Reviews for the Sci-fi book – New Eden

An unashamed advert for one of my Sci-fi books. Why not make my day and buy a copy?

New Eden: Forsythe, Ron: 9798637512867: Books

5.0 out of 5 stars 

A chilling glimpse into our trajectory Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 December 2019 Verified Purchase

The measured, seemingly almost real-time narrative made it even more chilling in its pragmatism. The glacial momentum carried over into the horror of unstoppable inertia. Who hasn’t contemplated the almost ubiquitous runaway human population growth and its sequelae for our planet? The meek shall inherit the Earth…and probably do a much better job.

Aliki5.0 out of 5 stars

 A great read of a disturbing future Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 September 2015 A great read of a disturbing future. Well written and delightful in places, shocking in others – all too real. It tells the story of over-population and a world government’s attempt to solve it. You could really identify with the characters and the scene were pictures in your head. You’ll cry in places. If you love good Sci-fi then you will enjoy this book.

Pooja 5.0 out of 5 stars  An incredible read! Reviewed in the United States on 21 February 2018 Verified Purchase

An incredible read! If you’re a fan of futuristic books I would definitely recommend this book. It is so realistic because a lot of the problems we face today are shown in the future that may just come true if we don’t solve them soon. Really loved reading this!

My Alien Design for ‘The Pornography Wars’

My Alien Design for ‘The Pornography Wars’

It is incredibly hard to create an alien that isn’t completely daft or merely a humanoid adaptation of human being.

This is where my biological knowledge comes in handy. I knew all the basic faults with a human body and set about correcting them:

  1. A brain housed in a vulnerable head, stuck out on a very fragile neck that is easily broken. I moved the brain inside the body where it was better protected and there was no neck to break.
  2. A single windpipe that was in with the digestive tract and easily blocked so humans can be choked or strangled. I created a number of respiratory tubes and separated them from the digestive tract.
  3. A single heart supply brain and body. I created two.
  4. A heavy bony skeleton prone to fractures. My aliens had springy cartilaginous skeletons, strong but flexible.
  5. An excretory system that opened in the reproductive system creating risk of contamination. I separated them.
  6. A limited number of senses. I based my aliens on the number seven and equipped them with seven optics on stalks so that they could see all around them at the same time. Likewise with ears.
  7. A superior blood pigment to carry oxygen based around copper molecules that made them blue.
  8. Because of their need to be extremely sexual I made them hermaphrodite (both male and female) and gave them seven penises and vaginas, a complex cloaca with many folds, membranes and palps and a very intense sexual congress.

That was the basis of my aliens.

How the Sci-fi novel ‘The Pornography Wars’ came about.

How the Sci-fi novel ‘The Pornography Wars’ came about.

A novel involves bringing together a number of ideas. Usually one idea starts the ball rolling. That then provokes a series of other ideas and presents challenges with all manner of problems that require solving.

Here’s a little taste of how this developed:

  1. I had the idea of writing a novel where the whole of human history was a film set run by aliens for their own entertainment.
  2. I decided it would not be a film but a rather tacky soap opera.
  3. I then decided that it had to be a pornographic soap opera. I liked the idea of human history being nothing more than a sleazy porno soap for aliens.
  4. I had to create my aliens. They had to be designed to be far more efficient biologically that humans. I used my biological background to design a perfect body.
  5. They had to be very sexual because they enjoyed these porno soaps.
  6. They had to be very technologically advance to be able to control humans and develop this enormous film set. Hence psych control, nanotechnology, instant space travel with jumptubes, droptubes and A/I.
  7. They had to be creative.
  8. Their sexuality had to be extreme.
  9. I wanted the drama in the humans so I introduced the element of a human who was breaking free of the alien psych control.
  10. I wanted drama in the aliens so created a group who wanted to clean up the tridee networks and remove the decadent sexual content.
  11. I now had a setting, characters and drama to knit together into a story.
  12. I had an ending.

As with all novels the characters take off and things change as they go along. It comes to life in unpredictable ways.

Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars update.

The Pornography Wars update.

I have just completed the third rewrite of my latest Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars.

It now comes in at 203 pages – 81,500 words – about the right length for a novel of this type.

The novel has a strong social/political aspect with the use of a lot of satire. I wanted it to be a fast, punchy read despite it not having a lot of ‘action’. I have structured it with short paragraphs and short sentences to enable a fast flow for the reader.

Much of the description of the aliens is based on sound biology. The human body, because of its evolution, is extremely poorly designed. I think it is extremely unlikely that other life elsewhere in the universe would have evolved to create such a fragile and inefficient end result as a human being. My aliens are biologically superior in every respect – but that appears exceptionally strange to us.

It feels good to have completed it. I’m now going to allow it to settle to enable objectivity before doing another edit. I look forward to receiving feedback for further improvements.

New Sci-Fi novel – The Pornography Wars

New Sci-Fi novel – The Pornography Wars

OpherWriting March 3, 2021

I am starting work on a new Sci-Fi novel. It brings together a number of ideas concerning reality and the purpose of life.

It features a group of aliens centred around a film maker. He makes tridee pornographic films. The planet he lives on is heavily sexualised. A movement has started up to ‘clean up’ the media and desexualise society.

The novel deals with many themes – is sex ‘dirty’? Should there be censorship? Who should decide what needs to be censored?

Meanwhile, on Earth, an individual begins to suspect he is living in a film set and being controlled.

I have the general lay of the book, a beginning and end. I have many of the characters and an outline of the plot and intrigue.

I am now starting to write the draft. The ideas are flowing and I am full of enthusiasm. I am sure that, as usual, it will start to develop in extraordinary ways as I start writing the draft and the characters take over.

This is a story of aliens, sex and human civilisation. Very exciting.

Ron Forsythe – Green – a Sci-fi novel

It’s the sixties – the three thousand one hundred and sixties. The Federation is in conflict with the Confederation. The Troman war rages. There is a civil rights issue with the Androvians. Youth all across the galaxy are in revolt. Rock Music, on an intergalactic scale, is the medium of the rebellion. Zargos Ecstasy and the Terminal Brain Grope are providing the impetus for the rebellion. Zargos, a larger than life character based on Bob Dylan, Hendrix, Jagger, Jim Morrison and Bowie, struts the stage, putting his poems to music and rousing the spacefreaks to seek social justice.

If you lived through the sixties you’ll recognise it all.

Amazon Customer5.0 out of 5 stars Green But Wise Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 August 2016 Harrowing, timely and thrilling. An astute observation, written as fiction, into the potentially disastrous environmental impact of our present way of treating the planet. Set in the future, abounding in wonderful gizmos, women presidents, and disaffected terrorists, it is part philosophical text, part detective novel and all rip-roaring action adventure.

Highly recommended.

Star: Forsythe, Ron: 9798647632906: Books

God’s Bolt by Ron Forsythe

Top review from United Kingdom

MA Robinson5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, fascinating and a story that held attention from beginning to end.Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 December 2019This was one of those books I couldn’t put down. Ron Forsyth writes with clarity and power creating a novel that is truly enthralling. The central character Helen is well drawn and bears witness to an ever greater threat to the planet. The author’s command of events and creation of characters, Eunice being a fine example, underpins the catastrophic journey through hope, science and eventually despair. This is more than a science fiction novel. The characters are well created and never superfluous to the dynamic pace and plot. The writing is powerful and emotions are evoked by the credible, though thoroughly undesirable occurrences. The author writes with authority, knowledge and clarity on the scientific basis of the events and their implication. I applaud that. His empathy and passion and an ability to hold me as a reader made this a great read. I highly recommend it.

Ron Forsythe is the name I use for my Sci-fi writing.

God’s Bolt: Forsythe, Ron: 9781092713597: Books

The Gordian Fetish by Ron Forsythe

Top review from United Kingdom

Amazon Customer4.0 out of 5 stars Are You Being Watched?Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 July 2018An ambitious sci-fi novel packed with serious ideas and amusing moments. The alien perspective on humankind is sometimes hilarious and often thought-provoking in this racy, zany and sometimes politically-satirical story. It’s never sentimental and creates convincingly detailed worlds, with a solid biological and scientific feel. The novel explores multiple viewpoints with the thoughts and reactions of a huge range of characters and I sensed many influences, from the American sci-fi greats to – particularly, I think – British writers like Douglas Adams and Michael Moorcock. But it’s never other-worldly and I liked it that the question of what it is to be human is central to this stimulating story.

The Gordian Fetish: Forsythe, Ron: 9781981947973: Books