The Corona Diaries – Day 320

There was a cold easterly wind today that was blowing rain into my face as I walked up my hill. Not my favourite walk!

Back home I warmed up with a cup of tea and some Elvis Presley Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I’ve been carrying out the final edit on my Roy Harper book. I’m halfway through. I have to send it in before the end of the month. I still need more photos.

Outside in Coronaland there are some interesting debates taking place. As the vaccine rolls out it brings a few things into sharper relief.

At what point do we have enough vulnerable people vaccinated before we can start to lift the lockdown?

Will we have achieved herd immunity by summer?

Will our pathetic track and trace system cope with mopping up local outbreaks?

Shouldn’t we have brought in stringent health checks and monitoring at our borders long ago (like other countries)?

When will we get our second shot?

Will the variants evolve faster than we can react to them?

How long before the vaccines no longer afford defence against the variants?

With the older generations vaccinated should they have freedom to move around freely while the younger ones have to distance and isolate? – Particularly after the young peoples’ freedom has been curtailed to protect the elderly.

Should we introduce vaccination passports to give freedom to the vaccinated or does this discriminate against the unvaccinated?

Will companies such as travel agents and airlines require proof of vaccination?

Will countries demand vaccination proof as an entry requirement?

Meanwhile, the infection rates in the UK continue to come down, as do hospital cases and deaths – but they are still high. It’s also coming down in the States – though the number of deaths 3,570 yesterday, is frightening! Perhaps they are mainly the fools who refuse to socially distance or wear masks?

I’m off to do another hour of editing before watching the rugby and then the football. I might even have a beer or two!!

Stay safe! The end is looming.

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