COP 27 – Time’s running out.

COP 27 in Egypt is surely a last-ditch effort to stop the horrendous effects of the world from heating up. Droughts, floods, fires, storms, mass migration and devastation of the biodiversity. The last grains of the sands of hope are running out.

Where is our Prime Minister? Looking at more pressing domestic needs! I hope he can explain to all the people affected by climate changes this winter and next summer.

What he should be doing is sorting out a coherent strategy:

A massive move to renewables and away from gas and coal. Including those tidal barriers at Hull and Cardiff, onshore wind farms, geothermal, hydro and heat pumps.

A massive scheme to conserve energy – lagging houses, triple glazing, proper insulation

Stringent new building regs – triple glazing, proper insulation, heat retrieval systems, intrinsic solar panels, heat pumps…..

Rishi is probably staying at home plotting against his enemies – the rest of the Tory party!