The Earth is All There Is!!

We share this absolute gem of a planet with all life. We are interconnected. It’s precious. 8 billion of us are trashing it. Time we starting using our intelligence!!

The Statistics behind the destruction of our planet!

These two sets of statistics are the core stark realities behind global warming, migration, and pressure on food and water resources.
In just 70 years:-

Growth in total world population:
1951 — 2,584,034,261
2021 — 7,874,965,825

Growth in total world emissions of CO2:
1951 — 6 billion tonnes
2021 — 36 billion tonnes

Sadly, with COP26, it looks like the can, containing the ‘greener solutions’, will get kicked, yet again, further down the road. ☹️

Those are the stats during my lifetime!!

What do I glean from this?

  1. There are far too many of us!
  2. We have having far too big an impact on a fragile ecosystem!
  3. We need to do something about it!

Thanks John Crosby!!

Poetry – Hard Times are Coming

Hard Times are Coming

From the water world to the drought,

Hard times are coming.

From the Sahara ocean

To the Atlantic desert,

Hard times are on their way.

Growing crops on mountain tops,

Hard times are coming.

From the arid Amazon

To the flooded Gobi,

Hard times are on their way.

Fishing over Holland, trawling Bangladesh,

Hard times are coming.

Cities under water,

Fields a fishing bank,

Hard times are on their way.

They are coming.

They are on their way.

Shoulda listened

To what they had to say.

Opher – 1.4.2019

There are a bunch of very wealthy people who profit from destruction and chaos. Their enemy is stability and order.

They are immoral beyond understanding. They don’t pull and triggers, wield any chainsaws, or even give orders. They just quietly work in the background creating the circumstances, buying off the right people, influencing the decisions – and creaming off the vast profits.

Somehow they have convinced a segment of people that they cannot believe anything they hear. The Earth is flat. There were no moon landings. 9/11 was the CIA. The UN is an instrument of the globalist wealthy. All scientists and experts lie and are in the pay of politicians. Capitalism has raised standards for ordinary people.

The result is that all wealth of the world is concentrated in a few hundred pockets. Billions live in abject poverty and are exploited. There are wars. The environment is being systematically destroyed. The tsunami of human beings is swamping the world.

They do not care. They profit from it. This is just how they like it.

But hard times are coming. We know who will be to blame. It will be us.

Global Finance – Chris Riddell

Blah Blah Blah

Talk but no action. Will the wealthy take a hit to save the future or will greed prevail as always?

Will the politicians risk jeopardising re-election? Or will they really sell it to the electorates?

Will the world pull back from the brink or topple over the edge?

Is Gaia taking revenge?

Blah Blah Blah and into the pockets of the wealthy.

Apart from Attenborough and Charles, the only ones speaking with any credibility are the young activists and young indigenous representatives. Otherwise, as Greta says, it’s pretty much Blah Blah Blah! All promises and wishful thinking but you just know that when they get back home, those billions promised to the poor countries to compensate for our industrial successes will simply vanish into well lined pockets and offshore investments. 

Thanks John Peachey.

Poetry – Time we cared – For Greta!

Time we cared

Ice is melting – water rising

Up to their knees

And still denying.

Bird croaks its last fanfare

Frog’s last gasp

Of heated air.

We carry on without a care.

Heat increases – animals frying

Floods and droughts –

Not surprising.

Still they believe scientists are lying.

Concrete and plastic – land and sea,

I’m alright Jack,

Don’t worry about me!

Trophy hunting – forest clearing,

Sounds to me

That no-ones hearing!

At least that’s what I’m a fearin’.

Making room for bird and tree

Before they pass

Into history.

Buried under life’s debris.

But it’s always the cash that counts,

Stashed away

In large amounts.

Whatever they do, it’s the cash,

As long as they’ve got

Their share of the stash.

I think we’re heading for one ginormous crash.

Opher – 22.18.2019

I wrote this for the politically motivated climate change deniers! May they wake up soon!

Poetry – Acid


As acid etches its way into seas and minds

Bleaching coral, jumbling thoughts,

Ignoring signs.

Ignoring warnings

Of global warming.

As new technologies provides the way

To shut the mines with solar power, batteries

And wind turbines.

We shouldn’t be stalling

While nature is taking such a mauling.

Opher 7.6.2019

I wrote this in response to the deniers of global warming and environmental catastrophe. Their minds are jumbled with political propaganda and intransigent ideologies.

In my life I have seen friends of mine become acid casualties and I’ve seen the effects of acid seawater on coral.

Somehow, to me, the jumbled minds of environmental catastrophe deniers have something in common with the wrecked minds of the casualties of acid overuse.

We have the means to put things right. What holds us back is the will – our own minds, our own selfish greed. Our minds are messed up. The acid of selfishness and greed has eaten away our humanity.

Do we care enough?