Poetry – Going to War – by John Phillips

I do like John’s poems (have a look at his book ‘Shorts and Shots’.

Going to war


We’re going to war, we’re going to war,

We’re going to war again.

Parliament has been recalled

And Cameron will explain.

We’re going to war, we’re going to war,

We’re going to fight the foe.

America’s President says we must,

So it’s off to war we go.


We’re going to war, we’re going to war,

We see the enemy’s game.

But nobody says who armed him,

Or even from where he came.

We’re going to war, were going to war,

The enemy’s plans to foil.

We’ll degrade his capabilities

And inflate the price of oil.


We’re going to war, we’re going to war,

Isil will be destroyed

If it takes too long we’ll change the law

And conscript the unemployed.

If it’s All in the National interest,

Will somebody please explain;

Why we knock them down just to build them up

And do it all again?



The Corona Diaries – Day 184

Strange day today. It’s been raining all morning but late this afternoon I managed to go for a walk up my hill in complete sunshine. Then we had a storm and the whole garden was covered in hailstones so that it looked like a snowdrift.

My internet is still playing and after another hour and a half on the phone, I’ve got yet another engineer out tomorrow! I don’t expect much.

So today I was working on my Harper book and playing some Ken Nordine. So great to hear The Lemming again. Took me right back to 1967!

Out there in Coronaland I am still digesting what Johnson has delivered. By his reckoning, the virus is only transmitted after 10 pm. So if we don’t go out late we’ll be fine!!

Interesting to see that the sceptical scientists do not think that his measures will make a jot of differences.

The second world-beating phone App was launched today. I don’t imagine too many people will pay it too much attention. Like all Johnson’s expensive stupidity it is likely not to work.

Getting Track and Trace working would be a step forward – not that that going to happen anytime soon – expect Dido Harding to be promoted again soon!

In the UK we have now zoomed up to 6,178 new cases and 40 new deaths. Hospital cases have gone up by 25%. It’s not looking at all good.

The world’s in a mess.

In the USA there were another 37,666 new cases and it has gone back up to another 1091 deaths. I bet all those people are regretting that they thought it was a hoax!!

In Brazil Bolsonaro is doing his best to catch up but could only manage 33,281 new cases and 869 deaths.

How blase we’ve become over these tragedies. Each one of these is a disaster for a whole family!

Terrible. These stupid leaders have a lot to answer for.

Roy Harper – Committed – a track from the first album

For all those who think of Roy as an acoustic folkie, this clearly demonstrates the folly of that view. Roy utilises a full spectrum of styles. On this first album, there is an example of psychedelia as well as this mad romp.

I’m not sure who is playing on this. Ritchie Blackmore is in there! If anybody knows – let me know!

This always makes me laugh. It is about Roy’s experience in a mental hospital where he was treated with drugs and given ECT.

it obviously worked!

Roy Harper – Big Fat Silver Aeroplane

I was writing my Roy book and playing this song from his first album. It is really nice to reacquaint myself. Such a great album and song.

This is a song about Roy’s rejection of the values of society – the capitalist greed and acquisition of wealth instead of experiencing life.

It’s full of such interesting drug references. A poetic song of social comment. It’s good to have songs full of imagery, meaning and observation.

Meanwhile, the polystyrene obelisks rule.

Poetry – The Ballad Of Boris Johnson

The Ballad Of Boris Johnson


I was born with a gold spoon in my gob.

Clowned through Eton like a mawkish yob.

Had my fling with the Bullingdon boys,

Using poor people like they were toys.


Some are born to be great

It’s my fate

I couldn’t wait.


Never had to work but the cash flowed in,

Writing columns and drinking pink gin.

I blustered and joked like a complete clown.

Now I’m turning the country upside down!


Some have connections,

Social inflections,

Paternal protections.


Lots of young fillies, red wine at the club,

Boozy nights and lots of good grub.

Paternity suits and a portly build

Were no obstacles for me, down at the guild.


Some have the confidence,

Based on no evidence,

A matter of providence.


A marvellous gig on Have I got News

Secured wider appeal on behalf of the blues.

Before I knew it I was mayor of the City,

Clowning it up and living quite pretty.


Some have the luck,

The pluck,

To make big bucks.


I messed up and joked my way through it.

Many were the times that I nearly blew it.

Stuck on zip wires like a shambling fool;

Blustering and buffooning like a complete tool.


Some are born to be great.

I couldn’t wait.

It’s my fate.


But the people loved me, thought I was fun

They labelled me the chosen one.

I ran the Home Office off my cuff.

Got kicked out when the going got rough.


Some have the confidence,

Based on no evidence,

A matter of providence.


When it came to Brexit I changed my mind.

Here was an opportunity for me to find.

Thanks to Cummings I pulled it off;

Lying to the top with a huff and a puff.


Some have the luck,

The pluck,

To make big bucks.


I’ve blustered my way to the top of the tree

They put me in charge of the whole country.

With all this power I’m completely free.

With all that loot just waiting for me.


Some are born to be great.

I couldn’t wait.

It’s my fate.


Then came covid, that messed me up.

I was out of my depth, all tits up.

I’m dithering around like a complete dick.

Everyone can see I’m completely thick.


They’ll give me the boot

But I’ll have the loot

And I can scoot.


Opher – 21.9.2020

Sri Lanka – Colombo – Buddhist Temple Gangaramaya – Elephants

Elephants seemed to be venerated. It seemed strange to me. Inside the temple there was a big Elephants head and huge stuffed elephant.

Outside, in a tiny pen, they had a young elephant chained up so that it could hardly move. It seemed a very unbuddhist type of thing to do.

The poor elephant looked half-crazed and was exhibiting all manner of disturbed behaviour.

Sri Lanka – Colombo – Buddhist Temple Gangaramaya

Our next port of call was the Buddhist temple of Gangaramaya.

Outside the florists sold their flowers as offerings.

Inside it was like a museum of porcelain Buddhas.

The wood carvings on the panelling were delightful.

The monks were very friendly.

Like most Buddhist temples, it had a serene feel to it – though this was far busier than many I have been to.