Manilla in the Phillippines – Farewell!!

Past the avenue of Presidents, Rizal Park, the colourful busses to a big send-off on the docks. Of into the sunset with a last look back to the city.

Manilla – The Citadel

It is fascinating to see how history has become a tourist attraction. History reveals the reality of humans. It’s all power, wealth and violence. The citadel was a great fortress full of guns. How much wealth had to be directed into defending the city instead of dealing with poverty?

Things do not change. Russia’s aggression demonstrates that human nature doesn’t change. We’re still doing it.

Manilla – The Park and old Fort. Beauty and the Beast.

We were dropped off at the park. They seemed to be filming scenes from Beauty and the Beast. Fortunately, they did not cast me.

We went on to the old fort. Once again the violence of humanity hit home and the waste was evident. Why do we do it? Will we ever evolve?