The Corona Diaries Day 342

It was a fabulous day in Yorkshire – clear blue skies and warm sun. There was no wind at all. It felt very spring-like. We took a long three hour walk and had lunch on a bench in the countryside. The birds were chirping in the trees and bushes.

Unfortunately it is not going to last. Next week looks to be cold and cloudy all week. At least it’s not going to rain!!

Back home I have been listening to the early Animals and doing a bit of writing.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our lying government continues.

I think it is worthwhile every now and again to remind ourselves of the sheer level of incompetence of our populist macho leaders.

CountryPopulation In millionsNew casesNew deathsTotal deaths
The USA32862,6941567512,000
The UK677,424290123,000
New Zealand54026

Even accounting for the differences in size of population the differences are stark. Vietnam with a population one and a half times the size of the UK, a massive border and close proximity to China, has only 35 total deaths compared to the UK’s 123,000.

The three macho populist leaders – Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson have nearly 900,000 deaths between them. They three non-populist leaders have less than 1000.

Why is that?

The reason is obvious – policies. Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson were complacent, denied, dithered and were slow to act.

The successful countries were quick to act, decisive and quickly got outbreaks under control.


My conclusion – macho, populist leaders are crap and should be held to accound for the massive death tolls their attitude has unleashed!!

We’re still not on top of things. Despite the vaccination programme now rolling out to the over forties, the damage has already been done!!

One thing I’m perplexed by is why are we not hearing anything much about long covid. It seems that between 10-15% of covid cases end up with long-lasting effects – brain fog, lack of energy, aches, pains, headaches, difficulty sleeping……….. Why aren’t we hearing more? Is it brain damage? Liver damage? Kidney Damage? Damage to blood vessels? Heart or lungs? We are not hearing. I’m sure people are looking into it.

So, as the vaccination rolls out – get yours as soon as you can, get yourself safe and help protect the community. As the Brazil variant starts to appear in our midst we need to keep the virus down to a minimum all over the globe to stop new variants and protect us in the future.

Stay safe!! The nigh has an end!!

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