Voodoo in New Orleans!

New Orleans – Travel and Photography

Voodoo came straight out of the African superstitions via the Creole population. It has gone in the music that comes out of the region  – the Blues and Cajun. It has its Mojo bags, Gris-Gris and John the Conguero – spells, amulets, potions and dolls designed to solve all your problems, raise your sex drive, do in your enemies and make people fall for you – the real Love Potion No. 9 (a Leiber & Stoller number made famous by the Clovers and covered by the likes of the Searchers). Mojos and John the Conquero were made famous by Muddy Waters and when I was young I always wondered what he was talking about. It then went from Blues into Rock.

Dr John is the epitome of Cajun/Voodoo Rock with his gris-gris and voodoo paraphernalia.

The most famous Voodoo Queen has to be Marie Laveau. So we had to go and visit her grave and pay our respects.

Then we headed off to a real live Voodoo Queen and had a session!!

Surrounded by all the tools of the trade – amulets, dolls, incense and lots of colourful drapes she sorted my life out. Well – sort of.