going to cause destruction and mayhem unless we deal with it quickly.

There are populations accelerating out of control; families of twelve or more children. There is starvation, war, disease and no jobs. What are they going to do?

It is obvious. They are going to try to get to somewhere that is safe, secure and with hope for the future. They will do anything to escape the butchery, disease and hopelessness.

As intelligent apes it is time we looked globally and took steps to sort this mess out. Opher has the answer:

  • Reduce world population substantially (birth control programmes, sickness benefit, old age pensions)
  • Stamp out corruption
  • Create a fair equal world where there s a fair distribution of wealth
  • Stop all wars through the United Nations intervention
  • Make health, clean water and sufficient food a right for everyone
  • Counter the religious madness that is causing war and encouraging people to breed like rabbits
  • Stop the greed and selfishness that is making many billionaires at the expense of millions
  • Bring in global standards to protect the environment, stop pollution and prevent people and multinational exploiting the weak
  • Take action against global warming.

If we solve the problems on a global basis we will not have war, starvation, disease, overpopulation and unemployment that leads to mass migration.

If we do not tackle the overpopulation crisis and environmental disaster we will have a terrible future for everyone and every other living thing on this planet!

Walls won’t keep them out! Solve the problem at the roots.

We need a fairer world!  Vote Opher for World Governor!

Opher’s World – The Blog that is the opposite of politics – I say what I think without regard to what anybody else thinks!

Opher’s World – The Blog that is the opposite of politics – I say what I think without regard to what anybody else thinks!

Overpopulation Opher Pete amazon

The trouble with politicians is that they are after your vote. They will say whatever they believe might win you over. They will promise the earth.

In the end they will cost us the earth.

My blog is different. I speak my mind and I don’t care what anybody thinks. What you get is me. Take it or leave it. I pander to no one.

If I think something is wrong I speak out.

If I think something is beautiful I record it.

I live to communicate and create. I live to change the world for the better.

You will probably agree with some and hate other bits. But that’s OK. I won’t lie. You know where you stand.

I stand for justice, freedom, tolerance, love, peace and happiness for all. I want justice for all life on the planet and an end to overpopulation and environmental destruction.

It’s simple.

Lessons from life – a few lessons I’ve learnt over the years!


  1. There are no short-cuts – trying to cut off the corners always works out harder in the long run.
  2. You can’t cover faults with a coat of paint – the cracks and holes always look worse and it’s even harder to do next time.
  3. If someone is giving something away for nothing there is always a catch – that nice man from Nigeria who wants to give me £12,000,000 if I would only give him my bank details does not really want to give me that money.
  4. If you want to do something badly – just go and do it. There’s always a way.
  5. The things that look easy are really hard. It is just people who have worked hard at learning how to do things make it look easy.
  6. If you want to be good at something you have to work really hard at it.
  7. Failure makes you feel bad but it can be the best thing if it makes you more determined to improve.
  8. Effort and practice make you better. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and practice.
  9. Having lots of money and possessions does not make you fulfilled. Achieving something special makes you feel fulfilled and that is usually proportional to how hard you’ve had to try.
  10. Most people are good. The people that are not good have a reason. They need lots of love.

That’s it. It’s surprising how long it takes to realise simple things.

Anthropocene Apocalypse – great new policy on verges and wild flowers!

Anthropocene Apocalypse – great new policy on verges and wild flowers!


Congratulations to East Riding of Yorkshire Council! I assume it is a changed policy. I have been remarking on the number of wild flowers at the side of the road. It has made an exceptionally colourful display this Spring.

I wondered why this was.

I noticed that the verge cutting has been confined to one strip near the road. The rest was left over to the wild flowers. That is brilliant. The flowers not only look pretty but they are providing a huge amount of nectar and pollen for the bees and butterflies. Their seeds will provide food for the birds. I hope every county and country is doing this. Excessive mowing may make things a little tidier but far less beautiful. I prefer the flowers, butterflies and bees.

It is just the sort of thing we need to be doing to help our beleaguered insect population. The other big thing would be to stop the farmers spraying their crops with insecticides. The neonicotinoids are decimating the bees, butterflies and other insects. They need to stop.

I’d much rather have the odd mark on my fruit than kill off the insects!

Megan Papinoe – a woman of integrity.

Praise to Megan for standing up for her rights and principles. She refuses to sing the anthem or put her hand on heart because she does not believe the country, under this administration, is inclusive enough. She does not believe it represents her, other LBGT or races.

She is the top scorer, the woman of the tournament and a role model to all Americans.

The pressure must be immense.

She is refusing to visit the Whitehouse or acknowledge a system and a President that she believes is flawed!

Good for her!! She is a courageous woman of principle.

How interesting to stand back and watch the politicians promise the earth in order to gain power!

How interesting to stand back and watch the politicians promise the earth in order to gain power!

It is quite apparent that none of the politicians, apart from possibly the Greens, are at all bothered about what is best for the country (or the planet). They are trying bribe after bribe in order to sway people to vote for them so that they can gain power.

Power, like wealth, is a terribly addictive thing.

The election brings it to the surface and it is naked for all to see; their lust for power trumps all common sense. They will try anything to gain power. They will lie, scare, misrepresent and blatantly try to buy your votes.

It is quite obscene.

It takes a certain type of psychopath to be a politician!

It’s all short-term, all ideological, all planned out to gain votes. It  does not matter what is right or wrong, best for anyone or makes sense. It’s a big psychological game!

Quite nasty really!

Photography – South Africa – The other side – crowding, squalor, townships, poverty.

Photography – South Africa – The other side – crowding, squalor, townships, poverty.

When you cross the road from the beauty and lavish housing of Stellenbosch you find the Townships where the poor blacks live – shanty towns of corrugated iron. There is huge overcrowding, poverty, violence and deprivation.

DSCF0386 DSCF0389 DSCF0384

These are the toilets for the whole Township. They empty via a pipe straight out into the ocean. Millions of gallons of raw untreated sewage forms a huge brown slick along the coast.

DSCF0383 DSCF0412 DSCF0413 DSCF0414 DSCF0418

These are some of the friendly denizens of the township.

DSCF0424 DSCF0425

This is the white area of Stellenbosch.

The inequality and racism needs addressing!!