The Majesty of Karnak – Luxor – Egypt

Massive statues, ornate pillars, obelisks, hieroglyphs and stone beams. It was fantastic.

Poetry – Life


Basking in the sun in the goldilocks zone

Dancing between the stars all on our own.

Uniquely living on a rock that has given us life –

A green haven on which life is rife.

But do we value what we have in this place of wonder?

Or do we continue to destroy, to rape and plunder?

We’re spinning around on a great green ball

That seems to have it all

While for many

It’s too dismal.

Basking in the sun in the goldilocks zone

Dancing between the stars all on our own.

Opher – 10.3.2020

This wondrous planet is quite unique. Out of the zillions of planets in the universe this one is special. It is in precisely the right place with the right conditions.

It has warmth, light and water.

They have combined in this unique manner to create life in abundance.

It might be the only planet in the entire universe to do so.

How special is that?

Poetry – Synergy


The synergy of gasses;

            The synergy of life –

Expressed in droplets

            That glisten in the sun;

                        A beacon in the universe.

Fine droplets,

            Creating rainbows

                        Of delight;

The essence of love.

Every wave that crashes on the shore,

            Every stream that trickles,

                        Every raindrop that falls,

Is an expression of that mystical essence.

For within us all

            Lies that iridescence

                        Of spiritual rainbows,

            That flow and sparkle;

Born of a synergy

            From which

                        We are its greatest expression.

Opher – 13.3.2020

Water. The basis of life.

We live on a water world. Two thirds of its surface is covered in seas. Without it we would not be here.

Where did it come from? A combination of two gasses. Probably from comets crashing into us – icy celestial bodies.

We take it for granted. We groan at the cloud and rain. Yet that is what brings life. Without it we cannot live.

The pollution from eight billion lives is altering the climate. Areas are suffering great droughts. People have to move.

They are discovering the problems of trying to live without water. So is the rest of nature.

We do not seem to behave very intelligently.

Poetry – Wonder of life

Wonder of life

Accumulation and compression

Giving light and heat.

Nuclear reaction

Dancing to the beat.

As a universe comes alive

We hear, see and touch:

Spawning life and consciousness

Without which, there isn’t much.

Straight out of the atom –

The substance of life

Pours forth into the cosmos

Until all life is rife.

Opher – 19.12.2019

I sometimes imagine a universe without life, with no eyes to see its stars, no consciousness to wonder at it.

All that majesty, all that might, all that wonder, with nobody to appreciate it.

What a waste that would be.

I cannot help thinking that it is us, all life on earth, that gives the whole universe meaning. Without us there is no-one to ponder, love and glory in its staggering scope and glory.

The universe is a wondrous place. At least we are here to appreciate that.

Poetry – All is not what it seems

All is not what it seems

All may not be as it seems

                As substance melts

                                Before the microscope,

As reality

                Becomes subjective,

As mind impacts on matter.

For all of us,


                                Might exist

In two places

                                                At the same time

And misbehave

                                                When watched.

Perhaps imagination

                Is taking

                                A central role

In modelling

                The world?

Opher – 16.12.2019

I am always amazed by the latest discoveries of science. They are much stranger than fiction, more extraordinary than any religion.

It seems that particles arrive before they leave,

                That things can exist in two places at the same time

And energy behaves differently when watched.

Forget Schrodinger’s cat! It’s dead alive!

Perhaps they will find that we shape the universe with our imaginations?

Poetry – Creating Wonders

Creating Wonders

Within a thin blue layer

Where all the colours

Of the spectrum play;

Where biochemistry conspires

                With water

                                To create wonders

Beyond our understanding;

Where complexity

                                Is spawned

                                                From simplicity;

Where we awake

                For our brief moments

                                In the sun

And wonder

                At the stars

                                And atoms.

Opher – 16.12.2019

I do think the incredibility of life is wondrous. Our consciousness provides us with the whole of a universe to wonder at.

For a brief time we are free to experience life, to see, feel, hear and taste the wonder around us – just for one brief time – then gone.

Without life, without senses, without conscious, it would be unobserved and pointless.

I believe it is we who give the universe its purpose.

Poetry – Eternity.


I’m writing words for eternity.

Tomorrow I will type them into a computer.

I will collect them together with others

And print them in a book.

In the course of a number of tomorrows

I will be gone,

Yet strangely

The words will live on for a while.

How pointless is that??

Opher 4.1.2022

I often wonder what possible purpose does anything have?

Such human thinking.

The sun just is!