Poetry – We Will Prove Them Wrong.

We Will Prove Them Wrong.

We will have to prove them wrong.

There is a place for fairness.

It can work.

Can power ever be noble?

Yes it can.

Like a rare orchid

Growing in the desert sands.

But the deserts can bloom

And power has been known

To work for good.

In spite of our aggressive nature,

Our selfishness and greed,

There is a germ of decency.

There is still hope.

Amid the raucous bedlam

There is a small voice.

Opher 3.4.2019

We are that small voice. We speak out against the madness of mankind as we devour the very thing we live off.

One has to hope that the insanity of mankind will mature into a more responsible adult.

Without some sanity the planet is doomed. We are wiping out the ecosystems that sustain us.

Time is running out.

I still hope that sense will prevail and that we are not the callous killers we seem to be.

We need to prove them wrong.

What will happen if we leave Europe. The sequence of events.

This is, in my considered opinion, what will happen if we vote to leave the EU.

  1. Cameron resigns
  2. Boris and Gove take over with a new hard-right government (for them it is all about power)
  3. That signals more austerity, privatisation and the decimation of public services (Schools, NHS, local government) – more tax breaks for the rich
  4. We have 7 years of economic turmoil in which we attempt to create trade deals with other countries
  5. The market retracts  as it reacts to the uncertainty and we lose billions on the stock market – makes the EU saving look like peanuts
  6. Many businesses/banks/insurance leave to go to Berlin and the centre of Europe – we have no production and our income drops substantially
  7. Scotland demands another referendum and leaves creating further economic woe
  8. The economy heads into a great recession
  9. House prices drop as money pours out of London
  10. Wages drop as the economy shrinks (the poor get hit hardest) – unemployment shoots up
  11. The EU is thrown into turmoil and heads into recession with further impact on Britain
  12. The USA takes advantage of the turmoil
  13. In order to access EU markets we have a worse deal and have to abide by EU rules anyway (all the EU legislation and movement of labour) – migration problem is the same
  14. The new hard-right government strips out Human Rights and Labour legislation and opens up a charter for bosses. More low wage and zero hours jobs, more low paid workers from abroad – more profits for the very rich
  15. Britain declines from the seventh biggest economy to a second-rate status
  16. Without Scotland, with the boundary changes (coupled with control of the BBC and media) we are saddled with a very hard-line Tory government forever.
  17. With the fragmentation and recession there is turmoil in Europe and the further rise of fascist parties
  18. Russia is gleeful about the turmoil in the EU and exploits it
  19. ISIS exploits the weakened surveillance and intelligence – They love disorder – more terrorist attacks
  20. War in Europe?? – a possibility.

All this as a result of wanting sovereignty, to curb immigration and a fear and hatred of ISIS.

A. it hands sovereignty to the hard-right

B. It does nothing to solve the migration crisis

C. It makes us more vulnerable to ISIS

These are my conclusions based on serious consideration of all the various experts. Giving considered, intelligent warnings of the drastic outcomes of any action is not scaremongering.

Scaremongering is building up the threat from ISIS and migration, putting out scare stories and lies about the EU bureaucracy and human rights/workers rights, and telling lies about the cost of the EU – as has been pouring out of the Tory media – that is scaremongering.

All Boris and Gove are interested in is getting into No. 10. They don’t care about the effect on the country. In my opinion they are criminally culpable. They have repeatedly lied.

I want migration managed and know it can be done within the EU. It is not rocket science.

I want ISIS defeated and know that more cooperation is the best way of doing that

I want the bureaucracy of the EU curbed and think that we should do that from the inside

I believe that the EU makes us stronger and more prosperous, protects our rights and freedoms and, despite all its faults, is by far the better option.

I have no doubt that being in the EU is good for Britain.

Now – if you don’t agree with me I’d be interested to hear your considered reasons.

The prospect of a far-right take over through Brexit and the effect on my country frightens the hell out of me!