The Price of Oil

The Ukraine war and the price of oil and gas will hopefully act as a warning to all of us.

Oil and gas has bolstered the tyranny of so many nasty regimes – the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Syria and the rest – to the evils of Putin. Then there’s Nigeria, the funding of extreme Islamic groups, and the pollution of the planet!

The sooner we stop giving money to these horrible people the better. The sooner we stop polluting the planet the better.

Oil prices have brought poor people to their knees. Not that Putin cares. Crippling poor people is all part of his obnoxious strategy. These leaders possess no compassion or empathy. Their policies are all paranoid fear, greed and power. People are pawns.

What we need is a policy of tidal, wind, solar and geothermal to do away with fossil fuels altogether and make energy prices cheaper.

What we need is a programme of building regulations and retrofitting of energy conservation to lower energy use and heat loss.

It’s not rocket science is it?

Oil and gas are killing us!!

Green Renewable Energy Triumph!!!

The UK’s Green Renewable energy is leaping ahead! For the first time last week Green Energy accounted for four fifths of the energy used in a single day!!

Windmills in the sea

Fossil fuels are fast becoming dinosaurs. The air is cleaner. The world is better. Electricity is less polluting when produced by wind and solar.

The price is now lower than with gas, oil and coal!!! And it will become cheaper still as technology improves along with mass production.

Now all we need to do is reduce the world population by three billion, raise everyone out of poverty, create a more equal world and regreen the planet!!

It can be done!!

Just vote out the greedy, selfish capitalists!!