Poetry – Looking for Wonder

Looking for Wonder

From the endless sky to the churning sea,

A piece of art to a simple tree;

From mountain tops to the words in a book,

We need to stop and take a look –

At the flower, bird and the bee,

The fly, and even you and me.

For there’s nothing ordinary in anything around

From soil to air, mysteries abound.

Every step is a wondrous adventure

Into light, substance, energy and sound.

We too can add to that beauty to share

With music, paint and the things we wear.

Writing words to please the mind

Of all the friends that we will find.

If you’ve got a poem you need to bind it

If you go looking for wonder

You’ll always find it!

Opher – 16.6.2019

Wonder is all around us. There is no such thing as mundane. Every single aspect of everything is amazing.

Perhaps we should learn to value it more?

Chris Riddell – Political Planning – Distraction

It’s always the case. Distract the public from what is really happening.

Tory Donors hit multimillion bonanza.

The Union falling apart.

Ireland in meltdown.

Massive costs of Brexit.

Job losses and firms folding or moving abroad.

Our financial centre melting down.

Covid contracts with no tendering.

NHS and key workers to pay the price for Brexit and Covid.


We need another distraction.