How are you Climate Change deniers feeling now?

Now we are beginning to see the utterly predictable terrible effects of climate change are you still in denial? Do you still think it’s a conspiracy?

So far we’ve had:

Record temperature heatwaves destroying crops and making huge areas of the world uninhabitable

Massive flooding swamping whole countries

Droughts killing people, wildlife and drying up crops causing mass starvation

Devastating bush fires destroying huge swathes of forest, decimating wildlife and burning homes

Melting glaciers and rising sea levels

Some alterations in sea currents and air currents.

This is only the beginning. As this progresses there will be mass migration as people move from areas that are no longer habitable. Sea level rises will put cities and much farming land under threat. Droughts will hit harvests creating food shortages and starvation. Wildlife will be threatened. There will be water shortages, food shortages and probably wars.

If the ocean currents alter that will cause immense differences. For instance, in Britain, if the gulf stream is deflected or halts we can look forward to Siberian winters with temperatures down to minus twenty or minus thirty degrees.

If the airstreams are altered we could see major changes to seasons and weather patterns.

All this has been modelled, predicted and is following the patterns expected except that it is proceeding at a faster pace than was thought.

In the midst of this man-made catastrophe where the whole world should be doing everything in their power to stop putting out more carbon dioxide, to try to halt and reverse this disaster, we have the populist fools such as the American Republicans wanting to make money by using more oil and gas, idiots like Bolsonaro burning down the Amazon forest to make money, imbeciles like Putin waging war that is burning up petrol and going to require major reconstruction and also burning off huge amounts of gas instead of shipping it to Europe and China using coal, oil and gas in massive amounts to gain world domination.

Madness rules!!

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