Poetry – A poem of hatred in numbers

A poem of hatred in numbers

9 11,

7 7,

Close your eyes and go to heaven.

13 11,

22 3,

No god will ever recognise thee.

7 7

22 3

A heart full of hate is never free.

Opher 24.3.2016

A poem of hatred in numbers

I wrote this poem for all the victims of terrorism around the world, for the people of Belgium and Paris, New York and London.

I wrote it bearing in mind Bali, Madrid and all the other places where the evil bombers have taken the blood of innocent people.

I wrote this for the terrorist scum and their doctrine of hatred.

The terrorists want to create division, hatred and war.

I feel that what we need is unity, love and peace to show them that there is a better way to live. We are better than them.

We will not hide in our homes and allow them to terrorise us with their threats. We will be out on the street defiantly embracing and holding hands.

Our intelligence services will hunt down the indoctrinated fools who planned these atrocities.

Our military will destroy the evil caliphate who behead, rape and terrorise. Such evil cannot be permitted.

Our educators will promote the message of tolerance and freedom.

There is no paradise awaiting monsters that have no love and mercy in their hearts.

There is no god who would condone barbarity.

The promise of virgins is an infantile concept for gullible fools.

There is no religion worth a bean that promotes rape and savagery. A curse upon all who spread the message of hatred. May they rot in their own hell. Your days are numbered.

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