Poetry – Desperately Denying

Desperately Denying

Carbon Dioxide on the rise

Temperatures through the roof.

Extreme weather patterns

Become the new truth,

While deniers demand proof.

Low lands and cities are under flood

As heatwaves threaten life.

Droughts destroy the crops

As mass migration creates strife,

People struggle for their life.

Forest’s die as the climates change

Animals desperately seek other range.

Humans fight to rearrange

As the world becomes increasingly strange.

Opher – 3.2.2019

And still the deniers claim it isn’t so. As all the creatures are massacred and the air’s unfit to breath, as the cyclones devastate, the floods and heatwaves destroy and the planet bleeds they still cry foul.

What does it take?

Climate Change – Chris Riddell

As Death Valley records the highest temperature ever recorded on earth, the ice melt is the greatest ever seen, species are migrating, huge bushfires follow record droughts, flash floods cause mudslides, people are having to move from areas of the world that are becoming uninhabitable, sea levels rise, weather patterns change, new temperature records are being set all over the world, there are still people who believe the far-right propaganda sites funded by the petro-chemical industry.