Poetry – We Will Prove Them Wrong.

We Will Prove Them Wrong.

We will have to prove them wrong.

There is a place for fairness.

It can work.

Can power ever be noble?

Yes it can.

Like a rare orchid

Growing in the desert sands.

But the deserts can bloom

And power has been known

To work for good.

In spite of our aggressive nature,

Our selfishness and greed,

There is a germ of decency.

There is still hope.

Amid the raucous bedlam

There is a small voice.

Opher 3.4.2019

We are that small voice. We speak out against the madness of mankind as we devour the very thing we live off.

One has to hope that the insanity of mankind will mature into a more responsible adult.

Without some sanity the planet is doomed. We are wiping out the ecosystems that sustain us.

Time is running out.

I still hope that sense will prevail and that we are not the callous killers we seem to be.

We need to prove them wrong.

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