Egypt – People and Islamic Terrorism

It was obvious to me that there was a big threat from militant Islamic Terrorism. On many street corners, there were people with big guns. There were military stop points with armed soldiers and machine guns.

Poetry – Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror

Planting bombs,

Planning wars,

Inciting hatred,

All part of the plan.

Sewing division,

Using inequality,

For the sole gain

Of the elitist clan.

Using religion,

Elections and politics,

For the benefit

Of this selfish man.

It is time

We put a stop

To this reign of terror

Spread through this human span.

Opher 13.6.2020

If we are intelligent creatures we should be able to find a way to live on this planet together, without fear, for mutual benefit. We should be able to coexist with all the other forms of life without displacing them, making them extinct.

If we were truly intelligent I think we’d find a way to banish poverty and create harmony.

If we were intelligent.

Poetry – Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Intelligent people

                Believing in invisible beings

Do terrible things

                For dubious reasons.

Ordinary people

                Joining tyrannical regimes

Are fully trained

                To follow orders.

Military people

                Following instructions

Dispense violence

                In sterile basements.

Wealthy elites,

                Powerful dictators

Employ mindless monkeys

                To control the masses.

Mindless monkeys

Are trained

To overcome morality

                Humanity and compassion.

The cycle of terror


As it benefits a few

                And controls others.

Opher – 25.2.2022

I was thinking of the religious terrorism, political extremes and war. I was thinking about the powers that lurk behind it all.

All over the world the masses of people are controlled, fed lies and propaganda, exploited and used, abused, threatened and beaten.

The system is self-perpetuating. A powerful, wealthy elite ensure that the right people are elected, the right propaganda is issued and back it up with violence.

Protest is crushed.

Faceless minions are dispensed to create ‘law and order’ and maintain the status quo.

The masses are persuaded to vote for their own jailers.

The elite is maintained. All the wealth flows into their coffers. The people are given just enough to stop them waking up from the thrall, to stop them rioting.

The faceless elite ensure that Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Modi, Johnson and Orban are put in place.

A force of minions are employed to suppress the people. These zombies are trained to follow orders, put aside their own feelings and shoot their own people. The more psychotic are trained as torturers.

They are called soldiers, police, security guards, secret police and peace keepers. Without them the system doesn’t work.

Poetry – Paradise is Dangerous

Paradise is Dangerous

Paradise is dangerous.

Strap this on they said.

Push the button,

You blink,

And instead you’re dead.

No fountains

And virgins fair

To wait on me hand and foot –

Unfair beyond compare.

They promised paradise

And I believed.

I’ll never know

How I was deceived.

The threat of paradise,

As I strapped on

That bomb.

But all I got was oblivion.

Opher 27.4.2019

The idea of paradise was invented many times and in many forms. But all of it is fiction. Yet the enticing promise of eternal life can be deployed to plant bombs, scare whole populations into believing, to raise armies and embolden warriors, to frighten, control and cause death and destruction.

Paradise is a dangerous fiction – a threat to us all.

Poetry – Pulling Plums for the Picking

Pulling Plums for the Picking

Out in Libya, Sudan and Yemen

They’re eating their Christmas pie.

In Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq

We’re all questioning why.

They put in their thumb,

For the pickings are plum;

Selling their guns, their missiles and bombs,

Doing their sums,

And saying what a good boy am I.

Make us all numb,

As you stick in your thumb,

And make

The whole world cry.

So put in a bomb

And pull out a plum

And say

What a good boy am I.


No never,

No, no, never ever,

Never ever, question why.

Opher 21.4.2019

The Middle East and Africa is aflame. Militant jihadists, kidnaps, beheadings, bombs, guns and missiles. A terrified population fleeing, cities in ruins and armed militia roaming the streets.

It’s just how they like it.

Plenty money to be made.

Supply both sides with weapons.

Send your contractors in to build up the ruins.

Put your puppets in control and bribe them to deliver.

They put in a bomb and pull out a plum

And say what a good boy am I.

9/11 and the rise of the Right! A view.

There has always been a minority of racist right-wing fascists. They are the ones who scream about racial purity, white power and want to drive out all immigrants and people who aren’t like them. They like violence and appearing strong.

This obnoxious group of nationalists are usually kept in check by sane people – people who are tolerant and caring.

Then came 9/11 and the fear of terrorism, coupled with mass immigration.

Overpopulation, oppressive tyranny, war and climate change were conspiring to make regions of the world untenable. There were too many young people and too little work. Couple that with climate change and we have a recipe for disaster.

Wars in the Middle East have fostered hatred.

Droughts and heatwaves were driving people out of various regions.

Desperate people wanted to escape to a land of opportunity.

Fanatical religion, like extreme Islam, was able to harness the hate, the fear and the desperation. They unleashed a string of terrorist acts and tried to disrupt and destabilise the West (calling for a jihad against the oppressive crusaders – making it a holy war).

The fear of terrorism coupled with mass immigration fueled the rise of right-wing attitudes. There was a big rise in nationalism, isolationism, fascism, racism and xenophobia.

It was manna to populist leaders. They worked on this seam of fear and created more fear, more hate and division.

The immigrants desperate to escape terrible conditions in their own countries were looking for a chance. They were portrayed as rabid rapists, drug dealers, terrorists and murderers. They were coming in to take our jobs, rape our women and take over our country. They were bringing their vile customs and religions. They had to be stopped.

All around the world we saw fanatical extremists – ISIS, A Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the Taliban. There was a clash of cultures. We were at war.

The populist leaders – Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Erdogan, Modi, and Orban, promised easy solutions. We would build walls, use military might and threats, look after our own and leave the world to it.

You don’t beat fascism and fanaticism with violence.

Violence breeds hate

Hate breeds more violence.

Fascism needs defeating.

Populism, nationalism and intolerance is no answer. It produces nasty totalitarian states the like of which Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson and the rest are building. It inflames division, creates more hate and violence.

We need a better answer.

We need to smash right-wing fascism – but not with violence.

Instead of looking at the product we need to address the cause!

What is causing the wave of mass immigration? What is fueling the rise of religious fanaticism?

It is overpopulation, changing climate, lack of opportunity, war and tyranny.

Those are the issues that require addressing and they cannot be addressed by building walls, separating ourselves off and delivering threats. They have to be dealt with globally by cooperation, planning and the intelligent application of solutions.

  1. Address climate change
  2. Provide economic stability
  3. End wars
  4. Educate the world
  5. Reduce populations

If people are employed, with a stable future, enough resources and no threats, they do not need to migrate and are not motivated to join fanatical groups.

You defeat fascism by the application of compassion and intelligence.

This blog kills fascism!!

Poetry – In The Land of Darkness

In The Land of Darkness

In the land of new darkness

You cannot see a friend.

In the gloom of fear

Terror looms around the bend.

Armed and wary,

Shoot first ask later,

Drown and cage,

Through the eyes of a serial hater.

Opher 6.6.2018

I feel that the fear of immigration and terrorism has created a tragedy. It has landed us with both Brexit and Trump.

The terrorists have won. They split us. They are gleefully watching us destroy ourselves.

Who would have believed that?

We trust nobody. Friend falls out with friend. Strangers are all potential terrorists. We have created fear and hatred that is cyclic. It regenerates itself.

Fascism is on the rise. It’s the thirties all over again. Just substitute Jew for Muslim. The wave of hate is heading towards war.

We live in a land of callousness and darkness.

Time for a bit of love!!!

Poetry – There was a boy

There was a boy

There was a young boy

With a bomb

Strapped to his chest.

In the shadows

Stands a man

With a button.

All because of what

Is believed

And why?

They are waiting

For the innocents

To gather.

Hate and lies


And fury.

All in the pressing of a button.

Opher 14.4.2016

There was a boy

The news was reporting that Boko Haram were using young boys and girls as suicide bombers.

Like paedophiles they groom their innocent children victims, feeding them lies.

They point to the people who they claim are evil. These people believe differently. They are heretics, apostates and loathed by god. They are thoroughly loathsome. The Koran states that the unbelievers should be killed.

Allah demands that they should be punished for their crimes of belief.

They were required to do Allah’s will.

They would open their eyes in paradise.

They are not trusted with the button.

The man in the shadows presses the button, watches the outcome, and smiles as the nails and bolts fly among the organs, tissues and limbs.

Poetry – A poem of hatred in numbers

A poem of hatred in numbers

9 11,

7 7,

Close your eyes and go to heaven.

13 11,

22 3,

No god will ever recognise thee.

7 7

22 3

A heart full of hate is never free.

Opher 24.3.2016

A poem of hatred in numbers

I wrote this poem for all the victims of terrorism around the world, for the people of Belgium and Paris, New York and London.

I wrote it bearing in mind Bali, Madrid and all the other places where the evil bombers have taken the blood of innocent people.

I wrote this for the terrorist scum and their doctrine of hatred.

The terrorists want to create division, hatred and war.

I feel that what we need is unity, love and peace to show them that there is a better way to live. We are better than them.

We will not hide in our homes and allow them to terrorise us with their threats. We will be out on the street defiantly embracing and holding hands.

Our intelligence services will hunt down the indoctrinated fools who planned these atrocities.

Our military will destroy the evil caliphate who behead, rape and terrorise. Such evil cannot be permitted.

Our educators will promote the message of tolerance and freedom.

There is no paradise awaiting monsters that have no love and mercy in their hearts.

There is no god who would condone barbarity.

The promise of virgins is an infantile concept for gullible fools.

There is no religion worth a bean that promotes rape and savagery. A curse upon all who spread the message of hatred. May they rot in their own hell. Your days are numbered.

Poetry – Bullshit


They told me I’d go to heaven

When I strapped on that bomb

That paradise would be mine

And everything would be fine

In the bus on the way to market

Fidgeting with my change

Cherishing each second and trying to mark it

As the end comes into range

They said there was no other way

It was hidden in the genes

To draw attention to the day

The end justifies the means

But I’ve thought about it

And I’ve weighed up the blend

There is only ever just the means

And there never is an end.

Opher 11.3.96

The whole spectre of suicide bombings, religious fanaticism and violence has taken on a greater and greater significance.

The extremists seem to be pushing for an all-out war with the West. It is a clash of ideologies. They want to impose their religious beliefs on the world. They see it as a battle between Islam and Christianity.

I do not see it that way at all. For centuries Muslims and Christians and Jews have lived together in harmony. Every now and then a fanatical element, or politically inspired prejudice, or seeker of power, uses the religious card to further their ends.

We have to put the present situation in context with the past.

There is a battle going on. It is between the people who wish to live in a world of diversity and harmony, where all people’s views are respected and we learn to accept our differences, or a world of fundamental intolerance.

I know which I would fight for.

This poem was written from the perspective of a bomber who woke up to the fact that he was being used and was merely a pawn in a power struggle.