My Dedication in ‘Poems for Hard Times’


I dedicate this book to nature – to the dwindling populations of beleaguered organisms reeling under the inexorable onslaught of humanity.

I’m so sorry.

‘Out of Covid and into the Frying Pan’ – Poetry book out now!

If you are one of those people who have enjoyed the crazy accumulations of words that I mysteriously describe as poems, you may like to know that my latest offering ‘Out of Covid and into the Frying Pan’ is out now.

It is a compendium of all the poems I have written in the course of the last six months. They have been out on my blog but you might like to have them gathered together.

The kindle version is out now and the paperback will follow shortly.

Out of the Covid and into the Frying Pan eBook: Goodwin, Opher: Books

Poetry – Suffering


Hanging on a rich man’s whim


In a tide of economic madness


Of a future for the children


To find food for a family


To hold it together


Hanging on a rich man’s whim

Opher 18.1.2016


There are lots of things that seeminsane to me, things I simply cannot understand.

I cannot understand how we have created a system where so few people benefit and so many suffer.

I cannot understand how we remain so complacent in the wake of death, war and poverty, created in order to place powerful minorities in even more powerful positions and put all the wealth created in the pockets of the rich.

I cannot understand how we remain gullible enough so that we remain distracted by complete dross, bought off with the promise that we can join them via a lottery ticket or hard work, or given sufficient to maintain a certain standard of living.

I cannot understand how the rich and powerful manage to suppress their consciences when they are responsible for the suffering of billions.

I cannot understand why we do not create a global system to ensure equality, stop wars and totalitarian systems, stop fundamentalism, protect the environment and put an end to the needless slaughter of wild-life and pollution and environmental destruction.

It is not beyond our intelligence to create something that would work!

This relentless machine is churning up the planet for the benefit of a psychotic few.

Poetry – Books


Orders down the lines they pour

As through the night the presses roar.

Into boxes neatly packed.

Onto pallets tightly stacked.

Into lorries, on to trains

And off down the tracks again.

Convoys trundle down motorway –

Huge loads of books to convey

To eager people who wait

To hear the rattle at their gate.

Best seller lists record the score

As books are sold to rich and poor.

Everything is put aside

As the pages open wide.

Avid eyes devour the text

Wondering what is coming next.

A smile, a nod an excited mind

Delighting in what it is they find.

The planet is saved and peace reigns

As Opher’s message is obtained.

The hatred dies and birth rates dip

As Opher’s logic passes lip to lip

Chimps, whales and rhinos heave a sigh,

Safe again under unpolluted sky.

All is well and happy once more

As Opher’s words touch to the core.

But wait!

The alarm rings

And kettle sings.

Awake again –

Different refrain.

Down some lane a lonely moped bumps

Driven by a woman down in the dumps.

Such a long way to have to go,

A dreary ride through rain and snow,

To deliver one lonely pack.

Then to the depot, heads off back.

Opher 9.12.2015

Poetry – Change is the only rule

Change is the only rule

There is a mundane level in which we live. It has an unreal stability. Every day is a continuation. When we look in the mirror we are confronted with the same face. When we open our eyes from sleep we see the same room we left the night before. The view out of the window is the same. The sun predictably rises.

Yet that continuity is the illusion.

We live our lives through habit and rules. There are no rules.

Every three months I have a brand new body. All my cells (apart from nerves) have been replaced.

With every breath, every sip and every nibble, new molecules are incorporated to displace the old.

All around us, unseen energy explodes.

The universe is in flow. It is always different.

Our bodies are changing. It interfaces with the world. On the molecular level there is no barrier. We have frontiers that leak.

We are free to do whatever we want. We chain ourselves to habits. We bolt ourselves to the mundane. We become fixed in the confines of mediocrity.

I want to go back to those days when the world was wondrous; it sparkled with new energy and I delighted in its freshness.

Each moment is a gem to be savoured. I want each second to be new and unique.

That is when we really live.

Change is the only rule

I woke up this  morning for the first time.

I looked on the world with new eyes.

It was all new,

All different.

Change is the only rule.

Everything I do is for the first time.

Every breath brings new atoms.

My cells thrill with fresh energy.

All is change,

Endless change.

There are no rules;

Only habits.

The atoms are perpetual motion machines.

They will spin until the end of time.

I myself am renewed each moment.

My cells come and go

But I persist;

Adrift in the midst of wonder

With no rules,

And endless possibility.

I make it up as I go along.

Change is the only rule.

Opher 7.12.2015

Poetry – I am Quantum

I am Quantum

The reality we hold within our heads is created by the neuronal net we each possess. Our consciousness is the result of billions of electrical impulses.

It is not real.

Our senses fire and relay their messages to the brain. The brain interprets these and creates sight, touch, warmth, sound, smell and the elements it uses to create our reality.

It we were dissociated from our nerves and different messages were conveyed it would create a different reality.

The world we see is not real; it is created by our brain.

My world and yours are completely different. We cannot imagine the universe our pets inhabit, a dog’s universe constructed of scents.

At the same time my mind fantasises and dreams, creates poems, visions and ideas.

They are not real.

They are the product of my neuronal net.

In Quantum physics an electron can exist in two places simultaneously. The whole universe is a product of unreality.

I think I have a quantum mind.

I am Quantum

I lead a quantum life,

Flitting about

Here and there,

In the world

And in my head,

At the same time.

Two worlds


And who can tell

Which is more real?

My ideas exist

In two places

As they shunt

Their strange paths

Across my synapses

To my dreams.

My senses fire –

Send messages

Along neurones

To make picture,

Solid and concrete,

In my head.

All the world,

Inside and out,

Is the same –

An electric fog,

A quantum leap,

Into the creation

Of a universe

Or two.

Opher 6.12.2015

Poetry – You Breathe My Breath

You Breathe My Breath

When you live with someone for nearly fifty years it is as though you are one. Everything about you has been affected, adjusted and adapted as you learn to rub along. There is compromise but there is also symbiosis.

You have, not only a shared past, but share visions for the future.

Everything we do has been refined as we learn from each other. Both of us would be the less if the other were not there.

We have someone to share stories, bounce ideas off, to lean on and gain perspective, to share wisdom and see more objectively.

Two heads are always better than one. We see things from different angles. We have different strengths, different weaknesses.

Together we are stronger, more confident and better.

You cannot reach so high when you haven’t got a steady shoulder to lean on.

I am a better person.

You Breathe My Breath

You breathe my breath.

You read my mind.

You share my dreams

And all we find.

You wonder with me

And are safe and sound.

In the flood of life

We’re on higher ground.

You’re my safety line

Whenever I fall

That voice of sense

For me to recall.

You’re my compass

And my steering wheel

My fulcrum point

That makes life real.

All I am

Is because of you

All I am

Is because of you

All I am

All I am

Opher 5.12.2015

Roy Harper – On Track – the book

Roy Harper – On Track

A celebration of every song and album in Roy’s fifty plus year career!

The book is to be published with Sonicbond on June 22nd. It will be distributed through many sources (including myself) and is already available to pre-order on Amazon.

I am currently tidying up the text to bring it in line with the style of the publishing house.

Thank you to all those of you who have donated photos for the project. My final task is to present photos for inclusion in the book. I still need more so if anybody would like to contribute I would be very grateful.

Poetry – Nothing is Sacred

Nothing is Sacred

This is the world of hypocrisy where the establishment preserves itself and wields its power.

Religion is used to control the people and our children are taught the rudiments of violence through play. This is the world where money talks. The last rhino, gorilla, chimp, dolphin, whale, lion and tiger will likely be purchased by a trophy hunter. If you have enough money you can buy a jet-fighter or even an atomic bomb.

We are living in the free market and we’re up for sale.

The whole planet is becoming a Disney-world tourist trap and we are stuck on the paper.

The media control our thoughts, tastes and dreams.

The media produces an endless diet of distracting, mindless trivia.

We can be bought if the price is right.

The rebels are incorporated into the consumer package.


Morality is a victim of the system. It speaks where the money is and is quiet when the victims scream.

Nothing is Sacred

There’s a plastic Jesus on the dashboard,

A toy gun on the floor,

A poster Bosch upon the wall,

All bought from the local store.

If you pay the price

You can buy everything

From a rhino to a bomb.

No one cares about anything

They’re all going for a song.

Nothing is sacred

Anything can be bought

Including every one of us

In this world

Morality counts for nought.

Opher 2.9.2015