In Search of Happiness!

Isn’t that something we’re all doing in one way or another?

Is happiness the same as fulfillment or are they just related?

I find my happiness in love, my partner, family, creativity (writing, photographing), nature, travel, music, reading, good food and wine, and sharing with friends.

I found this blog post worth reading:

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Poetry – A Record

A Record

Albums sit in neat rows on shelves,


Full of memories from long ago,

Rarely touched.

In cover photos

Groups of young men


In sexy clothes

Trying to look mean.

Now fat, bald grandpas.

Images of

Old bluesmen


Clutching national steels,

Eyes full

Of experience.

Now long dead.

Vinyl discs,

Laden with clicks and hisses,

Atmosphere and warmth,

Transport us to nights

When the air throbbed,

The beat pounded,

As the blood rushed through arteries,

Ears rung

And neurones fired.

Each album

Brought home on a wave of euphoria,

With bated expectation,

Held gently,

Delicately inspected,

A precious artefact

To be revered

Played and intently listened too,

Focussed on

Every note absorbed,

Every word analysed.

Liner notes no longer pawed over,

Interpreted or scanned for clues.

Replaced by wiki where all and more is available

At the touch of a finger.

Now reduced to the status of trite historic documents,

Well-worn words,

Now stale and pretentious,

Robbed of their nascent wonder.

Albums sit on dusty shelves


Opher – 6.2.2022

I find it hard to believe that many of these albums are now 60 years old.

Music was so much more than music. It was a discovery, a sharing of social intent, a sharing of ideals.

Music informed.

Music was the most important thing of all.

Music was our culture.

Poetry – A Soundtrack

A Soundtrack

There’s a soundtrack to my life,

Illustrating my feelings,

Feeding my mind,

Nourishing my spirit.

A soundtrack to love.

A background to work.

It is the music,

                Intertwined with memories,

That gives colour,

                Awakens emotions,

                                Stokes the fires inside,

To bring me fully alive.

That soundtrack contains my essence.

Opher – 2.1.2020

As I have grown up music has played a huge role in my development. The lyrics, the poems, the sounds, have entered into me, expanding my vision, intensifying my experience.

Now, when I hear a certain track, it conjures up memories, feelings and thoughts.

Music is inextricably linked to my life and inner being.

Poetry – My Life is a Poem

My Life is a Poem

My life is a poem

                In touch with the mysteries

Stumbling through the bizarre.

Uncertain of every touch.

Trying to understand

                The entwining histories

From the strings of a guitar

                                                That I have felt too much.

Opher 4.1.2022

Music and poetry make more sense to me than anything else.

Life’s a mystery.

There are no answers.

Live to the max and ignore everyone who is sure.

Music makes you think.

Poetry makes you think.

Roy Harper, Bob Dylan and Don Van Vliet make sense to me.

Poetry – A River of Music

A River of Music

There’s a river of music

Flowing through our minds

Connecting us.

With tendrils of sound,

Rivulets of notes,

Waterfalls of words,

Joining us,

To create a an orchestra

Of unification.

As our spirits sing together

The melody becomes a spectrum

Of all our experience;

Of love, hate and anger,

Spirituality and ideals,

Entwined with politics

And freedom.

Within the harmony

Lies the gamut of emotion,

A lexicon of thought,

And descant of feeling.

The whole universe

Cascades in a symphony

To a sea

Of intimate meaning,

An ocean of oneness,

That is the music

Of life.

Opher – 17.8.2019

I find music sustaining. It expresses every thought and emotion I feel, crosses cultures and speaks directly to the spirit within.

It is the most ancient and fundamental aspect of humanity.

Anyone who denies music denies life.

Poetry -Killing the Taliban

Killing the Taliban

I’m busy killing the Taliban

With my dancing and my song.

Causing their destruction

I don’t think it’ll take too long.

They’ve come out of the Dark Ages

With their joyless cult of death.

We’re fighting their misogyny

With all our hearts and breath.

There’s a misery surrounding them

With their brainwashed ideology.

They live for death; we live for life

And the love of being free.

So with our instruments of love

We’ll play our symphony

And waken the joys of life

From their stone-cold misery.

They made the mistake of thinking

Their god hates music and song;

That women are all second class;

How could they have got it all so wrong?

So with the magic of our strings

And the beauty of our voice

We’ll sing a song of love

That’ll make their hearts rejoice.

So I’m killing the Taliban today

I’m dancing as I sing.

They’ll throw their joyless book away

And let freedom ring!

Opher – 15.5.2019

What kind of miserable death cult is it that kills people for singing and dancing?

What kind of doctrine is it that squanders the wonder of their own lives and seeks to put an end to pleasure?

What kind of cult is this that seeks to live in the past? That thinks stoning is an apt punishment and women are inferior?

I think the human spirit is vital and alive. It knows that song and dance are not crimes.

You defeat such a brainwashed cult by showing them a better way.

Instead of following some hollow words from the Dark Ages we can come together to celebrate, women and men, children and the old, – there’s the treasure.

You kill a wicked, warped ideology with something better.

We’ll play a happy song to prove that they are wrong.