The Big Dog and the Red Meat

The Big Dog and the Red Meat

Chuck the fools

                The red meat.

                                Slit the throats

                                                Of the scapegoats.

Help the liar

                Keep his seat.

                                Distract the groats

                                                Images of small boats.

Rally around

                The Big Dog.

                                Feed them headlines.

                                                Scrap the BBC!

Conjure a narrative

                We can all flog.

                                Full of fear –

                                                Immigrants over the sea.

A Tory chorus

                In unison.

                                How the shambling clown

                                                Got Brexit done!

The invisible leader

                Vaccinated everyone,

                                The bungling bumbler

                                                At work not fun.

Law breaking



                                                The norm.


                Is really

                                Good form.

But the polls

                Are watched

                                The knives are drawn.

Opher 17.1.2022

The Tories will do anything to hang on to power – throw anyone under the bus, lie, cheat, spin.

They’re good at it.

They all come together to recite the mantra, repeat the lies they have concocted.

They sing from the same hymn sheet.

But only as long as it is in their interests.

While Johnson is an asset to buy them power they will back him.

As soon as he’s a liability he’ll be discarded like the useless shambling clown he really is.

They are all greedy power-mad nasty types.

All conmen and nasty women. All eager for wealth and power.

No granny is safe.

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